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Sample Economics Personal Statement (admitted to Oxford, Cambridge, LSE)

economic development personal statement

by Talha Omer, MBA, M.Eng., Harvard & Cornell Grad

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The following personal statement is written by an applicant who got accepted to top graduate programs in economics. Variations of this personal statement got accepted at Oxford, Cambridge, and LSE. Read this essay to get inspiration and understand what a top economics school PS should look like.

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Sample Personal Statement Economics


The sounds coming from near the doorway may have startled an outsider but were barely noticed by the people lounging on charpoys and mooras (wicker stools). With the atmosphere abuzz with their chatter, the sputtering sound of the diesel generator lent more time to catch up as the bulbs lit up and fans whirred on throughout the haveli (palace) on an otherwise hot evening. But on days when it refused to crackle, my grandmother would enkindle gas lanterns filling the veranda with hissing sounds and soothing moonlight rays.

I still cherish these memories from my childhood trips to XYZ, my native village, some 450kms from the closest city. At the time, the short sojourns from Kuwait felt rather adventurous. However, the perspective turned wrong when I permanently moved to XYZ. Due to unannounced electricity breakdowns, we would find ourselves groping in the dark to the closest candle stand while sweating in the scorching summer.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, the occasional power breakdowns segued into a full-blown crisis of the decade. Over the next seven years, we witnessed unprecedented power outages averaging 15-18 hours daily. People weren’t just lamenting the loss of mental peace; they were mourning the monetary losses worth billions of rupees translating into 1.5% of GDP.

Fast forward 15 years, and I found myself in a position to alleviate the situation. As Deputy Administrative Head of the Government’s Economic Affairs division, I administer a departmental budget worth $500 million. I am currently undertaking solarization projects. A recent shift towards renewables has occurred after public unrest during the early decade led to hasty investments in thermal-based power plants. Unfortunately, seven years later, we are still reeling from the aftermath of a bitter public backlash as we have the lowest regional electricity consumption per capita.

In addition to high tariffs, the energy sector has been marred by the accumulation of circular debt of $30 billion. This has been caused by multiple factors, such as electricity theft, transmission losses, and non-payment of dues. Having worked in Economic Affairs Division, I have also been part of a team that took massive power sector reforms, including:

  • elimination of subsidies
  • policy formulation on electricity theft and conservation 
  • overhaul of sectoral regulatory bodies
  • privatization of distribution companies et al.

However, as the Program ended, so did the reforms.

Regrettably, negative externalities from these energy woes have had spillover effects on all socio-economic sectors. The environment has especially poorly been affected by the process for the lack of an integrated generation and transmission policy framework in the renewable industry. Being a lower riparian state has also exacerbated climate change. We face extreme weather conditions – floods, droughts, smog, and diminishing water tables. Unable to agree on water issues not covered under the Indus Water Treaty has led to regular skirmishes and legal battles in the International Court of Justice.

Given the background, my country’s economic and Energy woes require a holistic understanding of the subject. This makes Economic policy specializing in Energy the right choice for my graduate studies. Furthermore, I can become an effective leader and economist in the sector through the interdisciplinary pedagogical approach covering policy, economics, management, law; practical skills; quantitative and qualitative analysis within an international context.

My aim is socio-economic development in tandem with confidence-building measures and strategic partnerships with the neighboring countries. Studying at Oxford will provide this learning opportunity in and out of the class as I will interact with some of the most brilliant minds worldwide and work in teams with them. I also look forward to student-led events, conferences, guest lectures, field trips, and panel discussions to augment my understanding of supranational political demands. This will help me lead economic policy reforms for the next 25 years.


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Written by Hannah Slack

This is an example personal statement for a Masters degree application in Economics. See our guide for advice on writing your own postgraduate personal statement .

The notion of financial risk has always fascinated me. Risk is involved all parts of our life, and learning economic theory and statistics can help mitigate some of the larger financial risks that can massively impact our economy. Since my undergraduate course I have been intrigued by the theoretical side of economics and statistics. I particularly enjoy learning how to project potential outcomes, as this is a vital skill desired by many corporations to strengthen their decision-making processes.

Currently I am in my final year of an Economics undergraduate degree and I am projected to graduate with a first. Modules in Behavioural Economics, Finance and Investment have been a strong interest of mine since the beginning of my degree. I have also enjoyed learning more about economic policies across the globe. In order to keep up to date with the latest economic policies I make sure to follow governmental and news outlets, such as the Financial Times.

In my second year I completed a four-month placement with a national bank. This allowed me to learn more about the practical implications of economic theory in a financially focused setting. I grew very interested in the work of the Risk Manager, who further enlightened me on the many different factors that must be considered before making a major financial decision. The main thing that I enjoyed about financial risk was the tangibility of it. As history has demonstrated, financial decisions can have a major impact on society, both positive and negative. Learning how to restrain negative impacts, and how to manage risks appropriately, intrigues me as an essential part of our modern world.

My third year I spend abroad studying Economics in Australia. I found it particularly interesting to learn the differences between the Australian economic system and the UK’s, which will become increasingly important with the advent of post-Brexit trade deals between the countries. This experience only contributed to my enthusiasm with economic theory as I was able to learn more about its role within other countries.

I have decided to apply for this course because it is one of the finest in the country, with excellent links to industry. To contribute to financial risk management in the way I aspire to, I believe that I need the best education possible. This course not only has a compelling combination of modules and specialisms, but its reputation and research quality will help propel me as a competitive graduate on the job market. I truly believe that with my passion and intrigue in the subject, and this course’s quality resources, this university will be the best place for my studies.

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By Nik Taylor (Editor, The Uni Guide) | 21 September 2023 | 8 min read

Writing an economics personal statement: expert advice from universities

Get your economics personal statement in top shape with these insider tips

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economic development personal statement

Read around the subject 

  • Read more:  how to write an excellent personal statement in ten steps

Let your passion for economics shine through in your personal statement

  • Read more:  teacher secrets for writing a great personal statement

Make sure you really understand what economics is all about

Do your research into the course.

  • Read more:  personal statement FAQs

Keep your personal statement personal

Talk about how you engage with the world around you.

  • Read more:  the ten biggest mistakes to avoid when writing your personal statement

Show your interest in collecting and analysing data

  • Read more:  universities reveal all about personal statements

Don’t only focus on finance

  • Read more:  universities explain how to end your personal statement with a bang

Include extracurricular activities with relevant skills

  • Read more:  how to write your personal statement when you have nothing interesting to say

You could talk about your plans for your future, but don’t worry if you don’t have a definite career trajectory all mapped out

  • Read more:  how long does it take for universities to reply to your application? 

It shouldn’t matter if you haven’t studied economics before

Proofread your personal statement before you send it out, you may want to look at these..., personal statement secrets – universities reveal all.

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How to write an excellent personal statement in 10 steps

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economic development personal statement

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economic development personal statement

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Economics Personal Statement

My desire to study Economics at university stems from my interest in the incredible pace of change in the world. Development Economics fascinates me and I believe the greatest challenges in our future will be of an economic origin. I am intrigued by the on-going issues we face, such as allocating ever depleting resources and the ‘tragedy of the commons’, as well as issues which have become more acute in recent years, such as globalisation and global poverty.

Through reading around my Economics course I discovered how historical economic models could be applied to modern situations. A particular example which appealed to me was Harford’s demonstration in ‘The Undercover Economist’ of how Ricardo’s 1817 farming analysis could explain diverse situations, such as coffee shops and high rent prices in London . Recently I read Collier’s ‘The Bottom Billion’, after learning about high taxation in poor countries from an article in a June 2015 ‘The Economist’. I was drawn to the idea that this could stimulate growth because it contradicted the low taxation neoliberal hegemony I had previously encountered. I think Collier’s proposed solutions, despite some being controversial (e.g. military intervention), are sensible and could be highly effective. Naturally, I am yet to look at all of the solutions posed by different economists, however I believe it is a challenging and stimulating task to find viable resolutions.

Through my work-experience at Emirates NBD I learnt more about the application of economics to real-life. The real-estate team proved how scarcity influences the housing market: even during a slump in 2011, an apartment in Mayfair sold for above the asking price due to localised demand. I also shadowed the Emirates’ Head of the Treasury who explained how interest rates are set and the concept of net interest margin. This led me to explore financial management further: I am now able to follow market fluctuations in ‘The Financial Times’ with an informed opinion.

Living in Spain makes the study of European economics particularly fascinating for me. I enjoy following the Spanish and British economies; in particular, comparing the approaches taken by the Bank of England and the ECB to tackle their various economic issues. Although both the economies of Spain and the UK recovered slowly – with Britain having its longest recovery in 300 years of recorded history – the Spanish unemployment rate has remained persistently above that of the UK. For me, it is a fascinating challenge to understand the factors contributing to this ongoing problem for Spain.

Learning another language has given me a wider global perspective. It enables me to follow the news from more sources, giving alternate views, and keeping me informed on the Hispanic countries. Maths is an integral part of economics as it transforms theories into practical applications and I look forward to developing my skills and applying my knowledge in new ways. I enjoy tennis and drama. Last year I completed my Silver LAMDA qualification, which took commitment and careful time management. By tutoring maths I have also developed my communication style, in particular, the ability to convey complex information simply.

Economics is central to the human condition and gives the tools to understand some of the most important motivations of states and individuals in our increasingly global society.  I eagerly await the opportunity to understand more about the world we live in and, in the future, hopefully help to influence it for the better.

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economic development personal statement

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The dynamic consumer society we live in is governed by many different factors, which I have developed a fa...

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Last Updated: 22nd April 2020

Author: Adi Sen

Table of Contents

Welcome to our popular Personal Statement series where we present a successful Personal Statement, and our Oxbridge Tutors provide their feedback on it. 

Today, we are looking through an Economics and Managment applicant’s Personal Statement that helped secure a place at Oxford University. The Economics and Management Course at Oxford examines issues central to the world we live in: namely how the economy and organisations function, and how resources are allocated and coordinated to achieve the organisation’s objectives.

Read on to see how this candidate managed to navigate the many disciplines of E&M. 

Here’s a breakdown of the Personal Statement:


The universities this candidate applied to were the following:

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Economics and Management Personal Statement

Economics is the study of now. I view it as the study of the psychology of the people who dictate our lives. The world around us is shaped by the fundamental concept of supply and demand, wants and needs, goods and services. What grips me is that everything I have studied I can apply to real life. Discussions about inflation, for example, are so applicable since its current status is active in the world of pricing; the price of a Big Mac and “Burgernomics” is something to which I can relate from my travels.

The statistical aspect of economic analysis is closely linked to my interest in Mathematics, thus I will take an Econometric route on option modules. This scientific approach to what is otherwise a field-based solely on individual theories and concepts interests me, as I find quantitative analysis much more accurate and reliable than qualitative theories. As an example, I relish analysing more Econometric models on the A-level Course: like Profit Maximisation calculations.

Despite this, Economics intertwines both Maths and Philosophy on a regular basis. I recently read an article from the Guardian by George Monbiot, which discussed the cost-benefit analysis model and whether nature could be quantified as a tangible asset, and how this would benefit neo-liberals in their perpetual quest for profit. This is just an example of how Econometric analysis does not always deliver such verisimilitude where the figures given are ambiguous. This is what is unique about Economics: there is no right answer to the question ‘Is there a right answer?’ The concept of there being methods of analysing the psychology of and nature behind the way that the interface between consumers and producers operates seems to exceed all other subjects in terms of interest.

I find it peculiar that a subject that has such a ubiquitous undercurrent in our society is so undefined and obscure; it is undoubtedly this which draws me to it. Consequently, I strive to keep up with Economics in the modern world by reading the “I” and “Guardian” newspapers, and “The Economist” magazine regularly. For wider background reading I have read Marx’s “Communist Manifesto”, Tim Hartford’s “The Undercover Economist” and “Too Big To Fail” by Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Sorkin’s book provided a gripping, in-depth insight into the world of investment banking and entrepreneurship – I finished the book in a matter of days. His book has inspired me to enter the investment sector. Upon graduation I would like to become an investment banker or negotiator, hence I am in the process of trying to arrange some work experience with the London Metal Exchange.

I completed a programme of work experience with Linden Homes this summer, through the Career Academy Programme on which I am enrolled. It was a six-week internship during which I gained a firm understanding of a construction company’s place within the national economy. I enjoyed spending valuable time in a variety of departments within the firm. I also have work experience planned in Belgium in 2013.

Additionally, I participate in a multitude of extracurricular activities. My team and I finished second in the national UMPH Business Competition; in Year 11 my team set the school record for the Enterprise Day Challenge and for three consecutive years my team won the Grimsby Inter-School Quiz without loss. Furthermore, I am part of both the Franklin College Debating Team and the weekly “Blue Sky Club”, where students meet to discuss current affairs.

Recently, a particular subject of interest has been the US election. We frequently discuss the debates and the candidates, covering subjects like their political viewpoints and how it will affect both our lives and those of the American public – plus the potential Economic ramifications of the possible outcomes. With a genuine zeal for the subject and an ability to relate my studies to the real world, I am convinced that I will thoroughly thrive at degree level Economics.

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Good Points Of The Personal Statement

The student gives a good insight into their academic interests and what’s inspired them to develop over time. They also demonstrate a passion for the subject, not only by stating their interest in it but by further explaining what interests them and why they would make a good candidate to study it at university. The student is already accomplished and explains well what they’ve gained from their various extra-curricular activities.

Bad Points Of The Personal Statement

The writing is weak and, at points, unnatural. The forced interjections of examples and unusual adjectives make it read like a student attempting to write a formal and formulaic exam essay. They would do better to write in their usual style, even if it is somewhat informal; this will allow them to better express themselves and they will come across as more interesting to those reading it. More importantly than this, however, at times, the student fails to keep up their otherwise good level of detail, and the writing becomes list-like.

This is particularly prominent when they discuss books they’ve read to develop their understanding of economics. Although they expand on one of these, they do so in little detail. Interviewers are unlikely to be impressed by simply mentioning that you’ve read a book – any student applying for degree-level economics is able to read The Communist Manifesto, for instance – but they will be impressed by your response to it and what you gained from the experience of reading it. Unless you expand on these details, a list of books you’ve read does nothing to contribute to the statement.

UniAdmissions Overall Score:

This statement is strong, except where it discusses academic work. The detail here was likely sacrificed in favour of expanding further on their extra-curricular activities and their particular areas of interest. However, they have limited discussion of their study of various classic economic works so severely that it fails to add anything to the piece. The statement would, therefore, benefit from a more balanced approach to the various areas of the student’s life.

We give this Economics Personal Statement a 4/5 as they have clearly projected their passion for the subject onto paper – the most important part of a strong Personal Statement – albeit this was at the cost of other factors that should have been covered in more depth.

And there we have it – an Oxford E&M Personal Statement with feedback from our expert tutors. 

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Economics degree personal statement example (1b)

This is a real personal statement written by a student for their university application. It might help you decide what to include in your own. There are lots more examples in our . 

My personal statement got me 5 offers from Reading (ABB), Kent (ABB), Swansea (ABB), Manchester Metropolitan (BBC) and Plymouth (280 UCAS points). In the end I needed ABB to get into Reading (my first choice) but was let on with ABC.

Economics underpins everything. From strike action by public sector workers to the aftermath of the Scottish independence referendum, decisions involving how resources are used and distributed are the driving force of public life. Recently I began to take an interest in current affairs, initially through watching the nightly news and programmes such as BBC's Question Time, and realised I had missed out on the fascinating theory behind new policies and decisions. I began to explore the field by reading Economics: The User's Guide by Ha-Joon Chang, which prompted me to look at different strands of economics. I have wanted to work in different countries for as long as I can remember, and the field that especially sparks my imagination at present is Development Economics. This led me to The Growth Map by Jim O'Neill which analyses the BRIC countries and the optimum circumstances and potential pitfalls relating to their future prosperity. Reading Poor Economics by Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo then gave me an insight into poverty traps, and banking and saving practices in poor countries. This and other reading has inspired me to take AS Economics in my second year of sixth form in order to build on the independent reading I did over the summer. I also realise now that many of my main interests within my other subjects relate to economics. These include the Energy Issues module of the Geography syllabus, and Media and Persuasion in Psychology, which relates to areas such as advertising and the influence marketing has on economic choices. The Statistics module of the AS Mathematics course gave me a solid understanding of how data can be analysed and presented. I am intrigued by the ways in which the models I have learnt in a classroom environment can be applied to real world situations, such as the development of and response to the Ebola crisis in West Africa. Unlike previous outbreaks, fear of the virus spreading to the developed world has created the effective demand to make funding available for the rapid development of vaccines. The virus will also affect the economies of the West African countries, as already the World Bank has estimated a forgone GDP of $359million in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. As well as my studies, I have undertaken a number of other activities that have enabled me to develop my time management skills. At the start of Year 11, I was assigned the role of Senior Prefect. I was one of 15 students selected out of the year of approximately 270 for a leadership role. This position required me to assist with school events such as parents' evenings and open days, helping to plan and implement the events. I was also responsible for organising and managing the roles of a team of twelve junior prefects. For six years I have volunteered at a riding school on a weekly basis, undertaking practical tasks in the stables and supporting the instructors in their work with customers. I have been playing the violin for several years and am aiming to achieve my Grade 7 by the time I start university. I have volunteered as an assistant with a Junior Strings group on a weekly basis, and three years ago I was invited to join the County Youth Orchestra, after having been in the Area Orchestra for several years. While I would be interested in building on my time at university by working in such fields as small business development or agricultural economics in developing countries, I retain an open mind and am excited to see what interests my degree combined with a placement year will open up. I am acutely conscious of the privilege of living in a time and part of the world where I have access to the opportunities that I do. I believe that a degree in Economics will allow me to make the most of these opportunities while enabling me to contribute to meeting the challenges of the future.

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economic development personal statement

17 Books for Economics Personal Statements 2022

Which books should you read for your economics personal statement?

After reading this post you will have some ideas for books to read, depending on your specific interests.

There are books for different areas of economics, including game theory, public economics, mathematics in economics, development and more.

First, for a complete guide to economics personal statements, including other supercurricular activities and how to write and structure your statement, click the blue button (paid resource):

Books by category

Economics Rules by Rodrik

  • A good introduction about the uses and limits of economic models.
  • Covers several different models and settings from the 2008 financial crisis to second best theory.

The Economist’s View of the World by Rhoads

  • Another good introduction to economic thinking, this time about some of the ways in which economists think. 
  • This includes opportunity costs, incentives, marginal economics, market failure and government intervention.

Game theory

Thinking Strategically/The Art of Strategy by Dixit and Nalebuff

  • How you can apply game theory to lots of different settings, such as politics, sports and business.
  • Examples of questions covered: When should voters vote for an enemy? Why might “burning bridges” be an effective strategy? How can it pay off to be unpredictable? Game theory attempts to answer these questions and more.
  • My favourite chapter of Thinking Strategically is the chapter on “Brinkmanship”. By taking an enemy “to the brink”, in other words forcing the enemy to accept greater and greater risks on their current path, you may encourage your enemy towards a more acceptable, less risky outcome. This is a good starting point in explaining how nuclear war evolves and maybe, how we can reduce the likelihood of such a war. 

Co-opetition by Brandenburger and Nalebuff 

  • How game theory can be applied in a business setting. Bringing together competition and cooperation.
  • Particularly suited to those with interests in business economics and case studies of different businesses.
  • A highlight for me is the “tactics” chapter of the book. What do job interview processes, peacocks and book publishers have in common? This chapter is about the importance of information or a lack of information. When might it be beneficial to obscure information? Information is a key consideration in game theory and there are important takeaways for business behaviour and the design of compensation schemes or interview processes, for example.

Mathematics in economics

Mastering Metrics by Angrist and Pischke

  • An introduction to key econometrics techniques, such as the idea of regression.
  • Natural experiment methods, such as difference-in-difference methods, instrumental variables and regression discontinuity design. This is the basis for a lot of undergraduate econometrics.

The Drunkard’s Walk by Mlodinow

  • Mostly about statistics and probability (not about economics). 
  • Learning about probability will be key for economics, for example for discussing stock price fluctuations or econometrics.

Development economics

Banker to the Poor: Micro-lending and the Battle Against World Poverty by Yunus

  • Features the roots of the idea of microcredit – giving small loans out to those who cannot normally access funds from traditional banks. 
  • Yunus is the founder of Grameen bank, one of the most well known examples of microcredit in action.
  • I would also recommend supplementing this with reading about the evidence of the effects of microcredit. For example papers by Duflo and Banerjee on the effects of microcredit.

Development as Freedom by Sen

  • A case for defining development in terms of freedom and that development is not just about increasing incomes.

Economic history 

The Ascent of Money by Ferguson

  • Origins of money, banking, financial bubbles and panics.

Why Nations Fail by Acemoglu and Robinson

  • A historical examination of why some nations are rich and others are poor.
  • Focuses on the importance of “inclusive institutions” (such as enforcement of property rights) as opposed to “extractive institutions”.
  • I also recommend looking into Acemoglu and Robinson’s (2000) paper on institutions as well as academic criticisms of their conclusions from other writers (for example by McArthur and Sachs).

History of economic thought 

The Worldly Philosophers by Heilbroner:

  • Covers several key economists in history, from Adam Smith, Malthus and Ricardo to Keynes and Schumpeter.


Austerity by Alesina, Favero and Giavazzi:

  • Discusses the effects of fiscal austerity (reducing the size of the government budget deficit relative to GDP) and when this might be an effective policy.
  • A good introduction to thinking and economic modelling in macroeconomics.

The Subprime Solution by Shiller

  • Discusses causes of and solutions to global financial crises. Focusses on the importance of behavioural aspects of economics and finance.

Behavioural economics

Misbehaving by Thaler

  • Covers key ideas in and the history of behavioural economics.

The Price of Inequality by Stiglitz

  • Good discussion of the dangers of inequality, including how it affects living standards, politics and the economy, and what can be done about it.

Environmental economics and public economics 

Growth for Good by Terzi:

  • How economic growth can mitigate, rather than exacerbate, the impacts of climate change.

Fragile Futures by Tanzi:

  • How economists and governments should deal with uncertain events, including pandemics, climate change and other disasters.

Other questions

Why put books in the personal statement.

First of all there are personal benefits derived from reading. You can understand new ideas which you can apply to the real world and achieve personal enjoyment from reading.

For the purposes of personal statements, reading can act as a signal that you study beyond the standard curriculum. So you would be a motivated student at university.

How should I use books in a personal statement?

It is not a good idea just to name-drop the book, without any further discussion. How can the person reading your statement tell if you have actually read it?

The best way to discuss a book is to mention your own opinion of or takeaway from the book. Do you agree with the book? Did you find anything particularly surprising or interesting? Does the book help explain other phenomena you have observed, or link to something else?

So, when reading a book, I highly recommend making some notes on key ideas or points from the book and your own thoughts. You can then return to these points in the future or come back to them when writing your statement.

To read more about economics university applications (personal statement, supercurriculars and Oxbridge applications), click the link here . no longer supports Internet Explorer.

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Personal Statement-MSc Economics for Development

Profile image of jakim okoth

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economic development personal statement

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The phenomenon of increasing tuition fees is one of the factors which reinforce the increasingly consumerist attitudes among students towards the product (understood as a whole process of university education) they receive from universities. The aim of the study is to characterise the difference between the expectations of students and the extent to which those expectations are met by universities. This analysis also focuses on the conditions that determine this perception of what universities offer and discusses selected issues concerning the relations between universities and industry. The findings demonstrate why creativity, apart from practical knowledge, is one of the most important aspects in the process of education, where a student's graduation work is aimed at solving specific problems in companies and institutions. In the empirical part of the paper, students' opinions about the importance of selected aspects of the education process are compared with the level of ...

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in partial fulfilment of the requirements for obtaining the degree of

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Curtis Jr (2018) presents a motivation and qualitative sample structure of higher education design. Curtis Jr (2018) describes the technical administrative processes of higher education completion using qualitative information concerning the methods of transfer, including transfer to the Education Foundation, IGRI, and JECJEF University.

Philip Higgs

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Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the button above.



Shahrazad Hadad

SSRN Electronic Journal

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Keith Tribe

Jayshree Singh

Ovidius University Annals, …

Stanciu Cristina

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IntechOpen eBooks

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Ogar Joseph Ojishe

IJCAMS Publication

Economic Papers: A Journal of Applied Economics and Policy

John Marangos

The Journal of Higher Education

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University of California Press eBooks

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Proceedings of the International Conference Competitiveness of Agro-Food and Environmental Economy

Emilia Gogu

Hanne Leth Andersen

Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice

Vincent Tinto

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Government of Canada launches public consultation on artificial intelligence computing infrastructure

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

News release

Feedback will inform the development and implementation of measures related to Budget 2024’s $2 billion investment to boost Canada’s sovereign AI data processing capacity

Feedback will inform the development and implementation of measures related to Budget 2024’s $2 billion investment to boost Canada’s sovereign AI data processing capacity

June 26, 2024 – Ottawa, Ontario 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the greatest technological transformations of our age, and it offers transformative opportunities for economic development and productivity enhancements, as well as new opportunities for workers in every sector. To capitalize on these opportunities in a safe and secure way, Canadian researchers and companies will require considerable access to advanced and high-performing computing power, or “compute.” The Government of Canada seeks to build on Canada’s leadership in AI and increase domestic access to the compute power that researchers and AI developers require for training and deployment.

Today, the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, announced the Consultation on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Compute , which will help inform the design and implementation of a new AI Compute Access Fund and a Canadian AI Sovereign Compute Strategy proposed in Budget 2024. The consultation includes the AI Blueprint, a discussion paper that outlines Canada’s opportunity and ambition on AI.

The consultation will engage Canadian researchers, innovators and businesses in identifying the best strategies for investing in Canada’s AI future, and it will be carried out through a range of means and venues, including online. The government will also engage civil society, Indigenous groups and other interested stakeholders.

Through this consultation, the Government of Canada is taking steps to ensure Canadian organizations, businesses and researchers have access to the compute capacity they need to safeguard Canadian data and intellectual property while pursuing advanced AI.

The government is steadfast in securing Canada’s world-leading AI advantage to create economic growth and well-paying opportunities for generations to come. AI is a rapidly growing sector, and through this consultation, we will help ensure a fair chance for every generation to succeed in this pivotal field.

“Artificial intelligence offers workers and business incredible opportunity, and Canada has proudly always been a leader. This consultation will harness Canadian leadership, from researchers to end users, to help make sure that Canada continues to keep its advantage and that our economy is well positioned to take advantage of all the opportunities of AI. This will strengthen and secure Canada’s AI advantage and domestic access to compute power.” – The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

Quick facts

The consultation will be open from June 26 to September 6, 2024.

All organizations are invited to participate in this consultation so as to maximize the benefits of this $2 billion investment and ensure sustainable access to sovereign compute capacity. Following completion of the consultation, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada will publish a “What We Heard Report” summarizing the feedback received.

Since the 1980s, Canada has been a leader in AI, made possible by its deep talent, its leading innovation and the scientific discoveries of Canadian researchers.

Insufficient domestic computing capacity exposes Canadian researchers and firms to fragile international supply chains for AI computing power, posing challenges in terms of cost, security of access, and the privacy and security of Canadian data.

Budget 2024 announced $2 billion over five years to launch a new AI Compute Access Fund and a Canadian AI Sovereign Compute Strategy, which will provide Canadian researchers and AI companies with the tools needed to be competitive in a rapidly advancing global landscape.

Budget 2024 also proposed $50 million to create an AI Safety Institute of Canada to ensure the safe development and deployment of AI.

The Government of Canada is supporting the responsible development and adoption of AI across the Canadian economy through a suite of measures—including the  Artificial Intelligence and Data Act  (Bill C-27) and the  Voluntary Code of Conduct on the Responsible Development and Management of Advanced Generative AI Systems .

In 2017, Canada was the first country to establish a national AI strategy. The  Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy  is helping Canada maintain its position as a world leader in AI, businesses be more competitive and Canadians benefit from growth in the digital economy.  Phase 2  of the strategy was announced in 2022, with funding of more than $443 million.

Associated links

  • Artificial intelligence ecosystem
  • Consultation on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Compute
  • Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Audrey Milette Press Secretary Office of the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry [email protected]

Media Relations Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada [email protected]

Stay connected

Find more services and information on the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada website.

Follow Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada on social media. X (Twitter): @ISED_CA | Facebook: Canadian Innovation | Instagram: @cdninnovation | LinkedIn: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

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  • Work & Careers
  • Life & Arts

There are lessons from Russia’s GDP growth — but not the ones Putin thinks

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  • Remarks by Ambassador Katherine Tai at the National Legislative-Political Conference of the Communications Workers of America
  • USTR Releases 2024 Biennial Report on Implementation of the African Growth and Opportunity Act
  • Readout of United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai’s Meeting with Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry Ken Saitō
  • Readout of United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai’s Meeting with Bahrain’s Minister of Industry and Commerce Abdulla bin Adel Fakhro
  • United States Seeks Mexico’s Review of Alleged Denial of Workers’ Rights at Ammunition Manufacturer Industrias Tecnos, S.A. de C.V.
  • USTR Announces Recipients of 2024 Awards Ceremony
  • Joint Statement on the Visit of the United States Trade Representative to Kazakhstan
  • United States-Central Asia Trade and Investment Framework (TIFA) Council Joint Statement
  • Joint Statement on the Visit of the United States Trade Representative to Uzbekistan
  • Joint Statement on the Fourth Meeting of the United States – Argentina Council on Trade and Investment
  • Ambassador Tai to Travel to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan
  • Readout of June 3-7 Negotiating Round Under the U.S.-Kenya Strategic Trade and Investment Partnership
  • USTR Concludes Robust Public Engagement to Advance Supply Chain Resilience in Trade Policy Initiatives
  • Readout of Chief Agricultural Negotiator Doug McKalip’s Meeting with Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry Permanent Secretary Gabriel Lim
  • USTR Announce Laurie-Ann Agama as Assistant United States Trade Representative for Economic Affairs
  • Readout of United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai’s Meeting with Spanish Minister of Economy and Trade Carlos Cuerpo Caballero
  • United States and Kenya Invite Public Participation in Stakeholder Listening Session During Sixth Negotiating Round Under the Strategic Trade and Investment Partnership
  • Statement by Ambassador Katherine Tai on the Beginning of Pride Month
  • Statement by Ambassador Katherine Tai on the Start of National Caribbean American Heritage Month
  • Policy Offices
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June 28, 2024

WASHINGTON – On October 8, 2021, over 130 countries of the G20/Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Inclusive Framework agreed on a two Pillar package of reforms to the international tax framework. In support of that agreement, in a joint statement on November 24, 2021, the United States and India announced the terms of a political compromise on the transition from existing Digital Services Taxes to the new multilateral solution and to continuing discussions on this matter through constructive dialogue.  In light of the continuing multilateral negotiations at the G20/OECD Inclusive Framework, and consistent with similar political compromises with other countries, the United States and India have today announced an extension of the political compromise set forth in the November 24, 2021 joint statement through June 30, 2024.  To read the joint statement on the extension, please visit the U.S. Department of Treasury announcement here .  

United States Trade Representative

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Election latest: 'Days left to save Britain from Labour', Sunak warns; Starmer tells voters to avoid more 'economic chaos'

Sir Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak are set to begin a frantic final few days of campaigning as polling day rapidly approaches. Both men will today reiterate their core messages as they try to motivate their backers to get out to the polling booths on Thursday.

Monday 1 July 2024 06:40, UK

  • General Election 2024

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  • Leaders ramp up attacks as final days of campaigning begin
  • Ed Conway: The science and security of the exit poll
  • Polls open in just three days on 4 July
  • Live reporting by Faith Ridler

Election essentials

  • Manifesto pledges: Conservatives | Greens | Labour | Lib Dems | Plaid | Reform | SNP
  • Trackers:  Who's leading polls? | Is PM keeping promises?
  • Campaign Heritage:  Memorable moments from elections gone by
  • Follow Sky's politics podcasts:  Electoral Dysfunction | Politics At Jack And Sam's
  • Read more:  Who is standing down? | Key seats to watch | What counts as voter ID? | Check if your constituency is changing | Guide to election lingo
  • How to watch election on Sky News

Our live poll tracker collates the results of opinion surveys carried out by all the main polling organisations - and allows you to see how the political parties are performing in the run-up to the general election.

With under a week to go, the Tories and Labour have taken a drop, while support for Reform UK and the Liberal Democrats is on the rise.

Read more about the tracker  here .

The Conservative Party has claimed that Labour's immigration plans could lead to a "deluge" of asylum seekers, and tax hikes of £635 per family.

Analysis published by the party days before the general election claims that this rise in taxation would be necessary to cover a "blackhole" in Labour's budget.

Home Secretary James Cleverly claimed that Labour has no credible plan to deter Channel crossings, which have skyrocketed under the Conservatives.

He said: "Right now, all we know is that Keir Starmer would stand on the cliffs of Dover to do a rain dance and hope that stops the boats.  

"There would be no deterrent under Labour and that means the business model for people smugglers would still be viable – boats would cross the channel in droves."

But Labour said allegations of tax rises are a "ludicrous lie from an increasingly desperate Tory party".

A spokesperson added: "This so-called Tory analysis is actually a costing of their own failing policies, not Labour's plans which will save the taxpayer billions.

"The Tories have already overspent the Home Office Budget by £5bn because they let the asylum backlog soar and failed to stop the criminal gangs. 

"If they carry on like this for the next five years they will more than treble those costs."

It is the first big moment of election night. The exit poll is the moment millions tune in for a first sniff of the eventual result of the general election. 

And in  Election 2024  this poll, with its impressive track record, sometimes down to a margin of only a few seats, will, once again, be a key part of broadcasters' coverage - including here at Sky News - on Thursday night.

The current model was devised in 2005 by Professor John Curtice and statistician David Firth and it has been consistently reliable, bar 2015 when the seat numbers suggested a hung parliament and David Cameron scraped a thin majority.

But for the most part, its accuracy has been dependable. In 2010, it correctly predicted the exact number of seats for the Conservatives.

Commissioned by the broadcasters - Sky, BBC and ITV - the fieldwork is carried out by IPSOS UK who will have interviewers at 133 polling stations around the country this year.

Sir Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak are set to begin a frantic final few days of campaigning as polling day rapidly approaches.

Both men will today reiterate their core messages as they try to motivate their backers to get out to the polling booths on Thursday.

The  Labour  leader will impress on the nation that if they want change they "have to vote for it" - while the  Conservative  leader will warn there are "four days to save Britain from a Labour government".

Mr Sunak  is conceding that Labour are on track for a "supermajority", with the opposition having managed to maintain a roughly 20-point lead in the opinion polls, according to the  Sky News Poll Tracker  - something  Sir Keir  will do everything to ensure does not change.

Good morning!

There are just three days to go until the general election - and the gloves are well and truly off in the race to secure the keys to Number 10. 

Here's what you need to know today:

Both Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer will be on the campaign trail today, beginning a frantic few final days as polling day on Thursday quickly approaches;

The prime minister will warn that there are "four days to save Britain from a Labour government", heading to the Midlands to urge voters not to give Sir Keir a "blank cheque";

The Labour leader will tell voters to avoid "waking up on 5 July to five more years of economic chaos" as he accused the Tories of having presided over a "one rule for them and another for everyone else" approach;

The Liberal Democrats are set to continue their push to replace the Tories in seats that have traditionally been considered their heartlands on Monday;

And the SNP will try to convince Scots to back them as polls show Labour could become the largest Scottish parliamentary contingent once again.

We'll be discussing all this and more with:

  • Home Secretary James Cleverly at 7.15am;
  • Labour frontbencher Jonathan Ashworth at 8.15am;
  • Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay at 9.20am.

Follow along for the very latest in the general election campaign.

Thank you for joining us on the Politics Hub for live coverage of events on the general election campaign trail today.

Polls open in 3 days and 8 hours - and the campaign is about to enter a frantic phase as politicians spend every last moment fighting for your vote.

Scroll down for all of today's developments - and we'll be back from 6am with the very latest.

Pledges and promises are coming thick and fast from every party as the general election approaches. 

Struggling to keep up with who is saying what?

Here is a summary of where the main parties stand on major issues.

For a more in-depth look at what each party has pledged, scour our  manifesto checker ...

The final weekend of the general election campaign is over, with three days and nine hours left until polls open.

Today has seen a slight lull in the pace of campaigning ahead of the frantic final days as the politicians fight for every last vote.

Here's what you need to know about what happened today:

  • Nigel Farage held a vast Reform UK rally in Birmingham as he tries to stabilise his party's position after a slew of racism allegations this week;
  • Speaking to Sky's political editor Beth Rigby , Mr Farage described homophobic remarks by a close aide of his as "crass, drunken, vulgar, rude, wrong" - but also that "people say all sorts of things when they're drunk";
  • Also in his interview with Beth, he finally ruled out joining the Tories after the election if he enters parliament, saying they are "ghastly";
  • But the racism row engulfing the party continued, with one of his candidates quitting to back the Tories, citing "widespread racism and sexism" in the party, and "the failure of the party's leadership to not only take this matter seriously, but also to fundamentally address it".
  • Rishi Sunak  started the day with a tough interview in which he was challenged on his party's record in power;
  • He insisted on BBC's Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg show that the UK is "a better place to live than it was in 2010", despite a "difficult" last few years;
  • He also insisted that his party can still win the general election;
  • In the afternoon, he visited a synagogue in north London and met community members;
  • He pledged that a Conservative  government under his leadership would show "steadfast" support for Israel, and said he was "proud" that British forces helped defend Israel from Iran's attack in April;
  • The PM hit out at the "sickness" of antisemitism, and pledged to "lead a long term effort" to tackle, and "change our culture so we tackle the root causes of this hatred";
  • Speaking to Sky's Trevor Phillips this morning, Mr Sunak's deputy, Oliver Dowden , warned that Russia is using bots to boost Reform UK on social media (a spokesman for the party said Mr Dowden must think voters are "stupid").
  • Sir Keir Starmer  was not seen on the campaign trail today, but his national campaign coordinator Pat McFadden was challenged by Sky's Trevor Phillips  about whether they would owe a potential victory on Thursday to Reform UK;
  • He replied that the power is in the hands of the electorate, and dismissed any questions over the legitimacy of a potential Labour win;
  • SNP  leader John Swinney  told Sky News that Scots have been "disenfranchised" by the timing of the election, because school holidays in Scotland have already started in large parts of the country;
  • The first minister also made the case for independence with the SNP - but did concede his party has had a "tough time" in recent months.

Follow along for the latest political updates throughout the evening.

TV presenter Rylan Clark has said he would "love" to become a politician - and replace the party system with a "Power Rangers of government" model.

The TV personality, 35, joined political editor Beth Rigby and former Scottish Conservative leader Baroness Ruth Davidson for this week's Sky News Electoral Dysfunction podcast.

Asked if he would ever consider the career change, he said: "If I wasn't in the job that I was in, I would love nothing more."

Rylan, who won Celebrity Big Brother and also appeared on the X Factor, appeared on the podcast in place of Labour candidate Jess Phillips after tweeting his praise for Rigby on the day Rishi Sunak announced the general election.

Sharing a clip of her and Sky presenter Sophy Ridge outside a rainy Downing Street waiting for Mr Sunak to appear at the lectern, he said: "Obsessed with the Rigby."

Speaking to her and Davidson, he said his "obsession" with politics began with Brexit - "as we've seen so many promises which weren't fulfilled" since then.

He added: "I lie there at night sometimes, and I think about [Volodymyr] Zelenskyy. He hosted one of the same shows I've hosted in Ukraine."

The TV presenter also shared his idea of abandoning political parties altogether.

Read the full story here: 

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economic development personal statement


Imp and Syp in vivo temporal RNA interactomes uncover networks of temporal regulators of Drosophila brain development.

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  • For correspondence: [email protected]
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Temporal patterning of neural progenitors is an evolutionarily conserved mechanism generating neural diversity. In Drosophila , post-embryonic neurogenesis requires the RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) Imp/IGF2BP and Syp/SYNCRIP. However, how they co-achieve their function is not well understood. Here, we elucidate the in vivo temporal RNA interactome landscapes of Imp and Syp during larval brain development. Imp and Syp bind a highly overlapping set of conserved mRNAs encoding proteins involved in neurodevelopment. We identify transcripts differentially occupied by Imp/Syp over time, featuring a network of known and novel candidate temporal regulators that are post-transcriptionally regulated by Imp/Syp. Furthermore, the physical and co-evolutionary relationships between Imp and Syp binding sites reveal a combinatorial, rather than competitive, mode of molecular interplay. Our study establishes a new in vivo framework for dissecting the temporal co-regulation of RBP networks as well as providing a resource for understanding neural fate specification.

Competing Interest Statement

The authors have declared no competing interest.

View the discussion thread.

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Economics and finance personal statement example 15.

Through life's experiences, I have come to realise that the economy affects almost everything in the world. Newspapers dedicate more headlines to financial issues in comparison to other topics. This has led to the realisation that without a good stable economy the world could fall to its knees, for example, the Wall Street collapse of 1929 and the more current financial crisis which started in 2007. These factors have influenced my decision to study a finance and economics related degree in university.

I have always had a keen interest in the business environment therefore the BTEC certificate in Business combined with the Certificate and Diploma in Financial Studies I am currently studying at college has provided me with valuable insight into the world of business and finance. Studying Maths at A level alongside this course has helped to increase my understanding of financial calculations, i.e. ratios and cash flow forecasts. I was pleased to be predicted an A for my A level Maths as it reflects all my hard work and dedication. The Business course has provided me with the opportunity to broaden and increase my knowledge with regards to economic and financial issues. This was through the various assignments such as starting up and financing a small business. Through research, I identified that customer satisfaction is a key priority within business organisations. Therefore in order for a business to be successful they need to keep their customers happy.

It is my strong personal belief that like the saying: "Knowledge is power", the road to success lies through education, and in the financial market, knowledge about the economy and the risks involved is crucial if you want to succeed. This has led me to admire and respect successful entrepreneurs such as Sir Allen Sugar and Stelios Haji Loanu. Personally, I would like to work for an international leading bank facing different challenges whilst working in different environments. This will give me the opportunity to deal with financial decisions that will help increase corporate value whilst managing financial risks. The desire to make my community a better place encouraged me to undertake voluntary work. My current post as a Youth Assistant worker gave me the opportunity to organise various events, with the aim of bringing the youths together. This helped to develop my team working and social skills. It was important to be able to work effectively with the other members in order for the event to be a success. In addition to this, I helped to manage the finances and ensure that our budget would cover any events or trips planned. We recently hosted a successful event called 'Black Dreams', which was aimed specifically at young black boys, and was sponsored by local government. During such events, we would socialise with the youths, something that I personally enjoyed and felt like it boosted their confidence and self-esteem. It also helped to develop valuable skills such as organisational skills and good communication skills.

During secondary school, I was actively involved in the highly recognised scheme Aim higher and I was given an award for being innovative and creative. Strong-minded, innovative, risk-taker - These are all qualities that I feel are necessary for anyone who wants to enter the financial field, especially with the world's economy as it is and are qualities that I have in abundance. In conclusion, I hope that taking this course at university will equip me with the necessary intellectual knowledge and practical skills needed when making economical or financial decisions. This will be essential for any career path within the finance and business industry.

Profile info

This personal statement was written by mscaro for application in 2011.

mscaro's university choices Aston University Brunel University Oxford Brookes University

Green : offer made Red : no offer made

Degree Economics, Finance and Banking at Nottingham Trent University

This personal statement is unrated

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    WASHINGTON - On October 8, 2021, over 130 countries of the G20/Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Inclusive Framework agreed on a two Pillar package of reforms to the international tax framework. In support of that agreement, in a joint statement on November 24, 2021, the United States and India announced the terms of a political compromise on the transition from ...

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