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Simplified's AI Writer has over 50 writing templates you can generate content with in over 30 global languages. Use the free Short Form Assistant to generate product descriptions, company bios, blog titles, ads, and more. Upgrade to write entire articles, blogs, books, and press releases in Chinese with the Long Form Writer Free Flow. It's never been simpler!

In your open AI project, select your 'Output Language' from the dropdown menu.

Fill in the prompts in any language - the same as the chosen for the output, or any other.

Then, click 'Generate'.

Check the options provided by AI, choose a result, and use it in your project.

boost traffic with high quality content

Boost Traffic with High-Quality Chinese Content

Write mistake-free, human-like content that reaches bigger audiences in dozens of countries. Convert more customers with copy that speaks to them in their own language. Our unique copy AI is trained to generate trending hashtags and SEO-focused captions, blogs, and emails in Chinese, and more. Save 1 hour each day with AI!

Do More, Learn More With Simplified

implified Academy

Generate Entire Blogs, Long Articles, and Essays in Minutes with AI Long Form Writer

Simplified Tool

Best Free Long-Form AI Writer Copy Generator

Simplified Academy

Simplified's AI Short Form Assistant

Simplified Blog

How to Write a Blog in Less Than 30 Minutes Using AI

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Frequently asked questions, where can i access copy ai templates.

Right here! When you log into the free Simplified website (you heard that right... free), head on over to the AI Writer. Select the Short Form Assistant, choose the template you prefer as well as your output language, and you're off to the races!

Who is the AI content writer for?

What can simplified's ai write for you, can i use the ai writer with a free account, what is your refund policy, keep your creative flow going in any language.

Write Original, Relevant Copywriting with the Best AI Writer

Simplified G2 Leader Small Business

What our 10 million+ users are saying about Simplified

Aggregate review rating.


Date - May 7, 2023


Revolutionize your content creation with Simplified

What I love about Simplified is that it's super easy to use. All you have to do is choose your output language and tone, complete the prompt, and click 'Generate.' It'll then give you several options to choose from, and you can pick the one that suits your needs best.


Date - Feb 24, 2023

Excellent writer, cuts down on working hours

High-quality AI writer, and it is excellent that it is free. I love to type, but in these cold winters, my hands start to freeze up and become stiff. Having an AI writer lets me keep my brain occupied with work tasks, without having to get the creative writing part of my brain involved.

Michele R.

Date - Jan 04, 2023

Easy to use & consistently quality AI writer!

While Simplified has many other features besides its AI writer which I hope to explore in the future, as the owner of multiple health websites, I love how it handles writing technical and health content with ease.

Christi H.

Date - May 2, 2023

New to writting a Blog

I reviewed several AI content writers and settled on Simplified. What I like best is it is so easy to use and yet gives you so many customizable options. It is sooooo quick and easy for beginners I would highly recommend it!

Zechariah E.

Date - Feb 13, 2023

Mind Blowing Powerful AI assistant

Simplified is now an essential writing tool in my life. Better than ChatGPT which is already mind blowing in and of itself so that is saying a lot.

Joshua B.

Date - Mar 10, 2023

I loved the communication. AI including the diverse amount of options for generating!

Simplified allows anyone from a simple to an expert user of the AI—whether a beginner or expert writer—to use precise commands, prompts, context and lists to "communicate" with the said software to generate well-organised text that fits into whatever you form it to.

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7 Recommended Essay Generators !

HOME » 部落格 » 7 Recommended Essay Generators !


  • 【Tag】 ai article generator , ai article generator , ai text generation , ai writing , essay generator

No need to worry about writing essays anymore. This article will share 4 Chinese essay generators and 4 English essay generators, allowing you to quickly find the writing tools that suit you, saving valuable creative time. At the end of the article, we will also recommend you a handy AI writing tool. If you want to delve deeper, follow us to learn more!

Table of Contents

What is an Essay Generator?

Essay generators are AI writing tools. Users simply input the topic of their composition and the desired word count, and a short essay is automatically generated . It can be used to increase the length of articles, practice writing skills for reflections, or provide entertainment by generating junk text.

Current essay generators are mostly used to generate simpler articles, such as short compositions or reflections, or to test random text formatting. The quality of the content is lower compared to article generators, with less fluent sentences, and some articles may lack correct logic. Therefore, it is not recommended to directly use essay generators to produce high-quality articles. It is best to use them after review and modification.

Of course, with the rapid advancement of AI generation technology, you can also choose to use an AI essay generator to obtain better essays and save writing time.

Chinese essay generator

Let’s share 5 Chinese essay generators, each with its own characteristics and advantages, including reflection generators, junk text generators, nonsense generators, and random Chinese pseudo-text generators.

GenApe, this essay generator, has a variety of copywriting templates, making it convenient for you to produce any type of essay. Currently, in addition to blog post generation templates, there are also templates for Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and other very useful copywriting generators suitable for writing essays and copy. At the same time, it is also a reflection generator, which can use article writing and paragraph generation tools to generate high-quality essays with just simple input of keywords, which can quickly help you generate an attractive essay within 30 seconds.

Quickly generate high-quality essays, try it for free now: https://app.genape.ai/templates/articleBetaVersion

chinese essay maker


Garbagearticle can be used to produce seemingly reasonable but actually meaningless essays. We can set the theme, word count, and paragraphs, and then generate the essay with a click. This tool will automatically calculate all the characters, and the actual word count without punctuation.

Although the articles it produces may seem reasonable at first glance, we do not recommend using it for formal copywriting, as the logic is less smooth and the text may be composed of variations of the same sentence.

Waste Generator

Visit: Waste Generator

Dummy Text Generator

The dummy text generator is used to generate fake Chinese content. Designed by Bill Hsu, a student at National Taiwan University, users can input topics and word counts (up to 1000 words) to generate short essays. It is particularly popular among the middle-aged and elderly population in Taiwan.

Dummy Text Generator

Visit: Dummy Text Generator

Random Text Generator

Random text generator is specifically used to generate seemingly meaningful but actually meaningless Chinese pseudo-texts and short essays, usually used for layout design. It can generate vernacular Chinese, classical Chinese, and even five-character or seven-character poems.

Random Text Generator

Visit: Random Text Generator

English Essay Generator

There are 4 English essay generators that we would like to share, including Essaybot, TinyWow, Paper Typer, and Lorem Ipsum.

Essaybot is an online essay generator, mainly used by students for easy writing of short essays or homework. Simply input the topic and it will automatically generate it.

Advantages: It also provides plagiarism checking and article download functions, as well as an app compatible with iOS and Android systems.

Disadvantages: However, the quality of the short essays it produces is not good, so it is best not to use them directly.


Visit: Essaybot

TinyWow is a free online tool platform that provides AI writing, file conversion, and image editing tools. The output speed of AI writing is slower, but article editing can be done online, with the ability to add H1 and H2 tags. Once editing is completed, the finished article can be directly downloaded.


Visit: TinyWow

paper typer

Paper Typer is mainly designed for students to write short essays and papers. The website also provides functions such as topic generation, plagiarism checks, grammar checks, and citation generation. However, like Essaybot, the quality of the generated texts may not be very high, and there is a higher risk of being considered as plagiarism.

paper typer

Visit: paper typer

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum is a commonly used random text generator in the printing and publishing industry. It consists of pseudo-Latin text to differentiate it from real content, such as English. This tool can freely generate paragraphs, words, bytes, and lists.

Lorem Ipsum

Visit: Lorem Ipsum

You Have a Better Choice For Creating Essay

If you are looking for an essay generator that can quickly produce high-quality content, then Genape is definitely a better choice for you. Genape utilizes the most advanced AI artificial intelligence application generation technology to produce texts that are clear and logical. Whether you need an essay generator or a article generator, Genape has everything you need, making it your perfect partner for short essay creation, helping you with great strength. Click the link below to experience it for free!

Let’s start free trial today!

Join now and start changing the way you write!



How to Tell a Compelling Brand Story (4 Classic Examples)

google gemini是什麼?

What is Gemini? Can Google's latest artificial intelligence Gemini beat ChatGPT?


Xiaohongshu:The Rapidly Rising Social Media in China

  • google business
  • brand-management
  • advertising

ai app

Try GenApe Free

GenApe provide free trial. Try writing with AI today!

The best AI assistants for content generation

AI Tools Blog

advertising creativity

How to brainstorm advertising creativity?


How to create vivid character? 4 Best OC Generator in 2024!

AI Mind Map

AI Powered Mind Map Tool:Xmind & Whimsical

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ai app

chinese essay maker

Personalized Chinese Essay Generator

Write a highly detailed and personalized Chinese essay with ease using this sophisticated template designed to respond to your specific input variables.

Try this template and 100s more with a free WNR.AI account

AI templates turn a simple form into a sophisticated prompt, helping you get high quality, dependable results from AI. They are saveable, shareable, and reusable.

AI Essay Writer

  • AI Essay Writer
  • AI PDF Summarizer
  • AI Research Tool
  • AI Text Summarizer
  • Outline Generator

Looking for the All-in-One AI Essay Writer?

Reliable and secure platform for your essay needs.

  • Original draft in minutes Generate unique drafts with ideas and arguments to save time for important things. Read more Our AI essay generator creates complete academic drafts based on your instructions with a few clicks that can be edited. Close
  • Plagiarism-free content Get 100% unique drafts that are customized according to your expectations. Read more Textero.io is a plagiarism-free platform ensuring the academic integrity of all papers and caring about your data safety. Close
  • Real academic references Expand your research, find credible sources, add them to your library, and format your paper in two clicks. Read more The AI finds only real academic sources to support your essay writer and formats the work according to the selected citation format automatically. Close
  • Advanced Customization Customize draft generation settings for ultimate personalization. Read more Our AI essay writer allows you to generate titles and descriptions, select essay type, set a word count up to 20,000 words, and add your custom sources to the draft. Close
  • Multilingual Capabilities Generate drafts in different languages and remove language barriers. Read more Textero.io essay writer supports generation in Chinese, Czech, English, Filipino, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and other custom languages. Close
  • Customizable Essay Types Select different essay types for deeper generation customization.. Read more Our AI essay generator allows you to pick an essay type: argumentative essay, research paper, literature review, expository essay, or case study analysis. Close

Essay Writing

The Revolution in Essay Writer

AI is taking education by storm, and AI essay writer tools are becoming more popular than ever among students. They use advanced algorithms and natural language processing models to generate complete essays quickly. Combined with access to academic databases with papers from reputable authors, Textero AI is tailored to generate the highest-quality essays for any academic discipline, streamlining the essay writing process.

Trusted by Top University Students


Benefits of Textero AI Essay Maker

Students use our AI essay writer to simplify the essay-writing process by boosting productivity through quick generation of essays and research papers. This saves time and allows students to stay focused on the topic.

We use advanced natural language processing algorithms to ensure that content is error-free. Generated content has consistent grammar, tone, and adjustable style.

Our free AI essay generator guarantees plagiarism-free essays. It generates accurate citations for APA and MLA styles, ensuring that your research papers are adhering to the highest academic standards.

Essay writing tool ensures top quality of essays through access to an academic database with 215+ million papers. A combination of consistent tone, style, and coherence results in professional essays that adhere to academic standards.

With customizable settings for the generator, our essay writer tool offers unprecedented personalization to students. Provide the assistant with the details of your essay or outline to generate required paper.

Our AI essay writer tool gathers scientific sources from open scholarly bases with reputable articles. It also features an AI-powered assistant to improve the research process.

How Textero AI Essay Writer Works?


  • Start writing for free


Your Personal AI Writing Coach

Write your essays faster with our AI essay maker and generator.

Find inspiration for your writer with Textero essay writing tool.

Polish your writing style by simplifying, expanding, shortening, or paraphrasing your text.

Find articles from reputable authors, generate citations, and conduct research.

Build compelling outlines with AI to streamline your writing process.

Upload your documents and texts to receive comprehensive summaries.

1M+ Users Review Textero AI Essay Writer


Jan 12, 2023

"As a student who struggles with planning papers and meeting deadlines, Textero AI was a life saver! The automatic outline and bibliography builder kept me structured, while the quick generation of introductions and conclusions accelerated my writing process. I finished two days early!"


Nov 21, 2022

"Facing a tight deadline for a major thesis paper, I used Textero's rapid generation of related evidence and rephrasing of my arguments to produce a well-cited, coherent paper in just a few days! It helped me synthesize tons of research efficiently."


Sep 15, 2023

"Textero essay writing tool quick brainstorming helped cure my writer’s block by sparking unique ideas I never considered. Seeing essay samples on various topics then effortlessly crafting an intriguing opening paragraph gave me creative confidence I've missed for years!"


Dec 1, 2022

"As a non-native speaker, Textero AI was a revelation. It offered vocabulary enhancements that made my essays sound natural. The Advanced Grammar and Style Corrections improved my writing dramatically, boosting my grades and confidence. Highly recommended for anyone seeking fluency in their academic writing!"


Aug 19, 2023

"Facing a tight deadline, I turned to Textero AI Essay Witing. Its quick essay generation feature produced quality content fast. It relieved my stress and helped me submit my assignment on time, with confidence. It's an invaluable tool for any student in a time crunch."


Oct 28, 2022

"Textero vocabulary suggestions enriched my academic essays, making them more articulate and impactful. The tool's ease of use and efficient features saved me countless hours, allowing me to focus on research. It's a fantastic aid for any academic writer."

  • Intelligent Outlining Module – AI essay writer uses advanced algorithms to ensure coherent structure of generated texts. Resulting essays have a logical flow that expands on research topics.
  • Dynamic Research Engine – our essay writing tool has access to academic research databases that are constantly updated. It prioritizes most recent sources to use in generated essays.
  • Adaptive Writing Assistant – our AI assistant was trained on more than 215 million academic papers to provide suggestions to users’ content. It can be used to edit and revise generated texts.
  • Multi-Format Citation Engine – users can select MLA and APA citation styles for their essays. AI essay writer will format sources according to the preferred citation style.
  • Ask AI Function – look for academic sources relevant to your topic while working with the document. Users can ask AI a question and receive a detailed answer with relevant citations.
  • Extensive Academic Database Access – Textero AI has direct access to the academic research paper database that is constantly updated. Sources used in generated essays adhere to academic standards.
  • Contextualized Content Generation – AI essay writer tool generates contextually relevant essays and research papers based on the topic and instructions provided by the user.
  • Anti-Plagiarism Shield – content generated by Textero AI is 100% plagiarism-free. It uses advanced algorithms to detect and eliminate plagiarism, ensuring that your assignments are credible.
  • Narrative – narration of a story through events, often from the author’s perspective;
  • Persuasive – the use of logical and reasonable arguments aimed at persuading readers to adopt the author’s point of view;
  • Argumentative – presentation of a topic from several perspectives, favoring one side with evidence and reasoning;
  • Expository – presentation of a topic in a straightforward manner by using facts and examples;
  • Compare and contrast – description of similarities and differences between subjects to provide a nuanced perspective on the topic;
  • Cause and effect – description of relationships between events to explain how different factors lead to a particular outcome;
  • Definition – explanation of a idea, concept, or term with exploration of its interpretations;
  • Expository – explanation of a topic in an unbiased manner through factual information and analysis.

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Master Chinese Faster with Our Innovative GPT AI feature

Eliminate guesswork and accelerate your chinese learning, struggling with chinese sentence structure and grammar tired of deciphering why your sentences are incorrect.

Discover our cutting-edge AI feature, designed to enhance your Chinese learning experience by offering immediate, personalized feedback on your writing.

This groundbreaking technology is powered by GPT , a popular AI language model developed by OpenAI, also behind the renowned ChatGPT , ensuring you receive accurate, reliable feedback on your learning.

Say goodbye to guesswork and confusion – our tool provides clear, actionable explanations for your mistakes, empowering you to improve quickly and effectively.

chinese essay maker

Instant, targeted feedback on your writing

Using our new feature is a breeze. Simply make a sentence in Chinese, and let our AI analyze your mistake, offering instant feedback on sentence structure and grammar.

With real-time feedback, you can quickly identify your errors and learn how to improve, making your learning experience seamless and efficient.

A glimpse into the future of language learning

Trusted by chinese learners worldwide.

" Ninchanese's AI has transformed my Chinese learning experience.

Immediate feedback on my writing has significantly improved my sentence structure and grammar. I can't recommend it highly enough!" - John, early adopter

" I was initially skeptical, but the new AI feature has proven invaluable.

It's like having a personal language tutor available 24/7. Don't hesitate to try it out!" - Sarah, early adopter

Supercharge your Chinese learning today

Ready to experience the future of language learning? Click the button below to begin your journey with our Chinese grammar AI!

Unlock your full learning potential

  • Instant, personalized feedback on your Chinese writing
  • Actionable explanations of errors and suggestions for improvement
  • Boosted confidence in your Chinese language abilities
  • A smarter, more efficient approach to mastering Chinese

No, our tool is designed for learners at all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Yes, you must be a Ninchanese premium member to access the tool.

Absolutely! Our tool is mobile-friendly and accessible on any device with internet access.

Begin your smarter, faster Chinese learning journey today

Don’t let language learning frustrations hold you back. Embrace the future of language learning with our AI today and, unlock your full potential in your language-learning journey.

That's Mandarin Chinese Language School

How to Write a Chinese Essay

Dec 16, 2020 | Guest Blogs & Media

The more essays you write, the better you get at communicating with Chinese. To write a good essay, you first have to reach a high language mastery level.

Do you admire the students who write seamless Chinese essay? If you do, then you should know that you too can achieve this level of proficiency. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to pay for your essay if you cannot write it on your own. Online academic writers are a resource each student should take advantage of.

Here are tips to help you get better at writing essays in Chinese.

How to Write a Chinese Essay | That's Mandarin Blog

Learn New Chinese Words

The key to communicating in a new language is learning as many words as you can. Take it upon yourself to learn at least one Chinese word a day. Chinese words are to essay writing what bricks are to a building. The more words you have, the better you get at constructing meaningful sentences.

Case in point, if you’re going to write a Chinese sentence that constitutes ten words, but you don’t know the right way to spell three of those words, your sentence might end up not making sense.

During your Chinese learning experience, words are your arsenal and don’t forget to master the meaning of each word you learn.

Read Chinese Literature

Reading is the most effective way of learning a new language. Remember not to read for the sake of it; find out the meaning of each new word you encounter. When you are an avid reader of Chinese literature, nothing can stop you from writing fluent Chinese.

In the beginning, it might seem like you’re not making any progress, but after a while, you will notice how drastically your writing will change. Receiving information in Chinese helps your brain get accustomed to the language’s sentence patterns, and you can translate this to your essays.

Be extensive in your reading to ensure you get as much as possible out of each article. Remember that it’s not about how fast you finish an article, but rather, how much you gain from the exercise.

Translate Articles from your Native Language to Chinese

Have you ever thought about translating your favorite read to Chinese? This exercise might be tedious, but you will learn a lot from it. The art of translation allows you to seamlessly shift from one language’s sentence pattern into the other. The more you do this, the easier it will be for your brain to convert English sentences into Chinese phrases that people can comprehend.

You can always show your Chinese professor your translations for positive criticism. The more you get corrected, the better you will get at translation. Who knows, you might actually like being a translator once you graduate.

Final Thoughts

Adrian Lomezzo | Guest Author at That's Mandarin Blog

by Adrian Lomezzo

Adrian  Lomezzo is a freelance writer. Firstly, he has been developing as a content manager and working with different websites, and the main goal of his was to develop the content making it in the first place. Secondly,  Adrian  had a big desire to help students and adults in self-development in this field and teach them to improve their skills. As a lover of traveling, he did not want to be in one place, and became a writer who could be closer to everyone, and share precious information from the corners of the world.

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The Guide to Writing Your First Mandarin Essay

When you want to be able to make writing your first Mandarin essay nice and easy, it pays to put plenty of thought and effort into the preparation. As the old saying goes ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail.’ To give you plenty of food for thought we’ve put together everything you need to know to get things moving. All you need to do is work through the following steps, and you’ll be submitting your essay in no time at all.

Check you understand the basics

There are so many things you have to think about when writing an essay, particularly when it’s not in your native language. But as with any cognitively demanding task, the process for getting started is always the same. Check you understand the following basics and you’ll be heading in the right direction:

  • Do you know what the question means?
  • Have you made a note of the final submission date?
  • Make sure you read some past examples to get a feel for what’s expected of you
  • Do you understand the question that has been set?
  • Do you know who you can talk to if you need advice along the way?
  • Are there any restrictions on the dialect you should be aware of?

Once you can write the answers to the above down on a single side of the paper, you are ready to tackle the main part of the problem: putting pen to paper.

Set aside time to write

The chances are that you’re not going to be able to pen the entire essay in a single sitting, and that’s okay. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or to worry about, and it’s natural that you need to work across multiple days when writing your first essay.

If you want to be able to make great progress, the most important thing is sticking to a routine. You need to have consistency in your application, and you need to be able to know when you are at your most productive. It’s no good staying up late one night and then carrying on early the next morning. You’d be far better off writing for the same amount of time but on two successive afternoons. Think about how your studies fit in with the rest of your daily life, and then choose the time that seems most appropriate. If you box it off and decide it’s only for writing, you’ll be in a great routine before you even know it.

Clear space so you can focus

As well as having time to write each day, you need a place to write too. The world is full of distractions (most of them are digital and social) so that means you’re going to want to keep yourself to yourself, and your phone in a different room. It might seem a little boring or uncomfortable at first, but you need to practice the habit of deep work. It’s what will allow you to create the most in the shortest time — ideal if you want to have plenty of time leftover to spend doing the other things that matter to you.

Have a daily word count in mind

Telling yourself that you want to write an essay today is one thing, but if you’re really going to push yourself to stick to your goal then you need to get quantitative. If you have a word count in mind that you need to hit, then it will prevent you from giving up and throwing in the towel the minute you start having to think and concentrate more than feels normal. Just like working out in the gym, it’s the temporary moments of extra effort that really drive the big differences. It’s when you’ll see the biggest improvement in your writing ability, and the lessons you teach yourself will stay with you for years to come. Ideal if you want to become a fluent Mandarin writer, as well as an engaging face-to-face speaker.

Read widely to provide context

When you’re immersed in an essay it can be all too easy to become blinkered and fail to pay attention to everything else that’s going on around you. Of course, you want to be focused on the task at hand, but you don’t want to be single-minded to the point of ignoring other great learning resources that are just a click away.

Reading widely is one of the best ways to improve your essay writing because it exposes you to techniques and approaches used by the best of the best. You’re not expected to be able to instantly write like a native speaker after an hour of reading. But what you will be able to do with consistent application is build up confidence and familiarity with written Mandarin. Over time this will reflect on the quality and depth of your writing as you gradually improve and take onboard lessons you’ve learned.

Take a break before you proofread

Last but not least, you need to remember that essay writing is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s all about taking the time to get things written before you hand them in, not racing through to try and finish on time. If you want to get the most out of your writing you need to take a day off between finishing your draft and proofing it. That way your brain will have had plenty of time to reflect on the work you’ve produced, and you’ll be able to spot many more little mistakes and places for improvement than you would if you proofed right away.

Final Thoughts

Writing Mandarin is a challenging task that will test your language skills and make you think hard about how to apply what you’ve learned so far. It might be slow going to begin with, but that’s great as it means you’re pushing your limits and building on your existing skills. If you want to be able to master Mandarin, you need to persevere and stay the course. Once you do, you’ll start to improve a lot faster than you expect.

' src=

By Diana Adjadj | A Super Chineasian

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Beginner Vocab: Top 10 Chinese Words for Summer Fashion

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Spoken Chinese: 5 Common Words About the Weather

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Beginner grammar: 5 essential Chinese sentence structures

Tell your chineasy stories.

chinese essay maker

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Employing Beautiful Sentence Evaluation to Automatic Chinese Essay Scoring

  • Conference paper
  • First Online: 31 July 2023
  • Cite this conference paper

chinese essay maker

  • Yaqiong He 13 ,
  • Xiaomin Chu 13 &
  • Peifeng Li 13  

Part of the book series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science ((LNAI,volume 14089))

Included in the following conference series:

  • International Conference on Intelligent Computing

1099 Accesses

Language learning relies on language sense. To write a good essay, the author not only needs skills but also original accumulation. In this paper, we approach from two perspectives of essay scoring and essay writing, utilizing beautiful sentence evaluation and generation to assist in essay scoring and writing. We first established a beautiful sentence dataset and trained a beautiful sentence evaluation model using the dataset, and then applied the evaluation model to automatic Chinese essay scoring. The experimental results demonstrated the effectiveness of beautiful sentence features in the essay scoring tasks. Moreover, we trained a beautiful sentence generator using the pre-trained model GPT-2 to improve writing ability of essay writers. The experimental results demonstrated the effectiveness of the beautiful sentence generator in essay writing assistance.

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https://www.leleketang.com/ .

Abe, K., Sakamoto, K., Nakagawa, M.: A computational model of the metaphorgeneration process. In: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, vol. 28 (2006)

Google Scholar  

Veale, T.: Round up the usual suspects: knowledge-based metaphor generation. In:Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Metaphor in NLP, pp. 34–41 (2016)

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Dong, F., Zhang, Y.: Automatic features for essay scoring - an empirical study.In: EMNLP, pp. 1072–1077 (2016)

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Song, W., Zhang, K., Fu, R., Liu, L., Liu, T., Cheng, M.: Multi-stage pre-trainingfor automated Chinese essay scoring. In: EMNLP, pp. 6723–6733 (2020)

He, Y., Jiang, F., Chu, X., Li, P.: Automatic Chinese essay scoring on multi-perspective modeling. Comput. Sci. 50 (315–322) (2023)

He, Y., Jiang, F., Chu, X., Li, P.: Automated Chinese essay scoring from multipletraits. In: COLING, pp. 3007–3016 (2022)

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The authors would like to thank the two anonymous reviewers for their comments on this paper. This research was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 62276177, and 61836007), and Project Funded by the Priority Aca-demic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions (PAPD).

Author information

Authors and affiliations.

School of Computer Science and Technology, Soochow University, Suzhou, China

Yaqiong He, Xiaomin Chu & Peifeng Li

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Corresponding author

Correspondence to Peifeng Li .

Editor information

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Department of Computer Science, Eastern Institute of Technology, Zhejiang, China

De-Shuang Huang

University of Wollongong, North Wollongong, NSW, Australia

Prashan Premaratne

Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, Zhengzhou, China

Zhong Yuan University of Technology, Zhengzhou, China

University of Ulsan, Ulsan, Korea (Republic of)

Kang-Hyun Jo

Department of Computer Science, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, UK

Abir Hussain

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DOI : https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-99-4752-2_52

Published : 31 July 2023

Publisher Name : Springer, Singapore

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eBook Packages : Computer Science Computer Science (R0)

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chinese essay maker

Improve Chinese Essay Writing- A Complete How to Guide

  • Last updated: June 6, 2019
  • Learn Chinese

Writing can reflect a writer’s power of thought and language organization skills. It is critical to master Chinese writing  if you want to take your Chinese to the next level. How to write good Chinese essays? The following six steps will improve Chinese essay writing:

Before You Learn to Improve Chinese Essay Writing

Before you can write a good essay in Chinese, you must first be accustomed with Chinese characters. Unlike English letters, Chinese characters are hieroglyphs, and the individual strokes are different from each other. It is important to be comfortable with writing Chinese characters in order to write essays well in Chinese. Make sure to use Chinese essay writing format properly. After that, you will be ready to improve Chinese essay writing.

Increase Your Chinese Words Vocabulary

With approximately 100,000 words in the Chinese language, you will need to learn several thousand words just to know the most common words used. It is essential to learn as many Chinese words as possible if you wish to be a good writer. How can you enlarge your vocabulary? Try to accumulate words by reading daily and monthly. Memory is also very necessary for expanding vocabulary. We should form a good habit of exercising and reciting as more as we can so that to enlarge vocabulary. Remember to use what you have learned when you write in Chinese so that you will continually be progressing in your language-learning efforts.

Acquire Grammar,Sentence Patterns and Function Words

In order to hone your Chinese writing skills , you must learn the grammar and sentence patterns. Grammar involves words, phrases, and the structure of the sentences you form. There are two different categories of Chinese words: functional and lexical. Chinese phrases can be categorized as subject-predicate phrases (SP), verb-object phrases (VO), and co-ordinate phrases (CO). Regarding sentence structure, each Chinese sentence includes predicate, object, subject, and adverbial attributes. In addition, function words play an important role in Chinese semantic understanding, so try to master the Chinese conjunction, such as conjunction、Adverbs、Preposition as much as you can. If you wish to become proficient at writing in Chinese, you must study all of the aspects of grammar mentioned in this section.

Keep a Diary Regularly to Note Down Chinese Words,Chinese Letters

Another thing that will aid you in becoming a better writer is keeping a journal in Chinese. Even if you are not interested in expanding your writing skills, you will find that it is beneficial for many day-to-day tasks, such as completing work reports or composing an email. Journaling on a regular basis will help you form the habit of writing, which will make it feel less like a chore. You may enjoy expressing yourself in various ways by writing; for instance, you might write poetry in your journal. On a more practical side of things, you might prefer to simply use your journal as a way to purposely build your vocabulary .

Persistence in Reading Everyday

In addition to expanding your view of the world and yourself, reading can help you improve your writing. Reading allows you to learn by example; if you read Chinese daily, you will find that it is easier to write in Chinese because you have a greater scope of what you can do with the vocabulary that you’ve learned. Choose one favorite Chinese reading , Read it for an hour or 2,000 words or so in length each day.

Whenever you come across words or phrases in your reading that you don’t understand, take the time to check them in your dictionary and solidify your understanding of them. In your notebook, write the new word or phrase and create an example sentence using that new addition to your vocabulary. If you are unsure how to use it in a sentence, you can simply copy the sample sentence in your dictionary.

Reviewing the new vocabulary word is a good way to improve your memory of it; do this often to become familiar with these new words. The content of reading can be very broad. It can be from novels, or newspapers, and it can be about subjects like economics or psychology. Remember you should read about things you are interested in. After a certain period of accumulation by reading, you will greatly improve your Chinese writing.

Do Essay Writing Exercise on a Variety of Subjects

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” In order to improve your China Essay Writing , you should engage in a variety of writing exercises. For beginners, you should start with basic topics such as your favorite hobby, future plans, favorite vacation spot, or any other topic that you can write about without difficulty.

For example :《我的一天》( Wǒ de yì tiān, my whole day’s life  ),《我喜欢的食物》( Wǒ xǐhuan de shíwù, my favorite food  ),《一次难忘的旅行》( yí cì nánwàng de lǚxíng, an unforgettable trip  ) etc.

Generally the writing topics can be classified into these categories: a recount of an incident,a description of something/someone, a letter, formulate your own opinion on an issue based on some quote or picture etc.

Takeaway to Improve Chinese Essay Writing

Keep an excel spreadsheet of 口语(Kǒuyǔ, spoken Chinese) –书面语(Shūmiànyǔ, written Chinese) pairs and quotes of sentences that you like. You should also be marking up books and articles that you read looking for new ways of expressing ideas. Using Chinese-Chinese dictionaries is really good for learning how to describe things in Chinese.

chinese essay maker

Online Chinese Tutors

  • 1:1 online tutoring
  • 100% native professional tutors
  • For all levels
  • Flexible schedule
  • More effective
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Qin Chen focuses on teaching Chinese and language acquisition. She is willing to introduce more about Chinese learning ways and skills. Now, she is working as Mandarin teacher at All Mandarin .

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chinese essay maker

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When I used the service of pro essay reviews, I was expecting to have the work which is completely error free and have best quality. I asked them to show me the working samples they have and also their term and condition. They provided me the best samples and i was ready to hire them for my work then.

This is fascinating article, thank you!

Thank you so much for sharing this type of content. That’s really useful for people who want to start learning chinese language. I hope that you will continue sharing your experience.

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This is a community for people studying or teaching Chinese - or even if you're just interested in Chinese languages. Discussion of all Chinese languages/dialects is welcome! Please post interesting links, language learning advice, or questions!

Chinese essay-writing cheat sheet: A little prop to help hone one's communication skills. Keep at it! :)


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A Hacker Stole OpenAI Secrets, Raising Fears That China Could, Too

A security breach at the maker of ChatGPT last year revealed internal discussions among researchers and other employees, but not the code behind OpenAI’s systems.

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Large, brightly lit windows shine through a concrete building near dusk.

By Cade Metz

Reporting from San Francisco

Early last year, a hacker gained access to the internal messaging systems of OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, and stole details about the design of the company’s A.I. technologies.

The hacker lifted details from discussions in an online forum where employees talked about OpenAI’s latest technologies, according to two people familiar with the incident, but did not get into the systems where the company houses and builds its artificial intelligence.

OpenAI executives revealed the incident to employees during an all-hands meeting at the company’s San Francisco offices in April 2023 and informed its board of directors, according to the two people, who discussed sensitive information about the company on the condition of anonymity.

But the executives decided not to share the news publicly because no information about customers or partners had been stolen, the two people said. The executives did not consider the incident a threat to national security because they believed the hacker was a private individual with no known ties to a foreign government. The company did not inform the F.B.I. or anyone else in law enforcement.

For some OpenAI employees, the news raised fears that foreign adversaries such as China could steal A.I. technology that — while now mostly a work and research tool — could eventually endanger U.S. national security. It also led to questions about how seriously OpenAI was treating security, and exposed fractures inside the company about the risks of artificial intelligence.

After the breach, Leopold Aschenbrenner, an OpenAI technical program manager focused on ensuring that future A.I. technologies do not cause serious harm, sent a memo to OpenAI’s board of directors, arguing that the company was not doing enough to prevent the Chinese government and other foreign adversaries from stealing its secrets.

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BYD to build $1 billion plant in Turkey, boosting the Chinese EV maker’s access to the EU as higher tariffs loom

A BYD Seal U electric vehicle at a showroom in Paris.

Turkey will soon unveil an agreement with BYD Co. to construct a $1 billion plant in the west of the country, Turkish officials said, boosting the Chinese carmaker’s presence in Europe at a time of escalating trade tensions.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is expected to announce the accord on Monday during a ceremony in Manisa province, where the plant will be built, the officials said, asking not to be named because they aren’t authorized to speak publicly. BYD representatives and the president’s office declined to comment.

The new factory would improve BYD’s access to the European Union, because Turkey has a customs-union agreement with the bloc. The EU  moved ahead  this week with plans to impose provisional tariffs on electric vehicles imported from China, hitting BYD with an additional 17.4% charge on top of the existing 10% rate.

There’s also a domestic market to serve, with EVs accounting for 7.5% of car sales last year in Turkey, a country with a population of almost 90 million.

Turkey announced Friday that it was walking back plans announced almost a month ago to impose an additional  40% tariff  on all vehicles from China, citing efforts to encourage investment. That decision followed  talks  between Erdogan and China’s President Xi Jinping on Thursday during a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Astana, Kazakhstan.

BYD has been on a tear the last several years in China, becoming the nation’s  best-selling  car brand. The Shenzhen-based manufacturer has vowed to bring its lower-priced EVs to Europe in the coming years, including the Seagull hatchback that executives expect to sell for  less than €20,000 ($21,700).

The automaker opened its first EV plant in Southeast Asia on Thursday, in  Thailand . BYD has also taken over a former Ford Motor Co. factory in  Brazil  and been scoping out locations for a plant in  Mexico . Its first car factory for Europe, in  Hungary , is under construction.

BYD’s sales jumped to  a record  982,747 vehicles in the second quarter, up more than 40% from a year ago. While the company’s sales in Europe have been sluggish thus far, it’s mounting a major marketing push in the region, taking Volkswagen AG’s place as a main sponsor of the European Championship football tournament.

Latest in Tech

Two astronauts floating inside the ISS

Astronauts say they’re confident Boeing’s space capsule will get them safely back to Earth, even though it’s had multiple mechanical failures and they should’ve returned weeks ago

Sameer Jain is chief information officer of Nomura's wholesale business.

Nomura’s CIO is modernizing his company’s tech while rethinking when to build versus buy

Xbox is making changes to its GamePass subscription service.

Microsoft shakes up its Game Pass service, hiking prices and dropping day-one games from the standard tier

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (R) greets OpenAI CEO Sam Altman during the OpenAI DevDay event on November 06, 2023 in San Francisco, California.

It’s for the best that Microsoft and Apple won’t be observing OpenAI’s board meetings

Samsung's biggest union has launched an "indefinite strike" against the electronics company.

Thousands of Samsung workers are striking indefinitely: Profits have increased 15-fold but union members say paychecks haven’t budged

Only 10% of professionals surveyed by Thomson Reuters are concerned about widespread job losses in their sectors due to AI.

Knowledge workers don’t seem to think AI will replace them—but they expect it to save them 4 hours a week in the next year

Most popular.

chinese essay maker

Mayor of Athens says tourism in Greece isn’t ‘viable’ anymore as each visitor only adds €0.40 to the economy

chinese essay maker

Chase’s plan to charge for checking accounts—and how consumers might respond

chinese essay maker

Elon Musk says he’ll lock iPhones in an electromagnetic cage at all his businesses after Apple announces OpenAI partnership

chinese essay maker

Toxic arsenic and lead detected in tampons sold in the U.K., Greece, and the U.S., according to first-ever tampon study

chinese essay maker

6 foods that could be making you age faster

chinese essay maker

A New Orleans rapper must have all his future songs reviewed by the U.S. government

HanziPaper.com is a site providing free and efficient online tools to help the people who want to learn Chinese characters and practise hanzi handwriting.

Here at HanziPaper.com, you can make a printable hanzi copybook easily and efficiently in the ways of regular Chinese characters, words, sentences and even an article. You can also learn how to write Chinese characters correctly in stroke order.

It is very important to build a solid base for everything, including study of course, to start and achieve a big success. As far as learning Chinese characters and writing are concerned, copybook is an ideal tool for students and the people who want to learn to write Hanzi characters correctly and beautifully across the world.

Nowadays in fundamental Chinese learning, pin yin takes an important part in Chinese reading and writing. To help with pinyin study, HanziPaper worked to research for corresponding standards and come up with hanzi copybooks with pinyin. Thanks to SVG, HanziPaper integrates everything perfectly for you to learn hanzi and its pinyin in a more effective and efficient way.

At HanziPaper.com, you can learn hanzi from various hanzi copybooks, you can also learn some famous Chinese ancient poems. Besides that, you can even learn how to write hanzi instantly and interactively from Chinese character animations and practical stroke order quizzes, with the help of SVG animation.

Hope you learn hanzi writing at HanziPaper.com. Wish you all the best with your hanzi learning!

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Former ASML CEO says US-China chip fight will continue

  • Medium Text

ASML publishes Q4 results

Sign up here.

Reporting by Toby Sterling; Editing by Toby Chopra

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. New Tab , opens new tab

Samsung to unveil new products, in Seoul

Technology Chevron

Illustration shows Alphabet logo

Google parent Alphabet shelves interest for HubSpot, Bloomberg News reports

Google-parent Alphabet has abandoned its plans to buy online marketing software company HubSpot , Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter.

Illustration picture of AMD chip

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Essay Title Generator (Free & No Login Required)

Discover the perfect title for your next essay with our AI-powered Essay Title Generator! Designed for students and writers, this tool creates unique and engaging essay titles based on your topic or main ideas. Simply enter your subject, such as ‘the benefits of renewable energy’, and receive a list of potential titles in seconds.

How to Use the Essay Title Generator

Using the Essay Title Generator is a breeze. Just type in your essay topic, key concepts, or main points into the generator, and with a single click, you’ll receive a variety of title suggestions. Browse through the generated titles and choose the one that best fits your essay’s theme and captures your intended message. Once you’ve found the perfect title, you can use it for your writing assignment, research paper, or academic project. This tool is user-friendly and suitable for writers of all levels, making the process of finding a great title quick and easy.

What is the Essay Title Generator?

The Essay Title Generator is an AI-based tool that creates original and thought-provoking essay titles. By analyzing your input keywords or themes, it generates a range of titles suitable for various academic disciplines and writing styles. This tool is a helpful resource for students and writers looking to create titles that accurately reflect their essay’s content and grab the reader’s attention. Whether you’re working on a persuasive essay, an expository piece, or a narrative essay, these AI-generated titles can provide inspiration and help you get started on your writing journey. The Essay Title Generator aims to simplify the process of finding the perfect title, allowing you to focus on crafting a compelling essay.

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How to create PDF writing sheets for Chinese?

This worksheet generator is used to create PDF writing sheets for Chinese. You enter the Chinese text that you want and then you can get custom PDF Chinese worksheets to practice your Chinese characters.

The standard (basic) settings will show you how different characters can be arranged. When using the basic settings the characters are set to fade automatically across from strong to almost invisible across the page. (If you use advanced settings, this will be labelled "Gradual fade settings"). There is also pinyin above the characters in the copybook worksheets.

For the advanced Chinese worksheet creators, you can choose the size of the paper, whether it is portrait or landscape, the size of the rows, if you add titles to the page so for example My Character Sheet Number 1 etc. There is also the option to change the Chinese worksheet font, change the pinyin location, change the size of the characters. Character display means whether you just see one character individually or a word together.

For example, one line of just 字 followed by 字 by 字 or one line of 字帖 followed by 字帖. You can choose how dark the characters are so that you can work out the best copy book for you.

There are lots of different hanzi grid styles which you can use on the advanced systems depending on which one you are most used to. You can also change the row or column spacing. There are many different options that you can change within this Chinese writing worksheet/workbook creator.

Once you've decided upon all your desired settings, your can print your worksheet and save it as a PDF. The worksheets can then be used for different purposes, such as for practicing writing Chinese characters, or for teaching students Chinese stroke order. 

If you want more instructions, you can also see our video How do you create Chinese character worksheets  on Youtube.

For more instructions, see this video below.

chinese essay maker

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Listen to Chinese text read aloud - Enter Chinese text and get the pronunciation

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Character converters

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Printable worksheet creators

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  • Create Chinese New Year scrolls

Chinese vocabulary

  • Chinese family terms
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  • Chinese Periodic Table
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  • Look up Flags in Chinese by Emoji
  • Chinese astrological year
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Cantonese Tools

Learn cantonese basics.

  • Animated stroke order for Cantonese characters
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  • Convert English To IPA Phonetic Alphabet

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Enter Chinese text and hear the Mandarin sounds for each word, character by character.

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Chinese text generator.

This would be fun to write your name in Chinese text using Chinese text generator. This is amazing to write your name even you don’t know about this language or even don’t know the meaning of such words. I mean yes you write what you wanted to write but don’t know about this language. It will be amusing to see your name in Chinese text. Isn’t it?

Chinese text generator has just 3 results and the interesting thing is you can read and understand second one with no trouble. Not all but some letters will make confusion to understand. This is because it doesn’t have Chinese letters at all, this in fact is a Chinese style.

Text message translation has become a popular choice for those who travel abroad or for those that find themselves in a place where they don't speak the native language. It has come as a great relief to those looking to take their communication with people in another country to the next level without having to worry about miscommunication. However, those who are more tech-savvy know that this is not always the best way.

If you are looking for a unique way to make your unique greeting cards even when you don't know how the Chinese Text Generator is the perfect tool. This website will allow you to generate your message in Mandarin. You can either use this generator to make up your greetings or use the pre-set messages by scrolling down on the center of the page. The pre-set messages come in three different fonts in Chinese languages. Choose something that suits you best!

Chinese Text Generator Example

艾勒艾哦娜 弗伊艾伊艾诶哦勒艾, 下口れ匕ち ムモれモ尺丹匕口尺, ㊈㊒㊐㊗㊖ ㊉㊇㊐㊇㊕㊃㊗㊒㊕, you may also check.

Discord Font Changer and Discord Superscript Generator


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