1. The Idea of You Book Review + this week’s joyful things

    book review the idea of you

  2. The Idea of You Book Review

    book review the idea of you

  3. The Idea of You

    book review the idea of you

  4. "The Idea of You" Book Review

    book review the idea of you

  5. The Idea of You by Robinne Lee

    book review the idea of you

  6. Review: The Idea of You by Amanda Prowse

    book review the idea of you


  1. Thinking Of You (2001 Remastered)


  3. The Idea Of You

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  5. What I Think Of You

  6. I Wrote a Book About Overcoming My Anxious Attachment


  1. The Idea of You by Robinne Lee

    The Idea of You is a fabulous forbidden love story. I listened to this book over a week ago and I still find myself thinking about it. There is something to be said about a story that stays with you like that. Also, the audio book was fantastic (the author narrated it herself) and I would highly recommend listening if you like audio books.


    The relationships are portrayed with compassion and honesty, and the author's note at the end that explains Hoover's personal connection to the subject matter is a must-read. Packed with riveting drama and painful truths, this book powerfully illustrates the devastation of abuse—and the strength of the survivors. 896.

  3. The Idea of You by Robinne Lee

    Reviews for Robinne Lee's debut "The Idea Of You" have run the gamut from swooning raves to eye-rolling dismissals. Many critics have lauded it as a wickedly decadent and readable guilty pleasure escaping into the romantic fantasy of a middle-aged woman pursuing unbridled desire. However, detractors have slammed the novel as flimsy self ...

  4. The Idea of You Ending & Spoilers from the Book, Explained

    The Idea of You Book Summary. In the Idea of You book, a single mother, Solène Marchand, accompanies her 12-year-old daughter Isabelle to an August Moon concert in Las Vegas where she meets the founder, lead singer, and songwriter, Hayes Campbell. Despite their age difference, they feel an instant chemistry and flirt heavily.

  5. The Idea of You by Robinne Lee

    The plot is sexy and full-on. The pace ebbed and flowed, at times it felt so slow, then other times it felt like it was going at warp speed. I've heard a lot of people talk about the ending. I have mixed feelings about it too, as it felt a little short but then I didn't see any other way for the book to end.

  6. Book Review: The Idea of You by Robinne Lee

    I did continue it and finish it, but the last hundred pages felt very unnecessary and just kinda dragged out. TW/CW: Divorce, mention of suicide, stalker, threats against a woman. Character Authenticity: 2.5/5 Steam Rating: 3/5 Overall Rating: 3/5. Book ReviewPhoebe WrightNovember 12, 2020book review, romance novel, harry stylesComment.

  7. The Sleeper Hit of the Pandemic? A Three-Year-Old Romance Novel ...

    The Idea of You costs $16.99, about $10 less than hardcover books deemed upmarket, or more highbrow. "To me, I was writing literary fiction," Lee told me, "it was just going to be a little ...

  8. 'The Idea of You' Is a Rom-Com You Might Have Written

    The Idea of You, a new romantic comedy starring Anne Hathaway, is the latest entrant in this genre. Its source material, a 2017 novel by Robinne Lee, was inspired partly by the former One ...

  9. Book Review: The Idea of You: A Captivating Tale of Forbidden Love

    By Joao NsitaIn Robinne Lee's stunning debut novel, The Idea of You, readers are transported into a world of forbidden love, self-discovery, and the harsh realities of fame. This captivating story follows Solène Marchand, a thirty-nine-year-old art gallery owner in Los Angeles, as she navigates the complexities of her divorce, motherhood, and an unexpected romance with Hayes Campbell, a ...

  10. Why It's Good 'The Idea of You' Changed the Book's Ending

    The Idea of You successfully creates a brand-new, better ending than the original novel. The film tackles mature themes and portrays the challenges faced by women in public relationships. A ...

  11. 'The Idea Of You' Book Ending & Plot Summary, Explained

    Like the film, Lee's book begins with a chance encounter between Solène Marchand, a single mom and gallerist, and Hayes Campbell, a singer in the British boy band August Moon. However, in the ...

  12. Book Review: 'The Idea of You' by Robinne Lee

    The Idea of You by Robinne Lee. My rating: 5 of 5 stars. "The Idea of You" by Robinne Lee is an unexpected well-conceived story about an older woman falling for a boy band member. It sounds like a fantasy ripped out of the tabloids, but it captures the complexities of such a relationship and how the world reacts to it.

  13. 'The Idea of You' review: Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine smolder

    The Idea of You review: Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine smolder in age-gap romance. Hathaway and Galitzine bring the sexy novel to life in an adaptation guaranteed to leave audiences satisfied.

  14. The Idea of You: A Novel: Lee, Robinne: 9781250125903: Books

    The Idea of You is actor, writer, and producer ROBINNE LEE's debut novel. A graduate of Yale University and Columbia Law School, Robinne was born and raised in Westchester County, New York. Robinne has numerous acting credits in both television and film, most notably opposite Will Smith in both Hitch and Seven Pounds and as Ros Bailey in Fifty ...

  15. How 'The Idea of You' movie compares to the book

    SEE ALSO: 'The Idea of You' review: Anne Hathaway dazzles in rom-com inspired by Harry Styles fandom. The book garnered its own devout readers during the height of the pandemic, when Styles ...

  16. 'The Idea of You' Review: Anne Hathaway's Radiant Return to ...

    As adapted by director Michael Showalter ("The Big Sick") and co-writer Jennifer Westfeldt, "The Idea of You" seems less concerned with the princess-story side of the book — the ...

  17. The Idea of You Ending Explained: What Happens to Solène and Hayes?

    The ending is a major shift from the novel its based on, in which Hayes and Solène don't get a happy ending. Similar to the film, Solène cuts things off with Hayes as their relationship puts ...

  18. 'The Idea of You' author reacts to movie's twist ending: 'Not the story

    The Idea of You wants to make you cry at the end. But whether those are happy or sad tears all depends on whether you're reading Robinne Lee's 2017 novel or watching the Prime Video adaptation ...

  19. Review of 'The Idea of You' by Robinne Lee

    Review of 'The Idea of You' by Robinne Lee. 27/04/2022 nsford 6 Comments. This novel is a 'what-if' romance drama which is pretty saucy but also kind of icky; I'll explain why shortly. I did like the 'idea' of The Idea of You but I felt it had a lot of flaws. The story is narrated by 39-year-old Solène, divorced and a co-owner of ...

  20. the idea of you

    When Solène Marchand, the thirty-nine-year-old owner of a prestigious art gallery in Los Angeles, takes her adolescent daughter, Isabelle, to meet her favorite boy band, she does so reluctantly, at her ex-husband's request. The last thing she is expecting is to make a connection with one of the members of the world-famous August Moon.

  21. The Idea of You: Book vs. Movie

    Quick book review. The Idea of You is well-written, has some hot sex scenes and challenges several societal norms and expectations. It manages to stay realistic in quite a few aspects but not in all of them. There's the older woman-younger man relationship and the idea of being a "bad mother", which I found very interesting.

  22. The Idea Of You: 9 Key Differences Between The Book And The Movie

    The age difference between love interests Soléne and Hayes in the book is pretty central to the plot's main conflicts. However, in The Idea of You adaptation, both Izzy, Soléne's daughter, and ...

  23. The Lego Ideas Book: Unlock Your Imagination Hardcover

    Over 2 million copies sold worldwide! Be inspired to create and build amazing models with your LEGO® bricks! The LEGO Ideas Book is packed full of tips from expert LEGO builders on how to make jet planes reach new heights, create fantastic fortresses, swing through lush jungles, have fun on the farm and send space shuttles out of this world! This awesome ideas book is divided into six themed ...

  24. Book Review: 'Klara and the Sun,' by Kazuo Ishiguro

    When you purchase an independently reviewed book through our site, we earn an affiliate commission. By Radhika Jones Published Feb. 23, 2021 Updated March 1, 2021

  25. How to Make a "Good" Presentation "Great"

    Pictures: Pictures can communicate complex ideas quickly and memorably but choosing the right images is key. Images or pictures should be big (perhaps 20-25% of the page), bold, and have a clear ...

  26. Movie Review: Fan Fiction-Inspired 'The Idea of You' Mixes Comedy and

    Sparks surprisingly fly despite the 16-year age difference. Solène is soon surprised to find Hayes visiting her gallery to buy art as an excuse to see her again, which then leads to a low- key date.

  27. Book Review: 'There Is No Ethan,' by Anna Akbari

    The fact that Akbari has revealed Ethan's identity in several outlets (initially in 2014) is telling; for the author this book is clearly as much a public reckoning as it is an act of closure ...

  28. Book Review: 'When the Clock Broke,' by John Ganz

    Whatever you want to call the structure of feeling that Ganz describes in his book, it was certainly ugly. Fueled by humiliation, indignation and wounded pride, this combustible political ...

  29. Review of the application of ionic liquid systems in achieving green

    Over the past few years, the proliferation of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) as pivotal energy storage solutions has surged dramatically. However, this widespread adoption has come with a significant downside: the accumulation of substantial quantities of discarded LIBs. From the perspective of green production and i 2024 Green Chemistry Reviews

  30. In 'The Great River,' historian Boyce Upholt looks at where the

    5 reasons you should buy Questlove's new book, 'Hip-Hop Is History' • Books 24 books you'll want to take to the cabin, the beach or your favorite chair this summer • Books