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Discussion on The Alcoholism and Why Alcohol Should Be Illegal

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Published: Mar 18, 2021

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Discussion on The Alcoholism and Why Alcohol Should Be Illegal Essay

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In contemporary society, addiction has emerged as a pervasive and multifaceted issue that transcends age, gender, and socioeconomic status. Defined as a chronic, relapsing disorder characterized by compulsive drug seeking, [...]

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. (2014). "Alcohol Use Disorder." Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. (2017). "Key Substance Use and Mental Health Indicators in the United States: [...]

Alcoholism, also known as alcohol use disorder, is a chronic disease characterized by an inability to control or stop drinking despite the negative consequences it may have on an individual's life. It is a significant public [...]

College campuses across the United States have implemented various policies and regulations regarding alcohol consumption on campus. One such policy that has become increasingly common is the establishment of dry campuses, where [...]

On Sunday February 17th, I attended my first AA meeting at the “Grupo Fe y Amor” location in Los Angeles. I attended the meeting in spanish with my mom who had never been to a meeting before. As we walked into the meeting there [...]

Maguire, L. (2002). Clinical Social Work: Beyond generalist practice with individuals, groups, and families. Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole.Mccrady, B. S., Epstein, E. E., & Hirsch, L. S. (1999). Maintaining change after [...]

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persuasive essay about alcohol

170 Alcoholism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best alcoholism topic ideas & essay examples, 💡 interesting topics to write about alcoholism, 📑 good research topics about alcoholism, 📌 simple & easy alcoholism essay titles, 👍 good essay topics on alcoholism, ❓ research questions about alcohol addiction.

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse For along time now, drug and alcohol abuse in the society has been a problem that affects the youth and the society at large. This paper highlights the problems of drug abuse and alcohol drinking […]
  • Alcoholism Causes and Curing In addition, professional counseling is equally important as the specialist can be able to access the level of alcoholism in the patient, how dependant that person is on alcohol and such information which would help […]
  • Alcoholic Anonymous: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Programs In addition to this, the merits and demerits of AA in the fight against alcohol abuse will be articulated so as to demonstrate the effectiveness of AA in helping Alcoholics recover.
  • Alcoholism and Sociological Imagination In the context of the alcoholism social problem, it is possible to use the concept of sociological imagination to unify individual characteristics of the alcoholic and historical contexts of the problem to illuminate the dynamics […]
  • Reaction to Attending Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting The mentor and organizer started the meeting with a short introduction, greeting and thanking the participants for their persistence to inspire the conversation that followed.
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverage Company’ SWOT Analysis For instance, recent data on the progress of Coca-Cola shows that the organization gained the total of $67,749,000,000 in the target market.
  • Underage Drinking and Teen Alcohol Abuse However, due to low legal driving age in America, many teenagers are prone to the risk of driving under the influence of alcohol than in other countries.
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Among Young People It is evident among drinkers that, when the BACs are low they develop a feeling of elation and when it rises, a feeling of friendliness begins to develop.
  • Alcoholism and the Impact Colonization Has Had on Aboriginals Once alcohol had become a part of the community, there was a gradual shift in the health of the people and they succumbed to illnesses.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Overview When I attended the third meeting, I was among the people who largely contributed to how it is easy to stop taking alcohol.
  • Screening Alcoholism With AUDIT Evaluation Method This tool, in turn, could provide some extra explanations for Brian’s drinking and help determine whether he was genetically predisposed to the condition. Thus, AUDIT happens to be the most suitable tool for reviewing Johnson’s […]
  • History of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Wilson and Smith went to the Oxford Group to learn the Oxford Group’s techniques of prayer, for example: surrender, guidance, and moral principles.
  • Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting as Group Therapy The AA meeting allows the participants to feel a sense of belonging. Describe the observations of the social milieu in an AA meeting.
  • Alcoholic Anonymous Reaction Essay The understanding of alcohol abuse and the current resources that exist to curb it, such as AA, is fundamental to understanding the challenge on a medical level.
  • Alcoholism and Treatment Options Even though alcohol has been inappropriately abused recently, it is safe to say that the consumption of alcohol is both a tonic and poison, depending on the dose. In India, several states prohibit the sale […]
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Among Teenagers The thesis statement is: “Conviction is a better way to reduce drug and alcohol addiction among teenagers in the United States”.
  • Awareness on Alcoholism: What Is It and How to Cope? The availability of these products is a major driver of individual and family problems that many people face. Alcoholism is a form of physical and mental addiction to drinks containing alcohol.
  • Alcohol Abuse: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment Alcohol can additionally be the cause of brain damage manifested in the form of impairments in executive functioning, for example, weakening of visuospatial function and working memory.
  • Narcotic Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous Groups The desire to change one’s life for the better and look at the world soberly is what many people come to with time, and all of them are united by the desire to return to […]
  • Alcoholism Issue in Miami Gardens The new data also matches tendencies from the summer of 2020, when the coronavirus struck, when many Floridians resorted to alcohol and other narcotics in the face of unpredictable circumstances.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Program Evaluation Program evaluation also assesses the organization’s quality, the efficiency of its methods and identifies aspects of the procedures that can be improved.
  • Alcoholism Causes: Where Science and Religion Converge Although it is difficult to pinpoint a single cause of alcoholism, it is clear that many internal and external factors serve as raw material in the making of an alcoholic.
  • Alcohol Abuse and Effective Prevention Technique The original presentation and this extended exploration for it discuss the community structure, the essence of the problem and the theory and practice behind the SBIRT approach.
  • Media Influence on Alcohol Abuse Consequently, many people are likely to watch the advert, and the ad can increase consumption of the product and limit the fight against alcohol problems.
  • Alcoholism, Domestic Violence and Drug Abuse Kaur and Ajinkya researched to investigate the “psychological impact of adult alcoholism on spouses and children”. The work of Kaur and Ajinkya, reveals a link between chronic alcoholism and emotional problems on the spouse and […]
  • Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting and Impact on Treatment As the name suggests, the meeting was open to alcohol addicts and those who have recovered, members of the public, media, and professionals in different fields.
  • Alcoholism Problem Overview Alcoholism is one of the major factors affecting the health of individuals and family relations due to the repercussions of the dependence.
  • Alcoholism: A Female Patient’s Drinking Profile It had changed her perspective of reality and destroyed her family in a way that each of her children had a health problem leading to death of one child at the age of 10 years.
  • Moderate Alcohol Abuse as DSM–IV–TR Diagnosis The DSM-IV-TR diagnosis in this case is a moderate alcohol abuse ), which requires a minimum of four symptoms as specified in the DSM.
  • Alcoholic Anonymous: Its Purposes and General Topics Another primary objective of AA groups is for the members to provide support to each other in the process of healing from alcoholism.
  • Alcoholism in Native Americans Theories suggest that the rate at which alcohol is absorbed in the body of a Native American is different from that of the rest of the U.S.population.
  • Alcoholism Among the Adult Population in Wisconsin Alcohol dependency, which is an offshoot of excessive alcohol consumption, has been noted to lead to behaviours such as child abuse and neglect, poor dietary habits and absenteeism among the adult population in Wisconsin.
  • Alcoholic Cirrhosis: Symptoms and Treatment The onset of alcoholic cirrhosis is proportional to the amount and period of ethanol intake. Alcohol breakdown in the body occurs in the liver and partly in the alimentary canal.
  • Alcoholism and Depression: Intervention Strategies The intention of the research paper is to assess if indeed there is an association between alcoholism as manifested by Jackson, and a case of depression.
  • Teenage Depression and Alcoholism There also has been a demonstrated connection between alcoholism and depression in all ages; as such, people engage in alcoholism as a method of self medication to dull the feelings of depression, hopelessness and lack […]
  • Alcohol Abuse, Behaviour, and Types of Personalities Personality type is a process that assists in the determination of people’s behavior; it however assists in the classification of people into distinct category types.
  • The Main Problems of Alcoholism Despite the overall advance in treatment, alcoholism is still a challenge due to the lack of successful drug efficacy appraisals and pharmacotherapy personalization in patients with AUD.
  • Alcoholism and Schizophrenia: Interconnection In addition to its physical effects on the chronic drinker’s body, alcohol is associated with a variety of mental impairments. Alcoholic dementia and Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome are among the most prominent concerns in the matter. The former is a blanket term for a variety of cognitive deficiencies caused by the substance. The latter is a two-stage […]
  • Alcoholic Anonymous Organization Fighting Addiction By accepting the problem and causes, a participant can try to resolve. In the program, participants have to admit their past wrongs and errors to a group and receive support to change.
  • A Workaholic and an Alcoholic This happens due to the fact that workaholics and alcoholics both tend to neglect their responsibilities at the family level in favor of their engagements.
  • Personality Issues Among Male People With Alcoholism The main message of the authors is that the personality degradation occurring during alcoholism is directly caused by problems of a socio-psychological nature.
  • Counseling Theories in the Management of Alcoholics The amount of alcohol he needs to get drunk has been increasing over the years and he spends much of his income on alcohol.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting After the analysis of a series of data collected over a fixed six months period, by the concerned members globally, in connection to that, 15% of accidents, 36% of deaths due to fire, and 26% […]
  • Should Alcoholic Beverages Be Legalized for All Ages? Alcohol expectations vary across different cultures and this affects the mode of consumption and the age limit to which alcohol is taken. The loopholes in the law should also be amended to prevent any consumption […]
  • Alcoholism as a Psychiatric and Medical Disorder He meets criteria A since he is unwilling to admit that he needs help to fight his dependence, which means that he requires the assistance of an expert to recognize the issue and, therefore, manage […]
  • Intervention Techniques Focusing Drug Abuse and Alcoholism A technique of Family Intervention needs the concern, care and supremacy of love to penetrate the denial and start the treatment.
  • Genetic Predisposition to Alcohol: The Appreciation and Therapy for Alcoholism Through family studies it has been established that the likelihood of alcohol dependence and similar complications happening is more in the families of the individuals who have been affected as compared to in the people […]
  • Alcoholism: The Disease Is Often Progressive and Fatal According to the definition, the disease is a problem in society, but Colchado argues that if alcoholism is a problem, it cannot be considered a disease.
  • Alcohol Consumption Factors Among College Students In general, the purpose of the research was to arrive at evidence-based recommendations for university policy and guidance programs that could more holistically help students avoid binge drinking or alcoholism and systematically cope with the […]
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse: A Comprehensive Research Study First, it is necessary to indentify the age groups, most inclined to drug and alcohol addiction, and ascertain the major reasons for it. The research should discuss the problem of addiction from various standpoints therefore […]
  • Alcoholism Is an Illness: Arguments in Favor Treating alcoholism as only a social problem is not enough because alcoholism is undeniably a very widespread and severe chronic illness that affects many people around the globe and thus should not be viewed as […]
  • Genetic Basis for Alcoholism Further, Genetic studies will help you to understand more about the heritability of alcohol dependence and which will positively help you to explore the correlation of alcoholism to other disorders like major depression.
  • Analysis of Alcoholic Products Market in Ireland One of the major threats to the alcoholic drinks industry in Ireland is the increase in the number of coffee shops on the high street.
  • Critical Issues in Education: Drug Abuse and Alcoholism For this case, the ministry concerned has a very hard task of ensuring there are no critical issues that are left unsolved that relate to education, failure to which will affect the performance of students […]
  • Alcoholism: Its Causes and Effects This is because when the levels of CYP2E1 are high, there is a greater level of lipid peroxidation within the liver, thus a lower ability of the liver to fight against the toxins that have […]
  • Cirrhosis: Non- and Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 27%, is the end result of a hepatocellular injury that leads to both fibrosis and regenerative nodules throughout the liver. The main cause of alcoholic liver disease is the excessive intake of alcohol, whereas the […]
  • Single Parents in the Alcoholic Classification In this category, the single parent, either the father or the mother is a chronic alcoholic and heavily uses alcohol and other substances.
  • Alcoholic Fermentation and Metabolic Traits Furthermore, researchers intended to investigate the impact of human selection on strains’ food processing in addition to studying both the genetic variability and plasticity of different fermentation products between strains and food processes.
  • Reducing the Alcohol Abuse Among the Youth This paper includes a brief discussion of two possible ways to improve the problem and the justification for the use of one of the options.
  • Alcoholic Drinks Market Analysis Demand and supply are the foundations of economic analysis in the interaction of the two market forms. The law of demand and supply works in divergent ways in the sense that, when prices of commodities […]
  • Alcoholism and Related Issues: Treatment Plan The patient is trying to get help to recover and rectify poor health conditions through medical treatment and the support of his family.
  • Alcohol Abuse, Depression and Human Trafficking Patterson and Jeste point out that the high prevalence of alcohol abuse will increase in the future. Besides, Hanna indicates that domestic trafficking of girls in the US is a complex phenomenon to understand because […]
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Analisys Based on these facts, it is possible to draw up an appropriate plan for assessing the effectiveness of the work done and the potential benefits for the members of the meeting.
  • Treatments for Alcohol Abuse in the Military It is also notable that the use of illicit drugs and alcohol is not high among military professionals in comparison with the other members of the society. Stress and the nature of the working environment […]
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Observation and Group Therapy The examination of therapeutic techniques employed in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous demonstrates that they are significant in guiding and helping alcoholics to control and cope with alcoholism. Comparatively, the group of alcoholics employed Alcoholics […]
  • Alcohol Abuse for Military-Connected It should also be pointed out that in the earlier conversation Wilson expressed interest in transferring to a base that would be closer to home and revealed his intention to terminate service in order to […]
  • Alcoholic Industry: Beam Suntory and Diageo Companies In the United States, the beverage industry continues growing: more than 60% of all revenues in the industry are made of the revenues of alcoholic beverages.
  • Alcoholism as a Social Issue and Its Effect on Families Such children tend to think that they are the causes of the problem, which would end up affecting them psychologically. Since children are not helped to get out of the horrifying scenarios, they end up […]
  • Children of Alcoholics and Substance Abusers The presence of an alcoholic or substance abuser is a family that leaves an imprint on the relationships inside and outside of a family, as well as on the child development and the mental health […]
  • Disease Concept of Alcoholism The universal definition of a disease is anything that is capable of causing an imbalance in the body’s nervous system thus, going by this definition then it is a disease, but in this century whereby […]
  • Alcoholic Hepatitis: Models and Treatment In the prophylaxis of the disease, prednisolone and pentoxifylline are the most widely used pharmacological agents with empirical evidence indicating that they have disparate results in the management of the severe form of the disease.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings as Community Agency Nothing special is needed to become a member of the meetings at the Palatine club the only demand is the desire to stop drinking.
  • Economic Tools: The Alcohol Abuse Problem Solving The four elements of an economic way of thinking are the use of assumptions, isolating variables, thinking at the margin, and the response of rational people to incentives.
  • Social Article About Alcoholism Problem by Sanders Russell In his story “Under the Influence: Paying the Price of My Father’s Booze,” author Sanders Russell gives a deeply personal account of the effects of alcoholism in his family as he was growing up. Russell […]
  • Social Issues: Alcoholism as a Mode of Addiction Every single case of alcoholic dependence described in the lecture is perfectly consistent with the existing model, each piece of evidence falling into its place and, therefore, allowing the audience to have an entire picture […]
  • The Facts About Alcoholism The acetaldehyde reacts with the brain amines to produce isoquinolines which trigger the urge to drink more and more alcohol to combat the excess production of acetaldehydes in the body.
  • Do Alcoholic People Interact Differently? The mode of interaction of alcoholics is different from that of non-alcoholics because the two categories of people operate in different states of mind.
  • Alcohol Abuse by Quentin McCarthy The aim of MAST is to determine the extent of alcohol consumption based on responses provided and formulate strategies of helping the agent with regard to excess consumption of alcohol.
  • Alcohol Abuse Among Elderly The effects of moderate consumption of alcohol are more beneficial to the elderly than to the younger generations. Thus, in the body of this report contains a deeper discussion of the causes, effects and solutions […]
  • Reducing Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Europe vs. USA For instance, the needle and syringe exchange program has helped to reduce the rate of HIV infection among the injection drug users in the UK, which is the pioneer of needle and syringe exchange program.
  • Concept and Treatment of Alcohol Abuse Alcoholism is the taking of alcoholic beverages to an extent that it can interfere with the physical behavior and activities of the alcoholic person.
  • Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Women Among all these destructive substances, alcohol is the leading one and a significant companion of the 21st century people as well as a way of relaxing to escape the difficulties of posed by life. It […]
  • Definition of Alcohol Misuse (Alcohol Abuse and Addiction) in Youth Population Age 18-29 Analyzing the article of Jiang, it is possible to define the alcohol misuse simply as the excessive consumption of alcohol where a number of the young drinkers is higher than any other group of age […]
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry The structure of the industry is oligopolistic; this is since the industry is dominated by three major players which are Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Cadbury Schweppes.
  • Social Influences on Behavior: Towards Understanding Depression and Alcoholism Based on Social Situations According to Smith & Mackie, dispositional variables entails the personalities, values, worldviews, and attitudes of the people that are interacting in a group, while situational variables comprise of the particular characteristics of the situation that […]
  • Motivational Program and Alcoholics Anonymous The success or failure of AA recovery program can arguably be attributed to the strength of an individual to undergo total change in the way of thinking.
  • Alcohol Abuse and the Contribution of Economists to Solving This Issue Analyzing the impact of a shift in supply, the researcher should consider the elasticity of demand as if the demand is elastic the price may be changed depending on the number of existing products at […]
  • Diseases Caused by Alcohol Abuse and Its Preventions It is very important for the addicted person to feel all harmful consequences of the addiction and of alcohol in particular before giving up this bad habit.
  • Alcoholism-Nature vs. Nurture Debate The analysis on physiological physiology regarding alcohol shows that, alcohol displays feelings of superiority and fearless behavior and also, it reduces an individual’s fear.
  • Alcoholism: The Rough Road I was the only family he had and he had to move in with me in my apartment. Ken had nothing and he was willing to try anything to put his life back together.
  • Alcoholism Disease or Self Will Alcoholism as a disease has serious physical effects to the body because it affects organs and systems such as the liver, the heart, and the nervous system amongst other critical organs in the body. Alcoholism […]
  • Analysis of the Video “Effects of Alcoholism on Children: An Oral History Video” From the lecture, it is evident that individuals who grow in families with alcoholic members are highly likely to become alcoholic in future compared to their counterparts who have grown up in non-alcoholic environments.
  • Teenage Alcoholism: Parental Influence and How to Get Rid of Vice The teenagers are in the process of emulating or declining the parental guidance since they need their freedom and at the same time are trying to win the parental support and acceptance.
  • The Wide Range of Effects of Alcoholism on the Personality of an Individual
  • The Historical Realities of Alcoholism in the Mexican American Community and the Social Implications
  • The Various Stages in the Development of Alcoholism
  • The Problem of Alcoholism and Its Negative Impact on Our Health
  • The Effect of Parental Attitudes on Teenage Alcoholism
  • The Seriousness of the Problem of Alcoholism Among Teenagers in the U.S
  • The Overwhelming Presence of Alcoholism in the Native American Community Today
  • The Problem of Alcoholism in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, a Novel by Sherman Alexie
  • The Issues of Alcoholism and The Effects it Has In society In The United States
  • The Expensiveness, Seriousness, and Commonality of Alcoholism
  • The Various Causes of Alcoholism and How a Person Becomes an Alcoholic
  • Uncovering the Genetic Factors of Alcoholism
  • The Genetic, Psycho-social and Environmental Factors in the Development of Alcoholism
  • The Problem of Teen Alcoholism in the United States
  • The Stigma of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
  • The Rising Problem of Teenage Alcoholism and Its Contributing Factors
  • The Use and Abuse of Alcohol, Its Negative Impact and the Disease of Alcoholism
  • The Symptoms, Complications, Treatments, and Prevention of Alcoholism
  • The Impact of Parental Alcoholism on Adult Children
  • Understanding Alcoholism and How a User Develops into an Alcoholic
  • Understanding Alcoholism and Its Effects on the Major Organ Systems
  • The Objectives Of Client Advocacy In Alcoholism And Drug Abuse Treatment
  • Understanding the Process in the Development of Alcoholism
  • Alcoholism and Native America: The Therapeutic Pertinence of the Movie Smoke Signals
  • The Psychological Effects and Problems about Alcoholism
  • The Nature Vs. Nurture Debate In Learning More About Alcoholism
  • The Reasons Why Alcoholism Should Be Considered a Disease
  • The Proposition for Legal Age in the United States in Response to Alcoholism
  • Understanding the Physical and Social Effects of Alcoholism
  • Work Hard, Party Harder: Alcoholism And College Campuses
  • Alcoholism as a Major Social, Economic and Public Health Problem in the United States
  • Alcoholism and Its Effects on Women’s Reproductive Systems and Pregnancy
  • An Analysis of the Issue of Alcoholism in American Society and Its Impact on Children
  • Alcoholism as the Plot Builder of Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned
  • An Analysis of the Definition, Symptoms, Causes and Effects of Alcoholism
  • Alcoholism Disease And Alcoholism Physical Symptoms
  • How People Become Alcoholics and Effects of Alcoholism
  • Alcoholism: The Symptoms And Effects Of The Disease
  • Factors, Symptoms And Treatment Of Alcoholism
  • An Analysis of the Theme of Alcoholism in My Papa’s Waltz by Theodore Roethke
  • Alcoholism Is An Extremely Common Disease And It Affects
  • An Analysis of the Role of Genetics and Environment in Causing Alcoholism
  • Genetics Is Just One of the Many Contributing Factors of Alcoholism
  • Living With Alcoholism: How Does Alcoholism Affect Other Family Members
  • What Alcoholism Is and What Are Its Side Effects?
  • Does Drinking Every Day Make You an Alcoholic?
  • What Are the Symptoms of Alcoholism?
  • Is Alcoholism a Disease or a Habit?
  • What Is the Best Definition of Alcoholism?
  • How Does Alcohol Affect Behavior?
  • What Are the Problems of Alcoholism?
  • How Do You Stop a Man From Drinking?
  • What Does Alcohol Do to the Brain?
  • Can a Person Drink a Lot and Not Be an Alcoholic?
  • What Is the Root Cause of Alcoholism?
  • Which Person Would Be Most Likely to Develop Alcoholism?
  • What Is the Life Expectancy of an Alcoholic?
  • Does Alcohol Change Personality?
  • What Happens if You Drink Alcohol Every Day for a Month?
  • Does Alcohol Cause Anger Issues?
  • What Does Your Drunk Personality Say About You?
  • Does Alcohol Affect Mental Health?
  • What Happens When You Stop Drinking?
  • Does Alcohol Cause Dementia?
  • What Are the Statistics of Recovering Alcoholics?
  • How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep?
  • What Are the Signs of Someone Who Drinks Too Much?
  • When Is Drinking a Problem in a Relationship?
  • What Are the First Signs of Liver Damage From Alcohol?
  • Is Damage From Alcohol Reversible?
  • What Is the Most Successful Way to Stop Drinking?
  • Is It True That Once an Alcoholic Always an Alcoholic?
  • What Are the Four Types of Drinkers?
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IvyPanda . 2024. "170 Alcoholism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." March 2, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/alcoholism-essay-topics/.

1. IvyPanda . "170 Alcoholism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." March 2, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/alcoholism-essay-topics/.


IvyPanda . "170 Alcoholism Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." March 2, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/alcoholism-essay-topics/.

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How To Write Your Best Alcoholism Essay?

Jessica Nita

Table of Contents

Writing alcoholism essay

To start off, alcoholism is a physical and psychological disease characterized by regular consumption of high qualities of alcohol and troubles with giving up drinking.

It is a well-known fact that alcoholism is quite an issue nowadays. It breaks the lives of people, their families, and the whole society. According to WHO (World Health Organization), excessive use of alcohol causes 5.3% of deaths yearly, which makes a total of 3 million deaths.

The topic is quite vast, so it won’t be hard to find a thrilling aspect to cover in your essay.

6 facts for your alcoholism essay

The main goal of writing an essay on alcoholism is to highlight the problem, it’s causes, reasons, and outcomes.

Keep things simple, precise and informative. Use only credible sources in references. Try visiting official websites of WHO, Medical News Today (website specialized on medical information), ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine, on different addictions), etc.

Also, here are several facts for you to start off somewhere.

  • Alcoholism is not only a disease but also an addiction. This may seem obvious. Therapists state that it can be as dangerous as drug addiction since a person gets used to it not only on a mental level but also on a physical. As a result, there are loads of difficulties when giving up.
  • Alcoholism shouldn’t be regarded as a personal choice. Like any other addiction, it differs from person to person. Usually, people can’t notice that something is wrong before they actually try to stop drinking.
  • Except for being a disease itself, alcoholism leads to health and social issues. Doctors claim that alcoholism results in liver disease, pancreatitis, cancers, brain damages, and others. Moreover, it leads to socialization problems as alcoholics can be depressed, aggressive and struggle from a negative attitude of society.
  • Alcoholism has a genetic complex. It is stated that children of alcoholics are 4 times more predisposed to alcoholism. Scientists claim that alcohol and drug addiction usually starts with families.
  • There are more men alcoholics than women. The research shows that men are more likely to become alcoholics than women. Investigation can’t actually explain this fact, but the main reason is considered to be the fact that men drink more alcohol overall.
  • Alcohol makes people feel worse. Some may say that they drink to “drown sorrows,” but it doesn’t work in a long-term perspective. Actually, alcohol is a depressant.

How to structure the essay on alcoholism?

A good structure is essential for any writing. As a rule, the essay is divided into three parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion.

You might also want to write an outline for your work. Here are some easy instructions to follow:

Outline. Basically, it is a table of contents. You briefly plan your essay and organize your thoughts. Write down the statement you are about to use in the introduction, note several arguments supporting your statement and think of how to summarize these thoughts in conclusion .

Introduction. Here you need to provide the reader with some basic information on the topic. It may include the definition of alcoholism, statistics, and rates of how many alcoholics are out there, the yearly amount of deaths, age statistics, and so on. Include a thesis explaining the main idea of your essay and your standpoint. It shouldn’t be longer than 1 sentence.

The Main Body. Explain your standpoint step by step. Add arguments gradually. Each supporting statement takes 1 paragraph and is accompanied by a brief explanation . Put them in a logical order.

Conclusion. Sum up everything you said before and confirm the thesis. Do not add new ideas , statements, or facts. Here, in the alcoholism essay conclusion, you may express your own vision of the problem.

persuasive essay about alcohol

Causes and effects of alcoholism essay: what to cover?

Each case of alcoholism is unique and has its own set of reasons and consequences. Thus, you may need to know some general statistics and information on the causes and effects of alcoholism. Here are several prompts.

Causes of alcoholism essay:

  • A stressful environment that enforces the person to seek consolation.
  • Drinking at an early age.
  • Mental issues (like depression, apathy, etc.).
  • Genetics and family history.
  • Mixing alcohol with medicine: possible outcomes.
  • The experience of trauma.
  • Bad influence of the company.
  • Lack of family care.
  • Power of the mass media.
  • No awareness of the possible psychological problems.

Effects of alcoholism essay:

  • Health problems, like heart and liver diseases, brain damage, low immunity, cancer, etc.
  • Depression, apathy, suicidal thoughts.
  • Slurred speech, confusion, trouble remembering things.
  • Concentration issues.
  • Bad academic performance.
  • Increased chance of committing a crime.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Adverse effect on children.
  • Loss of job and financial troubles.
  • Mood swings.

Alcoholism is quite an issue in modern society. Essays, exploring this topic, are needed to spread the awareness of the risks we all encounter.

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persuasive essay about alcohol

How to Maintain Work with Studying and Stay Sane

Why abortion should be legal – essay writing tips & tricks.

Madjanecrazy's Blog

Alcohol: is it that bad for you-persuasive essay.

{ December 14, 2009 @ 12:03 am } · { Health }

Persuasive Essay

7 December 2009

Alcohol: is it really that bad for you?

Is alcohol bad for you? Many people know that it is bad, but still some people won’t stop drinking. Once they start, they can’t stop; it’s too addictive. Now there are too many people on the Earth who drink and die. If this increases every day, one day everybody on the Earth would be drunk! To stop this from increasing, you must stop drinking first. I have some reasons and supporting for this.

 Most probably everyone knows that alcohol can lead to cancer, then death. In the first place, alcohol leads to this. Most of the cancers cannot be cured, but if the patient is lucky, he or she can be cured. But there is only a low chance to survive. This also means that it is bad for your health. Furthermore, if this increases, the world will be full of diseased people,

Secondly, alcohol makes people easily distracted and annoyed; this could lead to serious psychological problems. In support of this, when people become easily annoyed, they tend to annoy other people, even people they don’t know. Therefore, when drunken people annoy other people, they both get annoyed and they start a fight. They might go to jail for this, too. Consequently, what might happen if a person changes his or her personality and attitude by drinking alcohol? This is a very interesting question, and I think that it could happen. A person would always drink and fight with other people, then get injured and back to normal. But one day the person might get into a really big fight, and injured his or her brain that the part of the brain that controls the personality gets damaged and as a result the person’s personality became worse.

This could happen, and most probably a lot of people in the world experienced this situation. It would be great if a bad tempered person goes through this and change into a good tempered person.

D.U.I.; what could be the meaning of this? It is the Driving Under Influence. It could also be called as driving when drunk. This is also really bad, and it is very common. A person could make a really big car accident, and he or she might get injured, seriously. A person might receive a ticket for going against the law.

Now that we have examined that we have to stop drinking, do you still think alcohol is good and nice to drink?  Maybe you could try not meeting anyone and just concentrating on your work or studies. Or you could tell your friends to help you by not letting you drink, which might help them, as well. You could also try to find a new hobby, or something you find interesting, so that it will distract you away from alcohol.  Also, try not to go near shops and bars that sell alcoholic drinks or buy them. This will definitely make you stop. The best thing you could do is to stay home, not doing anything; or just concentrate on one thing, which is not related to alcohol.

It may be nice to drink, but it is not good. Drinking may be fun, but being unhealthy and being in pain is definitely not fun.

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on May 26, 2010 at 12:44 am

Dear Jane I think your blog name fits you very well. Other than that, good job. Now I know alchohol is bad for me.

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madjanecrazy Said:

on May 26, 2010 at 2:02 am

Thank you Bertha. I think you inspired me to make my blog name like this. Your blog name is random and funny (it is a good thing).

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Alcohol Persuasive Speech Essay

Alcohol is a common and easily obtainable drug that has been socially accepted in many countries. Alcohol is a ‘depressant drug. ‘ It slows down the actions of the central nervous system and lowers heart and breathing rates, allowing many people to ‘relax. ” The drug doesn’t affect the body as much if it is taken in right amounts; however if the drug is abused, it can be very harmful. Even though many people are aware of the negative effects of alcohol, people still decide to drink as it helps them unwind and have a ‘good time.! Alcohol addiction has become an alarming issue in Australia.

Drinking rates in Australia have increased as 74% of Australians aged 14-19 have drunk alcohol one or more times in their life (Australian Drug Foundation ). Alcohol is an illicit drug; only people over the age of 18 are permitted to drink alcohol. If I started drinking alcohol on a daily basis, it would be considered as underage drinking as I am only 14. Many potential physical and emotional issues can arise. By drinking regularly, it can increase risk of accidents and injuries as alcohol slows down a person’s reaction time. In addition, blurred vision, blackouts and headaches will only increase the risk of fatality.

Drinking alcohol will also increase the risk of many illnesses that can develop later in life such as cancer, brain injury and liver failure. This can shorten life expectancy and put my life at risk if I were to drink regularly. [= Alcohol use also increases the risk for a number of mental diseases. This is due to the fact that heavy drinking disrupts neurotransmitters in our brain that are required for good mental health (Drinkaware, 2016). While drunk, our perspective of a situation narrows and we don’t usually react well to the issue.

This can increase anxiety and stress which can affect my school-life. Signs of depression also become common when drinking regularly as levels of serotonin in the brain decreases- a chemical that assists in regulating moods (Drinkaware, 2016). Drinking on a regular basis will also have many immediate, negative impacts on my school-life, family and friends. Alcohol problems will affect my school-life as my grades will most likely drop and I will have a poor attendance rate. Alcohol has prevented many students from focusing on responsibilities.

Students don’t complete homework and find it difficult to concentrate in class. Therefore, their grades and results will most likely suffer. In any given age group, heavy drinkers are 4-6 times more likely to skip classes than non-drinkers (Alcohol cost calculator). Students who drink alcohol are more likely to skip classes due to hangovers. Hangovers which are severe headaches or other after effects caused by drinking great amounts of alcohol leave people struggling, irritated and sensitive. This causes many students to skip classes in the mornings therefore their grades start to drop.

If I started drinking alcohol on a regular basis, I would most likely start missing school more often due to hangovers and headaches hence forcing my grades to drop. The regular intake of alcohol and also affect my relationship with my family. My family would most likely take time out of their personal lives to help me; however it’s possibly that my parents will fall out with each other over how to handle the situation properly. I will most likely get the most attention in my family and other member in my family will most likely feel neglected, for example my younger sister.

This will most likely impact my little sister negatively as she may have common symptoms of low selfesteem, loneliness and hopelessness. Her studies may also drop as home will mostly be a stressful environment where she won’t be able to revise well. It is also very likely that my younger sister will take after me and start drinking as well as she will mostly be influenced by me. My friendships will most likely start to break down if I drank alcohol regularly. This is due to the fact that | most likely won’t be attending school as much so I won’t be able to see my friends very often.

There may also be communication issues when talking with my friends and stress will start to pile up. There may possibly be more fights as we may have different opinions on how to handle the issue. My friends may also feel hurt, afraid and upset since they aren’t able to help, this will increase the amount of anger and distress. Mood swings also can affect a relationship, as people start becoming impatient with loved ones. It’ll become difficult to quit drinking; eventually your friendships with your friends don’t work out as there is a communication barrier.

Overall, alcohol is a harmful drug that has the potential to ruin lives. If I encounter the opportunity to drink alcohol in the future, it will most likely be when I’m older and more mature. Abusing the drug will lead to many physical and emotional issues. Alcohol also can negatively impact my school-life, friendships and family relationships. Alcohol is a widely accepted drug which I will most likely encounter in my future, so I will definitely try and drink more responsibly as I am aware of all of the potential risks.

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persuasive essay about alcohol

What We Lost During Last Night’s Cringeworthy Debate

T he first presidential debate of this protracted presidential season was a horror show. Preceded by what seemed like weeks of excited speculation, idiotic predictions, and presumptive pre-debate analysis, when the debate actually happened, it demonstrated the dire choice that the two major political parties have given the electorate: pick the ranting liar and fear-mongering xenophobe, or choose the befuddled, stumbling man whose attempts to explain policy. (“I support Roe v. Wade , which had three trimesters”?) It was painful to watch.

One might rightly wonder what purpose presidential debates serve, particularly this year. We already know both candidates pretty well, and if we don’t, we have four more months to learn that Trump neither cares for the duties of office or the complexities of foreign affairs (and cultures), but does possess a talent for stirring up prejudice, for making people laugh, and for making them fearful. He does not answer questions. Last night, he avoided the question on the war in Gaza. He punted on the opioid crisis and climate change. He makes no appeal to decency, which is Biden’s forte (or was). But decency without backbone is what makes Biden appear, well, doddery. And we can watch that too until November. In fact, this otherwise consequential president seemed most focused when he talked about hitting a golf ball.

Read More: Calls for Biden to Step Aside Are About to Get Deafening

Part of the problem is that we live in a visual age. As a result, though we value them, our presumptive leaders become leaders even if they lack oratorical skills. In fact, it’s not surprising that the first well-known presidential debate , in 1960, occurred when television was a relatively new medium, and it did Richard Nixon no favors. No one remembers what he said, just how he looked. (Actually, the first televised debate, between candidates Adlai Stevenson and Dwight Eisenhower , took place four years earlier but without them; they used stand-ins, Eleanor Roosevelt and Margaret Chase Smith.) Before that, presidents depended on radio, with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “fireside chats” bringing him, and his voice, with its powers of persuasion, into one’s home. Before that, we debated in the public square of newspapers. Word, skillfully written, can change minds. Consider Lincoln and Douglas, a debate for a seat in the Senate, and the rest is history.

So oratory matters. The ability to persuade, through words, mattered. It still does, which is why last night’s debate was so chilling. When William Jennings Bryan was nominated by Democrats as their presidential candidate for the third time in 1908, even though he’d been unsuccessful twice before, it was because of his oratorical gift. His voice, once heard, was never forgotten. He could address a crowd of 20,000 and make the audience feel as though he spoke directly to each and everyone one of them and he understood what they needed. They called him the “Great Commoner.” He even started a newspaper so he could write column after column and deliver what amounted to sermons.

And, like all good orators, he knew how to perform. He did not want his tie too straight. Bryan practiced parts of his famous “Cross of Gold” speech , one of the most famous in American political history, for months and months before he delivered it in 1896 at the Democratic National Convention. He bounded onto the stage, raised his arms, and then spoke in the lyrical, cadenced phrases of Scripture. “We are fighting in the defense of our homes, our families, and posterity,” Bryan declared. “We have petitioned, and our petitions have been scorned; we have entreated, and our entreaties have been disregarded; we have begged, and they have mocked when our calamity came. We beg no longer; we entreat no more; we petition no more.” It was good stuff.

Read More: These Are the Biggest Moments in the First Presidential Debate

But performance needs substance. And so Bryan would eventually meet his nemesis when he was confronted by an orator even more practiced, clever, and dramatic than he. That was Clarence Darrow, the celebrated lawyer in rumpled clothes whose talent for mesmerizing juries with his impression of humility (some of which was genuine) was unparalleled. Though not a politician, or at least not a professional one, Darrow was a man who could deliver a rational argument with much emotion. It was a winning combination.

Take his defense of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, two teenagers accused of the gruesome and motiveless murder of 14 year-old Bobby Franks. Darrow had Leopold and Loeb plead guilty to avoid a jury trial so he could argue before the judge that their lives should be spared. Claiming Leopold and Loeb were just adolescents, the products of genetics and environment, Darrow said they were essentially without free will. “They killed,” said Darrow, “because hey were made that way.” At the same time, let us not blindly and cruelly call for yet another death, he implored the judge. Let us acknowledge that capital punishment grows out of our primitive need for vengeance, and let’s acknowledge that our killing two defective, two abnormal adolescents would not prevent other impaired boys or malevolent men or vicious women from committing murder.

“I sometimes wonder whether I am dreaming, whether I am not living in centuries long gone by, when savagery roamed wild, and the world was wet with human blood?” he concluded at the trial’s end. It was a consummate performance: a rational argument topped off by an emotional one. Leopold and Loeb received life sentences.

When Darrow and Bryan confronted each other in the courtroom, both of them, like Biden and Trump, were considered past their prime. Certainly they weren’t vying for the Oval Office, and their confrontation took place in a court of law, not on a television set. But they were jousting over the meaning of America and America’s future with far more passion, compassion, and reasonableness than anything that happened last night on the debate stage. For all his faults, Bryan was an optimistic idealist who thought he could improve the lives of ordinary men and women. He was a progressive who sincerely believed—and fought for—such reforms as the government ownership of utilities, a graduated income tax, currency reform, woman's suffrage and, for better and worse, Prohibition, which, in his mind, would help purify the nation by abolishing alcoholism, child abuse, and violence against women.

But when he wanted to turn the country into a Christian theocracy, Darrow objected. Their showdown took place in the summer of 1925 over a law recently passed by the Tennessee legislature that barred teaching the theory of evolution in public schools. It later became known, famously, as the Scopes Trial .

Darrow volunteered to defend the young schoolteacher who had purposefully broken the law (to test it), and he mustered, once again, all his oratorical skills. “Ignorance and fanaticism are ever busy and needs feeding,” Darrow declared. “Today it is the public school teachers, tomorrow the private. The next day the preachers and the lecturers, the magazines, the books, the newspapers. After a while, it is the setting of man against man and creed against creed until with flying banners and beating drums we are marching backward to the glorious ages of the sixteenth century when bigots lighted fagots to burn the men who dared to bring any intelligence and enlightenment and culture to the human mind."

“No subject possesses the minds of men like religious bigotry and hate,” Darrow concluded, “and these fires are being lighted today in America.”

He spoke without notes. He was persuasive and passionate. That’s what I thought about—what we had lost—as I watched last night’s sad, cringeworthy debate.

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