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The Ultimate Study Music Playlist

This is a playlist of my favorite study music. It’s great for homework, studying for exams, reading, and generally getting crap crossed off my many checklists.

I’ve been working on this playlist for several years, and it contains music (all non-lyrical) from a wide variety of genres and sources, including video game/anime/movie soundtracks. At the moment, it’s got about 240 songs for you to choose from.

Listening on another app? I’ve worked to mirror this study playlist to other services. Check them out below:

  • Spotify Study Music Playlist
  • Apple Music Study Playlist

If you’d like, you can study with me in another tab while this plays. You can also listen to the playlist on YouTube instead of on this page.

By the way – I create my own study music as well! If you’d like to give it a listen, here’s a playlist:

You can also follow me on Spotify or on YouTube if you want to be notified when new tracks are released.

Need even more study music?

Here are a few options. – Music designed specifically to help you focus more effectively. It works really well for me, and I use it for around 50% of my research, writing, and reading sessions – the other half are mostly done with the playlist above.

Piano Study Playlist – If you’re in the mood for a more consistent playlist, check out this one full of solo piano tracks.

Coffitivity – Sometimes I’m in the mood for ambient noise instead of music, and the sounds of a bustling coffee shop are my personal favorite type.

Noisli – An ambient noise generator that lets you create your own mix using sounds like rain, thunder, fan, and white/brown/pink noise.

More Playlists

Work Vibes – My personal playlist of “getting-stuff-done” music. Most of the tracks here have vocals, so I wouldn’t read or study intently with them. But they’re great for crushing emails, working on design projects, or doing other work where I simply need to execute quickly.

Tom’s Workout Playlist – A collection of the tracks that usually accompany me to the gym.

“Hey Siri, play the Homework playlist.”

100 Songs, 5 hours, 12 minutes

Featured Artists

Still woozy, soccer mommy, beabadoobee, cautious clay, leon bridges, africa, middle east, and india.

  • Côte d’Ivoire
  • Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Niger (English)
  • Congo, Republic of
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sierra Leone
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania, United Republic Of
  • Turkmenistan
  • United Arab Emirates

Asia Pacific

  • Indonesia (English)
  • Lao People's Democratic Republic
  • Malaysia (English)
  • Micronesia, Federated States of
  • New Zealand
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Philippines
  • Solomon Islands
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • France (Français)
  • Deutschland
  • Luxembourg (English)
  • Moldova, Republic Of
  • North Macedonia
  • Portugal (Português)
  • Türkiye (English)
  • United Kingdom

Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Argentina (Español)
  • Bolivia (Español)
  • Virgin Islands, British
  • Cayman Islands
  • Chile (Español)
  • Colombia (Español)
  • Costa Rica (Español)
  • República Dominicana
  • Ecuador (Español)
  • El Salvador (Español)
  • Guatemala (Español)
  • Honduras (Español)
  • Nicaragua (Español)
  • Paraguay (Español)
  • St. Kitts and Nevis
  • Saint Lucia
  • St. Vincent and The Grenadines
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Turks and Caicos
  • Uruguay (English)
  • Venezuela (Español)

The United States and Canada

  • Canada (English)
  • Canada (Français)
  • United States
  • Estados Unidos (Español México)
  • الولايات المتحدة
  • États-Unis (Français France)
  • Estados Unidos (Português Brasil)
  • 美國 (繁體中文台灣)

Omari MC

Top 7 Clean Music Playlists For School, Classroom, Or Work (Spotify)

homework music playlist clean

*This article may contain links to affiliate products & services. We have reviewed these services to try and ensure the highest quality recommendations*

Written by Omari

Are you looking for a   clean classroom playlist   in 2023 or clean songs for school? There are   many clean songs out as well as   clean pop songs for school   that you can listen to through various services such as   YouTube   or   Spotify . Here are some of the lists that you should follow and subscribe to.

Clean Pop Songs for School - Kids - Children - Classroom Safe

Step into a world of vibrant melodies with "Clean Pop Songs for School - Kids - Children - Classroom Safe", a playlist brimming with pop gems that are as engaging as they are appropriate for young ears. 

This compilation is meticulously crafted to bring a burst of energy and a sprinkle of joy into the classroom, ensuring every tune resonates with innocence and positivity. The catchy rhythms and memorable melodies are bound to ignite a spark of enthusiasm among the young learners, making each school day a delightful musical journey. In a musical landscape often dominated by mature themes, finding a collection that strikes a chord with youngsters while staying wholesome can be a daunting task. "Clean Pop Songs for School - Kids - Children - Classroom Safe" is a breath of fresh air, presenting a variety of pop hits that are not only lyrically pristine but also irresistibly enjoyable. 

This playlist serves as a cheerful companion for diverse school activities, be it a lively classroom session or a focused study period. For teachers and parents seeking to infuse a dose of musical vibrancy into the learning environment while maintaining a child-friendly atmosphere, this playlist is a go-to choice that showcases the inspiring and uplifting power of music.

Lofi for Kids in the Classroom 2023

Moreover, the subtle nuances of lo-fi music in this playlist are bound to resonate with music aficionados who appreciate the art of ambient sounds. So, hit play, and let the gentle waves of lo-fi beats enrich the learning experience of the young scholars.

Lofi 90s-2000s - Best Chill Songs Of The 90s

Ah, the 90s—a decade of music that carries a unique essence, embodying a blend of raw emotion and authenticity. With "Lofi 90s-2000s - Best Chill Songs Of The 90s", you're in for a soul-soothing ride down memory lane. As the title suggests, this playlist isn't just a run-of-the-mill compilation; it’s a heartfelt homage to a memorable era. The lo-fi chill beats wrapping around the classic 90s tunes create a refreshing yet nostalgic auditory landscape. It’s the kind of playlist that invites you to sit back, relax, and let the melodies carry you back to simpler times. And there's something about the lo-fi reinterpretation that makes this journey back to the 90s feel contemporary and timeless. It’s a gentle reminder of the musical richness of the past, blended with today's laid-back lo-fi culture. The "Lofi 90s-2000s - Best Chill Songs Of The 90s" playlist isn’t just a medley of songs, but a tasteful fusion of eras that appeals to the sentimentalist, the daydreamer, and the modern hipster alike. Whether you're reminiscing about the good old days or discovering the 90s vibe in a new light, this playlist serves as your perfect companion. Through each track, you'll find the comforting embrace of nostalgia paired with a modern-day chill aesthetic, and that's a blend that never goes out of style.

Musica De Trabajo En Oficina (70s-2023)

A playlist where the golden age of rock and disco meets the fresh and invigorating beats of the present day. This collection isn’t merely a backdrop for your office hours; it’s a handpicked journey through time, with tunes that carry the spirit of the 70s while embracing the rhythm of today. The essence of each era is preserved, creating an atmosphere that's upbeat, lively, and perfect for powering through the workday with a sense of nostalgia. Every track tells a story, one of hard work, aspiration, and the sweet rhythm of success, echoing the shared ambitions and dreams of everyone in the room. The classics from the 70s bring forth a comforting, nostalgic ambiance, while the modern beats infuse a sense of energy and focus into the workspace. It's a delightful blend that keeps the atmosphere vibrant, encouraging a harmonious blend of individual focus and collective camaraderie among colleagues. Let this be the soundtrack to your daily grind, as it creates a melodious bridge between the yesteryears and the buzzing pace of today's work environment. Every day is a chance to relive the golden musical days while embracing the hustle of the present moment. This playlist isn’t just a sonic experience, but a companion to your professional journey, enlivening each task and project with a touch of musical magic that resonates across the decades.

Wake Up Happy

If you don't have access to coffee, this playlist will be an adequate substitute!

Pop Classics

This list features all the playlist classics of the future.

REAL Pop Music

There is too much Pop music out there today that is a clone. This list has original Pop music from creative artists all throughout it.

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How FACELESS Artist Got Nearly 1 MILLION Music Streams Using This…

How FACELESS Artist Got Nearly 1 MILLION Music Streams Using This…

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homework music playlist clean


*Here are some small samples of the playlists in our network. Obviously, we aren't able to share every single list for confidentiality reasons, but these are a handful of examples out of the hundreds of playlists we have in our network.*

[Christian] Loudbrook - Light Cancels Darkness

Playlists This Song Was Featured In

Contemporary Christian Music (33K Followers)

Louvores - Gospel (62K Followers)

[Hip Hop] Mike Sarge - Boom Boom

Clean Rap & RNB (25K Followers)

Top Hits From New Artists   (20K Followers)

Chill Music (38K Followers)

[Pop] Kirrah Amosa - Nothing on Me

Today's Pop Hits (38K Followers)

Gaming Playlist & Workout Radio (23K Followers)

[Country] Mike Silvestri - Gone

Forest Gump Soundtrack (50K Followers)

Stagecoach (15K Followers)

Best of Country Hits (2K Followers)

[Jazz] Project Grand Slam - Ride Em High

Acoustics For Relaxing (48K Followers)

Chill Music (9K Followers)

[Rock] The Keystones - Miss Connection

Hard Rock Workout (70K Followers)

Rock Hits (5K Followers)

[R&B] Nicole Bus - Hear About It

Funky Songs Playlist (190K Followers)

Clean Rap & RNB (10K Followers)

[EDM/Future Bass] Melvin - Luv Again

Top Hits From New Artists (20K Followers)

Electro-mania (6K Followers)

Best Workout Playlist (14K Followers)


[Pop]  John Turri - Supermarket Flowers (Cover)   

[Folk]  Resurrection Fern - Torn Upside Down   

[R&B]  Omari - Sapiosexual  


[Indie Rock]  Shadow Puppet Theatre - John Doe   

[Hip Hop]  K-Rich - We Workin   


[Hip Hop]  Surve - Found My Way   

[EDM]  Arion Verk - Life Cycle   

[Pop]  Matt LeGrand - All Good   

*Note: Songs may have ordered promotion from other sources as well. Small, medium, and large only denote the amount of promotion that was ordered from our service.   


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His main goal was to achieve new followers who are seriously interested in his journey as an artist.

Kid Travis already had amazing talent but needed to combine his music genius with some marketing expertise to get the best of both worlds.

We were able to bring out the heart of his music through paid ads by editing & optimizing his existing videos and properly researching and structuring his ad campaigns.

The end results:  We were able to consistently and predictably gain followers averaging between $0.25-$0.35 per follower (including a bulk of the promotion being done in high cost English speaking countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Australia, & Canada) resulting in around 4,000 new, engaged followers/month on Instagram.

Kid Travis Instagram:

Kid Travis YouTube:

*Note: Previous campaigns are not a guarantee for results in future campaigns. However, we do our best to ensure each client gets the best results possible.   


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  • organization
  • My Favorite Things

How To Make A Homework Playlist

homework music playlist clean

 Setting yourself up for an evening of homework can be a daunting task. Let’s be real – some nights, you just want to watch netflix and forget about school (okay, most nights). One of the things that I find motivating is to have an awesome homework playlist. You want music that is fun and will encourage you to get everything done, but you don’t want it to be too distracting. Here are some things to consider while making a homework playlist:

  • Listen to new music – Either on the radio, youtube, a music borrowing site through your local library, or by downloading from a website like NoiseTrade. When I listen to new music, I’m less likely to start singing along and dancing in my seat (yes, it really happens). 
  • Listen to your favorite tunes – Listening to your old faves is a great way to make homework a little more fun. When you know the songs you’re listening to, they sometimes fade into the background and provide a calming environment.
  • Listen to scores or soundtracks – With scores, there are no lyrics to distract you. But with soundtracks, there’s often a variety of genres and tones that keep it interesting. I personally love listening to soundtracks while I’m working – it feels like you’re watching your favorite movies while you’re getting stuff done… win-win.
  • Listen to mellow songs – Try to find songs that aren’t loud and seem to be screaming at you. Mellower songs are almost like background music, setting the mood for an evening of reading and note-taking. Most of your favorite artists will have a few songs that are slower and quieter – try making a playlist of those songs, perhaps with a few upbeat songs to break it up (and maybe give yourself a dance-break).

As you can tell, what music will work is a matter of personal preference. Try out a couple different playlists and figure out what works for you!

Below are some of my favorite albums, artists, and radio stations for listening to during homework sessions:

  • Monte Carlo Score (yes, the one with Selena Gomez!) 
  • Noah and the Whale – The First Days of Spring
  • Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
  • Jamie Cullum – Anything, really.
  • The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack
  • iTunes Radio – Choose a mellower station, like Classical or Jazz (or my personal favorite, Crooners and Cocktails), or a station in a foreign language like French Pop. It’s a great option for when you just want something playing and you don’t want tot think too much about it.
  • Leighton Meester – Heartstrings
  • Graffiti6 – Colours
  • Ed Sheerhan – Anything
  • Andrew Belle -Anything

homework music playlist clean

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homework music playlist clean

Backpack Essentials

homework music playlist clean

The Music to Listen To While You're Working from Home

If the noise of your full house or the silence of your apartment is driving you insane, tune in to our playlist.

Photography, Room, Collage, Technology, Art, Furniture, Stock photography, Sitting, Photomontage, Graphic design,

During long periods of working remotely, sometimes all it takes is the right song or album to get into the zone. Perhaps it’s an ethereal Tame Impala track to boost your mood or a shiny Tinashe hit to lend you a dose of afternoon energy.

Victoria Sines, Content Strategy Manager

Miguel is my go-to forever and always, but I can’t stop listening to Tame Impala’s new album, The Slow Rush . Their music always puts me in a good mood, and the song “Breathe Deeper” (pun intended) has really been getting me going in the morning or when that midafternoon slump hits.

Barry Samaha, Freelance Market Editor

For the past three years, Spotify’s year-end review has decreed that Aretha Live at Fillmore West is the album I listen to most. Apple Music also backs this data. Still, I’ve never really analyzed why it is in constant rotation on all my audible devices. Perhaps it’s the verve in Franklin’s voice, the musical arrangement of each song, her chats with the crowd in between sets, or a combination of everything. But what I do know for certain is that it makes me happy and keeps me focused. And when I am at home by my lonesome, and not panicking from headlines on CNN (I know! I know!) or stuffing my face with brownies, singing along to this gem keeps me sane.

Kerry Pieri, Fashion & Features Director

I find that any Motown Spotify list that has anything to do with Marvin Gaye keeps me in a good mood, motivated, and gives my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter something to jam to.

Bianca Betancourt, Assistant Digital News Editor

As of late while working from home, I’ve been listening to Kaytranada’s latest album, Bubba . The album’s tracks are upbeat enough to wake me up but still simultaneously chill enough to be a proper soundtrack to the start of the morning. My favorite track is the sassy “10%,” a funky collab with burgeoning Colombian pop star Kali Uchis. Around lunchtime, I usually begin to blast Bad Bunny—“Si Veo a Tu Mamá” is my favorite track off his flawless sophomore effort YHLQMDLG, which stands for “Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana” and translates to “I Do What I Want.” Then as the day winds down, I’ll put on Tinashe’s Songs for You —a very underrated and well-produced curation of cool girl, modern-pop bops that usually results in me shimmying at my desk, naturally.

Chelsey Sanchez, Editorial Fellow

I feel something akin to religious fervor each time Mitski graces my speakers. Her eclectic discography matches me at every stage of my work-from-home process: cathartic, grating vocals for initial rage; decadent and romantic pop songs for when I hit my groove; and skeletal instrumental arrangements for my inevitable surrender to Slack notifications and email pings. It’s always easier to bow down to the workload when Mitski is prodding me along.

Anna Aiello, Motion Designer

A few songs I’ve been listening to that I’d recommend: “Lost in Yesterday” by Tame Impala. Being locked in my childhood home might actually be the ideal place to listen to Tame Impala’s latest album, The Slow Rush . I’ve been particularly enjoying the song “Lost in Yesterday,” which has a fantastic chorus that may warrant a dance break for me and my dog.

“In My Room” by Frank Ocean. The name of this track has a whole new meaning in these times. Frank Ocean is famous for being a homebody, and I’ve been listening to this single on repeat to bask in the glory of staying home.

“Home” by CARIBOU. The perfect song to make pancakes to. Quiet but upbeat.

Roberto Dume, Director of Photography

I go for tone and mood to sort of map out the day. Think of your eight-hour workday as an album, and your music lineup as your track listing. Some of the records can weave in and out of each other and work just fine on shuffle, but usually I take albums and connect them to create a mood for an extended period, so nothing gets stuck.

If I’m working, I like music that’s not overly distracting, but I can still feel underfoot. It’s always about mood and shifting so that the day is both energized for work without taking you away from the focus.

Some records that have been circulating in rotation while working from home: Frank Ocean’s Blonde , Sade’s Diamond Life , Mac Miller’s Swimming , Khruangbin & Leon Bridges’s Texas Sun EP, Harry Styles’s Fine Line , Japanese Breakfast’s Soft Sounds from Another Planet , Blood Orange’s Negro Swan , Jeff Buckley’s Grace , Radiohead’s In Rainbows , Mac Demarco’s Salad Days , The Velvet Underground’s self-titled album, Erykah Badu’s Baduizm , Little Dragon’s Ritual Union , Washed Out’s Life of Leisure EP, Childish Gambino’s Kauai EP, Billie Eilish’s When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and Rosalía’s El Mal Querer .

Lee Manansala, Senior Video Editor

WFH for me means waking up at 9:45 to be at my computer at 10, so I’m not fully awake. I put on something light, not too challenging. This morning, I put on “Rip It Up” by Orange Juice—if you like Vampire Weekend’s first album, you’ll like Orange Juice.

Once I find my stride, I need something that I can put on and forget, something that can reasonably take the place of the office din, which, if I’m being honest, I miss. Today, I put on Selected Ambient Works 85-9 2 by Aphex Twin. I know it by heart, so it’s not distracting, but I would miss it if it wasn’t on.

I ended today with The Wild Hunt by The Tallest Man on Earth, because when you’re trying to stave off atrophy and cabin fever, what you need is the perfect road trip album.

Erica Gonzales, Culture & Content Strategy Editor

My work soundtrack depends entirely on my mood (I have gone from Ariana Grande to Creedence Clearwater Revival in a day—I don’t understand myself), but lately, I’ve been finding comfort in mellow soul classics. I love “Superwoman (Where You Were You When I Needed You)” by Stevie Wonder; he’s one of my all-time favorites, and this deep cut is a perfect mix of calming and melancholy. I’ve also been constantly listening to “I Can’t Stand the Rain” by Ann Peebles; I can’t get that tingly timbales intro out of my head, and the song is such a cool gem apropos of New York’s recent dreary weather.

Other more modern artists and tunes on rotation: Dijon, Soccer Mommy, Clairo, the new Moses Sumney album grae , Niia, Snoh Aalegra, Outkast, Tom Misch, Boygenius, Rex Orange County, and Solange’s A Seat at the Table and When I Get Home.

Listen to all our picks and more in the playlist below and follow Harper’s BAZAAR on Spotify.

Headshot of Erica Gonzales

Erica Gonzales is the Senior Culture Editor at, where she oversees coverage on TV, movies, music, books, and more. She was previously an editor at There is a 75 percent chance she's listening to Lorde right now. 

preview for Harper's BAZAAR Culture Playlist

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    As of late while working from home, I've been listening to Kaytranada's latest album, Bubba. The album's tracks are upbeat enough to wake me up but still simultaneously chill enough to be a ...

  22. Best Homework Songs Playlist: Music to Listen to While Doing Homework

    Best Homework Songs Playlist: Music to Listen to While Doing Homework (Updated in 2024) No matter how your day is, you can always listen to good music: 1. Mu...