Television Essay for Students and Children in 1000+ Words

Television Essay for Students and Children in 1000+ Words

In this Television Essay for Students and Children you will read its definition, origin, history, importance, advantages, disadvantages, 10 lines. We have published this essay on tv in 1000+ words.

Table of Contents

Introduction (Television Essay)

Origin and history of television.

Televisions comprise two words – Tele and Vision . Which means distant worlds or all the beautiful and bizarre pictures before the eyes?

After this, in 1926, he discovered TV, while Doordarshan was broadcast for the first time in India in 1959. Initially, it was very expensive, but now it has reached every home, and now at affordable rates too.

Importance of Television

Television has a different significance for the youth, most of the youth enjoy the movies, TV shows etc. that are broadcast on TV, along with it, remove their mental tension by watching it.

Advantages of Television in points

1. good for news & information.

Television broadcasts many such news channels, which keep us updated with all the news happening in the country and the world.

2. The most powerful medium of entertainment

3. better means to increase human knowledge, 4. helps to relieve mental stress.

When a man comes home after a day’s run, watching television, forgets all his troubles and troubles for a few moments and causes him to feel fresh, and helps him to overcome his mental stress. Television is also a wonderful friend of man’s free time.

5. Can watch with family

Television also has many other benefits, which humans can avail according to their needs.

Disadvantages of Television in points

1. effect on eyes, 2. tv makes diseases.

Many people do not remember their mealtime while watching TV, because of which their food and drink becomes irregular, and they fall prey to many diseases.

3. Wastage of time

4. some tv programs have adverse effects on children, 10 lines about television.

It is found that the development of television as a big industry has also encouraged the economy of the country and new employment options have been created, it has many benefits, but it should be viewed according to its needs, otherwise it leads to bad health effect.

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English Aspirants

Essay on Television for Students [100, 150, 200, 350 Words]

Essay on Television: Television is one of the most influential innovations of modern times. In this article, you are going to learn to write a paragraph or essay on Television (100, 150, 200 and 350 Words). You’ll learn what are the uses and abuses of television or what are the advantages and disadvantages of television. So, let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Short Essay on Television: 100 Words

Television is based on a highly sophisticated science of vision and sound. A man can see as far the horizon. He hears as far as the sound is audible to him. But television takes his vision to a place far beyond his horizon. He sees a thing or person long beyond his actual physical reach. It brings to him also sound from a very remote place.

In fact, television brings vision and sound together from a distance which is beyond the range of human sight and hearing. It is a powerful and very useful invention of modern science. It has conquered space for human eye-sight. It has brought about a great development in the science of communication. It can well be used for entertainment and knowledge.

Essay on Television in English

Television Essay: 150 Words

One of the latest wonders of science is Television. It is an effective medium of communication and entertainment. We can watch live important political, sports and other events happening at distant places. This enables us to have a direct knowledge of the things, places and events far away. TV has thus brought the whole world into the drawing room.

Television is also a powerful medium of mass education. Educational programmes on healthcare and family planning, general knowledge can be sent to millions of viewers through audio-visual presentation in the TV. It also keeps off loneliness.

But TV has its bad effects too. Watching TV sometimes becomes an addiction, People remain glued to the TV and it makes them idle- particularly the students and young people. They neglect sports and games and their studies. Too much of viewing affects our vision. Programmes, if not properly selected, cast bad effects on young minds. Social visits become very rare and people become unsocial.

Television Essay in English

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Essay on the Television: 200 Words

No other thing is as familiar as Television in our present times. It was invented by John Baird in 1925. It first appeared in India in 1959. It is really a wonder of science today. It is a two-in-one. It is the radio on one side and the cinema on the other. Television is a very useful instrument in many ways. It is a powerful medium for education and recreation. It gives lessons on the subjects like science and mathematics and also on geography and history.

It shows us cinema and live telecast on games and sports. On its screen we have a delightful scenery of nature and thrilling sights of animals roaming in the jungles and in the deep waters of the seas. We can amuse the shows of serials. It is also a mighty medium of advertisement.

Sometimes it has bad effects on children. In most cases, they sit tight with it to witness their favorite items which captivate them greatly. Sometimes they neglect their bounden duties as students. They try to copy the most interesting show-style. In some cases they even face their death. Many things are very good with television but its price is very high and the poor cannot benefit by it.

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Television Essay in English: 350 Words

Television is a modern invention. When television was first invented, people of the world were very happy because they had the scope to know the world around them and to entertain themselves in the best possible ways. Television is no doubt something which ushered progress of civilization. Some electronic media like BBC took over the most important role to make the people of the world aware of the society to which they were belonging and the environment by which they were being nourished. It is quite well known that, BBC produced all of the plays of Shakespeare as films. Even this world famous electronic media focused on the two World Wars so much so that people of the world came to know how horrible was war and warfare. Thus social consciousness was an important factor that was first aroused by the aid of television.

But this television is now being abused constantly by some commercially debased people. In West Bengal, television is so abused that the young generation is now misguided. The young people follow the bad culture and become oblivious of the hoary tradition of our country. Mere entertainment has been presented on the different television channels. Meaningless serials and reality shows are heart-throbbing without any moral impact. Crimes and social disorder are presented so crudely that the minds of the young people are overwhelmed with frustration, dilapidation, and despair. It seems that there is no escape from despair. The ultimate result is social alienation which brings about moral dilemma.

Yet, the concerned authority is really callous to the problems. Advertisement, sponsors, etc. are the sources of the economic structure of the different channels. Thus, the producers intend to draw the attention of the businessman by claiming the popularity of the channels. The inevitable result of this kind of commercial debasement is of Course disintegration that causes serious disbelief in the sphere of culture and education. Therefore, we must be conscious of the fact that television is not merely a media for entertainment; rather it is a source of important social and cultural messages.

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essay on television 1000 words

I really enjoyed reading your essay on television. It was very informative and I learned a lot. I especially liked the part about how television can be used to teach different subjects.

essay on television 1000 words

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Essay on Television

500+ words essay on television.

Television has become a crucial part of our lives now. It not only impacts our social life but also our educational life. Just as newspapers and computers are significant modes of communication, Television also counts as one. With a television, you can connect to the world outside. Moreover, it is also important in influencing our personal and public lives. However, with the benefits, there are also some disadvantages. Thus, it must be consumed within a limit. This television essay will elaborate on the same points.

television essay

Importance of Television

Television is definitely one of the most important electronic devices with a screen. It helps us in receiving information. Further, we also get entertained by it and get rid of boredom.

Most importantly, it plays a significant role in distributing news and information. News channels are a great source of information about the current happenings in the world. Similarly, television programs also teach us a lot of things.

For instance, we learn about the rich civilizations and historical sketches via historical channels. Similarly, when we are alone, it acts as a great source of entertainment. In addition, we also get to learn about many cooking recipes.

Television helps us raise the capacity of our minds. You can learn a trick or two from it to solve your daily problems. It also instils creativity in people. Further, watching information channels equip us with facts and concepts.

There are also motivation programs on television. They serve as inspiration for many to achieve success in a number of fields. Apart from that, we also get laughter therapy from television.

Watching comedy shows and movies allow us to laugh freely. On the other hand, people who are religious and spiritual also benefit from it. They get access to spiritual and religious messages to nourish their souls.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Television Essay- Why You Must Limit the Time

As the younger generations are growing up with electronics, it has become important to limit their time with these gadgets. You see all the time they are glued to phone screens or television.

It is no less than a nightmare for parents as it harms their brains. When you get used to watching the glowing screens constantly, nothing will interest you. Moreover, parents also allow their children to stare at the screens blankly to get entertainment.

This takes away their time of playing outside or spending time with their loved ones. When the children will play outside or mingle with others, they will be able to develop their social skills, gross motor skills and language.

Watching television only will not help them do that. Therefore, it is important to limit the time of television watching especially for children. This can help them greatly in the long run and give them a better life.

To conclude the television essay, while television has numerous benefits, it also comes with its fair share of disadvantages. Thus, we must ensure that our children create the perfect balance between watching TV and doing other things. This way, they can get the best of both worlds.

FAQ of Essay on Television

Question 1: Why is television important?

Answer 1: Television is a great source of entertainment. Moreover, it also provides us with valuable information about the world. It also helps us stay in touch with the outside world.

Question 2: Why should we limit the time of television?

Answer 2: It is essential to do that especially for children so they can develop their social skills and gross motor skills better. Watching too much television will also hamper their eyesight. Thus, it must be consumed within a limit.

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Surendra Kumar

Updated November 24, 2023

The Medium is the Message

Television is a popular medium that has influenced society’s standards and public opinion while delivering educational information and entertainment. The emergence of streaming services has brought about changes in viewer habits and content production, leading to an evolution in the television landscape. Its ability to serve as both an informational and recreational tool highlights the profound influence of television on culture and communication.

Essay on Television

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History of Television

  • Invention and Early Development (19th-early 20th century):  The concept of television can be traced back to the 19th century, with inventors such as Paul Nipkow, who designed the first electromechanical television system in 1884. Early experiments continued through the early 20th century, with inventors such as Vladimir Zworykin and Philo Farnsworth making significant contributions.
  • Mechanical Television (1920s):  It used rotating disks to scan and transmit images. 1927 Philo Farnsworth successfully transmitted the first-ever television image through a fully electronic system.
  • Introduction of Electronic Television (1930s):  David Sarnoff of RCA played a crucial role in developing electronic television. Regular television broadcasts began in the late 1930s, with the BBC launching the world’s first public television service in 1936.
  • Impact of World War II (1940s):  Resource constraints temporarily slowed Television production and adoption during World War II. After the war, television experienced rapid growth as economies recovered and technology improved.
  • Golden Age of Television (1950s-1960s):  The 1950s saw the popularization of television in households across the United States and Europe. Iconic shows like “I Love Lucy,” “The Twilight Zone,” and “The Ed Sullivan Show” defined this era. Color television was introduced in the 1950s, enhancing the viewing experience.
  • Remote Control and Cable Television (1960s-1970s):  The introduction of the remote control in the 1960s revolutionized viewer interaction. Cable television gained prominence, offering a wider range of channels and specialized content.
  • Satellite Television and Globalization (1980s-1990s):  Satellite technology allowed for global television distribution. The rise of cable news networks such as CNN in the 1980s and 1990s contributed to the globalization of news coverage.
  • Digital Television and High Definition (2000s):  Analog television signals were gradually replaced by digital signals, offering improved picture and sound quality. High-definition television (HDTV) became mainstream, providing a more immersive viewing experience.
  • Streaming Services and On-Demand Content (2010s-present):  Streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime transformed how audiences consume content. The traditional television model shifted as viewers embraced on-demand programming, binge-watching, and original content produced by streaming services.

Impact on Society

Television’s impact on society has been multifaceted, influencing culture, shaping opinions, and altering social behaviors in various ways:

  • Cultural Influence: Television has played a significant effect in creating cultural norms and values. It reflects societal attitudes and, as a result, impacts them. It serves as a mirror to society, showcasing diverse perspectives, lifestyles, and cultural practices, contributing to a more interconnected world.
  • Information Dissemination and Public Opinion: News programs and television documentaries profoundly impact public opinion and awareness. They shape perceptions of current events, politics, and societal issues. The presentation and framing of news stories on television can influence viewers’ understanding and opinions on important matters.
  • Behavioral and Social Impact: Influences consumer behavior and trends. Advertisements and product placements on TV often dictate purchasing decisions and lifestyle choices. Television programming can influence behavior, attitudes, and social interactions, especially for children. Educational programs have a positive impact on learning and development.
  • Cultural Homogenization and Globalization: It has contributed to cultural homogenization by transmitting common values, trends, and entertainment across borders. It has played a role in globalizing popular culture. Global events and phenomena can quickly reach a worldwide audience through television, fostering a sense of shared experiences.
  • Entertainment and Escapism: Serves as a primary source of entertainment, offering a wide array of genres and shows that provide an escape from daily life. It can evoke emotions, create cultural icons, and foster community through shared viewing experiences.
  • Health and Social Implications: Excessive television viewing has been associated with sedentary lifestyles, contributing to health issues like obesity and decreased physical activity. Television content can impact social perceptions and stereotypes, influencing how certain groups or issues are portrayed and perceived.
  • Economic Impact: It serves as a platform for advertising and generates substantial revenue. The success of television shows and networks significantly impacts the entertainment industry and economies.

Role of Television

Here’s a breakdown of its influence in different areas:

  • Entertainment Industry: Television is a significant source of entertainment worldwide. It provides diverse programs, including dramas, comedies, reality shows, and documentaries—a platform for creative expression, showcasing acting, directing, writing, and production talents. Reality TV has transformed entertainment dynamics, shaping pop culture and influencing trends.
  • News and Information Dissemination: Television remains an essential medium for news delivery. It reaches vast audiences with up-to-the-minute coverage of global events. 24-hour news channels and talk shows shape public opinion, influence political discourse, and raise awareness of critical issues.
  • Advertising and Consumerism: Commercials profoundly impact consumer behavior, promoting products and shaping consumer preferences. Advertisements generate revenue for networks and drive the economy by influencing purchasing decisions.
  • Education and Learning: This is a supplemental learning tool for children and adults. Educational programming on dedicated channels offers lessons on various subjects, contributing to informal education.
  • Cultural Influence: Reflects and shapes cultural norms, values, and societal attitudes by portraying diverse characters and storylines. It contributes to the globalization of culture, exposing audiences to different traditions, languages, and perspectives.
  • Health and Social Behavior: Influences lifestyle choices and social behavior, impacting everything from fashion trends to dietary preferences. Excessive screen time, however, has raised concerns about its effects on physical health and mental well-being.
  • Sports and Events Coverage: Broadcasts major sporting events, making them accessible to a global audience and enhancing the popularity of various sports. It provides a platform for cultural events, award shows, and ceremonies, fostering community engagement and celebration.
  • Technological Innovation and Future Trends: Technology continues to evolve, with advancements in high-definition displays, streaming services, smart TVs, and interactive content. Emerging virtual and augmented reality trends reshape viewer experiences, offering immersive and interactive content.

Harming the Youth

Television provides various benefits and entertainment options, but it remains a source of concern regarding its potential negative impact on the youth. Several factors contribute to the argument that television may be harming the youth.

Firstly, prolonged television viewing has been linked to adverse health effects, including sedentary behavior that can contribute to physical health issues such as obesity and poor cardiovascular health. The allure of television content may lead to a decrease in outdoor activities and exercise, exacerbating the risk of health problems among the youth. Television programming may contain violence, inappropriate language, or mature themes unsuitable for younger viewers. Exposure to such content can desensitize youth to violence, influence their behavior, and contribute to the development of aggressive tendencies.

Advertising on television poses a significant risk to the well-being of the youth. Advertisements often promote unhealthy food choices, unrealistic body standards, and materialistic values. The constant bombardment of these messages can contribute to the formation of negative self-images, unhealthy eating habits, and a skewed perception of success and happiness among young viewers. The impact on academic performance is also concerning. Excessive screen time, particularly before bedtime, can interfere with sleep patterns, leading to fatigue and difficulty concentrating. Poor sleep quality and the potential distraction of television during study time may contribute to lower academic achievement among the youth.

Benefits of Watching Television

While there are concerns about the potential adverse effects of excessive television watching, it is essential to acknowledge that television can also provide several benefits regarding education, entertainment, and social connection.

One significant advantage is the diverse range of entertainment options it offers. From television programs and movies to sports and reality shows, television caters to various tastes, providing a convenient and accessible source of relaxation and enjoyment.

It is also a valuable educational tool. Educational programs, documentaries, and informative channels disseminate information on topics from science and history to art and culture. The educational content can engage viewers and supplement formal education, making learning an enjoyable and accessible experience.

In addition to entertainment and education, it fosters a sense of connection and community. Shared viewing experiences, such as a family gathering around the TV or friends discussing a popular show, contribute to social bonding. it is a common ground for shared cultural references, fostering a sense of connection among diverse individuals.

Moreover, television plays a crucial role in keeping people informed. News programs provide real-time updates on local, national, and global events, helping viewers stay connected to the world around them. This accessibility to information contributes to a well-informed and engaged citizenry. From the convenience of entertainment to the educational and informative aspects, television continues to be a versatile and influential medium that enriches individuals’ lives and contributes to society’s cultural fabric.

Future Trends

Here are some anticipated future trends:

  • Streaming Dominance Continues: Streaming services are expected to dominate the television landscape further. The convenience of on-demand content and the proliferation of subscription-based platforms will likely redefine how viewers access and consume television.
  • Rise of Original Content: Streaming platforms investing heavily in original content creation will continue to expand. This trend will likely lead to a surge in high-quality, exclusive programming across genres, further diversifying viewer choices.
  • Personalized Viewing Experiences: Customization and personalization will become more prominent. AI and machine learning will enable platforms to recommend content based on individual preferences, improving user experiences.
  • Integration of Interactive Features: Interactive and immersive content will grow, allowing viewers to engage more actively with their favorite shows. This could include interactive storytelling, where viewers influence plotlines or character development.
  • Convergence of TV and Gaming: The line between television and gaming will continue to blur. Gaming content, live streams, and esports events are increasingly becoming part of television programming, appealing to a broader audience.
  • Expansion of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): AR and VR technologies will find more applications in television. Enhanced viewing experiences, interactive storytelling, and virtual environments for immersive content could become more prevalent.
  • 5G and Enhanced Connectivity: The widespread adoption of 5G technology will revolutionize content delivery. Faster speeds and improved connectivity will facilitate seamless streaming experiences and enable the expansion of high-definition and 4K content.
  • Shift in Advertising Models: Advertising strategies will evolve. Targeted advertising, product integrations, and branded content will likely become more prevalent as traditional ad formats face challenges with ad-skipping and ad-blocking technologies.
  • Content Accessibility and Global Reach: Television content will become increasingly accessible globally. Streaming platforms expanding their reach to different regions and creating diverse, multicultural content will cater to a more global audience.
  • Regulatory Changes and Content Curation: Regulatory changes may impact content creation and distribution. Stricter content guidelines and increased efforts for content curation and moderation could influence the type of content available to viewers.

Television has come a long way in terms of the types of programs it offers, largely due to changing audience preferences and technological advancements. While news and dramas have been the traditional formats, reality shows, and streaming platforms have emerged as new and dynamic landscapes. Despite these changes, television has maintained its ability to capture audiences with diverse content. As new technologies continue to shape the medium, television remains a powerful force in shaping cultural narratives and providing entertainment and information to viewers worldwide.

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Television Essay

Television is very useful. There are many advantages to the development of television. It was useful in giving the average person access to a low-cost kind of entertainment. Now that televisions are so inexpensive, everybody can buy one and have access to entertainment. Additionally, it keeps us informed on the most recent world events. Here are a few sample essays on ‘television’.

Television Essay

100 Words Essay on Television

Television is one of the most recent scientific wonders which connects people to the world. Television works well as a communication and entertainment medium. We may watch live broadcasts of significant sporting events, political news and other events taking place throughout the world. This gives us a direct understanding of things, places, and events that are far away. Thus, television has brought the entire globe into the living room. Through watching television we also become knowledgeable.

Television is also another effective tool for widespread teaching. Millions of people can receive educational programmes on health care, family planning, and general knowledge via audio-visual presentation on TV.

200 Words Essay on Television

Television connects the world. In the modern world, nothing is more familiar than television. In 1925, John Baird invented it. It was introduced in India in 1959. It is truly a wonder to behold in science. Television has two functions. On one side is the radio, and on the other is a movie theatre. Radio was listened to in the past but nowadays people go to movie theatres to see movies on the big screen. In many ways, television is a very beneficial tool. It is an effective tool for both instruction and entertainment. Through television people can study and gain knowledge.

Television shows us cinema and live telecast on games and sports. On its screen we have delightful scenery of nature and thrilling sights of animals roaming in the jungles and in the deep waters of the seas. We can enjoy many shows and serials and movies. It is also a mighty medium of advertisement.

People should watch television a minimum of half an hour a day. Sometimes television has a bad effect on children because they sit the whole day in front of television and see their favourite show which is very bad for them. Television is good for professional people and bad for unprofessional people.

500 Words Essay on Television

Television is the best thing to have in house. One of the most widely used technologies for entertainment in the world today is the television. Nowadays, practically every home has a television, and it has become fairly widespread. In the beginning people didn't want to use it but now everyone wants it in their house. This was primarily due to the focus on entertainment during that time. There weren't as many educational channels as there are now. Nowadays what you see on television is because of technology.

After the invention of television, the craze attracted many people to spend all their time watching TV. Parents started considering it harmful as it attracted the kids the most. Because kids spend most of their time watching television and not studying. However, as times passed, the channels of television changed. More and more channels were broadcasted with different specialties. Thus, it gave us knowledge along with entertainment.

Benefits of Watching Television

There are many advantages to the development of television. Television gives the average person access to a low-cost kind of entertainment and knowledge about the world. Now that televisions are not so expensive, everybody can buy one and have access to entertainment.

Television keeps us informed on the most recent world events. News from various parts of the world can now be obtained from television. Similarly, television also provides instructional shows that advance our understanding of science, animals, and other topics.

People are inspired to learn new skills by television as well. Additionally, television has a number of shows that feature presentations from motivational speakers. This show encourages people to improve their skill and lifestyle. You may also argue that television increases our exposure. Television broadens our understanding of many sports, world events, and other topics.

While television comes with a lot of benefits, television also has a negative side.

Disadvantage of Watching Television

We see that television broadcasts unsuitable material that encourages various social evil acts, like violence, eve-teasing, and more. Additionally, watching television for long periods is bad for our health. Our eyesight will deteriorate if we watch television for long periods of time. Our neck and back will also be painful as a result of our bad posture while watching TV.

Television also turns people into addicts. People avoid social connection because of their TV addiction. As a result, kids spend more time alone in their rooms, which has an impact on their social life. They become vulnerable due to their addiction and take their programmes way too seriously.

My Life Experience

When I was kid I used to watch television very much which affected my studies and physical health. After that my mother gave me some valuable tips about health and told me the disadvantages of television. I reduced the hours I spent watching TV and went to play games on the ground. After some time I noticed my health getting better and my mind becoming clearer. Television is good when people watch in their limits. But when people exceed their number of hours, then it will affect their mental health and body health. Television is beneficial because it gives knowledge about all the world and shows low cost entertainment.

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The Importance of Television

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About this sample


Words: 421 |

Published: Mar 16, 2024

Words: 421 | Page: 1 | 3 min read

Table of contents

Entertainment, information and education, cultural influence.

Image of Dr. Charlotte Jacobson

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Ethnic Notions argues that African Americans were portrayed on television and in theater acts in the most convenient way to those in power. This is shown when slavery was in full bloom and the majority of America was for [...]

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essay on television 1000 words

Television Effects on Society Essay

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Whom does television affect, how does television affect the public, suggestions for reducing the time spent in front of screens.

Can you imagine our life without television? Modern technologies allow people’s watching programs and shows with the help of a lot of devices, and it is rather difficult to imagine the day without watching TV or using it as the background noise while being involved in the other activities. Today, a lot of people spend their spare time sitting in front of screens and watching many programs which are really not necessary to be watched because they do not include any useful information.

Furthermore, they can have even harmful effects on the public’s consciousness. Television is one of the most influential aspects of the modern life because it is actively used to influence the people’s attitude to this or that situation or phenomenon, and many persons become the victims of the television impact.

Thus, television has negative effects on society because it influences the individuals’ psychological state and mental abilities, their emotions and feelings, attitudes and vision of the moral values, the capacities to make the independent decisions and effective choices.

There are few people who do not feel the impact of television on their life because even when the public is not interested in programs and shows, commercials seem to follow us in all the aspects of the life with affecting the tendencies and fashion and influencing our choice every day. Television affects all the age categories of people. Nevertheless, the impact of television on children is the most dangerous because children have no abilities to assess the information presented in TV programs and shows critically.

Many parents are inclined to use television for attracting the children’s attention and entertaining them without concentrating on the fact that the impact of television on the children’s brain and emotional state can be negative. Moreover, today it is possible to notice a lot of toddlers who spend their time in front of the screen without their parents’ control. Thus, the impact of television on children is the quite controversial question.

However, adults also feel the great impact of television on their lives because there are tendencies to watch TV while having a rest, eating, communicating with friends, and completing different everyday activities ( Television , n.d.). That is why, it is necessary to mention that television affects the majority of people without references to their age and even without focusing on their social status because now television is the most available way of entertaining and getting the information.

What is the difference between the negative impact of television on children and adults? Today, many researchers and doctors pay attention to the fact that children are more influenced by the information presented in TV programs because of their limited possibility to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

The most problematic issue is the impact of violence depicted in TV shows on the children’s minds and psychological state. The violent actions presented in TV programs are perceived by children as real, and they can consider them as possible to follow ( Television , n.d.). Thus, television can change the peculiarities of the children’s perception of moral values and definite virtues.

Violence in TV shows and cartoons can provoke the children’s brutal actions and conflicts in their relations with friends and classmates in reality because children are inclined to reflect those behavioral patterns which they observe. Moreover, not only the character of information can be influential for children.

The practice of spending many hours in front of the TV screens can affect the children’s performance at school and their classroom engagement because the habit of watching TV provokes children’s being passive, their lack of interest in school activities, and reduces the concentration of attention ( How to promote good television habits, 2008).

The impact of television on adults and their emotional state can also be negative. Focusing on the character of the information presented in TV news and shows, it is possible to note that people receive a lot of information every day which stimulates their negative reactions, different types of emotional downs, apathy and pessimism. Commercials which are used on television can have a lot of negative effects on adults.

Those persons who are influenced by commercials are inclined to buy a lot of unnecessary products. They also can feel dissatisfaction because of the impossibility to follow all the tendencies and buy all the products promoted with the help of commercials ( Television , n.d.). However, many persons use television in order to entertain themselves. In this case, TV shows and entertaining programs make people be passive and contribute to developing the habits of the sedentary lifestyle.

The family tradition to watch TV in the evening can be discussed as good only when the process is not passive, the choice of a program is relevant, and the members of the family have the opportunity to discuss it. That is why it is also important to concentrate on the negative impact of television on the people’s health, especially on their eyes, which is affected by the usage of different technological devices.

To reduce the negative effects of television on society, it is necessary to cut the time which people spend in front of their TV screens. The practice of limited watching TV is important for children who should watch TV programs less than two hours a day, and it is more useful not to watch TV during the week days and reduce all the screen-based activities which are harmful for the children’s health. Children reflect the behaviors of their parents.

That is why adults should also have the special schedule of watching TV with choosing mainly the programs about nature, history or science. The negative impact of television can be effectively reduced when people do not watch TV while eating and communicating. Moreover, to have TV sets in bedrooms is also the harmful practice. The habit to watch TV in order to spend spare time can be successfully changed with the habit to walk with friends and children ( How to promote good television habits, 2008).

Thus, television can influence our attitude to life, our choice, and our decisions without our awareness of the fact. People can react to the information presented in TV news and TV shows consciously as well as unconsciously. That is why it is almost impossible to predict the effects of television on the next actions and behaviors or our emotional state.

The impact of television on the people’s minds and health is often negative because of the lack of controlling the time in front of the screens and the choice of programs and shows. Nevertheless, it can be reduced with decreasing the role of television in the people’s everyday life.

How to promote good television habits . (2008).

Television . (n.d.) Web.

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  • TV Is Extremely Harmful to Children
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  • Chicago (A-D)
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IvyPanda. (2020, April 21). Television Effects on Society.

"Television Effects on Society." IvyPanda , 21 Apr. 2020,

IvyPanda . (2020) 'Television Effects on Society'. 21 April.

IvyPanda . 2020. "Television Effects on Society." April 21, 2020.

1. IvyPanda . "Television Effects on Society." April 21, 2020.


IvyPanda . "Television Effects on Society." April 21, 2020.

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  • Television Essay


The Television

The television is a popular entertainment device. It is very common and is found in almost all households. When the television first started broadcasting, it was known as the "Idiot Box” because at that time, the only purpose of television was to provide entertainment. Now, with the advancement of technology and creativity, television has emerged as an important mass media. There are many learning and informative channels on the TV today which act as the source of knowledge as well as entertainment.

The word "Television" comprises two words: "tele" and "vision". Tele is a prefix of Greek origin, which means far-off, which is used in creating names of instruments for operating over long distances, whereas vision means the act or faculty of seeing. “Television” can be termed as a device with a screen for receiving signals. 

The Perspectives of Television

The television was first invented by a Scottish scientist, John Logie Baird. Originally, it was capable of displaying monochromatic motion images (or videos). With advances in technology now, we have coloured TVs and even smart TVs. Children and adults depend on television for their entertainment. People spend a lot of their leisure time watching television. This may lead one to wonder whether it is really a good practice to spend so much time on the television. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of television beyond doubt.

The Advantages of Watching Television

An Inexpensive Source of Entertainment: Television is now a very cheap mode of entertainment. Televisions are not very costly, and apart from a very minimal service fee, one needs nothing more to be entertained. Televisions are a great entertainment option for people who live alone or cannot go out often. Televisions are cheap enough to be affordable for all.

Provides Knowledge: Television has a number of services, like news channels and so on. These channels and services help us stay up-to-date with the latest news all around the world. Television also offers educational programs, which help us expand the horizon of our knowledge. We get to learn about science, wildlife, history, and so on.

Gives Motivation: There are programs on television which motivate people to develop certain skills. There are programs of motivational speakers which inspire the viewers to push themselves to excel in their line of work.

The Disadvantages of Television

Like every other device, television too has some demerits alongside its advantages. 

Inappropriate Content: Television has barely any measures to prevent segregation of mature and adult audiences from younger audiences. Thus, when a piece of content is aired, it can be viewed by all. As a result, the younger section of the audience is exposed to inappropriate content.

Addiction: Studies have shown that watching a lot of television can get addictive. Television addiction helps lower social activities and promotes inactivity. This makes children more susceptible to mental as well as physical illnesses.

Fake Information: A lot of television content is aimed to spread misinformation for views and ratings. This kind of misinformation can hinder social and communal harmony. The misinformation can also leave a lasting impression on the audience who are of a vulnerable age.

Short Essay on Television in English (200 words)

Television is a great medium of entertainment for people from every age group. It provides enjoyment for the whole family. There are many channels, including news channels, sports channels, and channels of films, cartoons, or songs. Television also contains many programs and shows for kids. Television is a device that entertains the public and informs us about the country and the world.

Television is an amazing invention of science. Watching television makes us fresh, and we forget our worries and fatigue with its magic. Nowadays, the satellite technology and the cable network are far more powerful than ever. A variety of content is available on television and we can watch a channel of our choice. Television also has a great educational value as there are so many channels reserved for educational purposes. Many companies in the world prepare graded programmes.

However, television has a dark side too. Watching too much television can be harmful. Generally, kids are very fond of watching television, but continuously watching television can affect their eyes. Furthermore, it has an adverse effect on their studies. Students will not get enough time to study well if they stay busy watching television, and it makes them less imaginative. In spite of its dark side, television has become a vital means of transmitting both education and entertainment. 

10 lines on a Television Essay in English

Television is an effective medium for communication. 

Television is a vast medium of entertainment, information, and education of the modern age.

Television was invented in 1925 by John Logie Baird.

Television enables children to learn moral lessons in a fun way with special channels and programs meant for children.

The television shows, live matches, movies, music, cartoons, etc. are sources of our entertainment.

Television is considered an amazing invention of science.

We can enjoy a cinema, a football or cricket match, news, serials, and many other programs.

It is called Doordarshan in Hindi because it gives the vision of distant objects.

Television is also used to teach children in school

We can watch and hear the news of the world through television.

Whether television is good or bad for the viewers can be a long debate. However, one must always bear in mind that a device is not good or bad, it is merely a device. How one uses that device is what determines its effect. If we judicially use the television and control our television viewing time, we can get the benefits while avoiding the shortcomings.


FAQs on Television Essay

1. What is the importance of television?

Television has helped immensely in broadcasting a lot of information since its inception. Television is a great medium for people, which is used as a means of delivering entertainment, advertising products, and services, right in the comfort of the home. Television is also helpful in delivering news swiftly across the people and many programs are designed to serve as education and a source of knowledge, which is designed for all the age groups. Recently, most households have a television set and many of them have more than one television.

2. What is the history of television?

Television comprises both hearing and watching. Things can be seen from a great distance by means of the television. Television enables us to watch the live images of a person dancing, singing, or talking at a great distance. The television was invented by a scientist named Baird in 1925. Since its invention, television has gone through a lot of development and improvements. Initially, the sound and picture were not clear, and even images were mono-colored. But today, televisions have crystal clear sounds and images in actual color. – Collections of Essay for Students of all Class in English

Essay on Television

Science has given us several inventions. Some made our work easy while some made our life. From simple electric bulbs to high-technology electronic gadgets, all things are now part of our life. Out of all the inventions, humans became addicted to some of them. One of which is television. Now, television became an essential need. However, since its invention, a lot of changes are brought to it. But the craze and need for television never reduced.

Short and Long Television Essay in English

To know more about this incredible invention, today we will discuss Television in detail. Here, we are presenting Short and Long essays on Television in English for students under word limits of 100 – 150 Words, 200 – 250 words, and 500 – 600 words. This topic is useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 in English. These provided essays on Television will help you to write effective essays, paragraphs, and speeches on this topic.

Television Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Philo Taylor Farnsworth came up with the idea of television in 1927.

2) The first time Doordarshan was shown in India was in 1959.

3) We can watch a movie, sports, news, or a lot of other things on TV.

4) TV is also a great way for people to spend their free time.

5) TV also makes people more creative.

6) The most powerful way to spread scientific knowledge is through television.

7) Spiritual and religious messages are also spread through it now.

8) Too much time spent watching TV is a waste of time.

9) Watching television for a long period can affect our health.

10) We need to use it with the most care and discipline.

Short Essay on Television (250 – 300 Words)


Philo Taylor Farnsworth is credited with inventing television in the year 1927. Since then, many changes were brought to it. When it was first made, it was very big and took up a lot of space. But now we can buy TVs that are as thin as a painting and can be hung on the wall. TVs are no longer just TVs; they are now “Smart TVs”.

Importance of Television

Everyone has a different view on the importance of TV. It tells us what’s going on in the city, the state, the country, or in the world. This is a way for the leader of a country to talk to the people. Now that there are so many educational shows on television it makes a better way for students to learn. We learn about the history of the world, ancient civilizations, and other facts about the past from TV.

Effect of Television

Television has a big effect on our social, cultural, and educational lives. Watching TV can also have effects on a person’s body and mind. Some of the news that channels show can be wrong. Many people forget to eat when they are watching TV. It’s fine to watch TV when you have free time, but some people can’t get their important work done because they’re too busy watching their favorite TV show or movie. It has majorly affected the newer generation in a lot of bad ways.

The effects of watching television can be both good and bad. However, we should always remember that a device is just a device, not good or bad. It all depends on how we use and utilize it.

Long Essay on Television (500 Words)

Today, every home has at least one TV. It is one of science’s most unique, best, and smartest discoveries. People think of TV as a more advanced form of technology than radio. TV has become the most popular way to have fun. Television is like a screen on which we see information in the form of pictures. The picture we see is obtained through broadcasting signals. It can be controlled from a few distances using a remote.

History of Television

Many people worked on the idea of television in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. On January 26, 1926, John Logie Baird of Britain showed the world the first live working TV system. Philo Taylor Farnsworth, who was 21 years old at the time, made the first electronic television in 1927. The name for it was the “idiot box.” When it was first made, the only reason for it was to provide entertainment. The TV was made to show moving black-and-white or monochrome pictures at first. As technology improved and innovation kept going, color was added to the pictures. On 15 September 1959 in Delhi (India), television was shown for the first time. This was about 20 years after the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) showed the world’s first television show in 1936.

Advantages of Television

There can be numerous advantages to watching television. You can watch TV with your friends or family in your free time. Earlier, TVs were only seen as a way to have fun, but as time went on, more and more channels appeared. It can now bring you news from all over the world giving viewers sports, movies, dramas, comedies, information, knowledge, and skills. Infotainment channels teach us things as well as entertain us. With the help of TV shows, we can learn about the ocean, forests, rivers, mountains, animals, and birds. Most young people like to watch movies, TV shows, and other things. Additionally, it helps people relax their thoughts and bodies.

Disadvantages of Television

Like many other scientific inventions, televisions do have some disadvantages. Watching TV for long periods is bad for our health. TV addiction can cause many health problems like back and neck pain, poor eyesight, being overweight, etc. However, some of the content that is shown on TV encourages the teasing of women, social evils, criminal behavior, violence, and hatred. Also, they show some advertisements that are not at all appropriate for kids. It makes a person’s personality and way of life worse. People often waste their time watching TV.

Science is proven beneficial in many cases but it can be proved hazardous if not used proper manner. The same case goes with television also. At home, the TV is our best friend. We can’t imagine life without TV. But overuse can ruin the future of youths. Parents should limit how much time their kids spend watching TV. Despite television, kids should spend more time playing outside. Therefore, one must use television in a way that could be beneficial to them.

I hope the above provided essay on Television will be helpful in understanding the role of television in our daily life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Television

Ans. The term “smart TV” refers to televisions that already have the technology built-in to connect to the internet.

Ans. In Hindi, television is known as Doordarshan.

Ans. Two words were put together to make the word television. The word “tele” means “far away,” and “vision” means “being able to see”.

Ans. Samsung is the largest producer of television in the world.

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Argumentative Essay on Television is Good or Bad

Here you have an argumentative essay on television is good or bad with pdf. You can download it from here and take advantage of many more essays.


Watching TV has become a bad habit among people. Young children like to spend time in front of the TV. Adults find it difficult to imagine their own lives without their favorite TV shows, programs, and movies they enjoy before going to bed or after waking up. That is a fact of life – television is one of the most important inventions. It is a great way to transform information, but it is also excellent communication, news, and entertainment source.

Through television, more and more people are gaining direct access to a wide variety of information. With a quick click of remote control, you quickly realize all the historical facts, political news, culture, and details of a place that has never been so easily accessible before. Besides, modern TVs have some additional features. For example, many smart TVs can function like computers. They have so-called HD screen resolution and run many different applications. While these devices often keep us voluntarily locked in our homes, the heated debate was whether watching TV is a good thing or not.

The fact is that too much of anything is useless. Many television programs are harmful to young children as their brain develops. Often, young people watch horror movies and cartoons that profoundly affect their mental health. In addition, they tend to sit too close to their TV, making their eyes look bad. As they grow older, they like to watch TV while doing chores. As a result, their attention has been focused on cartoons, TV programs, and films that, in turn, have had a profound effect on their education and general educational progress. Besides, adult themes of violence and sex can easily be accessed by them at any time. And all of this together can cause brain damage at a young age. This, in turn, results in a series of different social problems.

Today’s addictive TV generation can be seen here and there attached to their TVs and iPhones, PC games, and more. These people prefer to use their gadgets instead of going out with friends who have a three-way street. There is no doubt that it is easier to sit in a comfortable chair and switch channels on your TV than to do any other physical activity. This leads to a severe health problem called obesity. In other words, the number of calories they eat exceeds the amount they eat. Then see the consequences of misconduct.

There must be some ethics to educating people when watching too much TV. We have lost our old legacy of meeting people the way we did before. Watching TV does not involve active personal participation. We keep looking at the topic without affecting our active minds with some knowledge and also lose social functions and external ones, which have a growing impact on our minds.

We need to make people aware of the dangers of watching TV. While this significant scientific discovery has played a substantial role in human life to provide the extra comfort and knowledge one needs, corruption has also played a key role in destroying the legacy of aging. It has been scientifically proven that outdoor activities guarantee iron and body satisfaction. We are well aware that our ancestors felt the sensitivities of distant lands. This happened because people were training hard so that their minds could see and visualize something before it happened. However, excessive TV watching may cause people to lose this critical skill.

Watching TV makes it impossible for people to communicate with people. It has become a bad habit that causes TV fans to withdraw from social media and seek the attention of family and friends. They choose to stay home and lack the confidence to start or maintain an interesting conversation. Television is everything they need and love.

Another disadvantage of watching TV is that most ads appear on the screen. This, in turn, causes a sense of inadequacy among the people. They see clothing, cars, houses, treasures, and many other things on television and feel frustrated because they cannot afford them.

There is no denying that television often portrays immoral and violent behavior, and it promotes racist ideology and reinforces the role of sex. We see perfect bodies and good health in all channels that often impact and ultimately destroy our confidence. At the same time, the violence and suffering reported daily by TV newscasts have devastating effects and can lead to depression, anxiety, and depression, and increased feelings of insecurity and danger. Also, the sexually explicit material presented in TV programs and movies can give rise to the belief that certain forms of conduct are acceptable and normal.

Back to the kids again. Many parents fear that excessive TV watching may distract children from shopping. The point here is that 100% of advertisers are targeted at children, and on average, they will see more than 35,000 ads a year, most of which are unhealthy foods and alcoholic beverages. Your primary motivation here is to make people buy more.

If you watch too much TV, it may encourage new conflicts and arguments in your family. Many programs and movies are a source of conflict that often wreaks havoc on human relationships. Some TV programs affect your thinking, and because of these changes in the minds of both men and women, a lot of controversy arises here and there. People are arguing about politics, gender, religion, and many other issues contained in our daily lives. By failing to respect the opinions of others and being deceived by false information, people often undermine the relationships they have been working on for years. Usually, this relationship cannot be restored.

Pdf of Argumentative essay on television is good or bad

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Essay on Television for Students in English | 500+ Words Essay

December 10, 2020 by Sandeep

Essay on Television: Television is a device that enables us to watch our favourite movies and shows. This audio-visual component was invented in 1926. A Scottish scientist named J.L. Baird invented the colour television. Television plays a major role in our lives. It is one of the cheapest forms of entertainment in our home. With its help, we get information regarding all the corners of the world. Various television sets like CRT, LCD, LED, and OLED are nowadays available to us. The latest versions of smart televisions can access multiple shows via the internet. The television industry in India is vast, containing more than 850 channels.

Below we have provided an essay on television for class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 school students, written in easy and simple words.

Essay on Television in English 500 Words

Please find below extended essay on Television, suitable for class 7, 8, 9 and 10 students.

“Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity” ~ Tim Minchin

The contribution of science towards our society is marvellous. It has truly helped us discover a lot of beautiful things in this world. Science has made our lives all the more comfortable and peaceful. Out of all the significant inventions in the scientific field, television is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating ones. It has revolutionized the way we live today. People have incorporated it as part and parcel of their lives.

Television encompasses a variety of things which is accessible to the customers. Starting from movies to music videos, television has both informative and educative properties to it. The onset of wireless sparked the experiments for creating a product like television. It was finally developed by a Scottish scientist named J.L Baird in the year 1926.

The very first center for television in India was established in the year 1951. However, it took a while to initiate the public broadcast successfully. The original television which was promoted in our country was a black & white version. Eventually, it was replaced by the colour television, and its promotion escalated since 1982.

Television as a word originates from Ancient Greek. It comprises of two words “tele” meaning far and “vision” meaning sight. Some of the frequently used acronyms for television include telly, TV, tube, etc. Throughout these years, many variants of this product have been manufactured. Nowadays, TV comes in a variety of features, sizes, and price ranges. However, some of its predominant characteristics include:

  • It is an audio-visual medium which means a typical TV has both sound and sight.
  • TV is a platform that incorporates multiple forms of media.
  • It is a highly credible mass communication medium that has connected the entire world in a big loop.
  • It has influenced us by widening our ability to perceive.
  • TV is known as a magic box because of its ability to fascinate millions of people.
  • The shows which TV exhibits such as glamour, popular personalities, and fashion attract a huge target audience.
  • TV is something that brings a family together.
  • It is a crucial platform for advertising. Businessmen rely on TV to reach a greater audience and hike their sales.
  • Most of all, it is an important medium for reporting information regarding the latest events.

The importance of television cannot be undermined. TV is an incredible source of information for the common man. Moreover, it is a great tool for learning especially for children. It covers numerous aspects of our daily life. These include current happenings, sports, weather reports, information regarding a certain crime, and most of all, entertainment. Enjoying the liberty of staying home and procuring all this valuable information is possible because of the television.

On top of that, it provides us with the option of shifting from one channel to another. Besides, TV has always been a great platform to develop our vocabulary skills. Programs which offer motivational content helps us evolve as an individual. Television widens the mental horizon and drives us towards acquiring more knowledge and wisdom. The right choice of programs can also help us explore different cultures. Though TV has many advantages, it has its fair share of disadvantages as well. Some of the negative impacts of television include:

  • People watching TV for too long are prone to vision-related issues.
  • TV curbs physical activity and is one of the reasons for obesity amongst kids.
  • TV owes to the lack of efficient social interaction.
  • It affects our cognitive abilities and behaviour.
  • It can corrupt the mindset of the children.

Television is a remarkable discovery in our contemporary world. It has shaped our lives and improved our standard of living. We must be responsible enough to use this gadget in moderation.

Short Essay on Television in English 200 Words

Below we have provided a Television Essay in English, suitable for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 school students.

“Television is the triumph of machine over people” ~ Fred Allen

Synonymous with this remarkable quote, television is indeed one of the most prominent mediums of entertainment in the entire world. It has become the new standard in life. Every household has at least one set of television, if not multiple. Television is a telecommunication medium that is used for transmission of moving images in colour or black & white. It is one of the significant inventions of this era. The onset of television was as popular as the radio.

Gone are the days, when people used to refer to it as the “idiot box”. The new generation television sets are packed with innovative features. TV is not just concentrated on entertainment anymore. It has widened into different areas like providing informative content for both kids and adults. Moreover, it enables us to stay updated with the latest happenings of our day to day lives. One can procure news related to a distant area of the world through the TV.

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Essay on Television in English for Students and Children

jee neet foundation microcourses

Table of Contents

Television Essay: Television is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Since the invention of first ever electronic television in 1927, the television has undergone a number of changes in shape and size as well as in terms of transmission technology and picture quality.

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Today, the sleek, wall mounted televisions of different sizes are found in billions of houses across the world. They come in different sizes and are also equipped with latest technology, capable of showing hundreds of channels.

The television has gained immense popularity over time and today it is found in almost every household, the world over. Sure, it is good for entertainment purposes and is informative, but it also has its set of disadvantages, which we will discuss further in the essay.

Long and Short Essay on Television in English

Below we have provided long and short essay on television in English language. These Television essay have been written using the simple vocabulary and easy to understand sentences.

After going through the essays you would know – what is television; when and who invented it; how a television acts as a medium of education; is the television a boon or a bane; is television corrupting the minds of youth; what are the advantages and disadvantages of television, is television better than books, is television harmful to the society, etc.

Short Essay on Television (200 Words) – Essay 1

Today a television is found in almost every house across the world. The rich, the poor all have it and it is one of their most entertaining possessions. However, the television that we see today is completely different from its predecessor in a number of ways.

The first televisions were very basic and started appearing in the early 1800s. Though, they were rudimentary and worked purely on mechanical principles. The concept involved scanning an image and then transmitting it onto a screen.

A major breakthrough came when the mechanical scanning system was combined with a cathode ray tube in 1907 by a Russian Boris Rosing and English A.A. Campbell Swinton.

World’s first electronic television was invented in 1927 by a 21 years old inventor – Philo Taylor Farnsworth. He used radio wave technology to remotely transmit images to a device with screen. His technology was way ahead of mechanical TV concept.

Today, the television has become most important household equipment, so much so that it is almost impossible to spot a house without a television set. It is great for entertainment purpose and could be really informative too, but also has certain disadvantages like addiction, explicit and violent content, social and psychological effects on a person etc.

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Essay on Television as a Medium of Education (300 Words) – Essay 2

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Television could really be a great source of education if only informative and knowledge based channels are viewed or subscribed. There are various channels which offer educational programs for school and college going students. There are also tutorial channels based on specific subjects for the students. A television has a variety of educational programs to cater to a variety of audiences. It has educational programs for the children, the young and also the old.

Role of Television in Education

The role of television in education building has been acknowledged by many countries around the world. It is used as a tool for effectively teaching both formal and non formal education. A television could be synchronized with school curriculum and used to teach a specific subject.

Television is also an efficient method of effectively obtaining non formal education, for those youth and adults who didn’t have a chance to obtain formal education. It could be effectively impart skills, provide vocational training and other necessary cultural and civic education, when used properly.

Educational Television Programs

Today you don’t need to approach your physics teacher, after school hours to understand the Newton’s laws of motion. You just need to switch to educational section in your television and choose from a number of tutorial programs in Physics.

Despite subject oriented programs, a television offers various other non formal education programs which enhance your overall knowledge on issues other than subject matter. To state a few examples History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel and various other science based Channels do a great deal of imparting education.

Essay on Is Television Better Than Books (350 Words) – Essay 3

Television is an audio visual machine which provides entertainment in the form of various programs, transmitted through air, in the form of radio signals, to be received by your Television. Books on the other hand have no electronics involved and have printed pages, to be read by their prospective Reader and are also aimed at conveying some useful information or entertaining him.

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Is Television Better Than Books?

Both, books and television are two different modes of information exchange, aimed at providing useful or sometimes bogus information to the user and entertaining him. But the environment in which they are used and the effect that they have on their respective users are totally different. Television in a normal household is generally placed at common place-a place where the family, friends or visiting relatives gather.

People meet in front of Television, to watch their favorite shows, or to just listen lazily to the News. Whatever the reason may be, TV is only a short term entertainment option which does not provide you much useful information except when you are listening to News.

Books unlike Television are to be read in silence , stressing upon every word, every sentence and letting it slowly seep into your memory through your eyes, while you lie relaxed on your favorite chair or lying down on your bed. Reading Books is like a spiritual exercise, which satisfies your desire to be entertained in a silent but effective way. Watching Television on the other hand, after sometime will leave you stressed, looking for peace and silence. TV slowly drains your inner peace and tranquility, leaving you stressed and flabbergasted. Whatever the TV does to you, Books do just the opposite.

Reading a favorite Book in silence sitting on your favorite chair will relax your soul and mind, and the more you read, the more you will feel content and informed.

Essay on Television a Boon or Bane (400 Words) – Essay 4

Today, the television is found in billions of houses the world over. As per global statistics, nearly 79% of total households own at least one TV set. With such immense popularity and acceptability television has also hugely influenced individuals and even societies. In this essay we will discuss on the boon and bane factors of the television, ending with conclusion.

Television as a Boon

Television, when properly used is a vast sea of knowledge and information as well as the best source of entertainment. There are a number of ways to justify the usefulness of television in our lives. First of all, it is the most primary and most popular source of entertainment. It provides a number of entertainment programs, ranging from daily soaps, singing and dancing competitions, news channels, movie channels, science and fiction channels, business channels, automobile channels and lot more. Moreover, you can view these channels in the language of your choice.

Apart from being entertaining, television is also a tool to gain education and information. There are various channels based on subject matters for school and college going students as well as for the students of PhD level.

There are also a number of NEWS channels running live news from various corners of the world, covering every significant political, social and educational event. A Television set provides all of this useful information in the comfort of our homes, thus proving that television is a boon to humanity.

Television as a Bane

Despite of all the advantages that make television a boon to human race, there also are certain traits of television which could make it really annoying. Speak of the television as annoying and the first thing that flashes through our minds is noise. The sound of a highly emotional soap opera coming from the next room when you are trying to study or sleep could be quite frustrating and annoying.

Moreover, a television also transmits adult and violent programs which could be really misleading for youngsters. Exposure to such malicious contents impacts the personality and social skills of the youngsters, often making them arrogant, hostile, corrupt, violent and socially obscure. Also, addiction to television is an added disadvantage which along with the mentioned effects makes television a bane to humanity.

Essay on Television Is Harmful To the Society (450 Words) – Essay 5

Television is an audio visual device which entertains you through various visual programs transmitted through air. The information that it provides is not always useful, however that depends on the user to a larger extent. Television since its inception has a vast affect on Civilization, ranging from health to sociological and sometimes psychological. Though it is a source of information, the incessant use of Televisions has led to many medical conditions and a drastic change in the social fabric.

Television is Harmful to the Society

Today the younger generation is more susceptible to myopic vision (a medical condition in which person looses his/her normal eyesight) as a result of watching Television for longer duration than advised. Watching TV closely or for longer duration also results in tired eyes, headache and lost concentration.

In past few years there has been a reported increase in the number of children suffering from visual disorders, lost concentration and headache as a consequence of watching TV. Apart from injuring their eye sight, TV slowly makes them inactive turning them into introverts. Instead of going out and playing, mingling with other children, making new friends, they sit motionless and watch TV for hours. The effect that the TV has on their overall persona is not very hard to imagine. Television basically transforms fun loving, outgoing, little enthusiastic wanderers into dumb, visually impaired and introvert kids.

The TV ahs also affected the society in the same manner as it has affected the kids. Today if you visit any locality your town, city or village in evening, you will find closed doors with different sounds of Television coming from the houses. Instead of socializing in their free time, people have taken to watching their favorite program on TV, which provides no informational value at all.

In the past years, when there was no TV, people spend their time socializing, asking about each other’s health and well being, reading their favorite books or newspapers, playing sports and helping one another in the time of need. Now with the invention of TV, all the doors of socialization got closed and people are silently watching TV behind their closed doors, while there neighbor might be looking for help.

Essay on Is Television Corrupting the Mind of Youth (500 Words) – Essay 6

Television is the most widely used and most popular audio visual device used for entertainment and informative purposes. Wide acceptability has made television a household name and its popularity cuts across ages and classes. Youths, however are more vulnerable to the negative effects of television, due to immaturity and tender age. In the following essay we will discuss on how television is corrupting the minds of youth and what remedial measures could be taken to eliminate it.

How is Television Corrupting the Minds of Youth?

First of all, watching television could be a waste of time if not watched for informative or knowledge purpose. Many television programs show inappropriate adult contents, teen violence, drug abuse, sexual and other similar offences, undesirable language, bullying etc. Also, most of the movies shown today contain high degree of violence and bloodshed. Such programs hugely affect the psychological and social behaviour of the youth.

An uncontrolled exposure of violent and corrupt programs make the youth arrogant, violent and more prone to corrupt practices. For example, watching crime based serial or movies make the immature minds of youths to follow the same corrupt practices. Also, teens tend to copy undesirable activities like eve teasing and staking, as is shown in many programs and movies.

Moreover, smoking and liquor consumption are some of the most common activities shown in television programs. Such activities have high influence on the teens, who relate them with manhood. Somehow, they tend to believe that they could only be a complete man if they smoke as well as consume liquor as the actors on the television do it.

Necessary Measures to Keep the Youth Safe from Ill Effects of Television

The most effective method to keep the youths safe from the influence of television is to provide limited access to them. Also, there should be a restriction on the channels they view and they must only be allowed to view informative and knowledgeable programs. Viewing malicious and violent content by youngsters must be strictly prohibited.

Parents and guardians should be more communicative with their wards, discussing on the derogatory effects of television among other issues. Children should be told on how to use television for gaining information and education.

Youths should be well informed about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of television and also that watching inappropriate content on television will adversely affect their behaviour and social life as well as distort their thought and morale.

These days a number of youths are taking up bullying, smoking, consuming liquor other corrupt practices under the influence of television.

Long Essay on Television – Advantages and Disadvantages (600 Words) – Essay 7

Television, despite being immensely popular, once the TV was called an “Idiot box”, because back then it was less informative and more entertaining. But as the time passed, the advantages of television have also increased. Still, the advantages are countered by the disadvantages, a narration of which is provided below. In the concluding paragraph we would be able to know, whether the advantages of television weigh more than the disadvantages or vice versa.

Advantages of Television

The advantages of television are discussed below-

  • Cheap Entertainment

Television is the cheapest source of entertainment available to a common household. Various programs on information, education, entertainment, religion and other topics provide a pool of options to choose from, that too sitting in the comfort of your house. The options never seize and you will never be left bored in front of the television.

  • Educational and Informative

Television is a good source of education and information. There are various educational channels dedicated to teaching students about a specific subject. 24 hour news channels will keep you up to date about the world affairs. Channels based on wildlife, science and travelling enhance your knowledge about various subjects apart from entertaining you.

  • Skill Development

Television could be an effective tool for skill development. There are various programs dedicated to skills like cooking, drawing, singing, dancing etc. Anyone who desires could learn a skill of his choice by watching it done on television by the program host. If you have a hobby of cooking then you just have to switch the channel and make mouth watering dishes as your host is instructing.

  • Motivational

Some television programs could also be motivational for any one in need. Channels offer motivational speeches and talk shows by some of the best in class motivational speakers. Listening to them will surely leave you feeling much better in the end.

  • Wide Exposure

Television provides a wide exposure on a variety of topics ranging from world issues, news, wildlife, science and fiction, history, geography, upcoming world and national events, sports, hobbies and much more. Such vast exposure, while sitting in the comfort of your house is only possible because of television.

  • Family Ties

Television also increases family ties as all the family members sit together to watch a movie or their favorite sport tournament.

Disadvantages of Television

  • Violent and Inappropriate Content

This is one of the most prominent disadvantages of television. A television offers a number of violent contents and inappropriate languages which has adverse effects on youths as well as elders.

  • Derogatory to Health

Sitting for longer hours in front of the television has a negative effect on the health too. It is the cause for many lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, obesity etc.

  • Social Obscurity

Person, who is addicted of television, often avoids socializing with friends and relatives, making himself a sort of introvert. Such persons become emotionally vulnerable and often show hostile behavior towards others.

  • Emotional Vulnerability

Watching too much of drama on television might make you emotionally vulnerable. People are seen to face the same pain when their favorite character dies, than they would have felt on losing a real friend. Such emotional upheaval isn’t good for mental and overall health of a person.

  • Hidden Agenda

Various businesses have a hidden agenda of targeting vulnerable customers through TV commercials. Every TV program has commercials, where the manufacturers frantically try to lure customers by making false claims and promises about their products.

  • Shallow Information

The information that is provided by news channels on television is often only half the truth. Moreover, regular commercial breaks and an effort to glamorize the issue, keeps the real information hidden and leave you confused and wondering in the end.

  • Highly Addictive

Television is highly habit forming and children are seen to be more vulnerable to its addiction. Once addicted, a person loses all interest in other hobbies and always wants to watch television whenever s/he gets the time.

FAQs on Television Essay

What is the importance of television essay.

The importance of television lies in its ability to inform, entertain, and educate, serving as a powerful medium for communication and connectivity.

t is the importance of television essay?

Television is important for its role in disseminating news, entertainment, and educational content to a wide audience.

What are the 10 advantages of television?

Ten advantages of television include: information dissemination, entertainment, educational programs, connectivity, cultural exposure, advertising opportunities, real-time news coverage, convenience, family bonding, and accessibility to a variety of content.

What is television in simple words?

Television, in simple words, is a device that displays audio and visual content, allowing people to watch shows, movies, news, and more on a screen in their homes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of television?

Advantages of television include access to information and entertainment, while disadvantages include potential health issues and excessive screen time.

Who is the father of television?

Philo Farnsworth is often credited as the father of television for his pioneering work in developing the electronic television system.

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Paragraph on Television 100, 150, 200, 250 to 300 Words for Kids, Students, and Children

February 7, 2024 by Prasanna

Paragraph on Television: Television is considered as one of the greatest inventions on the Earth. The Television is referred to as TV. The German scientist J.L. Baird invented it. It changed the way people viewed entertainment and has brought the world much closer.

You can read more  Paragraph Writing  about articles, events, people, sports, technology many more.

Paragraph on Television – 100 Words for Classes 1, 2, 3 Kids

Television was invented by the scientist J.L. Baird. It is the first electronic appliance that can be used to watch movies, videos, TV shows, and much more. Children prefer to view the TV all the time because of the many entertaining cartoons they show us. The earlier models of the TV were bulky and needed to be placed on a strong and sturdy table.

The newer models are flat and require very little space for storage. This is an excellent feature as we can even mount the TV on the wall to watch our programs in a better way.

Paragraph on Television - 100 Words for Classes 1, 2, 3 Kids

Paragraph on Television – 150 Words for Classes 4, 5 Children

Television – The most significant invention by man was designed and developed by J.L Baird in 1927. It is a smart appliance that is used for viewing content all around the globe. The basic functioning of a TV is through the radio waves that are transmitted from the sender. The waves are reflects the receiver’s antenna, and then we can view our content. It has definitely made our lives better by providing us with a great mode of entertainment.

Earlier people used to resort to magazines and books as the sole source of entertainment. However, now, there are hundreds of options. There are different channels on TV that are run on different frequencies. The earlier Televisions were in monochrome, but with advancements in technology, TVs started coming in coloured versions.

Paragraph on Television – 200 Words for Classes 6, 7, 8 Students

Few inventions have had more effect than the Television in our lives. It has revolutionized the way we used to view content. With the invention of TV, people started staying home a lot more than before. This is because they could access whatever they wanted right at their homes. This flexibility allowed them to spend more time with their families. TVs have played a great role in the way we got our information.

The time from when TVs started being produced in masses it was a great time in history. We could access news and information at the click of a button. But, the TV also has its share of demerits. It has made people lazy and inefficient. Children especially prefer to stay at home rather than going out to play.

Paragraph on Television – 250 to 300 Words for Classes 9, 10, 11, 12, and Competitive Exams

Within the 100 years of the inception of TV into households, it became more popular than any other appliance. Modern-day TVs are much different from the ones that were used earlier. The earlier versions were known as mechanical Televisions and were heavy and bulky. When compared to the slim, LCD, and LED display TVs that we have today, they seem like a faraway era’s device.

The main purpose of the TV was to bring the world closer. While it became possible to a great extent. However, it has also been responsible for the segregation of societal bonds. People prefer to stay and home than attend social obligations.

In the mid-20th century, the TV became so popular that almost everyone was hooked to it. It affected the productivity of companies and their growth. With the broadcast of sports on TVs, people found another reason to ditch their works. The newer TVs have remote controls that allow the user to access them from the comfort of their sofas.

On the other hand, the earlier versions had to be regulated by getting up from the seat and going near the TV to press the buttons. That was very time taking and inconvenient. There are different types of TVs, like the Liquid Crystal Display TVs and the latest LED TVs. The LED TVs are preferred to the LCD ones because of their clear and HD display. It is important to remember that no matter how convenient the TVs are, they cannot be replaced with outdoor work. We have to create the perfect balance between TV time and the outdoor lifestyle in order to lead a healthy life.

Emissions from TV is known to have detrimental effects on our health. Furthermore, long exposure to TV screens can damage our retinas. This can impair our viewing capabilities. It is very important to maintain the perfect distance from the TV or use a blue-light protection film to prevent our eyes from getting damaged.

Paragraph on Television - 250 to 300 Words for Classes 9, 10, 11, 12, and Competitive Exams

FAQ’s on Paragraph on Television

Question 1. When was the TV invented?

Answer: The TV was invented in 1927.

Question 2. Who invented the TV?

Answer: The TV was invented by J.L. Baird.

Question 3. Is TV harmful to our health?

Answer: If we watch TV for a long time, it can damage our eyes and impair vision.

Question 4. Which is the best type of TV?

Answer: The modern LED TV is the best type of TV.

Question 5. Can we get a smart TV with Google?

Answer: Yes, there are plenty of options available nowadays that can enable us to get services like Google or Alexa on our TVs. These are helpful in making our TV viewing experience better. They have Artificial Intelligence that will cater to our needs and customize our content.

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A 1000-word essay is a common assignment for all students, regardless of their subjects and academic level. 

Although it sounds simple, it can become daunting when you don’t know where to start and how to write it. 

So, how do you write a 1000-word essay? 

Continue reading this blog and get to learn everything you need to know about the 1000-word essay.  

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  • 1. What is a 1000 Word Essay?
  • 2. 1000 Word Essay Structure
  • 3. How to Write a 1000 Word Essay?
  • 4. How to Format a 1000 Word Essay
  • 5. 1000 Word Essay Examples
  • 6. 1000 Word Essay Topic Examples
  • 7. How Long is a 1000 Word Essay? 
  • 8. How Many Paragraphs Will a 1000-Word Essay Be? 
  • 9. How Many References for a 1000 Word Essay? 
  • 10. How Long Does It Take to Write 1000 Words?
  • 11. How to Write Different Types of 1000 Word Essays?
  • 12. Tips for Writing a 1000-Word Essay 

What is a 1000 Word Essay?

A 1000 word essay is an essay that covers any topic or theme within a 1000-word limit. It typically covers about 3-4 pages. 

The main purpose of this essay is to:

  • Present a concise and coherent argument in response to a stimulus or question.
  • Express the opinion of the writer.
  • Improve the writer’s writing, thinking, and critical skills

Moreover, a 1000 word essay is not an essay type. It is a format that can be used for writing any type of essay, including:

  • Descriptive essay
  • Narrative essay  
  • Persuasive Essay
  • Argumentative Essay
  • Problem and Solution Essay

1000 Word Essay Structure

A 1000 word essay consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion, just like all other essays. However, the only difference is the word count distribution across the essay. 

When writing a 1000-word essay, the introduction should be about 100-150 words, the main body should be about 700 words, and the conclusion should be about 100-150 words.

Here is the essay structure to help you divide your word count appropriately across the 1000 words.

How to Write a 1000 Word Essay?

Now that you know how this essay is structured, let’s move on to how to write it. Here are some steps that you can follow to compose an excellent essay.

  • Choose an Engaging Topic

Choosing an interesting essay topic is necessary to keep the readers engaged. For t essay, make sure you choose a topic that you can cover within your word count. 

  • Start the Research

Doing research is one of the most important parts of writing an essay. It ensures that you have all the information to create a strong composition. You should always make sure your sources are credible so no misleading info gets into your work. 

  • Develop the Outline

An outline is the main element of essay writing that can save time, make things easier, and earn a better grade. It will also help your essays be logically structured and easy for others to read. Without a proper essay outline , you might forget the main points you should add to your essay. 

  • Create a Compelling Introduction

An essay introduction is one of the most important components of a paper or essay. This part should be 100-150 words. 

Start an essay with a catchy hook and then provide background information about your topic. Finally, end the introduction with a strong thesis statement , indicating its main argument. 

  • Write Effective Body Paragraphs

The body section should be 600-800 words long, and each section must be 200-300. 

Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that indicates the main point. Afterward, present your arguments and support them with evidence. Also, conclude each paragraph with a transition to maintain a logical flow. 

  • Write a Strong Conclusion 

The conclusion is the final part of your essay, where you offer some final thoughts and tie together the key points. An essay conclusion recaps all the main points and restates the thesis statement in an authoritative way. 

  • Proofread and Revise the Draft

Once you finish writing your first draft, proofread it for any mistakes and potential improvements. Edit, revise, and polish your essay until it becomes the best version of itself.

How to Format a 1000 Word Essay

Formatting an essay involves setting the layout of the essay to make it easy to read and understand. Different formatting styles, such as the APA, MLA, Chicago, and others, prescribe different rules. 

However, some aspects of formatting are common across different styles. Here is how you can format your 1000-word essay properly:

  • Font Style: Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri
  • Font Size: 12-points
  • Margins: 1 inch (2.54 cm) on all sides
  • Line-Spacing: Double-spaced
  • Headings: Headings and subheadings should be distinguished from the normal font

Other specifics, such as the page number, title page, references, etc., depend on the instructions of your professor. So always make sure to ask your instructor for complete formatting guidelines.

Learn more about writing formats with our comprehensive essay format guide.

1000 Word Essay Examples

Reading some 1000 word essay samples is an effective way to understand how these essays work. Here are some 1000 word essay example PDFs to give you a taste of what a 1000 words essay looks like.

1000 Word Essay on Human Rights

1000 Word Essay on Discipline

1000 Word Essay on Time Management

1000 Word Essay on Punctuality

1000 Word Essay on Leadership

1000 Word Essay On Why I Want To Be A Nurse

1000 Word Essay on Respect

1000 Word Essay on Global Warming

1000 Word Essay on Accountability

1000 Word Essay Topic Examples

Finding an interesting topic for your reader can be difficult, but it's worth the time. Here are some essay topic ideas that you can use for your essay. 

  • Americans should have more holidays and longer vacations.
  • Should Students get limited access to the Internet?
  • Why is learning history important?
  • Cell phones should not be allowed in schools.
  • What is the best role for news reporters in the digital era?
  • What are the causes and effects of terrorism?
  • Does climate change occur due to human activity?
  • What is the effect of family vacations on family relationships?
  • How is social media changing parent and child relationships?
  • Is summer school designed to help children?

What Topics Are Suitable For 1000-Word Essays? 

If you haven't been assigned a topic, you will have to choose one yourself. To come up with a good topic, follow these tips: 

  • Ask yourself: what is the type of your essay? Is it informative, argumentative, persuasive, or exploratory? It will help you think of relevant topics. 
  • Brainstorm. Come up with a list of potential essay topics that you can cover in 1000 words. 
  • Narrow down this list down to a topic that you can easily discuss. Make sure you have enough information to write about that topic.

How Long is a 1000 Word Essay? 

The number of pages in a 1000 word essay differs based on formatting, such as line spacing and font size. 

A 1000-word essay can take up to anywhere between 3-4 pages when using standard academic formatting (12-pt font size & Double-spaced).

Times New Roman

12 pt



Times New Roman

12 pt



How Many Paragraphs Will a 1000-Word Essay Be? 

A 1000 word essay usually contains 5 paragraphs. It includes one paragraph introduction, three body paragraphs, and one conclusion paragraph. 

However, there could be 4 to 6 paragraphs based on your essay’s topic and structure. 

How Many References for a 1000 Word Essay? 

The number of references for a 1000 word essay depends on how many sources you use in your essay. However, 12 references are enough for a 1000 word essay.

You can also consult your professor and add references to your essay because all professors have different requirements. 

How Long Does It Take to Write 1000 Words?

On average, a 1000 word essay can take up to 3 hours to write. However, the time it takes to write this essay depends on your knowledge of the topic and your writing speed. 

Watch this video to see a step-by-step live example of how to write a 1000 word essay in minutes. 

How Long Will It Take Me to Write 150 Words?

To write 150 words, it will take you approximately 30 minutes.

How Long Will It Take Me to Write 300 Words?

Writing 300 words will take approximately 1 hour. 

How Long Will It Take Me to Write 400 Words? 

To write 400 words, it will take you approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.

How Long Will It Take Me to Write 500 Words?

To write 500 words, it will take you approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.

How Long Will It Take Me to Write 600 Words? 

To write 600 words, it will take you approximately 2 hours.

How Long Will It Take Me to Write 800 Words?

To write 800 words, it will take you approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes.

How Long Will It Take Me to Write 1000 Words?

To write 1000 words, it will take you approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Go through this teacher’s rubric to gather relevant essay content for a 1000 word essay.

How to Write Different Types of 1000 Word Essays?

There are many different types of essays that you can write in 1000 words. Some of them are briefly discussed below;

Descriptive Essay: This essay is about giving a clear and vivid description. You might use an essay to describe a place, person, object, or memory that is special to you.

Narrative Essay: In a narrative essay, you write about a personal experience in the form of a narrative. That is, you need to tell a story in 100 words. 

Persuasive Essay: This paper presents facts and arguments to convince the reader to agree with the writer. Use logic and evidence to support your argument.

Expository Essay: These essays offer an informative and balanced analysis of a topic. This means that you need to define or explain the topic in detail.

Tips for Writing a 1000-Word Essay 

Below given are some tips that our professional writers recommend. 

  • Select the right essay topic.
  • Follow the correct essay format.
  • Use Times New Roman font, Calibri font, and Arial font.
  • Use 250 words in each body paragraph.
  • Write a brief conclusion and never extend it to 500 words.
  • Keep the page count and number of words in mind.
  • Follow the specific pattern so you don’t spend hours writing. 

To sum up, that was everything you needed to know to get started on your 1000-word essay. Read some examples, choose an interesting topic, and follow the writing steps provided above, and you’ll be able to craft an excellent essay in no time.

Still in need of more help? Don't worry, we've got your back! If you require writing assistance from professional experts, look no further! At , we offer top-notch services with quick turnaround times and affordable prices. Simply request " write my essay for me " and let our expert team take care of the rest. 

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Television Essay

500+ words essay on television.

Television is one of the most popular devices used for entertainment. It has become a powerful means of mass communication. Television opens up new horizons for us. Sitting in the living room, you can access information about distant countries like America with just a click of the remote. Television is used to create awareness about various issues like environmental pollution and global warming. It can also be used as a tool for relaxation as it provides various movies, serials, songs etc., for entertainment.

Here, we have provided an Essay on Television, which will help you get familiar with the History of Television, the impact of television on our daily lives, and its advantages and disadvantages. You are requested to go through this Television Essay and then try to write your essay. This Essay on TV will work for you as a sample essay and help you accumulate your ideas in an organised way. Thus, you will be able to write an effective Television Essay in English.

History of Television in India

Television came to India on 15th September 1959 as an experiment where experimental transmission was done from Delhi. The television broadcasts started in India under All India Radio (AIR). In 1976, Doordarshan became a separate department independent of All India Radio. The early programmes on the experimental broadcasts were generally educational programmes for school children and farmers.

Doordarshan has evolved over the years. It had a monopoly as it was the only channel available to the Indian television audience. However, today, we have many channels other than Doordarshan. This change occurred in the 1990s with the arrival of private channels. Several regional channels came into the television scene during this period. Apart from the regional channels, a host of international channels like CNN, BBC and Discovery are also available to the Indian television audience. There is something for everyone to watch with different categories of channels like 24-hour news channels, movie channels, religious channels, and cartoon channels.

Impact of Television on Our Daily Lives

Television has become an integral part of our daily lives. It has the power to influence our lives in many ways. This influence can have both positive and negative results. On the positive side, Television can be an excellent teacher. It is used as a wonderful medium for mass education, as many educational channels like Discovery help in increasing scientific knowledge. With the help of Television, we stay updated with the latest news and information happening across the globe. Thus, it connects us with the world. It never makes us feel alone as it is a good source of entertainment. We can also spend some fun time with family by watching a show or match on TV. Moreover, Television provides opportunities for many people to showcase their talent in reality shows.

On the other hand, Television has its disadvantages. Too much Television can distract you from other activities, like reading, sports, studies, etc. Many people are addicted to TV, watching their favourite TV programmes. Due to this, a lot of time gets wasted, and people become obese and lazy. Many television programs have a terrible effect on children’s brains and influence them towards criminal activities. Children try to imitate their favourite character, due to which they get involved in wrong actions such as drinking alcohol, smoking, wearing inappropriate dresses, etc. Not only children but adults are also get influenced by Television when they view various product ads. These ads attract attention, and we try to purchase them without giving a single thought to whether we need them or not. We buy them for fashion and to show off.

Television in itself is neither good nor bad. It is just another medium of communication. The positive and negative effects depend upon how we use them. So, we must try to use Television as per our necessity, instead of getting addicted to it.

Frequently Asked Questions on Television Essay

Is the television still a popular device.

Although several new gadgets have been invented and are widely in use in today’s world, the television still remains one of the most used devices.

Is television a boon or a bane?

Television has several positive aspects which should be considered. It could also act as a possible distraction for students who are addicted to the entertainment channels telecasted. If this device is used with proper guidance by students, it would definitely aid them in enhancing their knowledge and skills.

How to frame an essay in such a way as to score maximum marks?

1. Use a wide range of vocabulary words

2. Frame the content in a meaningful manner

3. Check the grammatical construct of sentences

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How to Write a 1000 Word Essay: Structure, Length, Steps & Examples

How to Write a 1000 Word Essay

Table of contents


Use our free Readability checker

A 1000-word essay is not merely distinguished from other types of essays by its length or number of pages it fills. It requires a deeper level of engagement with the subject. This includes a thoughtful approach to a selected topic and more extensive research that goes beyond what's typically required for shorter essays.

Writing and structuring your 1000 words essay correctly can be a time-consuming process, unless you know how to deal with it. In 5 minutes of reading, you will learn how to write a 1000 word essay and what mistakes a student can commit in such essays. From the number of paragraphs to specific examples, we have prepared all essential information to help you finish your assignment like professional essay writers .

What is a 1000 Word Essay? 

A 1000-word essay is a common format of academic writing that typically spans about 3-4 pages, depending on the formatting. This essay format provides a succinct, yet, thorough exploration of a particular topic. By writing 1000 words, you can delve into an issue, argue a point, or explain a concept in detail.

The main purpose of a 1000-word essay is to showcase student’s critical thinking skills. Teachers or professors often assign such tasks to promote in-depth analysis, research and evaluation. 

Unlike shorter forms of academic writing such as a 500-word essay, 1000-word essays allow for a more comprehensive topic investigation. This format demands a well-developed thesis statement and robust arguments supported by evidence. Each idea must be explored sufficiently, with room for introducing counterarguments and rebuttals, if necessary. 

Compared to longer formats, like research papers or dissertations, a 1000-word essay requires a more concise and focused approach.

When Will I Need to Write a 1000 Word Essay?

You will need to create a 1000-word essay in a variety of contexts:

  • In high school, you might encounter this essay format in English or history classes, often as a way to assess your understanding of a literary piece, historical event, or a concept.
  • In college, the scope broadens. A 1000-word essay may be required in a wide range of subjects, from humanities and social sciences to business and STEM fields. Here, it serves to gauge your ability to analyze a topic deeply, synthesize research, and present cogent arguments.
  • Outside of coursework, you might be asked to write a 1000-word essay for college application process , scholarship competitions, or internships. These essays typically aim to explore your personal experiences, goals, or reflections.

Types of 1000 Word Essays 

Whether you’re writing for school or a project, there are different types of 1000-word essays you may encounter. They all differ by purpose,structural requirements and topics:

  • Persuasive / argumentative essay : Aims to convince readers by presenting compelling arguments and evidence for a certain perspective.
  • Expository essay : Explains an issue or concept to readers by providing a comprehensive overview.
  • Problem and solution essay : Elaborates on existing issues and ways to solve them.
  • Cause and effect essay : Explains the causes and influences of a specific phenomena or event.
  • Compare and contrast essay : Analyzes features, differences, and similarities between 2 topics or subjects.
  • Descriptive essay : Describes a subject using vivid language and metaphors.
  • Narrative essay : Tells a story, usually based on personal experiences.
  • Definition essay : Provides a meaning and interpretation of a concept.
  • Informative essay : Educates the audience on a chosen matter.

1000-Word Essay Structure 

Regardless of the type of essay , there is a universal outline you should follow when crafting your 1000-word paper. It may differ slightly depending on specific requirements and instructions, but the overall structure of an essay remains the same.

The basic 1000 essay structure includes an introduction, body paragraphs (typically 4-6 in this case), and conclusion. Each section implements a distinct goal:

  • Introduction: Introduces your topic and presents an argument or thesis statement.
  • Body paragraphs: Break down the main idea into multiple points and provide evidence to support them.
  • Conclusion: Rounds off the critical points and offers key takeaways.

When writing a one thousand word essay, you should stick to the 70-30 rule. This means that the introduction and conclusion should take up around 30% of the total word count, while a body section should comprise 70%.

Now that you are familiar with the major parts of a 1000 word essay outline, let’s discuss how many words and what information each section contains.

Introduction (~100-150 Words)

The introduction of your 1000 word essay should focus on providing background information needed to understand the main point of your paper. This section should be about 10-15% of the total word count, which equals 100-150 words for a 1000 word essay.

Your opening paragraph should fulfill the following tasks: 

  • Hook the audience with facts, stats or an interesting story
  • Reveal the topic’s background
  • Present your thesis statement.

Body Part (~700-750 Words)

Each body paragraph should focus on a single point and provide evidence to support it. Aim for 3-5 sentences per paragraph, totaling 3-4 body paragraphs or 700-750 words. Here’re the things you should accomplish within your body paragraphs:

  • Open each body paragraph with a topic sentence
  • Supply each argument with important evidence and examples
  • Tie the paragraphs together with logical connections.

As you write a 1000 word essay, go from the weakest argument to the strongest one.

Conclusion (~100-150 Words)

Your conclusion should restate your thesis and wrap up the argument you’ve been making throughout your 1000 word essay. Aim for 100-150 words, which is about 10-15% of the total word count.

Conclusion should accomplish the following goals:

  • Restate your thesis statement
  • Remind the audience about your main points
  • Leave your audience with a thought-provoking idea.

How Long Is a 1000 Word Essay? 

At this point, you might wonder “how many pages is a 1000 word essay?” The answer is simple. It all depends on various formatting conditions. the font size and spacing you are applying to your text. The exact length is determined by the font choice, font size, and spacing. 

Let’s look at several typical formats and how they influence the length of your essay.

1000 Word Essay Length in Pages


Double spaced

~4 Pages


Single spaced

~2 Pages


Double spaced

~4 Pages


Single spaced

~2 Pages


Double spaced

~4 Pages


Double spaced

~4 Pages

If you are stuck with your assignment, delegate this challenging task to academic experts. Mind that a cheap college essay writing service may help you handle this assignment out quickly. 

>> Learn more: How Long Is an Essay

How Many Paragraphs Is a 1000 Word Essay?

A 1000-word essay typically consists of 6-8 paragraphs. In this case, a classic 5-paragraph essay structure with 3 body paragraphs might not suffice. When addressing a more intricate matter, you might have more than 3 points to discuss in your body section. In such cases, your essay could extend to 4-6 body paragraphs. For example, if you're examining the causes, effects, and solutions to a particular problem, you might use a separate paragraph for each individual aspect.

1000 Word Essay Example 

So what does a 1000 word essay look like? Below, you can spot a free downloadable sample that showcases how a paper of this length can be structured. Hover over this example to create your own piece.


How Long Does It Take to Write a 1000 Word Essay?

How long you will write a 1000-word essay largely depends on your preparatory level and respective knowledge in the field. A subject that you're well-versed in might take less time to write about compared to a topic that's entirely new to you. For example, a student majoring in environmental science might take 2-3 hours to write a 1000-word essay on pollution. They likely already have foundational knowledge and can easily access relevant resources. In contrast, if the same student is tasked with an essay on theoretical physics, the research and understanding required could extend the writing time to 5-6 hours or even days. 

Your strategy also matters. If you've planned your essay well, you'll find the writing process smoother. Don’t hesitate to check our suggestions on how to write essays faster to boost your speed.

How to Write a 1000 Word Essay? 

To compose a 1000 word essay, you’ll need to plan your approach. Take the time to think through your arguments and decide on the structure of your paper. Stick to our 7 simple steps on how to write a 1000 word essay easily.

1. Understand Your Essay Prompt

Assignment instructions lay the basis of your entire essay. Be sure to read guidelines patiently and make note of any special demands. Pay close attention to any word/page limit as well as the due date. If you’re writing a 1000-word paper for school, ask your instructor if there are any particular requirements regarding the format or content.

2. Choose and Research Your Topic 

Pick a topic that interests you and aligns with your prompt. Once you have your subject, try to come up with a unique angle to approach the issue. Research your arguments and decent examples to make sure that they are fact-based.

>> Learn more: How to Title an Essay

1000 Word Essay Topics & Ideas to Write About 

In case you are running out of ideas, here are some interesting 1000-word essay topics that might be of help:

  • Should euthanasia be legal?
  • Is the death penalty justified?
  • What are the pros and cons of social media use?
  • Should all people have access to free education?
  • Does a higher minimum wage lead to higher living standards?
  • Is private healthcare more effective than public healthcare?
  • Should animal testing be banned?
  • Are there alternatives to fossil fuels?
  • What health benefits does meditation provide?
  • Are self-driving cars dangerous or life-saving?
  • How can we reduce human trafficking globally?
  • Is religion necessary for a moral society?
  • Are genetically modified foods good or bad?
  • How has technology impacted our education system?
  • Should we teach children about sex in schools?
  • What can be done to reduce carbon footprints worldwide?
  • Is faux fur cruelty-free and eco-friendly?
  • How can we address homelessness in our communities?
  • Is artificial intelligence a threat or a benefit to humanity?
  • Are there positive outcomes of globalization?

3. Formulate Your Thesis Statement

Developing a thesis statement is a critical step in writing a 1000-word essay. Your thesis statement should comprise 1 or 2 sentences that respond to your prompt. Offer a concise preview of what you are going to discuss in your paper. 

Your thesis will guide your writing process, so make sure it’s specific and clear. At this stage, you may come up with a draft version of your statement. You can always revise it later on, if necessary.

4. Prepare an Outline with Approximate Word Count 

You won’t be able to sort out your thoughts without an explicit plan. That’s where you need to create a schematic outline for essay shaping all the points you want to mention. Think about what you already know about the subject and carry out extra research if necessary. Allocate an estimated word count for every part, ensuring that each argument is given enough space. 

Don’t expect to make it flawless. This is a preparatory step and you can always adjust the structure and reorganize your ideas according to the order of importance.

5. Write a 1000 Word Essay Using a Plan 

Now, all that is left to do is to write your 1000 word essay. Use a plan that you have prepared beforehand to start working on the first version of your paper – a rough draft . Focus on developing your major points you’ve indicated in the outline. Make sure you stick to the allotted word count. 

Start by  writing an introduction. Briefly present your topic and thesis statement. Then, approach each aspect and provide evidence to support your arguments in the body section of your essay. In the end, write a conclusion of your 1000 word essay that wraps all your points.

6. Reference Your Sources

When writing 1000 word essays, it’s important to use enough sources (around 7-10). This will demonstrate that you have conducted an in-depth investigation and your writing is driven by credible resources. Don’t forget to cite them accordingly every time you quote or paraphrase someone’s ideas. Depending on the format, you should include either in-text citations or footnotes in the body. The most common paper styles are APA , MLA , Chicago and Harvard , so double check which one is required.

7. Proofread and Polish 

Once you have written your 1000 word essay, you’re not done yet. Make sure to review your piece one last time and look for any typos, grammar or punctuation mistakes. You can also ask a friend or parent to proofread it and spot the areas that need improvement. This way, you will receive some valuable feedback. 

Pro tip: use our paper grader to rate your essay grammar, readability and uniqueness score.  

>> Learn more: How to Revise Essay

1000 Word Essay Format 

When writing a 1000 word essay, you should keep in mind that it follows the same structure as any other academic paper. All essays should include an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Furthermore, depending on the format (MLA, APA, Chicago), your paper may also include a title page or reference list.

Is It Important to Stick to a 1000 Word Count? 

There may be situations when you can’t achieve the right amount of words and just leave your paper as is. However, adhering to a 1000-word count is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it demonstrates your ability to follow your instructor’s guidelines. Secondly, you will be prompted to communicate your ideas concisely, yet, efficiently. 

While small deviations of a few words are generally acceptable, make a conscious effort to stay as close to the 1000-word count as possible. Exceeding the word count may result in a lack of focus. Meanwhile, falling short may indicate incomplete analysis or insufficient supporting evidence. In either case, it reflects a failure to meet the requirements and may negatively impact your grade.

Tips for Writing a 1000 Words Essay

If you feel that creating 1000 word essays is too overwhelming, here are some tips to help you get through this task:

  • Manage your time. Consider how much time you afford to dedicate for each stage of the writing process, namely research, outlining, writing, editing, and proofreading. Dividing it into smaller chunks will make it more achievable.
  • Create a distraction-free environment. Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can concentrate on your writing without interruptions.
  • Build an outline. This will help you organize your ideas and order them logically.
  • Keep balance. Stick to your main topic and avoid going off on tangents. Make sure every paragraph remains on point.
  • Take notes. Use a dedicated notebook, digital note-taking app, or software to keep your notes in one place. Create separate sections or pages for different topics or sources to maintain organization.

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a 1000 Word Essay

Before you begin writing a 1000-word essay, be aware of common mistakes that can hinder the quality of your work. Let’s go through the typical ones:

  • Going over the word count. Straying significantly beyond the word limit can lead to a lack of focus.
  • Insufficient proof. Making unsupported claims or assertions without providing evidence or examples weakens your arguments.
  • Writing irrelevant content. Including fluff, such as repetitive statements, excessive examples, or unrelated information is unacceptable.
  • Lack of own ideas and thoughts. An essay, independently of its type, is a place where the author should present their own opinions concerning the subject.
  • Overreliance on a single source. Relying solely on one source or perspective can result in a biased analysis. Make sure to gather information from multiple reputable sources and consider different viewpoints to present a well-rounded argument.

Bottom Line on How to Write 1000 Word Essay

Writing a 1000 words essay doesn’t have to be a tedious task. By following the essay writing tips and avoiding common mistakes, you'll be able to deliver a well-structured paper that will impress your professor. So get organized, read through our guide, and start writing! If needed, consider utilizing special instruments such as grammar tools or a word counter online .


Our team of experienced writers is here to help you with your essay needs. From research to writing, we deliver high-quality, custom papers tailored to your requirements. Buy an essay paper online and experience the difference!

FAQ About 1000 Words Essay

1. how long should a 1000 word essay be.

A 1000 word essay should be between 3-4 pages in length, depending on the font size, text spacing and format. For example, if the font size is 12 pt and the text is double-spaced, a 1000 word essay will be around 4 pages. If the font size is 10 pt with single spacing applied, it would take approximately 2-3 pages.

2. How long should it take to write a 1000 word essay?

Generally speaking, it should take around 2-3 hours to write a 1000 word essay. However, if you are dealing with an unfamiliar topic or have difficulty finding information, you will need up to 4-6 hours to complete it.

3. How should I allocate my word count in a 1000 word essay?

When writing a 1000 word essay, it is important to distribute your word count reasonably. Generally speaking, the introduction should take 10-15% of your total word count (100-150 words). The body paragraphs should make up 70 % (700 words), and the conclusion should be around 10-15% (100 - 150 words).

4. What should I do if I'm struggling to reach the 1000 word count?

If you find yourself short of words, do extra research to identify additional points or evidence to expand upon. Delve deeper into your explanations and incorporate more examples or case studies. You may also consider alternative perspectives to reach 1000 words in an essay. However, it makes sense to prioritize the quality and coherence of your essay over quantity.

5. How can I reduce my word count if my essay exceeds 1000 words?

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Daniel Howard is an Essay Writing guru. He helps students create essays that will strike a chord with the readers.


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Election latest: Audience shouts 'shame' as PM endures tough end to latest TV showdown

Rishi Sunak has said he's "incredibly angry" about allegations Conservative candidates placed bets on the date of the general election. The prime minister and other party leaders faced voters on a special edition of the BBC's Question Time.

Thursday 20 June 2024 23:07, UK

  • General Election 2024

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Election date betting scandal

  • PM 'incredibly angry' over election betting claims
  • Tory candidate facing probe 'considering legal action'
  • 'More names' to come out | Chart shows huge surge in bets
  • Catch-up: What we know so far about betting allegations
  • Live reporting by Samuel Osborne

Party leaders face voter questions

  • Sunak endures shouts of 'shame'
  • Starmer 'worried' about rise of far right in Europe
  • Lib Dem leader 'not proud' of everything coalition did
  • SNP's Swinney vows to keep on pursuing independence

Election essentials

  • Manifesto pledges: Alliance Party | Conservatives | Greens | Labour | Lib Dems | Plaid Cymru | Reform | SNP | Sinn Fein | Workers Party
  • Trackers:  Who's leading polls? | Is PM keeping promises?
  • Campaign Heritage:  Memorable moments from elections gone by
  • Follow Sky's politics podcasts:  Electoral Dysfunction | Politics At Jack And Sam's
  • Read more:  Who is standing down? | Key seats to watch | What counts as voter ID? | Check if your constituency is changing | Guide to election lingo | Sky's election night plans

It's been a busy evening in the Politics Hub.

We've had the prime minister enduring shouts of "shame" during a special edition of the BBC's Question Time, which also saw Sir Keir Starmer, John Swinney and Sir Ed Davey face audience questions.

Here are the main things you need to know this evening:

  • Rishi Sunak  faced shouts of "shame" when he attacked the European Convention on Human Rights as a "foreign court";
  • The prime minister said he was "incredibly angry" about allegations of betting on the date of the election ;
  • Sir Keir Starmer  said he was "genuinely worried" about right-wing tendencies across Europe;
  • Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey confessed he was "not proud" of some of the things the party did during its time in coalition with the Conservatives;
  • And the SNP's John Swinney admitted he may have contributed to a politics of polarisation but said he will keep pursuing independence.
  • Before all of that, the Greens co-leader Adrian Ramsay  told Sophy Ridge  he rejected comparisons with Liz Truss for proposing to borrow COVID levels of money to fund his party's manifesto;
  • But back to the betting scandal engulfing the Conservative party...
  • Laura Saunders, the Tory candidate  facing a probe over allegedly betting on the timing of the election, has said she "will be cooperating with the Gambling Commission" investigation but is "considering legal action";
  • Ms Saunders is married to  Tony Lee  - the Conservative director of campaigns - with reports that he as well faces a probe after going on leave from CCHQ;
  • The Gambling Commission has said it's considering launching an investigation into a " small number of people" ;
  • Sky News understands more names are set to emerge  - this graph shows a huge surge in bets placed on the day before Mr Sunak made his announcement:
  • Elsewhere, Northern Ireland's Alliance Party has published its general election manifesto , featuring reform of Stormont's devolved structures as a key objective;
  • And the Scottish Greens have launched their manifesto too , outlining plans for a wealth tax on the richest people in the UK.

Thank you for following our political coverage throughout the day.

Please see our 10pm bulletin for the key points from an evening of tough questions for the leaders of the four major parties in the UK.

Join us again tomorrow from 7am for the latest updates.

By Megan Harwood-Baynes , digital investigations reporter

A Conservative attack ad featuring Sadiq Khan has been pulled from the party's platforms after just one day.

The advert, which ran across the Meta sites Facebook and Instagram, said: "Sadiq Khan wants to divide us", while warning voters "don't let Sadiq Khan win again".

It encouraged voters to vote for them and not Reform. It ran for one day on 19 June.

Mr Khan ran for mayor of London back in May, clinching a historic third term by a comfortable 276,000 votes over Tory rival Susan Hall. He is not running for election again on 4 July.

Sky News reached out to the Conservatives to ask why they were running an attack ad against Mr Khan - and why it had been taken down - they did not respond with a comment.

It comes as an exclusive poll for Sky News and YouGov shows the Conservative party is on track for a near wipeout, with Labour predicted to take 425 seats - including almost all in London. Reform are projected to return five MPs.

The online advert was viewed by up to 35,000 accounts, and cost the party up to £499 to run. The largest audience for it was over 45s.

Rishi Sunak suddenly becomes animated when he's asked why he called the election for 4 July (see previous post). 

He defends his campaign against Liz Truss and claims Labour's plans would be as damaging as hers.

We're getting some raw politics now from the PM with the inevitable tax attack on Labour. Apart from his tough words on Tory betting, it's the most punchy he's been in his half hour.

He's also punchy with a young questioner who says leaving the European Convention on Human Rights would be inhumane.

But he's unconvincing when Fiona Bruce asks why he calls the European court a "foreign court" when it was set up by countries including Britain and has a British judge.

And it gets worse. The audience shouts "shame!" when he attacks the "foreign court" again. 

That sort of talk may play well with Tory activists and voters flirting with Reform UK, but it went down very badly here.

It was a bad ending for the PM at the end of his half-hour and the two-hour election programme.

The prime minster says he called the election early because he felt he had delivered economic stability to the country.

Pressed on whether he is glad he called the election when he did, Mr Sunak says "it was the right moment" and he is glad.

In an attack on his predecessor, he claims what Sir Keir Starmer is promising "is the same fantasy that Liz Truss did".

After his strong answer on the betting scandal, surprisingly Rishi Sunak struggles to answer Fiona Bruce's persistent questions on his national service proposals. 

You'd think he'd have better prepared answers on a flagship election policy.

He’s also very dismissive of an audience member who says Brexit has been a disaster for young people. 

Sounding irritated, he says those arguments were debated in 2016, and he's not going to over them again.

"I come from an NHS family," Mr Sunak then tells a questioner about NHS waiting lists. 

Really? Never knew that. (At least we didn’t get "my father was a toolmaker" from Sir Keir this time.)

Like Sir Keir, Mr Sunak is facing detailed questions about issues like the NHS. More detail! 

And surprisingly he hasn't attacked Labour on tax – yet!

He'll be pleased, though, that he was asked early on about the Tory betting scandal. He had a strong answer on that that will make headlines. 

Not sure much else from Mr Sunak will, so far.

Mr Sunak has avoided engaging with criticism of the Tory's national service policy, suggesting it would be "politicising the armed forces during an election campaign".

Asked about comments from Lord West of Spithead, a former chief of the naval staff and Labour peer who reportedly called the policy "bonkers", the prime minister says: "Well it wouldn't be appropriate to start politicising the armed forces during an election campaign."

Mr Sunak insisted the military route was optional, despite the proposed national service scheme being compulsory.

But when asked what sanctions people could face for not taking part, Mr Sunak gave "access to finance" among other examples.

Asked if this meant taking away people's bank cards, he laughs and says: "There's lot of different models around Europe."

Mr Sunak is asked why Brexit has been mostly absent from the Conservatives' campaign so far.

"We had all these debates several years ago, I'm not going to relitigate them," the prime minister says.

"Our job now is to get on and make sure we realise all the benefits of that."

He gives the example of free ports as a benefit of Brexit and says it is how "we are attracting the investment and jobs".

He adds: "The choice of this election is about the future. We're not going to go back to Brexit. This is about the future…

"And actually, outside of the EU, we're able to do things that will drive more growth, create more jobs and allow me to cut more taxes."

The first two questions to Rishi Sunak are tough.

The first was about integrity in politics after the Tories' five prime ministers since 2010, the second about the betting scandal.

On betting, he says he's "incredibly angry" and if anyone has broken the law they should face the full force of the law. 

And he adds: "I will ensure they will be booted out of the Conservative Party." 

Tough talk. Let's see if it happens.

Rishi Sunak is challenged on the fact two Conservative Party candidates and the Conservatives' director of campaigning are being investigated by the Gambling Commission over allegations of betting on the timing of the election.

An audience member asks if this is "the absolute epitome of the lack of ethics that we have had to tolerate from the Conservative party for years and years"?

The prime minister says: "I was incredibly angry to learn of these allegations. It is a really serious matter."

He continues: "I want to be crystal clear that if anyone has broken the rules, they should face the full force of the law."

Quizzed over why the candidates have not been suspended while the investigations take place, Mr Sunak says: "All I can say is, they are serious investigations. It's right they are done thoroughly, confidentially."

He says if anyone has broken the rules, he will "make sure they are booted out of the Conservative Party".

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