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Essays About Home: Top 5 Examples and 7 Writing Prompts

Writing essays about home depicts familial encounters that influence our identity. Discover our guide with examples and prompts to assist you with your next essay.

The literal meaning of home is a place where you live. It’s also called a domicile where people permanently reside, but today, people have different definitions for it. A home is where we most feel comfortable. It’s a haven, a refuge that provides security and protects us without judgment. 

Parents or guardians do their best to make a home for their children. They strive to offer their kids a stable environment so they can grow into wonderful adults. Dissecting what a home needs to ensure a family member feels safe is a vital part of writing essays about home.


5 Essay Examples

1. the unique feeling of home by anonymous on, 2. where i call home by anonymous on, 3. a place i call home by anonymous on, 4. the meaning of home by anonymous on, 5. what makes a house a home for me by anonymous on, 1. true meaning of home, 2. the difference between a home and a house, 3. homes and emotions, 4. making our house feel like home, 6. home as a vital part of our lives, 7. a home for a kid.

“Nowadays, as I moved out, the place feels alien since I spend the whole time in the house during my visits to my parents. They treat me like a guest in their home – in a good sense; they try to be attentive to me and induce dialogue since I stay there for a short time, and they want to extract the maximum of their need for interaction with me.”

In this essay, a visit to the author’s parents’ house made them realize the many things they missed. They also can’t help but compare it to their current home. The writer states family conflict as the reason for their moving out and realizes how fast they adapted to their new environment. 

Returning to their childhood home brings out mixed emotions as they ponder over the lasting influence of their past on their present personality. The author recognizes the importance of the experiences they carry wherever they go. In the end, the writer says that a home is anywhere they can belong to themselves and interact with those they hold dear. You might be interested in these essays about city life .

“The noteworthy places where I lived are the places I have made my home: where I can walk around with a birds’ nest on my head and a pair of old sweatpants in the middle of summer, where I can strip myself bear of superficial emotions…”

The essay starts with vivid descriptions of the author’s home, letting the reader feel like they are in the same place as the narrator. The author also considers their grandmother’s and friend’s houses his home and shares why they feel this way. 

“My home is important to me because for better or worse, it helps me belong. It makes me understand my place in time and connect with the world and the universe at large. Thus, I am grateful to have a place I can call home.”

In this essay, the author is straightforward in sharing the features of their home life, including where their house is located, who lives in it, and other specific details that make it a home. It’s an ancestral home with vintage furniture that stands strong despite age. 

The writer boasts of their unrestricted use of the rooms and how they love every part of it. However, their best memories are linked to the house’s terrace, where their family frequently spends time together.

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“Home is a word that means a lot in the life of every person. For some, this is a place to come after hard work to relax and feel comfortable. For others, this is a kind of intermediate point from which they can set off towards adventure.”

A home is where a person spends most of their life, but in this essay, the writer explains that the definition varies per an individual’s outlook. Thus, the piece incorporates various definitions and concepts from other writers. One of them is Veronica Greenwood , who associates homes with a steaming bowl of ramen because both provide warmth, comfort, and tranquility. The author concludes by recognizing individuals’ ever-changing feelings and emotions and how these changes affect their perception of the concept of a home.

“It is where the soul is…  what makes my house a home is walking through the front door on a Friday evening after praying Zuhr prayer in the masjid and coming back to the aroma of freshly cooked delicious biryani in the kitchen because my mom knows it’s my favorite meal.”

This essay reflects on the factors that shape a house to become a home. These factors include providing security, happiness, and comfort. The author explains that routine household activities such as cooking at home, watching children, and playing games significantly contribute to how a home is created. In the end, the writer says that a house becomes a home when you produce special memories with the people you love.

7 Prompts for Essays About Home

Essays About Home: True meaning of home

The definition of a home varies depending on one’s perspective. Use this prompt to discuss what the word “home” means to you. Perhaps home is filled with memories, sentimental items, or cozy decor, or maybe home is simply where your family is. Write a personal essay with your experiences and add the fond memories you have with your family home.

Check out our guide on how to write a personal essay .

Home and house are two different terms with deeper meanings. However, they are used interchangeably in verbal and written communication. A house is defined as a structure existing in the physical sense. Meanwhile, a home is where people feel like they belong and are free to be themselves.

In your essay, compare and contrast these words and discuss if they have the same meaning or not. Add some fun to your writing by interviewing people to gather opinions on the difference between these two words.

The emotions that we associate with our home can be influenced by our upbringing. In this essay, discuss how your childhood shaped how you view your home and include the reasons why. Split this essay into sections, each new section describing a different memory in your house. Make sure to include personal experiences and examples to support your feelings.

For example, if you grew up in a home that you associate positive memories with, you will have a happy and peaceful association with your home. However, if your upbringing had many challenging and stressful times, you may have negative emotions tied to the home.

The people inside our home play a significant role in how a house becomes a home. Parents, siblings, and pets are only some of those that influence a home. In this prompt, write about the items in your home, the people, and the activities that have made your house a home.

Describe your home in detail to make the readers understand your home life. Talk about the physical characteristics of your house, what the people you live with make you feel, and what you look forward to every time you visit your home. You can also compare it to your current home. For example, you can focus your essay on the differences between your childhood home and the place you moved in to start your independent life.

Home is the one place we always go back to; even if we visit other places, our home is waiting for our return. In this prompt, provide relevant statistics about how much time a person spends at home and ensure to consider relevant factors such as their profession and age group. Using these statistics, explain the importance of a home to the general population, including the indications of homelessness.

Essays About Home: A home for a kid

There are 135,000 children adopted in the US each year. These children become orphans for various reasons and are adopted by their guardians to support and guide them through life. For this prompt, find statistics showing the number of unaccompanied and homeless children.

Then, write down the government programs and organizations that aim to help these kids. In the later part of your essay, you can discuss tips on how a foster family can make their foster kids feel at home. For help picking your next essay topic, check out our 20 engaging essay topics about family .

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Essay on My House in English: Check 300, 500 & 800 Words Essay

Home is where the heart is, and within the sanctuary of our homes lies a special place that holds memories, shelter, and comfort – my house. From the architectural style to the interior design, every aspect of the house speaks volumes about who we are and what we value. But beyond its physical attributes, the house holds a deeper significance in our lives. It’s where we create cherished memories, celebrate milestones, and forge bonds with loved ones. A house is more than just a place to live; it’s a symbol of stability, love, and the countless moments that make life worth living.

In this article, we’ll explore writing an essay on my house, exploring its significance, structure, and the role it plays in shaping our lives.

Table of Content

Important Terms for House

10 lines on my house, 500 word essay on my house, 800 word essay on my house.

Here are some terms that can help you write an essay on my house:

  • House: A building or structure where people live, providing shelter and accommodation.
  • Home: Not just a physical structure, but also a place of belonging, comfort, and emotional attachment.
  • Architecture: The art and science of designing and constructing buildings.
  • Interior Design: The arrangement and decoration of the interior spaces of a house to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Floor Plan: A diagram showing the layout of rooms and spaces within a house, including dimensions and furniture placement.

Here are 10 lines that can help you write an essay on My House:

1. My house is a cozy place where I feel safe and happy.

2. It has a welcoming door and colorful flowers in the garden.

3. Inside, there’s a living room where my family plays games and watches TV together.

4. The kitchen smells delicious with Mom’s cooking, and I love helping her sometimes.

5. Upstairs, my bedroom is my favorite spot, filled with my toys and books.

6. From my window, I can see the trees and birds chirping in the morning.

7. Outside, there’s a swing where I love to play with my friends.

8. Sometimes, we have a barbecue in the backyard, and it’s so much fun!

9. My house is where I make lots of happy memories with my family.

10. I’m grateful for my house because it’s where I feel loved and cozy every day.

My small house may be tiny in size, but it is bursting with charm and coziness that make it a special place for me. Situated in a quiet corner of the neighborhood, my cute little house stands out with its colorful exterior and welcoming front porch that beckons visitors with its friendly vibe.

As I step through the front door, I am greeted by a snug living room that feels like a warm hug. The space may be small, but it is filled with love and laughter, making it the heart of our home. A comfy sofa sits against the wall, inviting me to sink into its soft cushions and relax after a long day at school. The kitchen, though compact, is a bustling hub of activity where delicious meals are cooked with care and shared with family. Every inch of space is cleverly utilized, from the neatly organized cabinets to the cozy dining nook where we gather for meals and conversations. The aroma of freshly baked cookies or simmering soup fills the air, creating a sense of comfort and warmth. Upstairs, my bedroom is a cozy retreat that reflects my personality and interests. The limited space has been transformed into a magical haven where I can dream, play, and unwind. A colorful bedspread adorns my bed, while shelves filled with books and toys add a touch of whimsy to the room.

One of the most delightful features of my small house is its backyard, a tiny oasis of greenery and tranquility where nature’s wonders unfold. A small garden patch blooms with vibrant flowers and fragrant herbs, attracting butterflies and bees that flit about in the sunshine. A swing set beneath a shady tree offers hours of fun and laughter as I soar through the air with glee. Despite its size, my small house is filled with big memories and moments that make it truly special. From family movie nights in the living room to impromptu picnics in the backyard, every corner of my house is alive with joy, love, and togetherness.

In conclusion, my small house may be petite in size, but it is grand in charm, coziness, and character that make it a cherished haven for me. Its compact layout encourages creativity and imagination in design, while its warm ambiance fosters a sense of comfort and belonging. My cute little house may be small on the outside, but it is mighty in love, laughter, and happiness – qualities that truly make it feel like home.

My house in Delhi is not a grand mansion, but a cozy middle-class home that holds a special place in my heart. Situated in a bustling neighborhood, it stands tall with four floors that offer ample space for my family and me to live, play, and create memories together. Despite its modest size, our house is filled with love, laughter, and warmth that make it a cherished haven for us.

As I walk through the front door of our house, I am greeted by a cozy living room on the ground floor that serves as the heart of our home. The walls are adorned with family photos and colorful artwork, creating a cheerful and inviting atmosphere. A comfortable sofa and a small coffee table sit in the center of the room, inviting us to relax and unwind after a long day at school or work.

The kitchen, located on the first floor, is a bustling hub of activity where delicious meals are prepared with love and care. The aroma of spices and cooking fills the air as we gather around the dining table to share stories and laughter. Despite its compact size, the kitchen is well-equipped with all the essentials needed to whip up our favorite dishes and treats.

Each floor of our house has its own unique charm and purpose. The second floor houses our bedrooms – cozy retreats where we rest and recharge after a busy day. My room is filled with my favorite toys, books, and posters that reflect my interests and personality. From my bed by the window, I can watch the world go by and daydream about adventures yet to come.

The third floor is a versatile space that serves as a family room where we come together to watch movies, play games, or simply spend quality time with each other. The walls are lined with shelves filled with board games, books, and family photos that tell the story of our lives. It is a space where memories are made and bonds are strengthened through shared experiences and laughter.

The fourth floor leads to our rooftop terrace – a hidden gem that offers panoramic views of the city skyline. From here, we can watch the sunset paint the sky in hues of orange and pink, listen to the sounds of the city below, or simply bask in the warmth of the sun on lazy afternoons. It is a peaceful retreat where we can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy moments of tranquility together.

In conclusion, my house in Delhi may not be extravagant or luxurious, but it is filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments that make it truly special. Its four floors offer ample space for us to live, play, and grow together as a family. From cozy bedrooms to bustling kitchens, from family rooms to rooftop terraces, every corner of our house holds memories and experiences that shape who we are and bring us closer together. Our middle-class home may not be grand in size or stature, but it is rich in love, warmth, and happiness – qualities that truly make it feel like home for me and my family.

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My House Essay- FAQs

What is a house.

A house is a structure designed for human habitation, providing shelter, comfort, and privacy. It typically consists of rooms for living, sleeping, cooking, and other activities.

What are the different types of houses?

There are various types of houses, including single-family homes, apartments, townhouses, condominiums, and mobile homes. Each type has its own layout, size, and ownership structure.

What factors influence the design of a house?

The design of a house is influenced by factors such as location, climate, cultural preferences, budget, and the needs of the occupants. These factors determine aspects like architectural style, materials used, and layout.

How does a house contribute to our well-being?

A well-designed house can contribute to our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It provides a safe and comfortable environment for rest, relaxation, and social interaction, promoting overall quality of life.

What are some common household maintenance tasks?

Common household maintenance tasks include cleaning, repairs, landscaping, and regular inspections of systems such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. These tasks help ensure the safety, functionality, and longevity of the house.

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Essay on My House for Students and Children

500+ words essay on my house.

Essay on My House:  The world consists of all types of people. Some are fortunate enough to have amenities while some aren’t. Especially in a country like India, where the majority of the population lives below the poverty line . To own a house here is no less than a luxury, one which I thankfully have. I am blessed to be protected by four walls and a roof.

Essay on My house

It is my parent’s hard work that has given us this blessing. Many people in today’s world are always complaining about the things they don’t have. The person who has a house wants a bungalow. The one who owns a bungalow wants a palace. The one living in a palace wants an island. This never-ending cycle goes on. However, if we look at the people below us rather than those who are above us, we will be happier.

An Underrated Blessing

Having a house is an underrated blessing. If you have not realized it yet, you can go and ask any person who doesn’t have a house. Only then will you realize what a great blessing it is to have a house. Houses do not necessarily have to be luxuriously filled with the latest amenities. A house is complete if you have a roof over your head.

Moreover, if you have your loved ones around, then there can be no greater blessing. You must realize the importance of your house before it gets too late. Even I never knew how precious my house was up until one incident that changed my outlook.

We had house help growing up. The maid who used to work for us always came early in the morning and would leave in the evening. Even when my mother asked her to leave early as she completed the work on time, she never did that. On the other hand, she used to do extra work. Later we found out that she never really had a house. It was just a hut which had one chair and one folding. And that she liked spending time most of the time at our house because she had access to all basic facilities like electricity and clean water.

This incident made me realize how I took my house for granted. It is truly an underrated blessing which is overlooked by others. We must value our homes before it gets too late.

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I live in my ancestral home with my grandparents, parents, and siblings. My grandfather built this house with his hard work. It has four rooms, one kitchen, two bathrooms, and a patio. My house is at least fifty years old.

I admire the beauty of my house. The vintage vibes make it even more beautiful. My grandparents have a small garden in the patio which adds greenery to my house. Moreover, it also has two trees. One is a pomegranate tree and the other is a Henna tree. They provide us with shade and sweet fruits.

My house has very high ceilings as it was made many years back. It has vintage switchboards which give it a very unique look. My house is situated in the middle of four roads. It is not joined to any other house. My house has four entrances from each side.

Whenever my friends come over to my house, they click a lot of pictures. Even my relatives love the interior of the house which is a mix of modern and vintage architecture. My house is colored in brown and beige color and it stands out in our locality.

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Essay on My Home

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Home is more than just a physical space; it is a sanctuary where we find comfort, nurture relationships, and create memories that last a lifetime. It is a personal haven that reflects our identity, holds our dreams, and supports our journey through life. In this essay, I will explore the multifaceted significance of my home, detailing its role as a foundation for personal growth, a space for fostering relationships, and a reservoir of memories, all of which contribute to its profound impact on my life.

The Essence of My Home

Nestled in the heart of a bustling neighborhood, my home stands as a testament to the love and warmth shared by my family. It is a modest structure, characterized by its welcoming aura and the laughter that resonates within its walls. Every room tells a story, every corner holds a memory, making it a living tapestry of our collective experiences.

Architectural Harmony and Personal Space

The architecture of my home is a blend of functionality and personal expression. Its design prioritizes comfort and natural light, creating an atmosphere that is both uplifting and serene. The living room, with its large windows and cozy furnishings, serves as the heart of our home, a place where family and friends come together to share moments of joy and companionship. My personal space, my room, is a reflection of my identity, adorned with posters, books, and mementos that narrate the chapters of my life.

A Foundation for Personal Growth

My home has been instrumental in my personal development, offering a stable and supportive environment that nurtures growth and learning. It is here that I’ve experienced life’s highs and lows, learned valuable lessons, and cultivated the skills and qualities that define me.

Learning and Creativity

The peaceful ambiance of my home provides the perfect setting for learning and creativity. It is a space where curiosity is encouraged, and ideas flourish. Whether it’s experimenting with a new recipe in the kitchen or tackling a challenging project in my study, my home supports my endeavors, fostering a sense of accomplishment and self-improvement.

Solitude and Reflection

In the quiet moments, my home becomes a sanctuary for solitude and reflection. It offers a retreat from the external world, allowing me to introspect, meditate, and recharge. This solitude is essential for my mental well-being, providing clarity and peace of mind amidst the chaos of everyday life.

The Heart of Relationships

Beyond its physical attributes, my home is the foundation of my relationships. It is where bonds are strengthened, love is nurtured, and life’s milestones are celebrated.

Family Dynamics and Togetherness

My home is the epicenter of family life, a place where we navigate the complexities of relationships and grow together as a unit. The daily rituals of meals, conversations, and activities create a rhythm of togetherness, reinforcing our bond and sense of belonging.

Hospitality and Shared Experiences

The warmth of my home extends to friends and guests, making it a hub of hospitality and shared experiences. It has hosted countless gatherings, parties, and celebrations, each event adding a layer to the rich tapestry of our collective memory. These moments of connection and joy underscore the importance of my home as a space for social interaction and communal joy.

A Reservoir of Memories

Perhaps the most profound aspect of my home is its role as a reservoir of memories. Every room, every object, has a story to tell, capturing the essence of moments that define my life’s journey.

Milestones and Celebrations

From birthdays to graduations, my home has witnessed the milestones that mark my growth and achievements. These celebrations, big and small, are imbued with emotion and significance, creating a legacy of joy and accomplishment that resonates through the years.

Challenges and Resilience

My home has also been a sanctuary during times of challenge and sorrow. It has provided comfort and solace in moments of grief, and a sense of stability amidst change. The resilience fostered within its walls has taught me the value of perseverance and the strength of the human spirit.

In conclusion, My home is more than just a physical structure; it is a living entity, rich with emotion, history, and meaning. It is a sanctuary of memories, a foundation for growth, and a heart of relationships. The significance of my home extends beyond its tangible aspects, embodying the values, dreams, and experiences that define my existence. As I navigate the journey of life, my home remains my anchor, a constant source of love, support, and inspiration. In the story of my life, my home is both the setting and the essence, a space where I am truly myself, and where every moment is a treasure.


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196 Home Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🌎 writing an outstanding home essay, 👍 good essay topics on home, 🎓 simple & easy home essay titles, ✅ good research topics about home, ✍️ home essay topics for college, 📝 interesting topics to write about home.

You may be required to write a home essay in school or in a variety of higher education programs, particularly those in social sciences.

You may be required to describe your hometown and how it affected your childhood and adolescence. Alternately, the essay may cover your dream house and what you would like to see in it.

Such essays generally appreciate originality and cleverness, and you should make them interesting and engaging. However, you should not go overboard with additions and expressions, as some of them may be excessive or unnecessary.

This article will help you understand what you should and should not do when writing a home essay of either variety. When discussing the topic of your hometown, you should consider a variety of aspects, as this sort of essay is not solely about yourself.

Your family biography would be a good choice among various home essay topics to provide background to your childhood and describe your upbringing.

Prominent memories would also be helpful, as your perception of your childhood tends to be the primary focus of this variety of essay. As such, you should not discuss factors that you learned about later on unless they are directly relevant to the story.

You should also try to avoid letting such knowledge twist what you remember of the circumstances. You may note that you later learned that the reality was different from what you remember as a child, but you should always mention the latter.

When discussing your ideas of a perfect house, you will want to cover a variety of aspects. The physical parameters, such as location, size, design, color scheme, and many other options you have to consider when furnishing your home are important topics.

However, the essay will want you to provide a more complete picture, including your idea of your future family and other inhabitants.

Examples of what you can use include what pets you would like to have, possibly with details such as breed and gender, and other home essay titles.

However, you should generally not reveal too many private details and be non-specific about your family. The essay is primarily about yourself, and the family should be described in basic details such as the number of children.

Here are some additional tips for your writing process:

  • When you are writing an essay about your home in school, you will usually want to concentrate on its current state. Discuss your family and possibly contemplate how your neighborhood changed throughout your upbringing.
  • Try to avoid overly concentrating on any one aspect of your dream house at the expense of others. The purpose of the essay is to create a comprehensive picture of your ideal. As such, you want to talk about many different things that will come to your head.
  • The essay is personal and not scholarly, and so you do not have to write in a formal academic style. You are free to separate it by topics and use section titles if you wish, provided the paper is long enough. However, you should still avoid colloquialisms and other non-literary language.
  • Many people will have similar ideas of their ideal living conditions, ones close to the overall societal norm. It is not necessary for everyone to introduce outlandish ideas just to be different from the rest, as the small differences are more important.

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  • Home and Neighborhood Description Significance in Araby and Among Plants and Animals The conflict, which threads through the short story, is caused by Fyodorov’s sense of dissatisfaction with his life and a desire to achieve more.
  • What Is It Designwise to Make a House Home? Basing on my perception and comprehension, a home is a sacred and fabulous place that welcomes both spiritual and non-spiritual people.
  • Movies: It Is Better to Go Out or Stay at Home Going to the movies can be a great deal but it is also good to stay at home and watch a movie.
  • Organic Compounds at Home and at the Workplace One of the defining features of ketones and aldehydes is that these compounds are not soluble in water. In conclusion, functional groups of organic compounds can help define some of their features, such as dissolution, […]
  • Home Exchange and Implications for Tourism Management A listing refers to a list of people who are also interested in exchanging a home from a particular country and the quality of their homes is also given.
  • Home: Connotative Definitions of the Word Although the word home seems to have only one common definition, it is evident from its usage that it has a broad connotative definition that varies greatly with context making its use to have a […]
  • Many Students Choose to Live Away From Home When They Go to University: Is It a Good Thing for Them or Not? This is because, the students are able to attain some sense of flexibility and thus, they are able to seek life paths that are very different from their parent’s.
  • Home From Home Cooking: A Business Proposal Speaking of the means of production, the meals are going to be cooked in the takeaway, or, to be more precise, in one of the rooms of the premises in which the takeaway is going […]
  • Telenursing and Home Healthcare Telenursing is the use of telecommunications and information technology for providing nursing services in healthcare.
  • Home-Start Family Supporting Program: Supporting Program for Children and Their Families The home start is a family supporting program that helps the parents in developing the welfare of their family unit. The home start program is conducted based on the age of the children.
  • Home Networking Problems and Mistakes to Avoid With the ever-increasing need to have access to the internet and telecommuting, individuals are being compelled to set up home networks that can guarantee access to the internet for the purposes of working, education, and […]
  • Hillsborough County Home Health Agency’s Challenge From the information obtained from the Middleborough community, the health challenges that the Hillsborough County Home Health Agency might face in the next ten years is the inability to satisfy the demand for health services […]
  • Home Depot Company: Products and Services Improvement The variety and assortment offered by the Home Depot include a wide range of building materials, products for lawns and gardens, and several services. The Home Depot operates in specialty stores offering only a specific […]
  • The Significance of Home Schooling This article examines the concept of home schooling. 4, 2002, p.197.
  • Home, Housing, and Housing in International Practice The desire of people to live in large communities led to the appearance of the first multi-story buildings, but their disadvantage was that they did not protect people from the cold and wind.
  • Stay-At-Home Mother’s Contribution to the Family Economy The data showed that with a complete package of services, including taking care of two children and being in the house around the clock, the fee could reach up to $6,500 per month.
  • Developing Design Solutions for Smart Home: Bibliography The researchers offer insights into how parents’ perceptions of the hazards smart home technologies bring to children’s physical and digital safety developed and altered over the course of three phases. User needs in smart homes: […]
  • Home, Work, and Relationships in Modern Families The study found that parents were in one room without their children for less than 10% of the observed time. Another finding from the article was that 77% of families ate dinner together at least […]
  • Healthcare Devices in Smart Home and Telemedicine A SH system is often outfitted with a combination of interconnected software and hardware components to monitor the living area by capturing and interpreting the resident’s behavior.
  • A Nitrogen Gas Accident at a Nursing Home The nursing home workers failed to recognize this error and did not check the gas before hooking the tanks to the system.
  • Strong Relationships Between Home and the School Moreover, parents and teachers benefit the most from interacting with each other in terms of creating strong connections and implementing effective communication to support the behavior and learning of the younger generation.
  • Home Visits and Families Empowerment The purpose of home visits is to give a more detailed assessment of the family structure, the natural or home environment, and behavior in the home environment”.
  • Catholic Medical Home: Project Details Our staff is a family, and we are all bound by the desire to protect vulnerable populations and to show compassion and genuine support.
  • My Home: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania The city is located at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers, which join at the tip of the “Golden Triangle” to form the Ohio River.
  • Why Is Home Dialysis More Beneficial for the Adult Population? The purpose of the study is correctly focused on such phenomena as a comparison, description, and characterization of the fundamental components of home dialysis and its impact, influence, and effect on a patient.
  • Requesting a Warrant for Trump’s Home Search In his opinion piece for KCRA, Alanna Durkin observes that a checklist of stringent conditions governs the procedure of getting a search warrant. Durkin notes that the court could have only authorized the request if […]
  • Monitoring Home Administration of Medications Another issue related directly to a patient’s mental health, the presence of PTSD and the related issues that may impede the development of the necessary habits must be mentioned as one of the major drivers […]
  • Working From Home: The Future of the Office Working at home also helps to save money both for the employer and the employee. As long as home working can boost productivity, it can also lead to distractions due to interruptions from children, neighbors, […]
  • Home Dialysis in the United States This fact determines the rationale of the research, the purpose of which is to explore the possible ways of preventing in-center dialysis by using home dialysis and the issue of positionality.
  • Effectiveness of a Tool for Monitoring Home Administration of Medications A drawback of non-instant response is the examination of medicine-intake behavior over an extended timeframe. To ascertain the effectiveness of a tool such as MEMS, it is important to involve experts in the healthcare field.
  • Work From Home in a Smart Home After Covid-19 Thus, there was a need to organize the workplace in the post-pandemic era, which is why the smart home is the solution to this problem.
  • Smart Home and Control Security System The two represent the technical characteristics of the sensors and units that are installed in this smart home system. In addition to “Methods,” the article is also missing the “Discussion” section that should interpret what […]
  • Approach to Learning at Cloudview Nursing Home Since the approach adopted to learning determines an organization’s performance, it is essential to understand the motivations for learning and their influence on workplace education.
  • Where Home Is: Narrative in Literature Jose Marti describes the home as a place where people are proud of who they are as he tries to free the people of Latin America from the repression of the conquerors.
  • What Is the Amazon Effect: Home Furnishings Industry The Amazon Effect refers to Amazon’s expanding prominence in selling, driving out new entrants to the market while reshaping e-commerce overall.
  • Smart Home: Schneider C-Bus and Schneider Wiser In addition, a modern security system is used, which allows users to control the locks in the house and notifies the owners of the intrusion.
  • Plan-Do-Study-Act for Time Management at Home I will have to stick to a sleep schedule to change my current sleep habit, resulting in the recommended seven to eight hours every night.
  • Amazon’s AI-Powered Home Robots The objective of the present plan is to provide a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the introduction of AI-powered home robots as Amazon’s next disruptive customer product.
  • Home Description and Perception For instance, I have a friend in the same class as me who is like a sibling to me. Home is a sense of calm and security, and for myself, I single out such a […]
  • “Home, School, and Community Relations”: The Complex Role Nature of Parenting However, emphasizing work sometimes leads to a lack of attention to the educator’s role, which can also hurt a child. From my perspective, such behavior is a warning signal, which has to be taken seriously […]
  • Regulation of a Large For-Profit Nursing Home Chain To solve the problem of unlawful actions of the stakeholders in nursing homes, there is a need for the implementation of the practical management theory.
  • Advocacy on Home Health Nursing Currently, nurse professionals are experiencing issues in their ability to perform home health care due to the lack of available advocacy, especially in the case of clinical decisions. The home health nursing branch of the […]
  • Stay-At-Home Mothers and Their Economic Role The interview made many appreciate the importance of mothers in the economy of a family. The above meme photo is a funny reflection of the work that stay-at-home mothers get involved in.
  • Out-Of-Home Healthcare Services and Regulations On the other hand, for the recipient the best approach is to humbly accept the help of the fellow Christians and the government, accepting it as a blessing.
  • Choosing a Computer for a Home Recording Studio The motherboard is responsible for the speed and stability of the system and should also have a large number of ports in case of many purposes of the computer in the studio.
  • The National Council for Adoption and the Children’s Home Society of Florida The National Council for Adoption is a nationwide organization, while Children’s Home Society of Florida covers the Florida context, and they demonstrate that legal and personalized assistance is necessary to popularize adoption practice.
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP): Georgia The history of the program dates back to the 1980s when the Low Income Energy Assistance Program was created to mitigate rising energy prices.
  • “Implementation and Effects of MRC in a Nursing Home” by Henskens The research’s dependent variable is the outcome to be measured the treatment’s impact on the aforementioned patients’ ADL and QoL. However, the researchers did not provide a clear delineation of the above-mentioned variables in the […]
  • Home Schooling From the Nursing Perspective Much to the credit of both sides, one must admit that the proponents of homeschooling and the supporters of the traditional teaching approach act on behalf of the child and in the latter’s interests.
  • Home to School Connections in Terms of Learning When speaking of the child’s development as of a sophisticated socio-cognitive process, it is of paramount importance to acknowledge the fact that the positive learning outcomes are impossible to achieve without the integration of various […]
  • Nursing Home Beds: Fundamental Uncertainty and Values If it is assumed that the admission will stay the same, the decision to dismiss a certain amount of employees will reduce fixed costs in both facilities.
  • Regression Analysis of Home Prices One of the variables that are important in determining the home price is the economic indicators. The other variable that will determine the price of a home is the neighborhood.
  • Sociology: Home School Environment Homeschooling may also cause stress in a child because when the contents get tough, the child may have no peer to talk to, and the guardian is not suitable for such talks.
  • The Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters Aarash said that children’s well-being is his priority and mentioned that the family needs proper food for Hamdiya and a washing machine and iron to ensure the children look neat.
  • “How Home Hospice Care Facilitates Patient and Family Engagement”: Article Analysis A study “How home hospice care facilitates patient and family engagement” by Dillon aims at examining the impact of home hospice care on patient and family engagement and related factors facilitating this engagement.
  • Home Buying Process: Trends for Interest Rates and Loans The area with the facilities around it – such as schools, amenities, roads, and the town in which the home is located – all contribute to the valuation of the house.
  • Sears Technician-Dispatching and Home Delivery Problems The article outlines the problem with the efficacy of a previously used geographic information system for timely route decision-making, the solution designed to eliminate the problem, and the benefits the company obtained from the implemented […]
  • Strategic Plan-Heritage Home Healthcare Agency (HHHA) The HHHA strategic plan serves to improve service quality, employee productivity, expand market share, reduce service cost and to maintain its financial stability.
  • Discussion of Theory of Count in Chores of Home The essence of this revelation is that women’s financial independence is a crucial factor in determining the division of chores in the home.
  • A Nursing Home Working Scenario Working in nursing homes has its opportunities and challenges; therefore, the paper will cover the multidisciplinary teams’ working scenario, their interaction and diversity, communication in client care, and support accorded to clients considering their family, […]
  • Fostering the Home/School Connection This work is focused on discussing the demographic characteristics of the city of San Dimas to apply the knowledge gained to build a respectful and positive learning environment.
  • Domestic Violence: The Impact of Law Enforcement Home Visits As the study concludes, despite the increase in general awareness concerning domestic violence cases, it is still a significant threat to the victims and their children.
  • The Project Home Is Where the Heart Is The project Home is Where the Heart Is developed by professional cardiologists is aimed at the prevention and treatment of heart failure since this disease is one of the most common causes of death among […]
  • Hearth and Home Perception in 19th-Century Victorians Due to Immigration Nevertheless, the Victorian perception of what constitutes the concept had undergone severe changes in the 19th century, when the heart of the British Empire saw a significant wave of migration into the metropolis from its […]
  • Mobile Phone-Accessed Health Database Home Care Patient Owing to the highly functional cell phone coverage in the area, I propose that the home health care agency develop a health database that could be accessed via the mobile phone to assist the elderly, […]
  • Analysis for Home Prices for Austin, Texas A multiple regression analysis was used to determine how various explanatory factors affect the prices of homes in Austin. Home prices in Austin differ from place to another and the cost is determined by various […]
  • Analysis of Scottsdale AZ Home Prices The aim is to determine whether the four independent variables have any correlation with the dependent variable, that is, the price of the homes sold around the city.
  • Nursing Home Blueprint and Requirements The aim of the facility should be geared towards the promotion of the health of the old patients through the prevention and treatment of diseases and disabilities.
  • Home Physiological Monitoring System for Chronic Cardiovascular Conditions When PMD starts, it activates the radio modem, which transfers the information to the Coordinator asking for the parameters list, and then the PMD monitors the list before transferring it to the master microcontroller. The […]
  • Nursing Practice: Hospital and Home The study results will be of great importance in addressing all issues concerning the management of congestive heart failure. In this case, adequate numerical and statistical data concerning the management of congestive heart failure will […]
  • Home Health Care vs. Telemonitoring: Reducing Hospital Readmissions for Patients With Heart Failure In the United States, chronic heart failure is regarded as the number one cause of both the hospitalization and readmission of patients.
  • Influence of the Home Environment on the Development of Obesity in Children The main objective of the research is to identify, investigate and explain the connection between the home environment and socio-economic factors as well as their contribution to the increase of obesity among children.
  • Child Birth at Home and in the Hospital This paper will, therefore, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of giving birth at home or in hospital according to the article that has been named above.
  • Individual Income Tax & Home Mortgage Interest Deduction To ease the burden of taxation on the citizens, the United States Congress included the deduction for home mortgage interest in the internal revenue code.
  • Departmental Budget Preparation for Nursing Home However, while the total population in our area of operation is expected to decrease, the population of people who are above 65 years in the US is projected to rise.
  • Northern Cochise Nursing Home: Federal and State Surveys Following the findings of the health inspection carried out by Arizona Department of Health Services, the management of the Northern Cochise Nursing home took immediate steps to correct the deficiencies.
  • Redondo Nursing Home: Providing Above Average Care While the potential resident and family members are expected to disclose all information pertaining to medical conditions, the planner is required to provide a complete description of the home.
  • Diarrhea: Medication and Home Remedies Treatment of diarrhea helps to alleviate the excessive loss of body liquid and promotes lessening of abdominal pains and uneasiness. The medication streams into the intestines and reduces the rate of liquid loss from the […]
  • Problems Related to Defining and Regulating Crimes in the Home The police consider the freedom of a person outside the family set-up as public, and their duty is to serve and protect the public welfare and not their private affairs.
  • Organization Strategic Plan for a 40 Bed Nursing Home Unit The core values are to ensure that a team of the highest quality and honesty in delivering services attends to all.
  • Choosing an Appropriate Computer System for the Home Use It looked at the history of how personal computers have evolved to become one of the most adopted gargets in businesses and the personal lives of many individuals.
  • Strategic Management in Home Healthcare This is followed by the formulation of strategies following the identification of the objectives and mission of the organization. Market entry strategies assist the organization to find resources within and without that will help it […]
  • Strategic Management Plan for Home Health Agency It is one of the leading health care providers in New York and it is still growing. This ranges from the use of telephone to the use of videoconferencing between health care providers and their […]
  • A Veterans Affairs Healthcare Program to Deliver Hospital Care in the Home As for the study In Mader et al, the limitations in the study might prevent the generalization of the described case to other settings.
  • Growing Use of 3D Technology in Theatres and at Home One of the major beneficiaries of technological advances that have been made by man over the cause of the last century has been the entertainment industry which as grown exponentially through the years.
  • How to Utilize Oxygen Safely in the Home The key factor to home oxygen therapy is the communicating and the sharing of relevant information between the caregivers professionals and family members.
  • “Caring for People Dying at Home” by Smith & Porock This was adopted in scientifically identifying initial concerns related to the reluctance of community nurses in carrying out end of life care as part of their profession.
  • Present and Past Understanding of Home: Social Mores and Culture People have the authenticity of referring to a place as a home provided that it contributes to their socioeconomic and personal development.
  • Aspects of Home Health Care and Taking Care of Elderly People The issue of the lack of financial aid from the government will not be resolved any time soon, so the only way to establish a proper staff is to provide nurses with extra pay.
  • Buying a Home: Trends and Strategies in the Real Estate Industry The uniqueness of the borrower coupled with rules and principles of the financier presents the need for deliberation in brokering the best deal possible.
  • Home Isolation Survival Kit: Food Kits for Emergencies This makes it the best choice for the home emergency kit because during disasters access to medical care is hard, and this can make the difference between life and death.
  • The Effect of Home Ownership on Inter-City and Intra-City Labor Mobility The liquidity of the houses is important as it ensures that the ownership of a house does not act as a hindrance to the mobility of labor.
  • The Meanings of Home in Postwar Britain: A Home-Centered Society Postwar Britain focuses on a home-centered society as the foundation of the working nation, a home-centered is a symbol for the end of the war in Britain.
  • Renting vs. Home Ownership: Advantages and Disadvantages Concerning Today’s Economy Therefore, when it comes to minimizing costs, renting is much more advantageous compared to owning a home, as the cost of owning one’s own home is much higher and maybe beyond the reach of the […]
  • Home Loan Offered by Bank of America Corporation (BAC) In case of a default by the borrower, the money is retrieved by the bank through the sale of the property.
  • Home-Based Business in Saudi Arabia: Suitable Incentives for Its Citizens Wishing to Start Businesses From Home The research will focus on the business environment of the kingdom, together with the advantages of setting up a home-based business in the country.
  • “Home, School and Playroom” by Claire Etaugh: The Combined Effects and Interactions Among Parental Child-Rearing Practices The main hypothesis, though not explicitly stated by the psychologist-researchers, was that the 245 boys and girls ranging in school level from Kindergarten to Grade 8 would reveal statistically significant differences in toy preferences, experiences […]
  • Home Design and Built Environment for Activity Space and the Gifted Child This paper will try to establish a connection of a home design and activity space with the facilitation of development of gifted children.
  • The Attitude of Leaving Home in the English Literature During the Elizabethan age, the theme of moving away from home was a topic both in plays and travel writings. Their writings valorized this movement away from home and home country in the light of […]
  • Home-Based Care and Its Consumers Chronic illness is the hallmark of aging and the number one health problem for the elderly in the United States. Emphasis on the activities the individual desires and is capable of achieving is essential.
  • Home Birth: Pros and Cons The tremendous emphasis in the United States on new medical technology makes hospitalization of birth a requisite for quality care It is only more recently, as a result of the growth of women’s movement and […]
  • Pros and Cons of Work From Home
  • Home Schooling and Public Schooling Comparison
  • Elderly Patients’ Post-Stroke Care at Home
  • Future Care Nursing Home in Baltimore City
  • Healthcare Research at Pearl City Nursing Home
  • Nursing Home and Its Impact on Lifespan
  • Choosing an Adult Foster Home or a Nursing Home
  • Home Networks, Their Functions and Features
  • Women at Home in the 20th Century
  • First Home Care Interventions and Their Effectiveness
  • First Home Care: Internship Clinical Practice
  • Pursuing Home Interior Design Career
  • Child Care at Home vs. in Day Care Centers
  • Home vs. Public Schooling: Middle Ground Argument
  • China’s Home Appliances Market Analysis
  • Environmental Health Assessment of Home
  • First Home Care Agency: Goals and Evaluation
  • First Home Care: Program Evaluation
  • Blumberg’s Nursing Home’s Staffing Crisis
  • Home and Community-Based Services vs. Nursing Facilities
  • On-Reserve Home Loan Program for Okanagan People
  • Fall Among Elderly People at Home: Causes and Consequences
  • Professional Home Staging, Its Issues and Solutions
  • Group Home and Foster Care Forensic Settings
  • Home-Style Cookies and Waste-Free Production
  • Investor Competence, Trading Frequency, and Home Bias
  • Blumberg’s Nursing Home: Staffing Crisis
  • Berlin as a Home for Culturally Diverse Population
  • Home Firearms in McDonald vs. Chicago Court Case
  • Home Birth Risks and Reduction Program
  • Plaza Home Health Services Brand Management
  • Penwick Home Appliances’ Subsidiary in El Pais
  • Urban Home Gardens for Small Native Mammals
  • Drink-At-Home Inc.’s New Product Development Plan
  • Smart Home Network Design
  • Canadian Tire and the Home Report Companies Valuation
  • Home Network: Hardware and Security Management
  • Home, Work and Relations in Middle-Class America
  • Writings About Hobby – Home Brewing Beer
  • Explorer “Light” in Home Environment: The Little Scientific Concepts
  • “Barbarian Virtues: The United States Encounters Foreign Peoples at Home and Abroad, 1876-1917” by Matthew Frye Jacobson
  • The Arguments and Debates of the Home Schooling System
  • St. John’s Home of the Handicapped
  • Home and Community Care Program
  • Home Delivery of Medication
  • Home Office: Network Attack Protection
  • Positive Development: Home School vs. Public School
  • Nana Children’s Home Advertisement
  • The Home Movie Industry
  • Home Video Rental Industry
  • War and the Meaning of Home
  • Stay at Home Dads: Not So Bad
  • This American Life: Take a Negro Home
  • Home Style Cookies Production Management
  • The Unique Challenges of Careers in Cities Outside the Home Country
  • Many People Do Not See Their Home as a Place Where They Are Free From Work, but Rather as Their Second Workplace and a Less Rewarding One
  • Provision of Home Care Services
  • Home With No Father: Single Mothers
  • Behaviors in Preschool and Home Setting
  • Child Psychology: Poor-Quality Home Environment
  • Family Issues: Parents Should Stay at Home When They Have Babies
  • Friendship Essay Ideas
  • Child Welfare Essay Ideas
  • Evacuation Essay Topics
  • Home Depot Titles
  • Social Class Research Ideas
  • Construction Research Ideas
  • Public Safety Research Ideas
  • Community Service Questions
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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"196 Home Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." IvyPanda , 4 Mar. 2024,

IvyPanda . (2024) '196 Home Essay Topic Ideas & Examples'. 4 March.

IvyPanda . 2024. "196 Home Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." March 4, 2024.

1. IvyPanda . "196 Home Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." March 4, 2024.


IvyPanda . "196 Home Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." March 4, 2024.

Essay on My Home 500+ Words

My home is more than just a place with walls and a roof. It’s where I feel safe, loved, and happy. In this essay, I’ll explain why my home is so special to me, sharing examples and reasons that make it a unique and wonderful place.

Comfort and Security

Home is where I feel the most comfortable and secure. It’s a place where I can relax, be myself, and let go of any worries. According to studies, having a comfortable and safe home environment is essential for our overall well-being. For instance, people who feel safe at home tend to have lower stress levels.

Family and Love

My home is filled with love and laughter, thanks to my family. It’s where we share meals, celebrate birthdays, and support each other. Experts say that a loving family environment in the home is crucial for a child’s emotional development and happiness. My home is the heart of our family.

Memories and Stories

Every corner of my home is filled with memories and stories. From the family photos on the wall to the cozy reading nook where I discover new adventures in books, these memories shape who I am. Studies show that homes filled with positive memories can create a sense of belonging and identity.

Creativity and Expression

My home is where I can explore my creative side. I have a special corner for my art supplies, where I create paintings, drawings, and crafts. It’s important to have a space where I can express myself, as it encourages creativity and personal growth. Experts emphasize the importance of fostering creativity in children.

Learning and Growth

My home is also a place of learning. It’s where I do my homework, read educational books, and discover new things. Research shows that a stimulating home environment can have a significant impact on a child’s academic success. Having a quiet, well-organized study space at home can improve concentration and learning.

Safety and Shelter

I’m grateful for the safety and shelter my home provides. It shields me from harsh weather, offers a warm bed, and keeps me safe from harm. Unfortunately, not everyone has a safe place to call home. Statistics reveal that millions of people around the world are homeless, highlighting the importance of having a home.

Responsibility and Care

Having a home also teaches me responsibility and the importance of taking care of my space. I help with chores, keep my room tidy, and water the plants in our garden. Experts say that teaching responsibility at home prepares children for life’s challenges and helps them develop valuable life skills.

Conclusion of Essay on My Home

In conclusion, my home is not just a building; it’s a place filled with love, comfort, and cherished memories. It’s where I feel secure, loved, and free to be myself. My home is a place of learning, creativity, and responsibility. It’s where I’ve grown, laughed, and shared countless moments with my family.

As a fifth-grader, I’ve learned that a home is not just a place; it’s the heart of our lives. It’s where I find solace and warmth, and it’s the backdrop for all my adventures. I know that not everyone is as fortunate as I am to have a loving home, so I cherish it even more. My home is a treasure, and I’ll always be grateful for the comfort and happiness it brings to my life.

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My House Essay for Student in English

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Table of Contents

In this essay about my home, I will discuss both my current residence and my ideal house. In the first part, I will provide a detailed description of my present home, covering its structure, layout, and the unique elements that make it meaningful to my family and me. In the second part, I will describe my dream home, explaining its design, amenities, and preferred location. These essays aim to offer insight into the significance of our living spaces and how they impact our lives

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My House Essay – Short Essay

My house essay 150 words.

I reside in a truly enchanting home, a sanctuary where I find comfort and security, a place where I yearn to spend my days. Our residence consists of three spacious bedrooms, a welcoming dining area, a well-equipped kitchen, and modern bathrooms. Positioned before the house is a vast courtyard adorned with vibrant blossoms, while in the backyard, we cultivate a variety of vegetables.

Our house boasts a sturdy construction, combining bricks, wood, tiles, and elegant marble flooring that gleams under the daylight. The bedrooms are awesome sized, awesome bathed in natural light, and the bathrooms have ample space, complete with refreshing showers. Our dining room is perfectly decorated, and the open kitchen provides a scenic view of the serene backyard.

However, it is not just the physical aspects that make our house exceptional; it is the presence of my beloved family members that fills it with warmth and character. My affection for our home knows no bounds; it is truly a place of cherished memories and contentment.

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My House Essay 250 Words

A home serves as a sanctuary from the daily grind, providing solace and security. I reside in a charming abode nestled within a bustling urban neighborhood. This location boasts convenient proximity to a bus stop, educational institutions, shops, and more. My home is my haven, a place where I feel at ease and self-assured, and one where I yearn to spend most of my time.

Inside, there are three spacious bedrooms, a welcoming dining area, a well-equipped kitchen, and well-maintained bathrooms. In the front yard, we’ve cultivated a delightful garden with colorful flowers, while the backyard is dedicated to growing our own vegetables. Abundant natural light permeates the house, enhancing its inviting ambiance.

Constructed from a combination of sturdy materials like bricks, wood, tiles, and marble, my home exudes a timeless charm. The marble flooring lends an air of elegance throughout. The bedrooms are generously proportioned, well-ventilated, and flooded with natural light. Our bathrooms are commodious and feature modern showers, while our dining area is tastefully adorned.

The open kitchen allows us to savor the view of our backyard while preparing meals. Notably, our windows, constructed from rich brown wood, are broad and open wide during sunny days. The window in our dining room particularly captivates me, as it overlooks a street lined with majestic, ancient oak trees.

Our neighborhood is graced with friendly and considerate neighbors who readily extend their kindness and support. While my house is undeniably beautiful, it is the presence of my family that truly infuses it with warmth and charm. I hold a deep affection for my cherished home.

My House Essay 300 Words

A home holds a special place in our hearts, for it’s where we truly live and thrive. It’s a fundamental need for all of us, and we design our homes to suit our unique needs, using materials like wood, cement, iron, mortar, and bricks.

Speaking of my home, I consider myself truly blessed to reside in the serene Adarsh colony of Gorakhpur. Ours is a modest abode, as we belong to a middle-class family. But within these walls, our family thrives, comprising my dear father, caring mother, my three beloved sisters, and our ever-smiling grandmother.

Inside, our home offers us two bedrooms, a spacious veranda, a well-equipped kitchen, a cozy living room, a convenient bathroom, and a charming little garden outside, which also doubles as a garage. My father takes it upon himself to ensure our home gets a fresh coat of paint and regular maintenance every year. Right in front of our house, there’s an empty plot adorned with various trees and plants, enhancing the beauty of our surroundings.

The three of us sisters share one room, painted in our favorite shade of blue, a space we utilize for our studies. We take pride in keeping our room spotlessly clean. My mother, a stickler for cleanliness, extends her touch of orderliness to the entirety of our home, both inside and out.

Though we might be a small family, our home radiates with happiness. It’s a haven that envelops me in a feeling of security and comfort, a place where my fondest childhood memories were crafted. During festivals and special occasions, our home undergoes a magical transformation as we adorn it with decorations, making it even more enchanting.

In Conclusion

My home is my sanctuary, the ultimate place for relaxation and contentment. The very mention of it fills my heart with warmth and affection. It’s a dwelling brimming with positivity and blessings, all thanks to the loving souls that make up my wonderful family, who transform it into a beautiful abode.

My House Essay 500 Words

A home is a special place that provides comfort to all who reside in it. This is because a home is brimming with love and vitality. Just like anyone fortunate, I too have a home and a caring family. In this essay about my home, I will describe its characteristics and share its significance in my life.

A Peaceful Place I Call Home

Nestled within the heart of the city lies my beloved home. It’s not overly spacious, nor is it too petite; rather, it’s just the right size for my family and me. Our household consists of my father, mother, sister, and grandparents. What makes our dwelling particularly special is its vintage character, as it’s been passed down through generations.

Despite its age, our home stands resilient and strong. It boasts six rooms, each with a unique touch that reflects the individuality of its occupant. For instance, my elder sister, a passionate music enthusiast, has adorned her walls with posters featuring her favorite musicians, including BTS and RM.

The centerpiece of our home is the spacious living room, boasting lofty ceilings. Here, we still cherish the vintage sofa set that my grandmother received as a wedding gift. Adjoining it, you’ll find antique relics like an old television and radio, both of which my grandmother continues to use to this day.

My personal sanctuary lies just next door – my bedroom. It’s my most cherished space, housing all the things I hold dear. Notably, my pet guinea pig resides in a cozy cage here. Additionally, our storage room is a repository of items we no longer employ but can’t quite bring ourselves to part with.

Stepping outside, our front lawn boasts a charming garden. It’s here that my mother tends to her kitchen garden, a labor of love where she cultivates various seeds, introducing new varieties each month to enhance our culinary experiences.

Yet, the fondest memories I hold dear are tethered to our terrace. This spacious outdoor haven is adorned with an array of flourishing plants. It’s witnessed countless joyous family moments and serves as a playground when my cousins come to visit. As a result, every nook and cranny of my home carries a special place in my heart.

In the course of life, I’ve come to a profound realization – not everyone enjoys the same kind of home as I do. Some have considerably less, and sadly, some have no home at all. This awareness has deepened my sense of gratitude and appreciation for the place I fondly call home. I understand that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a good home and a loving family, and for this, I feel truly blessed. Appreciation Towards My Home The reason I hold my home in such high regard is that, as I journey through life, I know that I will look back on the cherished memories I’ve created here with warmth and nostalgia. The simple act of reminiscing about those moments will be all the more special due to the consistent sense of safety and security that my home has always provided. It genuinely is an ideal place to live.

In conclusion

My home occupies a unique and cherished place in my heart because it instills in me a profound sense of belonging, regardless of the circumstances. It aids me in comprehending my role in the world and my connection to the vast universe. For this reason, I am profoundly thankful to have a place that I can wholeheartedly call my own.

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My House Essay 10 Lines

  • My home is a comfy and relaxing place where I can unwind and be myself.
  • It’s situated in a calm and serene neighborhood, surrounded by a lovely garden.
  • Inside, the house is warm and welcoming, with a living room, kitchen, and bathroom on the ground floor.
  • Upstairs, there are two bedrooms and a small balcony where I can sit and enjoy the view.
  • I enjoy spending time in my home, especially during the summer when I can open the windows and let in the fresh air.
  • One of the things I love about my home is the big fireplace in the living room, which keeps us warm and cozy on chilly winter nights.
  • I also like cooking in the kitchen, which is stocked with all the tools and appliances I need to make tasty meals.
  • My home isn’t very large, but it’s just the right size for my family and me.
  • We’ve decorated the house with our favorite colors and personal touches, so it feels like our own space.
  • All in all, my home is a special place that brings me happiness and joy.
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My House Essay FAQs

How can i write about my house.

To write about your house, describe its appearance, rooms, and special features that make it unique.

How do you write 10 lines on a house?

To write 10 lines about a house, discuss its size, color, location, rooms, and how it makes you feel.

What is a house in short notes?

A house is a place where people live, providing shelter and a sense of belonging.

What is 5 sentences on my house for Class 1?

My house is cozy and small. It has a bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and a garden.

How do I write an essay about my home?

To write an essay about my home, describe its significance, your experiences, and what makes it special.

What can you write about your home?

You can write about your home by sharing its unique features, memories, and why it's important to you.

How to write essay class 4?

To write a class 4 essay, describe your home, its role in your life, and how it makes you feel.

What is home in your own words?

Home, in my words, is where I feel safe, loved, and comfortable.

What is the importance of home?

The importance of home lies in providing shelter, love, and a sense of belonging.

What is the feeling of home?

The feeling of home is warmth, comfort, and a place where you are truly yourself.

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Essay Samples on Home

What makes a house a home: beyond the bricks.

When we think of a house, we envision four walls and a roof — a physical structure that provides shelter. However, a house becomes a home when it transcends its mere physicality and becomes a place of comfort, belonging, and cherished memories. In this essay,...

Feeling of Real Home: How My Adopted Parents Saved Me

The home triggered a sense of familiarity which I couldn't define. Had I been here before? I stood on the ample gravel driveway glancing up at the three-bedroom detached family home, quietly tucked away at the end of a winding road on the outskirts of...

  • Childhood Memories
  • Family History

How My Room Reflects My Inner State and Personality

It is true that our memories fade. It cannot be disputed. Our mind alters the truth, changing the events every single time. That's why I don't remember that day the way you do. So how are we to know whose version is the truth? Time...

  • About Myself

The Story of My Ocean Home: Memories and Sentiments

Have you ever felt home somewhere? A place where you feel safe, and can be yourself without anyone judging you. The ocean is that place for me, it’s my home. The majority of people you ask will say that the beach their favorite vacation destinations....

  • Personal Experience

Personal Experience of Moving Out and Separation From Home

Become Independent from Home During the course of our lifetimes, we are urged to make momentous and difficult decisions that either shape us or break us. One of the major life decisions I have made along the way was moving from home to go to...

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The Meaning of Home: More than Just a House

What is home? If one looks in a dictionary the answer would come out to be, “The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.” However, for anyone who has had an actual home, they would know that such...

Best topics on Home

1. What Makes a House a Home: Beyond the Bricks

2. Feeling of Real Home: How My Adopted Parents Saved Me

3. How My Room Reflects My Inner State and Personality

4. The Story of My Ocean Home: Memories and Sentiments

5. Personal Experience of Moving Out and Separation From Home

6. The Meaning of Home: More than Just a House

  • Perseverance
  • Career Goals
  • Personality
  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Essay on My Home

Kunika Khuble


In the vibrant streets of Mumbai, amid the symphony of honking horns and bustling crowds, rests an oasis of serenity: my home. As I step through the threshold, the familiar aroma of spices mingling with the scent of incense greets me, and the soft glow of diyas casts a warm light upon the walls. Here, amidst the chaos of city life , my home stands as a sanctuary where tradition intertwines with modernity and where the heartbeat of India echoes through every corner. Join me on a journey to explore the essence of my home, where culture thrives, and memories weave into the very fabric of its existence.

Essay on My Home

Physical Description of My Home

  • Exterior Facade: Our home boasts a charming facade adorned with intricate carvings and vibrant hues that catch the eye. The front entrance is embellished with traditional motifs, welcoming guests with a touch of timeless elegance.
  • Spacious Living Area: Upon stepping inside, a spacious living area adorned with plush furnishings and vibrant tapestries greets visitors. Expansive windows welcome natural light, filling the area with an airy ambiance that exudes warmth and invitation. Every bedroom radiates its distinct charm, adorned with plush linens, intricate headboards, and personal embellishments that mirror the preferences and personalities of those who inhabit them.
  • Cozy Corners: Cozy corners beckon with comfortable seating arrangements and soft textiles throughout the home. Whether it’s a window seat bathed in sunlight or a snug reading nook tucked away in a corner, these intimate spaces offer moments of reprieve and relaxation.
  • Functional Kitchen: The heart of our home, the kitchen, is a hub of activity where aromas of spices and sizzling dishes fill the air. With ample counter space, modern appliances, and traditional cookware, it’s a place where culinary creativity thrives, and family recipes pass down through generations.
  • 2 Serene Bedrooms: Every bedroom radiates its distinct charm, adorned with plush linens, intricate headboards, and personal embellishments that mirror the preferences and personalities of those who inhabit them. From the master suite adorned with rich fabrics to the cozy room filled with toys and laughter, we’ve designed every space for comfort and tranquility.
  • Sacred Pooja Room: We have a sacred pooja room, a sanctified space where we seek prayers and spiritual solace. Adorned with images of deities, flickering lamps, and fragrant incense, it’s a place of reverence and devotion that serves as the spiritual nucleus of our home.

The People Who Make It Awesome

My place isn’t just a roof over my head; it’s a whole vibe thanks to the awesome people I share it with. Here’s the lowdown on my crew:

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  • My Rock: My Father is the superhero of the house. He always catches me when I fall and keeps things running smoothly. Plus, he knows how to make a killer cup of [coffee/tea] – major bonus points!
  • My Laughter Partner: My Elder Brother is the resident comedian. His goofy jokes and contagious laugh can turn any frown upside down. We have a blast hanging out, even when doing chores or watching reruns.
  • The Master Chef: Forget takeout! The best meals come from right here in our kitchen. My Mother’s cooking skills are legendary, and every dinner feels like a celebration. Plus, the smell of Her cooking is a hug in food form.
  • My Furry Friend: My pet dog Tuffy might not understand my words, but his love speaks volumes. Cuddles on the couch after a long day? Check. Playful zoomies around the house? You bet. He is my stress reliever.
  • Keepers of Tradition: My grandparents, the keepers of tradition and wisdom, also grace my home. Their stories of days gone by and cherished family rituals impart a sense of history and heritage that grounds us in our roots. Whether through my grandmother’s skillfully crafted recipes or my grandfather’s stories of yesteryears, their influence infuses depth and richness into the fabric of our home.
  • The Bonus Bunch: Our house isn’t just for us! Close friends and relatives are all welcome. We have game nights, movie marathons, and general hangouts. These make our place feel like a true hangout spot, filled with good vibes and even better people.

Emotional Significance

As I reflect on the significance of my home, the depth of emotion that fills every corner strikes me. More than merely a physical edifice, it is a sanctuary for the soul, a haven from life’s tempests, and a treasury of beloved memories. Let me share with you the emotional tapestry that makes my home truly special:

  • Security and Comfort: From the moment I step through the door, a sense of security washes over me like a warm embrace. It’s a feeling of belonging, of being wrapped in the familiar embrace of my loved ones and surrounded by the comforts of home. No matter what challenges I face outside its walls, I know I am safe and protected within these sacred confines.
  • Nostalgia and Reminiscence: Memories of days gone by imbue every corner of my home. Whether it’s the scent of my mother’s cooking wafting from the kitchen or the childhood laughter echoing in the hallways, each room holds a piece of my past, a treasure trove of nostalgia that brings a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart.
  • Identity and Belonging: My home is not just a place where I reside; it reflects who I am and where I come from. Its walls witness the milestones of my life, from graduations and weddings to quiet moments of introspection and self-discovery. Here, amidst the artifacts of my heritage and the echoes of my ancestors, I find a sense of belonging that anchors me to my roots and fills me with pride.
  • Love and Connection: At the heart of my home lies the love that binds us together as a family. It’s in the shared meals around the dining table, the late-night conversations by the fireside, and the comforting embrace of a loved one after a long day. In these moments of connection, I remind myself that home is not just a place; it’s a feeling of being loved, accepted, and valued for who I am.
  • Hope and Renewal: My home is a beacon of hope in an uncertain world. It’s a place where dreams take root and aspirations flourish, where we meet challenges with resilience and overcome setbacks with determination. Here, amidst the familiar comforts of home, I find the strength to face whatever the future may hold, knowing that the love of my family and the unwavering spirit of home support me.

Memories: The Walls Practically Talk

This house isn’t just a place I crash into anymore; it’s like a living scrapbook of my past 22 years. Every corner’s got a story, every creak of the floorboards is like a familiar tune. Here’s a sneak peek into the wild ride that’s been living here:

  • Childhood Wonder: From those first wobbly steps as a tiny human to the countless adventures I embarked on with my siblings within the safety of our home, the thrill of building forts out of cushions in the living room, and the excitement of hosting tea parties for my stuffed animal friends.
  • The Kitchen Chronicles: Those “creative” baking disasters fueled by too much sugar and zero measuring cups? Yeah, the kitchen walls still wear the paint splatters as badges of honor (and maybe a mild reminder to use measuring spoons next time).
  • The Living Room Rug: This rug has seen it all, from epic movie marathons with popcorn avalanches to awkward family gatherings where everyone pretends they’re not secretly judging each other’s life choices. Faded patterns? It’s more like a map of countless shared moments, both chaotic and cozy.
  • The Window to My Curious Soul: The windowsill in my old room is a monument to childhood wonder. Scratches tell the story of countless nights spent gazing at the stars, daydreaming about adventures, and probably wondering where all my missing socks went.
  • The treasure box: A dusty box holds the remnants of childhood glory: a half-finished model rocket (maybe someday!), a collection of mismatched socks (seriously, where do they go?), and a well-loved teddy bear who’s seen it all.
  • The Ever-Evolving Gallery: Remember those awkward “artistic” phases? Yeah, my bedroom walls have seen some questionable masterpieces. From stick figure families to landscapes that resemble abstract explosions, these constantly changing decorations tell the story of my ever-shifting dreams and aspirations.
  • Launchpad for Life: This house is more than just bricks and mortar; it’s been the launching pad for everything I’ve ever known. It holds the echoes of first crushes, whispered secrets with best friends, and the nervous excitement of preparing to take on the world.

The Symphony of Everyday Life

In the heart of our home, each day unfolds like a carefully choreographed dance, with routines and rituals that shape the rhythm of our lives. Here’s a glimpse into the rhythm of our days:

  • The Waking Melody: The day often begins before dawn with the soft murmur of prayer and the clinking of puja bells. The delicate scent of incense permeates the air, a calming prelude to the day’s activities.
  • Sunrise Symphony: As the first rays of sunlight peek through the curtains, the sounds of brewing chai bring the house to life. This warm, spiced beverage is a shared ritual, a time for quiet reflection or lively conversation, depending on the mood.
  • The Bustle Begins: The morning unfolds like a crescendo.
  • The cook’s rhythmic clatter of utensils fills the kitchen as they prepare breakfast, creating a symphony of sizzling spices and the comforting hiss of steaming idlis or parathas. Meanwhile, the pitter-patter of cleaning and the rhythmic whoosh of the washing machine add to the daily chorus.
  • The Lunchtime Lull: After the morning’s flurry, a midday lull descends. Depending on work schedules, lunch might be a quiet affair or a family gathering around the table, sharing stories and laughter over a comforting meal of dal and rice.
  • The Evening Raga: The house comes alive again as the sun dips below the horizon. The melody might be the gentle strum of a sitar accompanying devotional songs or the lively chatter of family catching up after their days. The aroma of dinner fills the air, a warm and inviting conclusion to the day.
  • Nighttime Reflections: The day reaches its final note as we dim the lights. As bedtime approaches, our home settles into a hushed tranquility, signaling the end of another day well-lived. We gather in our respective bedrooms, exchanging words of affection and bidding each other goodnight, secure in the knowledge that love and warmth surround us within the walls of our home.

Conflicts and Resolutions

A symphony of daily routines and traditions isn’t without its occasional discordant notes. Conflicts, big or small, are a natural part of family life . Here’s a glimpse into the delicate dance of disagreements and how we find resolutions:

The Spice of Disagreement

  • Generational Gap: The generation gap can sometimes lead to clashes. My parents, raised with a focus on practicality, might not always understand my artistic pursuits, while I might find their emphasis on tradition a little stifling.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Even the strongest sibling bonds have their moments of friction. Whether bickering over chores or vying for parental attention, these disagreements are a normal part of growing up together.
  • Sharing is Caring (Sometimes Grudgingly): Living in a multi-generational household, sharing space and resources can be challenging. Negotiating who gets to use the family car or navigating the battle to control the TV remote can lead to momentary skirmishes.

Finding Harmony Through Raga

  • Open Communication: Talking things out is key. While heated arguments might erupt occasionally, we highly value open communication in our home. We strive to express our feelings honestly and listen to each other’s perspectives, even if they differ.
  • Respect for Elders: Respect for elders is paramount in Indian culture. Even in disagreements, we maintain a respectful tone. Sometimes, simply listening to my parents’ experiences and understanding their point of view helps bridge the gap.
  • Compromise is the Melody: Finding common ground is essential. We don’t always see eye-to-eye, but we understand the importance of compromise. The objective is to find a solution that accommodates everyone’s needs, whether taking turns with the car or selecting a movie that appeals to all age groups.
  • The Power of Humor: Laughter is a powerful tool for diffusing tension. A well-timed joke or a shared funny memory can lighten the mood and help us see the situation from a different perspective.

My home is a symphony of life, constantly evolving with each passing day. The melody may shift, with moments of discord followed by harmonious resolutions. But through it all, the love that binds us remains the strongest note. As I look ahead, I’m curious to see what new stories these walls will hold and what memories they will collect. One thing is certain: my home will continue to be the sanctuary that shapes who I am, a place where the music of life plays on.


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  • Essay on My Home in 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 Words for All Classes

A very beautiful collection of My Home Essays. We have got an essay on every form, short and long. You can find a suitable one for your needs. I am sure you will find the best one for yourself. 

In This Blog We Will Discuss

Essay on My Home in 200 Words

We are a big family living together in a big house. I love to live with my family and that’s why I always enjoy living in my home. We live in a village near Ahmedabad. It’s a very beautiful village and only a 1 hour drive from the city . My grandfather built that two-storied building for the family.

We are a joint family still now. We have 13 family members in total. Still, now that’s a big building for us. There are 10 bedrooms and each bedroom has an attached toilet. The location of the house is near a small river. And when I come to my veranda on the west side, I can see a very beautiful natural view.

We have a good internet and electricity connection in our home. That’s why our life is not that much different from city life . Although, we don’t need to face all the traffic problems here. There are so many reasons why I love to live in my home.

This is the place where I find peace. Wherever I stay, I always feel homesick and I want to get back to my family. And I know everyone is like this because we have some extra affection for our home. 

My Home Essay in 300 Words


Home is where we are born, live, and spend the sweetest time of our life. We all love and enjoy living in our home. Today I am going to share lots of information about my home. I will tell you how much home looks and how we are living there. 

I live in a small village near Azamgarh, UP, India. My village is one of the most beautiful places here due to natural beauty. My father never intended to move from here because he loves to stay with the people of this village. 

We have a very big and old house here in the village. Because we are a joint family with my 4 uncles. My father is the oldest son of his dad and that’s why he controls everything. My uncles, aunties, and their kids are living here together with us. 

We are a big family. Our home was built almost 50 years ago. My grandfather built it by marble stone. This is one of the most beautiful homes in the village. It is two-storied and there are almost 25 rooms in the building. 

I love to live here a lot. There is a huge garden in front of the house. My father tries to paint the house every year, and that’s why it looks very beautiful. 

We have to spend a big amount of money on the maintenance of the home. I feel this house is the safest place for me and I feel a lot relieved when I am staying there. 


Everyone loves their home and they love to live there like me. It doesn’t matter how your home is, but everyone loves it. Because it’s the place where we were born, and it’s the place where our family lives. 

Essay on My Home in 400 


To me, my home is the best place to live in. The first reason behind it is my mother is here. We all have immense affection for our own home. We all have a home and we love to live there. Today I am going to share some important things about my home. 

My home is located in Bandra, Mumbai. My father built this home almost 20 years ago. This neighborhood was not that much crowded before and only a couple of buildings were here. But now it has been a really important place for the entire city. 

The value of land is pretty high here. We are very lucky that my dad made this building for us. It is a three-storied building. We live on the 2nd floor and the entire building is on rent. We make a good amount of money from this rent. 

We are living in a unit with two bedrooms. Each bedroom has an attached toilet. And there is an extra toilet too. There are very beautiful kitchen and a dining room. 

My mom keeps the entire home very neat and clean. Especially she keeps the living room very beautiful. The living room has some beautiful paintings and I love them a lot. 

My room is the most beautiful room in the entire building. My room is full of beautiful dolls, paintings, and different types of toys. My bed is very small but very beautiful. My dad bought that for me from Canada. 

I have a very beautiful veranda there and I can enjoy the beautiful outside view from there. My reading table and chair are also beautiful. I can use my computer there too. Overall it’s a very beautiful set up for me. 

Garden at Front of My Home:

There is a big and beautiful garden in front of our home. The garden is completely made by my dad. He has worked very hard for the garden. It has been so beautiful because of his hard work.

There are different types of flower plants in the garden. I love to work in the garden. It has added huge beauty in our home. I love the garden a lot. I am planning to add more plants there. 


That’s all about my home. I love my home very much and I love living there with my family. It’s a very important place for me because my family lives here. 

My Home Essay in 500 Words

My Home Essay in 500 Words

A home is a place where our heart is. We all love to be with our family and it’s only possible when we are living with our family. Today I am going to share all about my home. My home is very special to me.

My home is located in Banani, Dhaka. This is a very reputed area in the city. When my father came here to build this home, this place was not that much value and only a couple of buildings were here. 

But now it has been the most important place in the country. It is the perfect place for operating a business based on Dhaka. Our building is two-storied. We live on one floor and the other one is on rent. 

It was designed by a very good architect and the building structure is pretty good. We color it after a regular break and that’s how the entire building looks very beautiful. The people live here for rent, they are also very happy about our house. 

They always say that they love to stay here forever. We have got a good bonding with them. On our floor, we have two-bedrooms, three toilets, one kitchen, and a dining room. There is lots of space for the living room there. 

My parents decorated the room properly and made it a perfect living room. My room is one of the most beautiful parts of the entire building. I have got everything in the room. My veranda is on the west side and I can see a bit of a natural view from there. 

Sometimes I come out and sit there with a book in my hand. I have a big wardrobe to keep my clothes and a big bookshelf to keep my books. My computer table is also very beautiful. I love to work on that. 

We don’t have any cars, that’s why we don’t require any parking space. But we have enough parking space in front of our house. It will be required because we are planning to get a car soon. Overall, my home is amazing and very interesting to me. 

Why Do I Love to Be in My Home?

There are so many reasons why I love to stay in my home. First of all, I think I feel some extra comfort here. Everything is very easy and effortless here. I love to live with my family. 

And that’s another huge reason behind living in my home. When I go away from my home, I feel very homesick. I want to get back home as soon as possible.

Happiness doesn’t depend on the size of the house, but on the attitude of the family members. We are a very happy family living together happily with lots of love and fun. Our house may not have a lot of luxury but we feel very comfortable and safe here. 

Essay on My Home in 600 Words

Essay on My Home in 600 Words

‘Home is where the heart is’, it’s a famous quote about your own home or homeland. Almost everyone has their own home and they prefer to live in their home. In this essay, I am going to talk about my home.

I always think that my home is the best place for me to live in this world. We all feel special when we stay at home. When you go away for a few days or a week, you can realize how much you miss your home and get homesick. 

I have a very beautiful home. It was built by my father 10 years ago. It’s a two-storied building located in Delhi, India. My father shifted himself here with the entire family. He struggled a lot before building this house here. 

There are some beautiful things that I am going to share with all of you about my home. First of all, let’s talk about the rooms. We have a total of 10 rooms in the building. The terrace is very beautiful with lots of beautiful flower plants. 

My reading room and bedroom are on the 2nd floor. I love to live there. But our kitchen and dining room on the first floor. My parent’s bedroom is on the 2nd floor too. My elder brother and sister and my grandma live on the first floor. 

Our living room is also on the first floor. This is a very well decorated room with two beautiful sofa sets and a big screen Television. I love spending time in the living room. My sister made this room very special with her own interior knowledge. 

When any guest arrives at our house, we let them sit here. There are some mind-blowing paintings too on the wall. We have got a well decorated and complete kitchen. My mother and maid cook food there. My mom can cook delicious food. 

The dining room is pretty big and we all eat together there. My father never tolerated eating separately. My room is also very big and I try to keep it neat and clean always. My sister helps sometimes to keep my room organized. 

There are so many reasons that are why I love to be in my home. The first reason is my family. When I’m living in my home, I can stay with my family. And I love my family a lot. 

It is very easy to live with them. When I live outside of my home, I can feel how hard it is. Everything in my home is very familiar and known to me. I don’t need to go through any hardships while I’m here. Food is a huge issue for me. 

It’s hard for me to digest outside food. I love eating food that is cooked by my mom. My sister also cooks sometimes. She can cook well too.

Who Lives in My Home?

There are six members in my family. My two siblings, parents, and my grandmother . We’re a very small and sweet family. 

All members of my family are very caring and loving. They all love me a lot and that’s why my home has been more interesting for me. 

That’s all about my home. I love this place and that’s where I love to live. This is an amazing place for me. All the things that are related to my home are very fond of me. I can’t stop loving my home. Wherever I live I want to get back to my home. 

10 Lines Essay on My Home

Here is a beautiful and short 10 lines essay on my home. This short essay is very easy and important for the students. 

1. Home is where our heart is, and that’s a very true saying for us. We all love to be with our family in our home. 

2. My home is very beautiful, built by my grandfather. He is still alive with us. 

3. It’s a small but beautiful house. We are totally 5 members living in the home. 

4. There are a total three bedrooms in the house. My parents share one bedroom, and my brother shares one with me and another one is for grandpa. 

5. Every bedroom has an attached toilet. And there is an external toilet too. 

6. The kitchen is huge and it looks beautiful. 

7. My mom keeps the living room well decorated and there are some amazing paintings too. 

8. The other rooms are also very good in condition and my mom take care of the entire house. 

9. We are living a simple and happy life together. 

10. I love living in this home with my entire family and I find lots of peace on that. It has some extra comfort. 

How can I write about my house? 

If you want to write about your house, you can follow this beautiful ‘my home essays’. We have provided tons of simple and easy-to-learn examples for you. 

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about essay my home


Essay on My House

Students are often asked to write an essay on My House in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on My House


My house is my comfort place, a sanctuary that provides me warmth and security. It is a medium-sized bungalow located in the heart of the city.

The exterior of my house is painted in a soothing white shade. It has a beautiful lawn with colorful flowers that bloom year-round.

Inside, there are four rooms, a kitchen, and a living room. My room is my favorite, decorated with posters and my artworks.

My house, though not a palace, is a place I call home. It is where I grow, learn, and create memories.

250 Words Essay on My House

Architectural design.

The architectural design of my house is a blend of modern and traditional aesthetics. The exterior is adorned with a stone facade, while the interior is marked by sleek, minimalist design elements. The house is designed to maximize natural light, with large windows that invite the sun’s rays, enhancing the overall ambiance.

Interior Spaces

The interior spaces of my house are thoughtfully designed, each room serving a unique purpose. The living room, with its comfortable couches and warm fireplace, is a hub for family interactions. The kitchen, a symphony of contemporary appliances and traditional utensils, is where culinary experiments take place. My room, a personal sanctuary, is a reflection of my personality, adorned with books, artwork, and mementos.

Sustainable Features

Sustainability is a key feature of my house. We have solar panels on the roof, rainwater harvesting systems, and a small vegetable garden in the backyard. These elements not only reduce our carbon footprint but also foster a deeper connection with nature.

In essence, my house is more than a physical dwelling; it’s a space that nurtures growth, fosters love, and encapsulates the essence of ‘home’. It’s a testament to our values and aspirations, a constant reminder of our roots and the journey we’ve embarked upon as a family.

500 Words Essay on My House

A house is more than just a physical structure, it is a sanctuary, a reflection of one’s personality, and a testament to one’s journey. My house, nestled in a quaint neighborhood, is a symbol of my family’s love, unity, and memories. This essay aims to delve into the intricacies of my house, exploring its architectural beauty, the emotional resonance it holds, and its role as a space for intellectual growth.

Architectural Aesthetics

Emotional resonance.

My house is a repository of memories and emotions. Each corner tells a story, each wall echoes laughter, and each piece of furniture carries a tale of time spent with loved ones. The dining table, for instance, is not just a piece of furniture, but a symbol of family togetherness. It has witnessed countless family dinners, heated discussions, and joyful celebrations. The cozy reading nook in the corner of my room is my personal sanctuary, a space where I retreat to immerse myself in the world of books. The emotional resonance of my house extends beyond its walls, shaping my identity and sense of belonging.

Space for Intellectual Growth

My house also serves as a space for intellectual growth. The study room, equipped with a vast collection of books and a peaceful ambiance, encourages learning and creativity. It is here that I have spent countless hours engrossed in books or brainstorming for college projects. The walls of the house are adorned with artworks and photographs, stimulating intellectual curiosity and fostering an appreciation for art. The living room often transforms into a space for intellectual discussions, where ideas are exchanged and perspectives are broadened.

If you’re looking for more, here are essays on other interesting topics:

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Essay on My Home

about essay my home

Homes offer security and feel affection for human life and it is one of the most important things. “An East or West home is the best” is the saying and it is true according to my home, because my home is the best place for me in the world.

We are a middle class family and my home also belongs to the family background. The dining room is decorated well and it has a soft, a refrigerator, a TV set and a dining table. There are three bedrooms. One bedroom is using my grandparents and others shared with my mother, father, brother and me.

The kitchen also organized well same as other places and all of us helping to keep the home clean and tidy. We are sharing household work and always considering for the needs and comforts of each other. That is the top secret of the happy life of my home.

There is a small garden around the home and one side is facing a paddy field. It is very beautify place and I am very like to spend the evening in the home garden.

Our home is very busy and rushes in the morning, but we are never forgetting to have our dinner together and it is useful to keep the joy of the family.

My home offers affection, security and happiness for my life and I am very round of my home.

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Louis Pasteur

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about essay my home

Essay: ‘My Home’ (350 Words)

' src=

A home is a place where you are surrounded by your known ones and spend most of the time. I am lucky to have a house of my own. Some of them live in rentals flat and some unprivileged ones don’t have a house either. But A house becomes a home if there is a family which by god’s grace, I do have a lovely family.

Along with my parents, siblings, and grandparents, I reside in my old house. My grandfather had spent a lot of time building this home. It contains a Veranda, a kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and 3 other small rooms. The age of my home is at least 52 years.

I’m in awe of how lovely my home is. It is even more lovely because of the carved designs on it. It’s made up of mud and is still as strong as a house of bricks and cement. The veranda at my house has a tiny garden that belonged to my grandparents. Additionally, it has two trees, Guava and Mango trees respectively could be seen here. They provide us with shade and tasty fruits.

Since it was constructed many years ago, my home has very thick walls. It has retro switchboards, which give it a very distinct look. My home is located in a village area, deep inside where you won’t get easily a vehicle to travel. It’s more like a village. You will get some fresh air in the morning and evening. It’s the best part of my home Because of plants and trees we get fresh air and fruit. We follow the tradition of our ancestors to plant some fruits and grass in the house for ease and freshness. It’s worth doing it. My Whole family gets into this work on off days and enjoys each other company. We just love to stay at such a home which is chilled in hot weather and a bit hot in cold weather. It just keeps us suited to the weather.

Thus, my traditional home has inherited us some tradition and ethics of life, which is worthy of remembrance.

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Student Essays

Essay on my house, my dream home essay

10 Excellent Essay on My House- Must for Every Exam!

Writing up to describe my house in essay is somewhat a tricky yet interesting task. However, writing few lines, 10 or more sentences, is always required by Ukg kids in school.

But, in some cases students are required to write short & long essay and paragraph on topic my sweet home, my dream home or my house essay in best descriptive words.

Essay on my house | My Dream House Essay

House is not just a building. It is a place where we live with our family. It is our entire happiness of life. We share our sorrows, grief, happiness and joys under same roof. It is the most peaceful place on earth for any person.

Almighty has blessed me with sweet home. A home is where mom is. It is no less than blessing to live with your family and siblings. There are a lot of homeless people in the world. I always believe house is one of the beautiful blessings of Almighty.

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Describing My House in Essay

I live in a small town. It is about ten kilometers from main city and very peaceful place. My house is at left corner of town. It is small house with three bedrooms.

There is also bathroom and kitchen in my house. There is also a TV launch at my house. Our whole family sits together at night and watch TV serial.

It is very special watching television together. My mother has maintained my house very beautifully. She always keeps it clean.

She is always busy in doing household work. She is very fond of keeping her house clean and my little sister also helps her in her work.

My elder brother is fond of gardening. He has grown many flowers of different colors in our house. These flowers present very pleasant look to our house.

He has also maintained a small lawn at house. Greenery is very refreshing and it is very peaceful for mind and soul. My father often enjoys his evening tea in this lawn.

This small house is very important for every member of the house and every person is happy in it. My house has all the necessary facilities. It has electricity supply and water supply.

Home is the blessing of God

My house is no less than a blessing. It is surrounded by lovely people. My relatives live in our surrounding and we often share our delicious dishes as well as other matters with each other.

I am blessed that I am protected by four walls and roof. We are two brothers and one sister at our house. I share my bedroom with my brother. We often help each other in studies and discuss a lot of matters. My father really works hard to maintain this house.

There are a lot of homeless beings on earth and we should be thankful to Almighty for our house. House is a source of protection and peace. It does not matter whether it is big or small.

It should be peaceful. I always find a lot of solace at my house to live with my loved ones. I always share my problems with my father and mother.

I have very strong bonding with my brothers and sister. We also fight sometimes but we always enjoy a lot. My house is no less than paradise. There is no bigger happiness than living your life with loved ones and enjoying it.

House is one of the most important things in our life. Man is greedy and always wants more and more. A person who has house wants bungalow.

The one who has bungalow wants palace and so on. It is not important to have a luxurious house but it is very important to have a peaceful house.

One should always try to make it beautiful my helping each other in house and loving each other. I am really thankful to Almighty for this blessing. My house is the most beautiful house of the world as I live in it with my loved ones. I enjoy my life a lot and forget all my worries when I enter my house.

Describe My House Essay:

There is no place like home, they say. And I couldn’t agree more. For me, my house is not just a physical structure with walls and doors; it’s a place where I feel safe, comfortable and loved. It’s a place that holds countless memories of my childhood and family.

My house is located in the suburbs of a small town in the countryside. It’s a modest two-story house with a spacious front porch, surrounded by a beautiful garden filled with flowers and fruit trees. As soon as you enter the gate, you’re greeted by the sweet smell of jasmine flowers that line up the pathway to the house.

Upon entering the front door, you’ll step into our living room. It’s a warm and cozy space, with soft lighting and comfortable furniture. The walls are adorned with family photos and paintings that my parents have collected over the years. This is where we gather as a family to watch TV, play board games or simply chat about our days.

Next to the living room is the dining area, where we have our meals together. Our dining table has been in the family for generations, and it holds many memories of laughter and love shared during meal times. From this area, you can also access our backyard through glass doors that let in natural light and provide a beautiful view of the garden.

The kitchen is my mom’s domain. She loves to cook, and her food always brings us comfort and joy. The kitchen is always filled with the smell of delicious food and the sound of my mom humming while she cooks. It’s a place where we gather to help her prepare meals, and bond over cooking.

Upstairs, there are three bedrooms. My parents’ room is at the end of the hallway, and my room is right next to it. Across from our rooms is my younger brother’s room. We all have our own unique styles reflected in our rooms, but they all share a common theme – comfort and warmth.

My favorite part of the house is the backyard. It’s like a mini paradise with a large open space for us to play or relax on sunny days. There’s also a small pond where we keep  fish that my dad takes care of. The sound of the water and the sight of colorful fish swimming around bring a sense of peace and tranquility.

As I walk through my house, I’m reminded of all the happy moments we’ve shared as a family – from birthday celebrations to lazy weekends spent together. My house is not just a physical structure; it’s a place filled with love, warmth, and cherished memories.

And for that, I am grateful. So whenever I leave home for college or travel, I always look forward to coming back to this special place that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

In conclusion, describing my house is not just about its physical attributes but also about the emotions and memories attached to it. It’s where I feel most at ease and where I can always find comfort and love. My house is not just a building; it’s a home, and there’s no place like it in the world. So I will continue to cherish every moment spent within its walls and create new memories that I will treasure for a lifetime.

Descriptive Essay on My House:

My home is not just a physical structure where I live, but it is a place that holds countless memories and emotions for me. It is the place where I have grown up, learned valuable lessons of life, and created cherished moments with my loved ones. To me, my home is more than just a house; it is my sanctuary, my comfort zone, and my happy place.

As soon as I step into my home, I am greeted by the familiar sights, sounds, and smells that instantly make me feel at ease. The walls of my home are adorned with photographs capturing special moments with family and friends.

Each room has its own unique character and reflects the personalities of the people who inhabit it. The living room exudes warmth with its cozy couch, fluffy pillows, and soft lighting. The kitchen, on the other hand, is always bustling with activity as my family gathers to cook and share meals together.

One of the things that make my home truly special is its location. It is situated in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by lush green trees and well-maintained gardens. I am greeted every morning with chirping birds and the gentle rustling of leaves. The peaceful environment allows me to disconnect from the chaos of the outside world and find solace within my home’s walls.

But what truly makes my home so dear to me are the people who reside in it. My parents have put their heart and soul into making our house a welcoming and comfortable place for our family.

Their love for each other and for us is evident in every corner of our home. My siblings and I have shared countless memories within these walls, from playing hide-and-seek as children to late-night conversations as adults.

My home has also served as a safe haven during difficult times. It is the place where I can truly be myself without any fear of judgment. Whether it’s sharing my struggles with my family or finding solace in solitude, my home has always been there for me.

As I grow older and embark on new adventures, my home remains a constant source of comfort and stability. No matter how far I go or how long I am away, coming back to my home always feels like coming back to myself.

In conclusion, words cannot do justice to the special place my home holds in my heart. It is more than just a structure; it is where love, laughter, and memories reside. I am truly grateful for my home and all that it represents in my life. So, I will always cherish and hold onto its warmth, comfort, and love forever.

My Dream House Short Essay:

My dream house is a place where I can truly be myself and feel at peace. It is not just a physical structure, but a reflection of my innermost desires and aspirations. Growing up, I have always had this image in my mind of what my perfect home would look like.

Located in the countryside, surrounded by lush green fields and towering trees, my dream house would offer tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The exterior would have large windows that allow natural light to flood in, giving the illusion of an open space. A small garden with colorful flowers and a swing set would add to its charm.

As you step inside, you are greeted by warm tones and cozy furniture that exudes comfort. The living room would have a fireplace, perfect for snuggling up on cold winter nights. A bookshelf filled with my favorite novels and a comfortable armchair would be my go-to spot for relaxation.

The kitchen would be spacious and well-equipped, as I am an avid cook. It would have a large island where family and friends can gather while I prepare meals. The dining area would have a big table, perfect for hosting dinner parties or enjoying family dinners.

My dream house would also have a home office, designed to inspire creativity and productivity. It would be adorned with motivational quotes and filled with natural light to keep me energized throughout the day. This space would allow me to work from home in comfort and style.

One of the most important features of my dream house would be the backyard. It would have a pool, surrounded by lounge chairs and umbrellas for those hot summer days. A barbecue area with a built-in grill and outdoor seating would be perfect for hosting summer parties.

As I walk through my dream house, I see it as more than just a place to live. It is a sanctuary that reflects my personality and allows me to pursue my passions. It is where I can create memories with my loved ones and find solace after a long day.

In conclusion, my dream house may seem like an extravagant wish, but it represents so much more than just material possessions. It symbolizes the life I aspire to live – one filled with love, happiness, and peace in beautiful surroundings.

My Room Essay For Class 1:

My room is my favorite place in the whole world. It’s where I feel most comfortable, safe and relaxed. My room is not very big but it has everything I need. The walls are painted in my favorite color – pink! There is a big window that lets in lots of natural light which makes the room bright and cheerful.

I have a cozy bed with soft pillows and blankets that make me feel like I’m sleeping on clouds. Next to my bed, I have a small bookshelf filled with all my favorite storybooks. Whenever I need to escape into another world, I just grab a book and get lost in its pages.

On the other side of the room, there is a study table where I do all my school work. It has all my colorful stationery neatly organized in holders and cups. I love to decorate my room with pictures of my family, friends, and all the places I’ve been to.

My room is more than just a place to sleep. It’s where I can be myself and express my creativity. Sometimes, I even turn up the music and have a dance party all by myself! My room is truly my happy place.

Essay on My house for Class 3:

My house is my favorite place in the whole world. It is not just a building made of bricks and cement, but it holds countless memories for me. I live with my parents, grandparents, and siblings in our cozy little house.

Our house has two floors. The ground floor consists of a living room, dining area, kitchen, and a guest bedroom. The living room is where we spend most of our time as a family. We have a comfortable couch where we watch TV or play games together. Our dining table is always filled with delicious food prepared by my mom.

The first floor has three bedrooms – one for my parents, one for my grandparents, and one shared by me and my brother. Each room has its own unique style and is filled with our favorite things. My room has posters of my favorite superheroes and a small bookshelf where I keep my books.

Our house also has a beautiful garden at the back, which is maintained by my grandparents. We have a variety of plants and flowers that bloom all year round. In the evenings, we often sit in the garden and talk about our day while sipping on tea.

I feel blessed to have such a warm and loving home. It is not just a place to live in, but it is also where I spent my childhood making unforgettable memories. Whenever I am away from home, I miss it dearly and eagerly wait to come back.

Living in this house has taught me the importance of family, love, and togetherness. I am grateful for my parents who have worked hard to provide us with a comfortable and happy home. My house will always hold a special place in my heart, no matter where life takes me. So, this is why my house is the best place in the world!

My Surrounding Essay:

As humans, we are constantly surrounded by our environment, whether it be nature or man-made structures. Our surroundings have a significant impact on our daily lives and shape our thoughts, behaviors, and overall well-being.

Nature plays a crucial role in providing us with resources for survival. It offers us breathtaking landscapes that amaze and inspire us. The tranquil sounds of waves crashing on the shore or birds chirping in the trees can have a calming effect on our minds. Additionally, being in nature has been proven to reduce stress levels and improve mental health.

On the other hand, man-made structures dominate many urban areas and contribute to the fast-paced lifestyle of modern society. We are exposed to constant sensory stimulation from advertisements, bright lights, and traffic noises. While this can be overwhelming at times, it also creates a sense of diversity and excitement.

Our surroundings also influence our cultural identity. Being exposed to different cultures and ways of life helps us understand and appreciate diversity. It broadens our perspectives and allows us to see the world through a different lens.

Moreover, our surroundings mold our daily routines as well. For instance, living in a city may mean taking public transportation or walking to work while living in the countryside may involve tending to a farm or taking care of livestock.

In conclusion, our surroundings have a profound impact on us physically, mentally, and emotionally. They shape who we are as individuals and play a significant role in our overall quality of life. It is essential that we take care of our surroundings and appreciate the beauty and diversity it has to offer.

Why I Love My Home Essay:

My home is my safe haven, a place where I can truly be myself and feel at peace. It is where I have grown up and made so many cherished memories with my family. From the moment I step through the front door, I am surrounded by comfort and familiarity.

One of the main reasons why I love my home is because of the people who reside in it. My parents, siblings, and even our pets make this house feel like a warm and loving home. We share laughter, meals, and conversations here that bring us closer together as a family.

Not only does my home provide a sense of security and belonging, but it also offers opportunities for personal growth. It is within these walls that I have learned valuable life lessons from my parents, developed my interests and hobbies, and created a sense of independence.

Moreover, my home is a reflection of who I am. The decor, furniture, and personal touches all represent my unique style and personality. It is a constant reminder that this space is truly mine and a place where I can express myself freely.

In 200 words, it’s impossible to fully capture the love and appreciation I have for my home. It serves as a sanctuary from the outside world and holds a special place in my heart. It may not be the largest or most glamorous house, but it will always be my favorite place in the world. Home truly is where the heart is.

My Home Life Essay:

My home is my sanctuary, a place where I feel safe and loved. It is a place that holds precious memories of my childhood and continues to be the center of my life today. In just 250 words, it’s impossible to fully describe the depth of emotions that I have for my home.

As soon as I step inside, a sense of peace washes over me. The familiar scent of homemade meals wafts through the air, reminding me of all the special dinners shared with my family. The walls are adorned with pictures and artwork that tell our story – from family vacations to school achievements. Each room in our house has its own unique atmosphere, yet it all comes together beautifully to create a warm and inviting space.

Growing up, my home was always bustling with activity. My siblings and I would race to the front door after school, eager to share stories of our day with our parents. We would spend hours playing games in the living room or baking treats in the kitchen. Even now, as an adult, I still find myself gravitating towards my childhood bedroom when I need a moment of comfort.

But beyond the physical aspects, it’s the intangible qualities that truly make my home special. It’s where I have learned valuable life lessons from my parents and grandparents. It’s where we gather for holidays and celebrate milestones together as a family. It’s where I can be completely myself without fear of judgement.

In today’s fast-paced world, my home is a place where time slows down. It’s a place where I can disconnect from technology and just be present with my loved ones. No matter where life takes me, I know that my home will always be there to welcome me back with open arms.

In conclusion, my home is not just a building but a reflection of who I am and the love that surrounds me. It continues to shape me into the person I am today and I will forever be grateful for its unwavering presence in my life.

Short Essay on there is no Place Like Home:

There is no denying the fact that home is an essential part of our lives. It is a place where we feel comfortable, safe and loved. Home, for most people, is not just a physical structure but also holds sentimental value. It is often said that there is no place like home and this statement holds true in every sense.

Home is not limited to just being a place to live in but it also holds a significant emotional attachment. It is where we create countless memories with our loved ones and share moments that shape us into who we are. Whether it’s playing in the backyard as children or sitting around the dinner table with family, these memories hold a special place in our hearts.

Furthermore, home provides us with a sense of belonging and identity. It reflects our personal style, interests and values. We often decorate our homes to showcase our individuality and make it our own unique space. Home also serves as a sanctuary from the outside world where we can truly be ourselves without any judgment.

Moreover, home is a place of comfort and safety. In times of stress or trouble, there is no better feeling than being in the familiar surroundings of home. It is where we seek refuge and find solace in the company of our loved ones. Home also provides us with a sense of security knowing that we have a place to call our own.

In today’s fast-paced world, where life can get chaotic at times, home serves as an anchor that keeps us grounded. It reminds us of what truly matters in life and helps us appreciate the little things. It is a constant in our lives, a place where we can always return to no matter how far we may wander.

In conclusion, there is no place like home. It holds immense emotional value and provides us with a sense of belonging, comfort, and stability. No matter where life takes us, home will always be the one place that remains constant and unchanged. As Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz famously said, “There’s no place like home.”

Describe Your Childhood Home Essay:

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have a loving and caring family who provided me with a stable home environment. Our house was located in a quaint suburban neighborhood, surrounded by lush green trees and well-manicured lawns. From the outside, it may have seemed like just another ordinary house on the block, but for me, it held countless memories and special moments that I will always cherish.

As you entered our front door, you would first step into our cozy living room. The walls were painted in a warm shade of yellow and adorned with family photos and artwork done by my siblings and me. In the corner sat a big soft couch where we would all gather to watch movies or play board games on lazy Sunday afternoons.

Next to the living room was our dining area, where we would come together as a family for meals. The scent of my mother’s home-cooked food always filled the air, making it feel like a warm hug every time I walked into the kitchen. We would often have lively conversations and share funny stories over dinner, creating cherished memories that I still hold dear.

Down the hallway were our bedrooms – mine on one end and my siblings’ on the other. They were small but cozy, with just enough space for our beds and personal belongings.

My room was painted in a calming shade of blue, and I had posters of my favorite bands and artwork plastered all over the walls. It was my little sanctuary where I could escape from the world and let my creativity roam freely.

The backyard was where we spent most of our time during the summer. It had a big oak tree that provided shade, and we would often have picnics or play games under it. Behind the tree was a garden that my mother tended to, filled with colorful flowers and fresh herbs that she would use in her cooking. It was also where I learned how to ride a bike and had countless adventures with my siblings.

Looking back, I realize how lucky I was to grow up in such a warm and loving home. Our house may not have been grand or luxurious, but it was filled with love, laughter, and happy memories that made it feel like the best place on earth.

As I reflect on my childhood home, I am reminded of the importance of having a safe and nurturing environment to grow up in. It shaped me into the person I am today, and for that, I will always be grateful.

So whenever I pass by my childhood home, I can’t help but smile and feel a sense of warmth and nostalgia wash over me. Stories like these are reminders that our homes are not just buildings made of bricks and mortar, but they hold a special place in our hearts forever.

Whether it is the cozy living room where we gathered as a family or the backyard where we made countless memories, every nook and corner of our childhood home holds a piece of our heart. And even though time may have passed and we may have moved on to create new homes, the memories and feelings attached to our childhood home will always remain a constant in our lives.

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It truly is a place that will forever hold a special place in our hearts as we continue to reminisce on the happy moments shared within its walls. So I am grateful for my childhood home and all the love and joy it brought into my life. It will forever be a cherished part of my journey and shaped me into the person I am today.

  • To write an essay about your house, begin with an introduction, describing the location and significance of your home. Then, elaborate on its physical features, the memories associated with it, and the feelings it evokes. Conclude with a summary of what makes your house special to you.
  • A home is a place where one lives, feels safe, and finds comfort. It’s not just a physical structure but also a space filled with love, memories, and a sense of belonging.
  • “Home is where the heart is.”
  • “A home is a sanctuary of love and happiness.”
  • “In a home, you find warmth, security, and cherished moments.”

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Writing piles of My Home papers is an essential part of present-day studying, be it in high-school, college, or university. If you can do that unassisted, that's just awesome; yet, other students might not be that lucky, as My Home writing can be quite challenging. The directory of free sample My Home papers introduced below was put together in order to help flunker learners rise up to the challenge.

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Sample Essay On Gun Possession Laws In Rhode Island

Policy Problem:

Four Technology Advancements From 1990 To 2000 Essay Example

mmmmm dd, yyyy

Technology 1: Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Introduction In 1997, Toyota rolled-out its sedan which was powered by both the conventional combustion and electric power trains. Effect on Daily Life People who have bought hybrid cars enjoyed lesser fuel expenses. Hybrid cars reduce the emission of CO2 which causes global warming. Owners have also felt a sense of pride and higher self-esteem knowing that they are doing something positive about global warming.

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American education of international korean student essay example, a-level essay on reading assignments critique for free use, sample interview questions: exemplar essay to follow.

Question 1: Tell me about yourself?

Free Letter Of Transmittal Research Proposal Example

Good example of critical thinking on personal experience with discrimination.

Personal experience with discrimination

Example Of Past, Present, And Future Presentation

Indiana university personal statements examples.

Looking back through history, there are hundreds of impressive men and women who immediately spring to mind who have left their imprint on world culture: Sir Issac Newton, Leonardo DeVinci, Cleopatra, Mother Teresa, Abū al-QāsimMuḥammadibnʿAbdAllāh, and Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) to name only a few. Each of these admirable people had one thing in common: they had a teacher or teachers who educated them and inspired them to greatness. My goal is to become a teacher of this caliber.

Free Admission Essay About Global Awareness

Essay on religions of asia.

In the beginning of the semester, I wrote on the Discussion Board that even though I am from Asia and people may think that I am familiar with religions of Asia, I did not have much understanding of various religious faiths in Asia. Because I have never believed or practiced any religion in my whole life, I did not have much interest about religions of Asia or elsewhere.

Good Course Work On Computer Discussion Board

In working with this particular activity, I got interested on the tasks concerning the insertion of equations, adding hyperlinks to a document, inserting screenshots, and insertion of smartart objects. I choose these particular tasks because I believed that these are important features of words which will help someone working with word a lot.

Finance Degree Personal Statement

When I tell people I am from China, I think they often think of a big city, like Shanghai or Beijing; my home city is different, though. I am from central China, in the Henan province. My home city is called Luoyang, and it is rich with history. It took me a long time to understand the history of my home and how it came to make me who I am today.

Essay On Personal Decision on Education in the United States

Social work at graduate school personal statement sample, report on religious studies.


Good Example Of The Negative Psychological Effects Of High Caffeine Dosage On The Body Argumentative Essay

Selim: the ottoman convert essay.

(Insert Institute) (Insert Course) (Insert Date of Submission)

Stress And Coping Project Essays Example


Example Of Experience Essay

Free creative writing on a nosy affair.

Creative Writing

Free Essay About My Personal Goals

Free research paper on household carbon footprint.

Personal Carbon Footprint

Good Personal Statement About Reasons For Applying To Birmingham Foundation Academy, School Of Chemical Engineering

Admission Essay – Birmingham Foundation Academy

Essay On Water Use Inventory- Estimated Water Use

Personal Water Use Inventory

Good Example Of Let Me Talk To You Little Bit About The Country That I Came From Essay

Personal Essay

Free Christopher Basgier Essay Sample

Free essay on food preparation and consumption creates a sense of place and cultivates specific.

Identity, Sense of Belonging and Sense of Place

Good Essay About You Choses It

Response Essay

Birth And Early Life Essay Samples

Personal History

Thesis This paper is on the topic of personal life history reflection paper. This paper is divided into five sections that are namely; birth and infancy, elementary school, junior school, high school and university. I will cover this paper will memories from my different parts of my life and I will include personal and emotional experiences that I have gone through from the day I can remember.

Free Transfer Request Admission Essay Example

Essay on operating system, good example of essay on a pork incident, sexual offender registration essay sample, talking about myself personal statement example.

Admission Essay

Advice From An Expat Case Study Example

Five Reasons for & Five Reasons against Becoming an Expatriate

____________(Name)_______________ ___________(Institution)_____________

Main Reasons Why Expatriates Fail

Free Essay On Energy Use

Online teaching essay examples, free essay on tell us why you have chosen the above campus, example of essay on civic engagement.

Part 1: US Group Culture Self Identity Exercise

Free Admission Essay On Education: A Philosophy For Learning

Home security analysis research paper examples, you must submit a with your application form. this should be personal statement sample.

Personal Statement: MSc Management, Organisations and Governance (LSE)

Personal Statement On Pharmaceutical Studies

Example of a valentines day dinner essay, example of my english improved when i couldnt find a job in my country essay, example of portfolio reflective statement essay.

Portfolio Reflective Statement

They say that music is the universal language because everybody who listens to it understands it and can relate to it, at least metaphorically. However, in the business world, I think that English is the “universal language.” This may not be a fact, but given that it is the most widely used language in the realm of business, I think that English may as well be the universal language. Especially with the ongoing trend in globalization, I have come to believe that the ability to communicate in English is becoming even more important.

Essay On Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is strictly speaking a non renewable source of energy. This essentially arises out of the fact that nuclear energy is derived from the fission process of uranium. The amount of uranium on the surface of the earth is finite. Therefore, nuclear energy is non renewable. However, nuclear energy can artificially be made through the use of breeder reactors and uranium 235. This method, though rare, would enable the renewal of nuclear power.

Essay On Special Place

Mitigation responsibilities essay examples.

Mitigation responsibilities

Effects Of Caffeine Report Examples

Caffeine occurs naturally in more than 60 plants including tea leaves, coffee beans, cacao pods and kola nuts-used to flavor soft drink colas (Medicines in my Home, 1). Worldwide, 90 percent of people consume caffeine in different forms. The use of caffeine has several effects to the human body.

Free Personal Statement On Addresses Your Reasons For Transferring And The Objectives You Hope To Achieve.

Personal Statement

My choice to transfer to the University of Southern California, is one which I have not taken lightly, and I have done so in the hope that it will improve my chance of both enjoying my university experience, as well as my chances of graduating with a strong qualification under my belt. I have selected to major in Economics primarily, alongside Business and Finance. This is a deliberate selection as they are three areas which, obviously, go hand-in-hand with one another and which will lead to a prosperous career in any number of fields.

Essay On Scientific Method

Common application short answer admission essay, biography on we must tell our own story.

We Must Tell Our Own Story

Essay On Speech Travelling Is My Favorite Hobby

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Guest Essay

Bill Maher: Why I Want an Open Convention

A picture of a “Biden-Harris” sign on the concrete.

By Bill Maher

Mr. Maher is the host of “Real Time” and the author of “What This Comedian Said Will Shock You.”

Over the past few years, many people have told me I should stop making Biden-is-old jokes because “it just helps Trump” — as if voters wouldn’t have noticed his age otherwise. I can’t ignore the obvious; none of us can. And I’m not going to mindlessly echo mendacious talking points like, “He has a cold.” If he had a cold, why was he out campaigning the next morning instead of putting his 81-year-old body to bed?

As Joe Biden himself would say, “Here’s the deal”: What happened at the debate last week wasn’t a tragedy; it was a blessing in disguise. I called on Mr. Biden to step aside almost a year ago, warning that he would be forever known as “Ruth Bader Biden” if he didn’t. Since then, each time I would bring up that idea, publicly or privately, people would dismiss it out of hand: Get on board, they’d say. The Democrats will never replace him. It’s off the table.

Well, now it’s on the table, where it always should have been. And far from being some kind of disaster for the Democratic Party, it plays right into what works best in 21st-century American culture. Americans like new .

When Barack Obama announced he was running for president in 2007, many said he hadn’t been around long enough, not realizing that his youth and inexperience were some of the best things he had going for him. He was new, and we weren’t tired of him. And he didn’t have an endlessly long record to pick over.

If our presidential politics were a TV show, it would be a series past its prime in desperate need of new characters. The term “jumping the shark” derives from an infamous episode of “Happy Days,” when the Fonz literally jumped over a shark while water-skiing in his leather jacket. The show had been on so long, and the story lines had grown so tired that the producers found themselves stretching the limits of reality to drum up interest.

Donald Trump talks about sharks a lot. I see this as an omen. Democrats can no longer afford to suspend disbelief.

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Monica Lewinsky: In Praise of Alternate Endings, 10 Years After My First VF Essay

Image may contain Monica Lewinsky Face Head Person Photography Portrait Accessories Jewelry Ring Adult and Happy

Never lose hope.

“I love you. Bye, Felicia !” I texted my friend Katerina on October 27, 2016. The sassy send-off had been in the culture for two decades (a reference from the film Friday ), but it had only crossed our transom that year. We used it affectionately and, therefore, ironically. Unbeknownst to me, it would be our last text exchange. She died unexpectedly on November 1.

Our friendship had been a salvation in the latter half of what I now call my Dark Decade, roughly 2004 to 2014. Though that stretch of time included some moments of joy, they were few and far between. For the most part, I was in a sea of pain, coming to grips with what it meant to have been standing at the center of a political sex scandal in which I was opposing the most powerful man in the world. Coming to grips with the trauma that grew around me, like weeds, as a result of the public revelations of my private life, the ensuing media circus, an impeachment trial. Coming to grips with what my future might look like. Answer: It looked fucking bleak. I was unemployable. And I was Angry.

Katerina, an entrepreneur and activist, was whip-smart about current events, world history, and spiritual matters. She had a roaring, infectious laugh. She was also kind. You would hardly know that less than a decade earlier, in a freak accident, she had broken her back in five places. After being reassembled with metal rods, she was told she’d likely never walk again. “Screw that,” she would say, “pun intended.” She didn’t lose hope and instead insisted on an alternate ending, prognosis be damned. With grit (and some luck), she recovered and did indeed walk again. And she walked tall.

Our conversations spanned the personal and the political. In 2013, as Edward Snowden leaked classified NSA documents, exposing an array of methods the government and European allies used to spy on private citizens, Kat posited that 15 years earlier, the Starr Report had catapulted us all into what she termed the Age of Transparency. We’d had explosive disclosures in politics before: the Pentagon Papers, Watergate , Iran-Contra. But at their core, these were military, political, professional; 1998 was personal. A boss having an extramarital affair with a young subordinate. A politician abusing power. People, under oath, lying about sex. Rumors titillating the Beltway and beyond. All ordinaire. Almost quotidian. But this time was different. As the truth was made public, published in full on the internet, the personal behavior of a private citizen (me)—along with the actions of others, which had typically been obfuscated by power, gender, status, and wealth—was laid bare. And this transparency led to historical and cultural shifts.

Kat made the point that after 1998, for better or for worse, becoming transparent meant becoming Seen—in new and sometimes disturbing ways. And year upon year, we began to peek behind the veil in all facets of life and culture, thanks to the Patriot Act, reality television, the truth about weapons of mass destruction, the advent of social media, Wikileaks, 23andMe, the UK tabloid phone hacking scandal, and on and on.

Kat’s argument was compelling. And a year after Snowden’s data dump, 2014, I would find myself impacted by this Age of Transparency yet again, this time gratefully.

Ten years ago, after a decade of self-imposed silence in which I had retreated from a world that still shamed me, after a decade of involution and integration (and a fuckton of healing), I jumped back into the public conversation. With no safety net. And I found my voice…by writing for this magazine.

about essay my home

In many ways, my 2014 essay, “ Shame and Survival ,” was a social experiment. Vanity Fair and its then editor, Graydon Carter, could have been lambasted for giving someone from a 15-year-old news story, well, 15 more minutes. And not just in a splashy interview, but in a first-person essay in which I allowed myself to be transparent—and unblinking. (The first line was “How does it feel to be America’s blow job queen?”) I was no longer mediated through another’s gaze but stepping forward unabashedly.

RFK Jr.’s Family Doesn’t Want Him to Run. Even They May Not Know His Darkest Secrets.

And something surprising happened. A generation that hadn’t lived through the Brainwashing of 1998 insisted on reevaluating this story, one that, given government and judicial overreach, given the technological and tabloid explosion, had always been bigger than me and any one of the other players in it. It had always been a story about the culture at large, and why in my original piece I had referred to myself as a social canvas.

What followed was a Big Fat Fucking Miracle™. My life changed, and I’ll be forever thankful.

That doesn’t mean it has been all smooth sailing. Hardly. Over the years, I’ve spoken confidentially to many people who have been publicly shamed and have explained that taking back one’s narrative doesn’t happen overnight and is (annoyingly) replete with plenty of setbacks. While the essay went on to be nominated for a National Magazine Award (I’m not kidding, alongside pieces by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Roger Angell—Angell won), the following month I attended a party in LA and a famous diva asked me, point-blank, if I was someone’s plus-one. When I replied I had been invited, she snarked, “They just let everyone in tonight, didn’t they?” (Yes, really.)

It went on like this. I gave my first major public speeches: at the Forbes 30 Under 30 conference and, several months later, in 2015, at TED in Vancouver. But mere minutes after my TED Talk, “The Price of Shame ,” went online, the level of vitriol, misogyny, and hatred spewed at me in the comments section was worse than anything the TED team had experienced before. (Who knew there were so many ways to say whore ?) Soon I began working with anti-bullying organizations globally. And yet, when one of the groups was being honored at an event, I was asked not to walk the red carpet.

In 2018, I was asked by Vanity Fair ’s newly appointed editor, Radhika Jones, to address the #MeToo moment in an essay in which I unpacked my own thoughts about what constituted consent in a workplace relationship with a quintessential power differential. Shortly thereafter I was disinvited to a philanthropy summit because former president Bill Clinton was a last-minute addition to the roster.

about essay my home

I could go on for hours. If this last decade has shown me anything, it’s that we never know what lurks or enlivens around the next corner. That one essay, where someone took a chance on me, helped set my life on a different course.

My friend Katerina, who is intensely missed, was not as fortunate. One night she had dined out with her husband and developed what became a fatal case of food poisoning. She was hospitalized, sepsis set in, and she quickly passed. But to this day she remains Seen, in all her common majesty, by everyone who encountered her in life.

After all, in the end what matters more than how it all began is how we have been Seen . And as Rumi wrote:

Never lose hope, dear heart. Miracles swell in the invisible.

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Looking for Love in the Hamptons? Buy a $275 Ticket for the Luxury Bus.

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Palace Insiders on the Monarchy’s Difficult Year

The Best TV Shows of 2024 , So Far

Listen Now: VF ’s Still Watching Podcast Dissects House of the Dragon

Monica Lewinsky

“We Have a Recurring Problem”: Rachel Maddow Isn’t Done Dredging Up America’s Fascist History

Alice Munro's daughter alleges she was abused by stepfather and her mom stayed with him

Alice Munro 's daughter is alleging she was sexually abused by her stepfather and that the Nobel Prize-winning author stood by him.

In an essay published Sunday in the Toronto Star , Andrea Robin Skinner, Munro's daughter from her first marriage to James Munro, said she was sexually assaulted by Gerald Fremlin, her stepfather and Munro's second husband, in 1976. She was 9 years old at the time.

In 2005, Fremlin received two years' probation after pleading guilty in Canadian court to assaulting Skinner.

The assault occurred when Skinner went to visit Munro for the summer at her home in Ontario. Fremlin also "made lewd jokes, exposed himself during car rides, told me about the little girls in the neighbourhood he liked, and described my mother's sexual needs," she wrote. Once, in front of Munro, he "told me that many cultures in the past weren't as 'prudish' as ours, and it used to be considered normal for children to learn about sex by engaging in sex with adults," Skinner alleged.

Years later, when she was 25, Skinner says she wrote a letter to her mother telling her about the sexual abuse, but Munro was "incredulous." According to the essay, Fremlin told Munro that he "would kill me if I ever went to the police." Despite what Skinner had told her, the short story writer remained married to Fremlin until his death in 2013.

Alice Munro, Nobel Prize-winning author and master of the short story, dies at 92

"She said that she had been 'told too late,' she loved him too much, and that our misogynistic culture was to blame if I expected her to deny her own needs, sacrifice for her children, and make up for the failings of men," Skinner wrote. "She was adamant that whatever had happened was between me and my stepfather. It had nothing to do with her."

Skinner also said Fremlin's former friends told her mother that he exposed himself to their 14-year-old daughter.

Skinner ended contact with her mother after telling her that Fremlin could never be around her own kids, and the two never reconciled their relationship.

Though she wrote that she was "satisfied" with Fremlin pleading guilty to indecent assault, Skinner also wanted her story to be told and for future interviews and biographies of Munro to wrestle with "the fact that my mother, confronted with the truth of what had happened, chose to stay with, and protect, my abuser."

But Skinner said this did not happen, and due to her mother's fame, "the silence continued."

Alice Munro wins Nobel Prize in literature

The essay comes after Munro, who in 2013 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, died in May at age 92 after suffering from dementia for over a decade.

"I want so much for my personal story to focus on patterns of silencing, the tendency to do that in families and societies," Skinner told the Toronto Star . "I just really hope that this story isn't about celebrities behaving badly … I hope that … even if someone goes to this story for the entertainment value, they come away with something that applies to their own family."

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence, RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Hotline offers free, confidential, 24/7 support to survivors and their loved ones in English and Spanish at: 800.656.HOPE (4673) and  and en Español .

I Was Wrongfully Arrested Because of Facial Recognition Technology. It Shouldn’t Happen to Anyone Else

about essay my home

O n January 9, 2020, Detroit Police Department (DPD) officers arrested me on my front lawn in Farmington Hills, Michigan, in front of my wife and two young daughters, for a crime I had nothing to do with. They refused to tell me why, and I had to spend the night sleeping on a cold concrete bench in an overcrowded, filthy jail cell before finally finding out that I was being falsely accused of stealing designer watches from a Detroit boutique.

While interrogating me, a pair of detectives let it slip that I had been arrested based on an incorrect facial recognition identification, a technology that has been proven to be both racist and faulty—especially when used in real-world conditions, like with blurry security footage.

This week we finally reached a settlement in my wrongful arrest lawsuit against the City of Detroit that ensures what happened to me won’t happen again.

Facial recognition technology has access to massive databases with millions of photos — including, at the time I was arrested, a database of 49 million photographs comprising every Michigan driver’s license photo going back years. Anyone who has a driver’s license can be included in these databases. The technology scans them all for similar-looking faces and spits out some possible suspects. Police would tell you they only use this information as a “lead” and then conduct meaningful investigations but my own personal experience, and that of other wrongfully arrested people around the country, refutes that assertion.

Case in point, the system somehow returned my expired driver’s license photo as an “investigative lead” that might match the thief. Rather than investigate the accuracy of this purported match, police accepted the “lead,” putting my photo in a lineup along with five other photos of Black men—each of whom looked less like the thief since a computer algorithm hadn’t decided those photos looked similar enough to the thief to be a possible match. The witness (who hadn’t even seen the crime happen, but merely reviewed the security footage) chose my photo out of this rigged lineup. And that is all the evidence DPD relied upon to arrest me.

Read More: Artificial Intelligence Has a Problem With Gender and Racial Bias. Here’s How to Solve It

When I was finally released after 30 hours, I learned that my oldest daughter had lost her first tooth while I was in jail—a precious childhood memory now warped by trauma for our whole family.  She also turned around a photograph of our family because she couldn’t bear to see my face after watching the police haul me away. The girls even started playing cops-and-robbers games and telling me I was the robber. There have been many moments over the last four years where I’ve had to try to explain to two little girls that a computer wrongfully sent their father to jail.

The bogus charges were ultimately dropped, but not before I had to go to court to defend myself against something I didn’t do. Once they were dropped, I demanded that police officials apologize and urged them to stop using this dangerous technology. They ignored me.

Since my story became public in 2020, we’ve learned of two other Black people in Detroit, Porcha Woodruff and Michael Oliver , who were also wrongfully arrested for crimes they didn’t commit based on police reliance on faulty facial recognition technology searches.  Similar stories continue to pop up around the nation.

In a more just world, the cops would be banned from using this technology altogether. While this settlement couldn’t go that far, the DPD’s use of this dangerous and racist technology will now be much more tightly controlled. They will not be able to conduct a photo lineup based solely on a lead derived from facial recognition. Instead, they can only conduct a lineup after using facial recognition if they first uncover independent evidence linking the person identified by facial recognition to a crime. In other words, DPD can no longer substitute facial recognition for basic investigative police work.

Their obligations don’t end there. Whenever DPD uses facial recognition in an investigation, they must inform courts and prosecutors about any flaws and weaknesses of the facial recognition search they conducted, such as poor photo quality like in my case where grainy security footage was used. DPD will also, for the first time, have to train its officers about the limitations and inaccuracies of facial recognition technology, including how it falsely identifies Black people at much higher rates than white people.

What the Detroit Police Department made me endure changed my life forever. When I was being hauled off to jail, I felt like I was in a bad movie I couldn’t leave. For the past several years since my wrongful arrest, my family and I have traveled around Michigan and the country urging policymakers to protect their constituents from the horror I went through by stopping law enforcement from misusing this technology. I’ve repeatedly explained that I don’t want anyone to live with the fear and trauma that facial recognition technology inflicted on my family. With the settlement of my case, we take a big step toward that goal.

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What My Home Means to Me

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Words: 827 |

Published: Apr 8, 2022

Words: 827 | Pages: 2 | 5 min read

Image of Dr. Oliver Johnson

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Philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato pointed out that education is central to the moral fulfilment of individuals and the well-being of the society in which they live. Regarding this idea, I returned to Korea wanting to [...]

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    A home is a place that gives comfort to everyone. It is because a home is filled with love and life. Much like every lucky person, I also have a home and a loving family. Through My Home Essay, I will take you through what my home is like and how much it means to me.

  2. Essays About Home: Top 5 Examples and 7 Writing Prompts

    Writing essays about home depicts familial encounters that influence our identity. Discover our guide with examples and prompts to assist you with your next essay.

  3. My Home as The Most Beautiful Place for Me

    The perfect place and the most beautiful place in this world is my home; I also called "my small world". In 2013 my family and I moved to the United... read full [Essay Sample] for free

  4. Essay on My Home

    High-quality essay on the topic of "My Home" for students in schools and colleges.

  5. Essay on My House in English: Check 300, 500 & 800 Words Essay

    In this article, we'll explore writing an essay on my house, exploring its significance, structure, and the role it plays in shaping our lives.

  6. What Does Home Mean to You: [Essay Example], 1251 words

    Many ask, "what does home mean to you?" For me, home is not just a place…it's a feeling. "What I love most about my home is who I share it with." "There... read full [Essay Sample] for free

  7. Essay on My House for Students and Children

    Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas. My House. I live in my ancestral home with my grandparents, parents, and siblings. My grandfather built this house with his hard work. It has four rooms, one kitchen, two bathrooms, and a patio. My house is at least fifty years old.

  8. Essay on My Home [Edit & Download], Pdf

    Essay on My Home. Home is more than just a physical space; it is a sanctuary where we find comfort, nurture relationships, and create memories that last a lifetime. It is a personal haven that reflects our identity, holds our dreams, and supports our journey through life. In this essay, I will explore the multifaceted significance of my home ...

  9. 196 Home Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

    Looking for a good essay, research or speech topic on Home? Check our list of 196 interesting Home title ideas to write about!

  10. Essay on My Home 500+ Words

    Essay on My Home: Explore the warmth and memories of 'My Home' in our heartfelt essay on the place that holds our heart.

  11. My House Essay in English in 150, 250, 300 and 500 words

    My House Essay for Student in English In this essay about my home, I will discuss both my current residence and my ideal house. In the first part, I will provide a detailed description of my present home, covering its structure, layout, and the unique elements that make it meaningful to my family and me.

  12. The Importance of Home: a Sanctuary of Comfort and Belonging

    The concept of home can vary from person to person, but ultimately, it is a space where individuals feel safe and connected. In this essay, we will explore the different aspects that contribute to the definition of home and delve into why it holds such importance in our lives.

  13. Home Essay Examples for College Students

    Browse through Home essays and find over 35k essay examples in our database | ️ Successful graduation with WritingBros!

  14. Essay on My Home: Journey from childhood home to college

    What is home? An introspective essay exploring the emotional resonance and evolving definition of home over a lifetime.

  15. Essay on My Home in 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 Words for All Classes

    These short and long 'essay on my home' are for students of class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. These are simple and easy to learn for all.

  16. 100 Words Essay on My Hometown

    High-quality essay on the topic of "My Hometown" for students in schools and colleges.

  17. Essay on My House

    High-quality essay on the topic of "My House" for students in schools and colleges.

  18. Essay on My Home

    Essay on My Home Homes offer security and feel affection for human life and it is one of the most important things. "An East or West home is the best" is the saying and it is true according to my home, because my home is the best place for me in the world.

  19. My House Essay: 500 Plus Words Essay on My House for Students

    My House Essay: House is where we take shelter and spend our lives. Owning a house is the starting point of becoming wealthy. My house essay will discuss the importance of a house!

  20. Essay: 'My Home' (350 Words)

    Essay: 'My Home' (350 Words) A home is a place where you are surrounded by your known ones and spend most of the time. I am lucky to have a house of my own. Some of them live in rentals flat and some unprivileged ones don't have a house either. But A house becomes a home if there is a family which by god's grace, I do have a lovely family.

  21. 10 Excellent Essay on My House- Must for Every Exam!

    Read Well written short & Long essay on topic my house, my dream home for Children & students in few lines, & Paragraphs for students

  22. Home love

    Home repair is not a contest; it's just a way to be more engaged with your home. I announce to my family that there will be no water for the next three to four hours, then head for the basement ...

  23. My Home Essay Examples

    Get your free examples of research papers and essays on My Home here. Only the A-papers by top-of-the-class students. Learn from the best!

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  29. What My Home Means to Me: [Essay Example], 827 words

    What My Home Means to Me. I have heard the words ''Home is where the heart is.''. My grandmother is the only person who always reminds me of the meaning of home. I can still remember her gestures and the way she said things with regard to the word ''Home. '' For me, a home is just an environment where you can be allowed and can ...

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