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Jeanne (The Case Study of Vanitas)

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This is making hungry with its lack of substance.

Jeanne was a bourreau, a vampire burdened with hunting and executing members of her own kind as recompense for the sins of her ancestors. She slaughtered over a thousand vampires in the war between humanity and her kin, and was placed into an century-long induced coma by her master August Ruthven. After her awakening, Jeanne became the Chevalier to Ruthven's nephew, Luca Oriflamme, whom she regarded with great affection.

Jeanne is voiced by Inori Minase in Japanese and by Molly Searcy in English. Minase has also voiced Rem in Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World , Hestia in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? , Shoko Makinohara in Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai , Itsuki Nakano in The Quintessential Quintuplets , and Chino Kafū in Is the Order a Rabbit? . Searcy has also voiced Akame in Akame ga Kill! .

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The Case Study of Vanitas Key Visual 1

  • Jeanne was named after the historical figure Jeanne d'Arc , better known as "Joan of Arc." Jeanne was a 15th century French peasant considered a hero of the Hundred Years' War. She was eventually put to death on charges of heresy at the age of nineteen.
  • 1 Embarrassment
  • 2 Joy (Inside Out)

The Case Study of Vanitas - Characters

Alt title: vanitas no carte.

The Case Study of Vanitas

Main Characters

Secondary Characters

Minor Characters


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Vanitas no Karte

The Case Study of Vanitas

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The Case Study of Vanitas » Characters

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The character page for the The Case Study of Vanitas manga series.

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  • Ambiguously Bi : The pair do like women, but there are hints that they might also be falling for each other.
  • Anger Born of Worry : Vanitas and Noé get mad whenever the other does something reckless that could get him killed, which is one of the most obvious signs they care about each other. Vanitas would rather to punch Noé than admit he worries about him, though.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit : Beneath their coats, Vanitas and Noé wear nice clothes with vests and a bow tie. They're always well-dressed during the fight scenes too.
  • Badass Longcoat : Both wear a long coat and are formidable fighters that are even better when they team up.
  • Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl : They develop a male/male version of this dynamic with Vanitas as the Brooding Boy and Noé as the Gentle Boy. Vanitas was alone and hopeless until he met Noé whose kindness and innocence melted the walls Vanitas built around himself, allowing him to finally have someone to trust with his life. Noé, for his part, wants to ease Vanitas's loneliness and make him see his self-worth after realizing how much Vanitas hates himself. Noé's heartfelt words give Vanitas hope in a dark moment and encourage him to not give up. It's still downplayed because Noé can get violent if Vanitas takes his callousness too far.
  • Cynic–Idealist Duo : Vanitas can only see the ugliness in humans and vampires after he was victim of atrocities from both races. In contrast, his partner Noé sees the world with non-judgmental eyes and always thinks the best of people, no matter if they're humans or vampires.
  • The Dividual : The Syndividual type. Their looks and personalities are drastically different from each other, but they're designed to be a duo that complement each other and can only work effectively when they're together. The author herself states that she can't pick one when people ask her whether Noé or Vanitas is the main protagonist as her intention is writing a story with a "double protagonist".
  • Dressing as the Enemy : When they infiltrate Notre Dame, Vanitas and Noé disguise themselves as Chasseurs with the uniforms of some guards who they Mugged for Disguise .
  • Fire-Forged Friends : When they start working together, Vanitas only wants to use Noé as his shield and Noé finds Vanitas to be annoying. In the attack at the bal masqué and the catacombs arc, they save each other plenty of times and learn to cooperate together, becoming real partners in the process.
  • Foil : Vanitas is a human, Noé is a vampire. Vanitas is pale-skinned and black-haired, Noé is dark-skinned and white-haired. Vanitas is a knowledgeable, sly cynic who Hates Everyone Equally , Noé is an innocent, painfully honest and sheltered All-Loving Hero .
  • Force and Finesse : As a vampire, Noé can strengthen his body to fight with his fists and kicks. On the other hand, Vanitas doesn't have a strong physique because he's a mere human so he wields daggers with wires and relies on battle tactics in direct combat.
  • Gleeful and Grumpy Pairing : Their entire dynamic as they explore Paris throughout the anime opening consists of Noé joyfully running around, being marveled by everything he sees in the city, and swinging Vanitas by the arms to play with his friend while Vanitas just keeps a grumpy expression and gets exasperated by Noé's overenthusiasm.
  • Hair-Contrast Duo : The naïve, gentle and great-hearted Noé has white hair, in contrast to his black-haired partner Vanitas who is cynical, arrogant and amoral.
  • Homoerotic Subtext : Dante points out Vanitas gets along unusually well with Noé, even implying they may be developing non-platonic feelings for each other. Scenes like Vanitas not-so-subtly asking Noé if he's interested in kissing him, their dance at the ballroom, and Noé craving Vanitas' blood could be interpreted as building romantic tension between the two. The anime just runs with it and brings more attention to the subtext by making the openings and endings completely about Vanitas and Noé's relationship, with the songs having unambiguously romantic lyrics. The creators even confirm the first anime opening sequence is supposed to be Vanitas and Noé on a date.
  • Vanitas insists Roland can't be reasoned with and the only way they can defeat him is by taking one of his subordinates hostage. Noé opposes because that would only make him more hostile towards them and he believes they can talk things out with him peacefully. When Vanitas tries to push Noé away instead, Noé makes Vanitas his hostage and manages to befriend Roland by explaining he's not an enemy.
  • In Gévaudan, Vanitas points out that Noé is holding back against Astolfo because he believes it's still possible to reason with Astolfo in the same way he did with Roland. However, Astolfo's hatred for vampires goes too deep and is much more rooted in trauma than the regular Chasseurs. In this case, Vanitas gives Noé a helpful advice to see that Black-and-White Morality doesn't apply in these situations and he just must focus on protecting those he cares about and fight for what he believes in. Thanks to this, Noé can defeat Astolfo.
  • Interspecies Friendship : Noé is a vampire and Vanitas is a human. Despite not getting along at times, it's clear they're becoming very close friends. Their bond is what inspires Roland to believe peaceful coexistence between humans and vampires is possible.
  • Light Liege, Dark Defender : Inverted. Noé is the amiable and bright vampire who has been appointed as the shield of the deeply traumatized and cynical vampire doctor Vanitas. Even though Noé claims to dislike Vanitas at first, he quickly becomes fiercely protective of him and Noé's good nature brings out the best in Vanitas.
  • Like an Old Married Couple : As much as they bicker and banter, Noé and Vanitas are very loyal partners and get protective whenever one of them is in danger. They can read each other incredibly well and have learned about each other's habits after living together for some time. Eventually, Vanitas feels comfortable around Noé enough as to willingly sleep in the same room as him and this says a lot of their relationship given that Vanitas avoids letting his guard down around anyone. The way Vanitas complains about Noé's untidiness and frequency to get lost makes him sound like a nagging wife.
  • Mayfly–December Friendship : Vampires like Noé have a much longer lifespan than humans like Vanitas, being practically immortal unless directly killed.
  • Night and Day Duo : Vanitas is associated with the night and the moon, being the dark and mysterious inheritor of the blue moon's power. Meanwhile, Noé represents the sun, having a bright and optimistic outlook that lets Vanitas see the light in the darkness. Quite ironic since Vanitas is the human and Noé the vampire.
  • Noble Male, Roguish Male : Noé is the noble male (idealistic, chivalrous and gentlemanly), while Vanitas is the roguish male (rude, brooding and unscrupulous).
  • Odd Couple : Noé is a sweet country bumpkin vampire and Vanitas is a somewhat unhinged vampire doctor. They team up to save vampires and form a unique bond during their adventures.
  • Opposites Attract : The author describes Noé and Vanitas as "oil and water" because they're polar opposites in many ways, but she affirms their differences attract them to each other and make them complete together. The cynical and amoral Vanitas is frustrated by Noé's naivety, but also admires Noé's innocence, honesty, and sense of justice. Meanwhile, the purehearted Noé is attracted to Vanitas's mysterious darkness, driving him to stay by Vanitas' side in order to understand him more.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni : Played With . Depending on the situation, Noé and Vanitas take turns in being the Red and Blue. On one hand, Vanitas is loud, abrasive and vicious, while Noé is gentle, very polite and innocent. On the other hand, Noé is more excitable, curious, and emotionally open in contrast to Vanitas who is pragmatic, brooding, and uncommunicative about his true intentions.
  • Rude Hero, Nice Sidekick : Vanitas is the doctor with the magic book that can heal Curse-Bearing vampires and Noé is his personal assistant who mostly protects him while Vanitas saves vampires. Vanitas is also a manipulative Jerk with a Heart of Gold who will gladly take hostages to make his enemies surrender. Noé goes against Vanitas' amoral ideas and tries to reach an understanding with their enemies instead.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man : Downplayed . Vanitas puts up a rude and boisterous front, but he's younger and more slender than Noé, has long hair, knows how to cook and clean, and Noé often carries him around when they need to move quickly. On the other hand, Noé is taller, more muscular and physically stronger due to being a vampire, but he's still sensitive and emotionally intelligent in more overt ways than Vanitas is.
  • Sword and Sorcerer : Although Vanitas does have combat training from his time at the church, Noé is the powerhouse of the duo because being a vampire makes him sturdy and a powerful fighter. Meanwhile, Vanitas uses the Book of Vanitas to interfere with vampires' true names and other objects connected to the World Formula like astermite. It's thanks to them combining their abilities that they make such a great team together.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork : Despite being very blunt about his dislike for Vanitas, Noé forces himself to cooperate with him in order to save the Curse-Bearing vampires. Their dynamic gradually starts to change and they become more of Vitriolic Best Buds .
  • Vitriolic Best Buds : They gradually form this sort of relationship. They bicker due to strong differences in their ideologies and have fun teasing each other, but they grow to trust and care about each other as they work together. Noé even admits that he enjoys arguing with Vanitas because it makes him feel he has a friend who treats him like an equal.
  • Waistcoat of Style : Both wear a stylish waistcoat under their coats.

Noé Archiviste

Voiced by: kaito ishikawa (japanese), ayaka nanase (child, japanese), stephen fu (english), mary morgan (child, english) note  other languages: maxym anciaux (french), víctor ugarte (latin american spanish), emiliano ugarte (child, latin american spanish), toni michael sattler (german), leandro luna (portuguese).


  • Affectionate Nickname : Dominique lovingly calls him "Mon Chéri" ("My Dear" in French) and Teacher playfully calls him "Mon Chaton" ("My Kitten" in French).
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg : At face of Misha threatening to force Dominique kill herself if Noé doesn't see Vanitas's memories , Noé gets on his knees and begs Vanitas to admit what happened on the day he killed Luna so he doesn't have to see his memories without consent .
  • All-Loving Hero : Noé likes both humans and vampires and will go out of his way to save both if he sees them in trouble.
  • Ambiguous Disorder : He is implied to suffer from PTSD and frequently zones out or gets anxious when certain aspects of his past get brought up. Depending on the circumstances leading up to his flashbacks his mood also shifts and he can get violently angry or regress to a more childlike demeanor. The anime adaption adds sfx of sound rushing in his ears and his heartrate increasing alongside flashbacks.
  • An Arm and a Leg : Noé loses his left forearm in his second fight with Astolfo. He cries out in pain and asks Johann in tears if they can put his arm back on to which the other hurriedly assures him they can.
  • Asleep for Days : After Dominique gave him the chest that contained the stakes Louis made for Noé so he would use them to kill him, Noé collapsed with a fever and didn't wake up for two days.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! : He gets easily sidetracked by just about anything. He seems to be unable to prioritize things like getting from one place to the next over fleeting curiosity. Justified as he spent most of his childhood with the de Sade family in an isolated castle and has never seen a big city like Paris before. When Dominique visits him, she puts him on a leash, but it soon proves to be useful in keeping him from wandering around to see whatever catches his eye.
  • Badass in Distress : Lampshaded by the author herself . Despite being a very strong vampire, Noé is the character who most frequently finds himself helpless in peril or beaten unconcious (at least once per arc in the latter case). Vanitas always comes to rescue him even though he originally wanted to hire Noé as a bodyguard.
  • Beware the Nice Ones : Noé is possibly the nicest vampire anyone could meet, but he isn't a pushover and will get violent when pushed past his limits. Several times, Vanitas underestimates Noé's temper and suffers the consequences of causing his friend's anger.
  • Blood-Splattered Innocents : He was splattered with Louis's blood when his friend was beheaded in front of him.
  • Broken Hero : As a child, Noé lost his adoptive grandparents, got kidnapped by vampire slave traders, and was sold to one of the most feared vampire aristocrats. A few years later, his best friend Louis became a Curse-Bearer and was beheaded right in front of him. Despite going through such hardship, Noé is very kindhearted, cheerful and optimistic. Later on, some people start getting concerned by how Noé seems so unbothered by experiences that should be upsetting or outright traumatic for him.
  • Brutal Honesty : He bluntly states that he doesn't like Vanitas upon the first night meeting him. He doesn't even realize how rude that is.
  • Cannot Kill Their Loved Ones : When Louis became a curse-bearer, Noé couldn't grant Louis' final wish to be killed by his best friend.
  • Chaste Hero : He's oblivious to romantic love and attraction in general. Justified by his sheltered upbringing under his teacher and limited social interaction with people of his age before he met Vanitas.
  • Childhood Friends : He has been friends with Dominique since childhood. She wants a Childhood Friend Romance , but Noé is oblivious to that and only thinks of her as a dear friend.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome : Noé refuses to abandon anyone he sees in danger. He unhesitatingly tries to protect Curse-Bearers despite knowing that they're dangerous and law orders to have them executed. This is because he doesn't want to see other vampires suffer the same fate as his friend Louis.
  • Clingy Sleepers : After Louis died, Noé became unable to sleep without holding onto something, usually his pillow. Vanitas warns Amelia that Noé will cling to her like a body pillow if she gets close to him when he's asleep. It's later confirmed Vanitas is saying that from experience.
  • Clueless Chick-Magnet : His gentlemanly charm sweeps Dominique, Amelia and Riche off their feet. Not that Noé notices. He casually asks Amelia if his blood tasted good to her even though it clearly embarrasses her, which Vanitas and Dante consider (unintentional) sexual harassment.
  • Color-Coded Eyes : His purple eyes seem to indicate him being the last survivor of the Archiviste clan that was wiped out long ago and who were able to see other vampire's memories by drinking their blood.
  • Compliment Backfire : Behold Noé's awkward attempt at sweet-talking Vanitas into letting him taste his blood: Noé: You know, Vanitas. It's impossible to imagine from your extremely problematic personality and attitude, but you have wonderfully aromatic blood. Vanitas: Huh? Are you picking a fight with me? Noé: I'm complimenting you!
  • The Conscience : He scolds Vanitas whenever he does something too rash or amoral, such as rejecting his plan of taking a Chasseur hostage and berating him for his borderline suicidal recklessness.
  • Conveniently an Orphan : Twice over. First he was discovered alone in a field by an elderly couple who wound up adopting him. And then they died. After that, he was kidnapped by slave traders that then sold to his "teacher" and this gave him connections to the de Sade family.
  • Country Mouse : He spent most of his childhood living at his teacher's castle in the forests of Averoigne, located far off in the country. He's overcome with childlike excitement when he first arrives at Paris because he has never seen a big city before.
  • Dark and Troubled Past : As a child, he was kidnapped by slavers and eventually purchased by the one called "Teacher." While he wasn't traumatized by that, he is from the gruesome deaths of Louis , Mina, and several other friends as a child.
  • Declaration of Protection : Soon after Louis died, Noé swore to protect Dominique who is his only remaining childhood friend, even at the cost of his own life.
  • The Defroster : Thanks to Noé being by his side to help him and try to understand him, Vanitas is slowly coming out of his shell and starting to trust and care about Noé, eventually reaching a point where Noé becomes the person he would never stand to lose.
  • Delayed Reaction : In episode 7 of the anime, after Jeanne takes Vanitas and jumps off the restaurant's window to have a private conversation with him, it takes Noé several seconds to react to what just happened before he chases after them. In the manga, on the other hand, he does react immediately after rapidly finishing his second tarte Tatin that he got from Vanitas.
  • Dork Knight : Noé is strong, chivalrous and a formidable fighter in hand-to-hand combat. He's also easily distracted, overly honest and childishly excitable. When Roland's weapon electrocutes him, Noé is ecstatic because he has never been electrocuted before.
  • Dramatically Missing the Point : When he realizes Orlok's group and Domi don't call Dhams by their names, Noé naively suggests everyone should introduce themselves properly so he can follow the conversation more easily. The fact that all the vampires were deliberately belittling the Dhams doesn't even seem to register for Noé since he himself has no prejudice against the Dhams. This gets Dante very upset because Noé isn't aware of the discrimination that Dhams have to face.
  • Easily Impressed : Noé is marveled by anything new he encounters.
  • The Empath : Besides being able to see other people's memories, Noé can also feel their emotions through tasting their blood.
  • Endearingly Dorky : His naive, earnest, and curious personality is what makes him so likable and trustworthy to just about anyone he meets. In the English dub, Vanitas calls Noé "adorably ridiculous" when Noé goes starry-eyed at the power of the Book of Vanitas.
  • Establishing Character Moment : His first action in the story is catching a weak Amelia when she collapses and nicely buys her a drink as he looks after her, establishing him as a considerate person who wants to help those in trouble.
  • Even the Loving Hero Has Hated Ones : Noé is a purehearted guy who wants to be friends with humans and vampires, but he holds a very strong hatred towards Naenia because his childhood friend Louis was beheaded after being turned into a Curse-Bearer by her. He also despises Dr. Moreau for having experimented on Vanitas and gets furious when the bastard wants to gouge Vanitas's eye out. Also, while he sympathizes with Astolfo's tragic reason for hating vampires, Noé openly tells Vanitas that he hates Astolfo for acting like a murderous psychopath towards all vampirekind.
  • Fatal Flaw : Naivety and recklessness. Noé's sense of danger is almost nonexistent and he tends to trust or underestimate people way too easily, which has caused him to get manipulated or led into a trap more than once. He also acts impulsively when people he cares about are in danger, to the point of getting a tunnel vision and not asking anyone to help him save others. After the incident with Misha, Vanitas and Dominique berate Noé's reckless choices as these nearly got all of them killed and they could have solved the situation in a safer way if Noé haven't ran straight into danger when he heard Dominique was kidnapped.
  • Fights Like a Normal : Unlike other vampires, Noé doesn't know any spells or elemental attacks and relies solely on physical combat, only using formula rewriting to enhance his body's strength and resistance.
  • Forced into Evil : Misha orders Noé to turn against Vanitas and drink his partner's blood. If Noé doesn't do it, Misha will force Dominique to commit suicide in front of Noé. Noé does try to speak with Vanitas first and begs him to just tell the information Misha wants so Dominique can be safe. After Vanitas keeps refusing to help and threatens to let Dominique die , Noé attacks Vanitas like Misha wants.
  • Formal Characters Use Keigo : Noé always speaks in a very formal manner. This can be seen as odd since he's a commoner who grew up in the countryside, but it hints at the fact that he was raised by a very high-ranking vampire aristocrat.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble : Sanguine. Among the four main characters, Noé is mostly defined as friendly, optimistic, excitable, curious and disorganized.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Vampire : Even for his race's standards, Noé is incredibly nice and helpful towards both humans and vampires. He also abstains from drinking blood even though he likes it because he doesn't want to peek at people's memories without permission. Meeting a vampire as nice as Noé is what gets the Paladin Roland to change his perception of vampires.
  • Gentle Giant : Noé is 187cm (6'1") tall, towers over most of the cast, and his vampire Super-Strength could easily overpower several men. Also, he's probably the sweetest and most compassionate guy in the series.
  • Go Through Me : In Mémoire 11, he stands in front of Lord Ruthven when the latter tries to kill Vanitas. Noé later finds out Vanitas wasn't happy with this gesture at all because Vanitas hates to see others risking themselves for his sake.
  • Good Is Not Soft : Noé is the most heroic and kind-hearted of the main characters, but he isn't forgiving to those who are evil or cruel to him and his loved ones. Naenia and Vanitas have invoked his rage more than once.
  • Good Thing You Can Heal : He takes a lot of damage over the series, even losing his arm in a battle against Astolfo. Thankfully, he can heal pretty quickly because he's a vampire and is usually better by the next day after some rest. With the lost arm, however, it does take a while for him to recover its use even though he could reattach it and is seen with an arm sling in the aftermath.
  • Good Wears White : Noé is the most heroic, kindhearted, and morally strong person of the cast. To show his good morality, his outfit is a white coat, pants, gloves, and top hat. It also serves to contrast the Anti-Hero Vanitas's primarily black clothes.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body : His go-to response in his first cases with Vanitas? Throw Vanitas towards their problem to which the other yells at him for.
  • Happily Adopted : When he was little, he was adopted by an elderly human couple. Sadly, they died long before the start of the series. He's then taken in by the de Sade family, who seem to treat him well.
  • Heroes Fight Barehanded : Unlike his partner Vanitas and most of his enemies, Noé fights only with his fists and kicks that he enhances with his vampire Super-Strength .
  • His Story Repeats Itself : "Teacher" brought Noé to his castle where Noé meets and befriends the troubled and isolated Louis. Eventually, through "Teacher's" manipulations, Louis became a Curse-Bearer and was killed in front of Nóe after Noé couldn't bring himself to kill Louis. In the present time, "Teacher" has once again sent Noé to a place where he meets and befriends Vanitas who is undergoing a similar depression and loneliness to the one Louis experienced, driving Noé to want to understand and support Vanitas in the way he failed to do for Louis. Much like Louis, Vanitas is being subjected to a curse that is making him slowly lose himself, but Noé is unaware of this as he was of Louis' condition. According to Noé's narration from the future, he will kill Vanitas at the end of their journey, which serves as a contrast to him not being able to kill Louis at the latter's request.
  • "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight : In Mémoire 53, Noé understands Vanitas has been fighting him with the intent to kill only because Noé attacked him with a monstrous expression on his face, which activated the effect of hypnosis that causes Vanitas to kill any vampire that tries to see his memories. Now seeing how much fear he caused in Vanitas, Noé drops all defenses in front of the hypnotized Vanitas and states his name to remind Vanitas that Noé is not a terrifying vampire out for his blood, but his partner who'll never let him be alone again. This successfully breaks Vanitas out of the hypnosis and the two partners can reconcile.
  • The death of Louis keeps haunting him after years. He deeply regrets he could do nothing to help his friend and worse, he didn't kill Louis himself which was the death Louis wanted.
  • His future self's narration claims to have killed Vanitas, which is a source of immense remorse and grief for him.
  • Idiot Hair : He has a small ahoge sticking out of his head, representing his naivety.
  • In a Single Bound : With his vampire abilities, he can jump up to rooftops effortlessly.
  • Innocent Bigot : Noé never discriminates against anyone for what they are, but his blissfully oblivious behavior towards Fantastic Racism doesn't sit well with those facing said racism. When he realizes no one but Vanitas ever calls Dante's group anything but "Dhams", Noé just calls out everyone in the room for making the conversation "confusing" by avoiding names. While Noé meant no harm, Dante gets even more offended than when he gets called "Dham" since Noé doesn't seem to be acknowledging how much Dhams are mistreated and seen as inferior by vampires.
  • Innocently Insensitive : He tends to be a bit too blunt and blurts out whatever comes to his mind. This can cause awkwardness for others without him realizing it. It's Played for Drama in his behavior towards Dominique; he's unaware about her crush on him and insecurities that came from Louis' death, so Noé inadvertently feeds into her fears and self-loathing by mistaking her for Louis in a delirium and expressing interest in other people like Vanitas and Jeanne in front of Dominique.
  • Interspecies Adoption : As a child, he was adopted by an elderly human couple who eventually died.
  • Jealous Romantic Witness : Episode 7 of the anime adds scenes of Noé longingly staring at Vanitas and Jeanne returning to the café together after they briefly left to discuss her blood cravings. It's also implied Noé may have eavesdropped on their secret conversation and blood drinking session earlier. When Dominique finds him on the roof, she notices Noé looks like he's about to cry. He then admits that his chest has been hurting since he heard Jeanne drank Vanitas's blood and marked him. Noé concludes that he's annoyed that Jeanne is the one who gets to enjoy Vanitas's blood all by herself, but Dominique suspects there's jealousy of the romantic kind involved too (over who exactly is a matter of interpretation).
  • Jerkass Realization : After Vanitas kills a Curse-Bearer that they arrived too late to save, Noé gets angry at him because that's not the kind of "salvation" that he wanted to see from Vanitas. When protecting Vanitas from Ruthven, however, Noé realizes that the way he just treated Vanitas wasn't much better than the vampires who wrongly blamed Vanitas for spreading the curse as Noé also wasn't being really fair with Vanitas and felt like Vanitas betrayed him even though Vanitas never made any promises about matching Noé's expectations of how they should save vampires. Afterwards, Noé recognizes it was immature of him to feel disappointed in Vanitas and apologizes when he goes to make up with Vanitas.
  • Kill the Ones You Love : Whatever are the reasons why he kills Vanitas in the future, it's clear future Noé regrets it because he did care about Vanitas very deeply.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover : He keeps a pet cat. No better way to tell he's the most pure-hearted guy in the entire cast.
  • Kissing Under the Influence : According to Dominique, Noé gets "overly affectionate" when drunk. When he does get drunk in an omake, he tries to kiss Luca.
  • Last of His Kind : Noé is the last of the Archiviste clan.
  • Lecherous Licking : He licks Amelia's arm before biting her to see her memories of Charlatan. She's obviously aroused.
  • Lethal Chef : According to a character chart, Noé is ranked the lowest of the cast in cooking skills. The worst part is his sense of taste is so poor that he doesn't even realize how bad his food is.
  • Life-or-Limb Decision : He sacrifices his left hand to dodge the explosion fired by Astolfo's spear.
  • Lightning Bruiser : This is how he uses vampire magic ("formula manipulation") in combat, making himself supernaturally strong, tough, and agile even by the standards of his superhuman race.
  • Noé is the only close friend Dominique has in her life and both carry the trauma of Louis' death. Dominique would choose to die over losing Noé too.
  • Noé provides Vanitas with essential combat and emotional support. When Vanitas is going through a PTSD episode due to being reminded of his younger brother, Noé pulls him out of his despair and gives Vanitas the hope to not give up. After that, Vanitas has become so reliant on Noé that he nearly panics whenever Noé is in danger or gets separated from him, leaving him unable to focus on anything but getting Noé back safe and sound until Noé is with him again.
  • Love Martyr : As the series progresses, Noé starts developing this sort of behavior towards Vanitas. Noé knows that Vanitas is a very unstable, contradictory person who says and does callous things to others, including him. However, Noé still can't leave Vanitas alone as he can sense just how lonely he is and cares for him very deeply. Eventually, Vanitas crosses a line when he denies Noé is anything but a stranger to him and threatens to let Dominique die, causing a violent fight between them. Once he can calm down, though, Noé understands his anger made Vanitas frightened of him and readily leaves himself defenseless to give Vanitas the chance to stab him if he really wants to kill him. Of course, Vanitas can't do it because Noé's devotion has melted his heart.
  • Master of the Mixed Message : Noé is very naive and clueless about romance, making some of his interactions with women come off as unintentional flirting. He enjoys drinking Dominique's blood, but he almost exclusively drinks from her only because he already saw her memories when they were kids and there's no danger of him intruding her privacy. When Vanitas questions the "strange" definition of their friendship, Noé really doesn't think drinking blood from Dominique means they're more than close friends. Noé also has expressed a very strong interest in tasting Vanitas' blood and feels annoyed that Jeanne marked Vanitas, but he insists it's because he's just curious about how tasty Vanitas' blood is.
  • Meaningful Name : Noé is the French version of "Noah" from Noah's Ark, a famous Bible story where two (a male and a female) of every animal is brought upon a boat to survive extinction.
  • Monster Roommate : Noé is a vampire who is basically forced to become roommates with Vanitas, a human.
  • Morality Pet : To Vanitas. Noé brings out a soft and protective side in Vanitas who is usually an obnoxious douchebag to everyone. Vanitas also agrees to save people he had no intention of helping, like Chloé and Jean-Jacques, because Noé asks him to. Even though Vanias went so far as to hypnotize himself to prevent an Archiviste from seeing his memories, he can't bring himself to kill Noé after the latter tried to bite him by force.
  • Mr. Fanservice : He's very handsome and a few scenes show off his physique, such as when Amelia pulls down his collar so she can bite his neck. The anime opening even has a Shower Scene of Noé as he starts his day.
  • Mundane Utility : His vampire Super-Strength comes in handy when he does physical labor jobs in his spare time. Vanitas scolds him as human civilians could realize Noé is a vampire if he exposes himself like that.
  • My God, What Have I Done? : In the middle of his fight with Vanitas in Mémoire 53, Noé sees his own enraged face in a reflection and is shocked at realizing that's how Vanitas has been seeing him since the start of the fight. While it's true Dominique's life was threatened by Misha and Vanitas provoked Noé with cruel words, Noé still feels ashamed that he attacked his partner in a fit of rage, now seeing how absolutely terrifying he looked to Vanitas.
  • He wishes he could have done something, anything , to save Louis.
  • His future self is implied to be burdened by the regret of failing to save Vanitas.
  • Mystical White Hair : Noé is an Archiviste, a special type of vampire with the power to read people's memories by drinking their blood. Coincidentally, white hair is apparently a common trait among Archivistes.
  • Naïve Newcomer : To just about everywhere since he grew up in a remote forest castle.
  • Narrator : In Mémorie 11, Noé is seen writing down in a journal about the story of his journey together with Vanitas, which is supposedly the manga itself.
  • Nice Guy : Noé is a very polite, pure-hearted and considerate young man who always tries to help and understand people including those with irritating personalities like Vanitas. That said, he does have his temper and Vanitas can make him run out of patience often.
  • Nightmare Face : In Mémoire 50, Noé's anger at Vanitas's cruel words causes him to attack him with a horrifying face that makes him look like a monster in Vanitas's eyes.
  • Nightmare Fetishist : He considers the Blue Moon, so feared by other vampires, beautiful. He's also fascinated by the Book of Vanitas .
  • No One Gets Left Behind : In the climax of the amusement park arc, Misha loses control of his Book of Vanitas. Since all the machines at the amusement park are powered by Astermite, Misha's rampage is causing the machines to explode all at once. Noé and Vanitas are both heavily injured from their fight, so Vanitas asks Noé to leave him and run away alone before he gets caught up in the explosions . Noé vehemently refuses to leave without Vanitas and shields Vanitas with his own body when a ferris wheel nearly falls over them.
  • No Sense of Direction : Dominique has to put a leash on him to keep him from getting lost due to his bad habit of getting distracted by just about anything on his way to another place . However , he can find a place quickly when he is determined to.
  • Non-Idle Rich : Noé got more than enough money from the de Sade family before he came to Paris, but he chooses to save it for emergencies and in fact, takes several part-time jobs like waiting at a café and doing physical labor to earn his own living.
  • Oblivious to Love : He mistakes Dominique's affections for teasing. Amelia and Riche blushing in his presence also doesn't give him a hint that they're attracted to him.
  • Vanitas is very much a loner who dislikes making friendships or any kind of connection with people, yet Noé manages to bond with him and it's obvious they're already close friends even though they don't say it. Although, Vanitas isn't comfortable about this and keeps denying he and Noé are anything but co-workers.
  • Noé was the only friend Louis had in his entire life. While Noé and Dominique did enjoy playing with other children from the village near Teacher's castle, Louis wasn't interested in making more friends because he was happy with only having his sister and Noé with him.
  • The Only One I Trust : Vanitas has many reasons for refusing to trust people and keeps a lot of secrets from others. After Noé protects him several times, Vanitas comes to trust him to such an extent that Noé is the only person with whom he's willing to share information about his past and he eventually entrusts Noé with the task of killing him when the Book of Vanitas fully rewrites him .
  • Parental Abandonment : He was first discovered alone in a field by an elderly couple who wound up adopting him.
  • Please, Don't Leave Me : After he and Vanitas get on the train to Gévaudan, Noé wants to take a nap as he didn't sleep all night, afraid that Vanitas would leave without him. Before he falls asleep, Noé asks Vanitas to not disappear on him when he wakes up and Vanitas reassures him he'll be there to wake him up when they arrive to their destination.
  • The Pollyanna : He was kidnapped by slave traders after his adoptive grandparents died, but he talks about the experience as a fun trip and is even happy that it happened because his teacher found him and he could meet Louis and Dominique thanks to that. Eventually, people start getting weirded out by the way Noé can just smile and brush off things that should bother him.
  • Positive Friend Influence : Noé's good heart and optimism have inspired Vanitas to not give up on Curse-Bearers that Vanitas deemed beyond saving more than once. It's also Noé's influence what leads to Vanitas actually being nice to Jeanne and fulfilling his promise to save Chloé, both things Vanitas would have never done if Noé haven't given him hope. Vanitas actually gets mad at Noé as it's because Noé is rubbing off him that now he's comforting others and promising things he might not be able to do.
  • Power Incontinence : He doesn't like to drink people's blood because his powers as an Archiviste will automatically show him their memories and he thinks it's wrong to do that without the person's consent.
  • Rage Against the Reflection : In Mémoire 53, Noé smashes his own head against a mirror after he sees the furious look on his face, making him see how Vanitas saw him when Noé attacked him and Noé realizes the terror his wrath installed in his partner .
  • Rage Breaking Point : Misha takes Dominique hostage and demands Noé to drink Vanitas' blood if he wants Dominique to live. Even though he's terrified and desperate to save Dominique, Noé still tries to talk with Vanitas and begs him to tell the truth of Luna's death. Yet, Vanitas refuses again, goes on to mock Noé's attachment to Dominique, and even suggests he should kill Dominique himself all in front of Noé. Not tolerating to hear Vanitas' cruel words anymore, Noé attacks Vanitas and tries to drink his blood by force.
  • Raised by Humans : He spent his early childhood under the care of an elderly human couple that found him abandoned in a field. Noé didn't discover he was a vampire until he was captured by vampire slave traders.
  • Reverse Psychology : He unintentionally does this to Vanitas in a manga bonus. Vanitas refuses to try crossdressing to lure out the Beast of Gévaudan. Noé then says Vanitas could never pull off crossdressing anyway because he's too crude and unrefined to look good in a dress. Vanitas then puts on the most stunning dress he can find to make Noé eat his own words.
  • Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training : His combat training made him one of the best fighters in the series, but his teacher also sheltered him a lot, deliberately hid information from him like everything about the famous Ruthven, and Noé was never taught a thing about cooking or cleaning.
  • Sarcastic Devotee : He often claims to dislike Vanitas, criticizing him for his prickish behavior and amoral methods. Despite that, Noé has sworn to stay by his side, is the only vampire who never doubts him, and wholeheartedly supports his quest to save Curse-Bearers even if Vanitas is only doing it for revenge.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend : Vanitas accuses Noé of "canoodling" with Dominique after he overhears their little blood drinking session at the carriage. Not being aware of Dominique's crush on him, Noé tells Vanitas that Dominique is just a good friend to him and asks him to not misinterpret their relationship in a way that could trouble her.
  • Sheltered Aristocrat : Although he was originally a slave, Noé's teacher took him in as an adopted child of sorts and raised him at a castle deep in the forest of Averoigne. On top of it, his teacher kept him ignorant about a lot of information and basic knowledge of the outside world. According to side materials, Noé is unable to take care of himself in anything but fighting, not knowing a thing about cooking and cleaning.
  • Significant White Hair, Dark Skin : Noé has white hair and dark skin. Besides making him stand out as one of the protagonists, Chloé recognizes Noé as an Archiviste because of these traits. The first time Noé sees another Archiviste, it's revealed his skin and hair colors are common traits of his clan.
  • Skilled, but Naive : He's not quite as good at formula manipulation as trained and older vampires, but it gives him a respectable edge against everyone else.
  • Smarter Than You Look : Though it's easy to forget due to his naïveté of the world and his tendency to space out, and him working with the much more cunning and manipulative Vanitas, Noé is extremely quick-thinking and perceptive during combat situations, and he has a deep love of learning. Noé also possesses immense emotional intelligence and is quick to pick up on other peoples change in moods.
  • Steven Ulysses Perhero : His clan name "Archiviste," is French for "Archivist," a person whose job is to collect, preserve, and provide access to historical writings. Quite appropriate for a clan who can view memories.
  • Still Believes in Santa : A Christmas omake is about Vanitas having to buy presents at the last minute because Dominique can't play Santa for Noé that year and Vanitas can't bring himself to let the innocent Noé get disappointed about Santa not being real.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality : Noé is an incredibly sweet and caring young man, but he keeps a straight face for the most part. His happiest smiles have been in his flashbacks of when he played with Domi and Louis, and during some of his bonding moments with Vanitas.
  • Supporting Protagonist : Noé is the main viewpoint character and narrator, but the focus is on his adventures with Vanitas and a big part of the narrative is Noé trying to understand Vanitas. Even the author states the series is about watching Vanitas from Noé's perspective.
  • Survivor Guilt : He was appalled at the relief he felt when Louis was killed before Louis could kill him.
  • In the fight against Roland, Vanitas gives him two options: taking Roland's subordinate as hostage or leaving if he doesn't like the way Vanitas does things. Noé's choice? Take Vanitas as the hostage to make Roland let his guard down and get back at Vanitas for being a jerk at the same time.
  • In the battle against Prédateur, Vanitas insists they should escape and abandon the Curse-Bearer since everyone will be Eaten Alive by the Malnomen if they keep fighting from outside. Noé's idea? Jump into Prédateur's mouth to pull the Curse-Bearer out from the inside.
  • Take My Hand! : In his narration from the future, Noé's biggest regret is that he couldn't grab Vanitas's hand on "that day", implying Vanitas would probably be alive if Noé had done so. This is referenced in the anime ending that displays Noé reaching out to Vanitas's hand, but ultimately isn't shown grabbing it.
  • Targeted to Hurt the Hero : Misha orders Noé to drink Vanitas' blood while knowing this will trigger Vanitas' hypnosis and Vanitas will have to fight Noé to death. Despite Misha claiming he wanted Noé to see Vanitas' memories of Luna's death , his real motive is emotionally breaking Vanitas since killing Noé with his own hands would make him cross the Despair Event Horizon . Thankfully, Noé breaks Vanitas out of the hypnosis before Vanitas can do fatal damage to him.
  • Tears of Remorse : At the end of Mémoire 53, tears well up in Noé's eyes as he apologizes to Vanitas for trying to bite him by force to see his memories at Misha's orders, now seeing just how much pain and fear he caused in his partner who is now crying into his chest.
  • Terrible Artist : His attempts at drawing are just bad scribbles, much to Vanitas' amusement.
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill : Noé doesn't want to kill anyone and avoids doing lethal harm to his enemies as much as he can. This puts him in a disadvantage in his fight with Vanitas because Noé must hold back to not kill him while Vanitas won't hold back.
  • Trademark Favorite Food : His favorite foods are blood and tarte Tatin.
  • Transferable Memory : As an Archiviste, he has the ability to read people's memories by drinking their blood.
  • Tsundere : Sweet type. Noé is the kindest guy ever, but dealing with Vanitas's bad personality brings out a very cranky side in him. He repeatedly says "I don't like you or anything" to Vanitas only to immediately follow it by encouraging words and heartwarming declarations that he wants to stay by Vanitas's side and is glad about the person Vanitas is even though Vanitas believes no one can ever love him.
  • Undressing the Unconscious : After the fight against Jean-Jacques in his beast form, Chloé and Jean-Jacques take the unconscious Noé to their castle. Noé freaks out when he wakes up shirtless and finds Chloé drinking his blood without consent.
  • Undying Loyalty : To Vanitas, eventually. When Noé said he had decided to stay with Vanitas to the bitter end, he meant it. No matter how much Vanitas tries to push him away or what cruel thing he does to make others hate him, Noé sticks to his side and vows to never leave him alone.
  • Use Your Head : He attacks Vanitas with a headbutt whenever he's particularly angry at him.
  • The Watson : The audience frequently get explanations about the setting and characters through the blissfully ignorant Noé asking other characters who know, usually Vanitas.
  • Well-Trained, but Inexperienced : The combat training he got from his teacher lets him keep up with more experienced warriors like Jeanne and Roland, as long as he isn't distracted or holds back because of morals.
  • What Is This Feeling? : Hearing that Jeanne drank Vanitas's blood and marked him makes Noé's chest hurt and he feels sad to the point of wanting to cry. Noé thinks he's only displeased with another vampire tasting Vanitas's delicious blood before him, but Dominique suspects that's not it and Noé isn't totally sure that's the issue either. According to his narration from the future, Noé wouldn't understand the reason behind the stirring in his heart until much later.
  • What Is This Thing You Call "Love"? : Noé asks Vanitas this when he's feeling confused about Vanitas's relationship with Jeanne and the way Vanitas claims to "love" her. Vanitas concedes he doesn't really know; he only calls his feelings towards Jeanne "love" to make his mind games with her interesting.
  • What the Hell, Hero? : Vanitas tends to do many things he disagrees with, but what pisses him off the most is when Vanitas refuses to tell Misha what happened on the day Luna died even though Dominique's life depends on it, proceeds to claim he and Noé are "mere strangers" despite everything they have been through together, and outright taunts Noé about how he could kill Dominique himself to "free" Noé from his attachment to her. This causes Noé to snap and during the ensuing fight, Noé yells at Vanitas about how sick he's of Vanitas's assholery.
  • When He Smiles : Vanitas is left speechless at the sight of the first smile Noé ever shows him.
  • White Is Pure : Noé has white hair and dresses in a white coat and white pants. He's characterized as innocent and morally virtuous, as well as idealistic and non-judgemental since he wants to befriend both humans and vampires. His pureness can bring out the good in someone amoral like Vanitas.
  • Wolverine Claws : He can grow sharp claws as offense in a fight.
  • Would Hit a Girl : While he objects to Vanitas knocking Maria out in the Chasseur arc, he fights against Jeanne who is a powerful and dangerous opponent.
  • Would Hurt a Child : At first, Noé is conflicted when fighting against young teens. That's until Vanitas calls him out on him holding back against Astolfo . Noé admits this and the second time he faces Astolfo, he fights him while seeing him as a Paladin as threatening as Roland. The fight ends with Noé knocking out Astolfo with a punch to the face. Later on, Noé has let go of his reservations enough as to attack Misha without hesitation, although Misha had already proven himself to be nothing but a threat to him and Vanitas by that point.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are : Noé overhears Vanitas saying that he can't believe there can be someone who could ever honestly love a person like him. That night, Noé tells Vanitas that he's glad that he met him as the vampire doctor who saves curse-bearers and not a Chasseur who wants to kill vampires indiscriminately like Astolfo. He does add he still doesn't like Vanitas because he knows Vanitas reacts badly to overt affection, but Noé knows that's not something anyone would say to someone unlovable and the message seems to reach Vanitas who only stares in awe at Noé's comforting words.
  • You Are Not Alone : He repeatedly tells Vanitas his intention to go with him anywhere. The most outstanding moment is in Mémoire 53 where Noé understands that Vanitas's definition of freedom is being alone. Noé then declares Vanitas'll never be free of him because he's staying with him no matter what. This declaration is so powerful that it breaks the effect of Vanitas's hypnosis, making Vanitas realize he can't kill his one true friend.
  • You Said You Couldn't Dance : After Dominique takes Jeanne to dance with her in Mémoire 12, Vanitas isn't interested in dancing with Jeanne too, using that he isn't a good dancer as an excuse. Noé offers to teach Vanitas how to dance, to which Vanitas accepts. After they start dancing, Noé realizes Vanitas can dance just fine and Vanitas says he "didn't say he couldn't dance."

    Vanitas  See his page here

Human World

Hôtel chouchou, voiced by: miyu komaki (japanese), marianne bray (english) note  other languages: alejandra delint (latin american spanish), matthias klimsa (german).


  • Cats Are Mean : He gets irritated whenever Noé leaves him behind and scratches his face more than once.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold : Murr is never seen without a frown and generally has no problem scratching his owner's face. He's also loyal to him above all else and does seem to like Domi as well.
  • Parrot Pet Position : He's almost always seen riding on Noé's shoulder.
  • Perpetual Frowner : His default expression is a grumpy frown.
  • Shared Unusual Trait : Murr has a violet right eye and blue left eye. The Shapeless One has a blue left eye too, hinting at a strange connection to Murr who is implied to be acting as his eyes to spy on Noé and Vanitas.

Amelia Ruth

Voiced by: noriko shitaya (japanese), hayden daviau (english) note  other languages: helena coppejans (french), montserrat aguilar (latin american spanish), leonie landa (german), glaucia franchi (portuguese).


  • Black Eyes of Evil : When she's a Curse-Bearer, her eyeballs are pitch-black with equally black tears.
  • Damsel in Distress : Vanitas and Noé team up for the first time because Orlok was going to execute Amelia unless they proved the Book of Vanitas has the power to heal Curse-Bearers.
  • Flowers of Femininity : In her first appearance, she wears a hat decorated with flowers to show her gentleness and allude to her true name Florifel that is related to spring.
  • Formal Characters Use Keigo : Her speech is very polite, emphasizing her gentleness.
  • I'm Cold... So Cold... : She keeps muttering "I'm cold" shortly before her curse makes her fully lose herself in bloodlust. When she can't bear it anymore, she forcibly drinks Noé's blood to make herself warm.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover : She pets Noé's cat Murr, taking an instant liking to the feline.
  • Meido : She's given a job as a live-in maid at the Hôtel Chouchou, where Vanitas and Noé also reside, while her condition is monitored by Count Orlok.
  • Morality Pet : To Vanitas. Amelia is the only character that hasn't had negative interactions with Vanitas and his first heroic acts are saving her life, both from her curse and her planned execution. Vanitas' track record for manipulating people and demeaning women makes this quite noticeable.
  • Nice Girl : She's a sweet and polite young woman.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning : Amelia's eyes turn red when her Cursebearer symptoms manifest.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man : She's infatuated with Noé's gentlemanly and Endearingly Dorky traits.
  • Starter Villain : She's the first Curse-Bearer to appear and be healed in the series, causing Noé and Vanitas to meet each other.
  • Steven Ulysses Perhero : Her Malnomen "Eglantine" means "wild rose", and her True Name "Florifel" means "She who guides Spring." Both suit a plant-wielding vampire.
  • Textile Work Is Feminine : According to side materials, she has impressive sewing skills since she fixes Noé's and Vanitas's clothes whenever these get damaged and makes them good as new.
  • Vine Tentacles : Her Malnomen creates black briars that act as tentacles and trap her humans preys.
  • Voice of the Legion : Her voice gets an echoing effect when her Malnomen manifests in the anime.
  • You Can't Go Home Again : Her old neighbors found out she was a Cursebearer and now she cannot return to her old home.

Galerie Valentine

Count parks orlok, voiced by: itaru yamamoto (japanese), cris george (english) note  other languages: bruno georis (french), enrique cervantes (latin american spanish), achim buch (german), ricardo juarez (portuguese).


  • Classy Cravat : He wears a cravat around the neck.
  • Covered with Scars : He has scars all over his face and on his hands.
  • High-Class Glass : He's a count who wears a monocle on his left eye.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover : He always happily accepts Noé's cat Murr into his office so he and his assistants can play with the adorable cat.
  • Looks Like Orlok : As it's appropriate for a vampire named Orlok, his character design is based on the original vampire Orlok from the movie Nosferatu . He has the bald head, the Pointy Ears , and the hooked nose.
  • Meaningful Name : His name seems to have been inspired by the vampire from the 1922 film, Nosferatu , "Count Orlok".
  • Pointy Ears : He has pointed ears.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure : Despite his doubts, he gives Vanitas and Noé a chance to prove their claims. He also spares Amelia Ruth the axe and monitors her condition in case she relapses.
  • Rugged Scar : The left side of his face is heavily scarred, probably a leftover from when he fought at the war.

Manet and Nox

Manet is voiced by: itsuki kurita (japanese), alex mai (english) note  other languages: pierre le bec (french), nox is voiced by: arisa kiyoto (japanese), katelyn barr (english) note  other languages: lise leclercq (french).


  • Kindhearted Cat Lover : Both of them adore Noé's pet cat Murr so much that they sometimes visit the hotel just to see Murr.
  • Meido : Nox is dressed like a maid.
  • Pointy Ears : They have pointy ears.
  • Sibling Team : They work and fight together.
  • Wolverine Claws : They sprout long claws from their fingernails when preparing to fight.
  • Badass Preacher : They're an extremist religious group from the church formed with the purpose of eliminating vampires. The Paladins are especially powerful fighters and use a Super Serum to rival a vampire's capacities.
  • Gemstone Motifs : Each paladin has a gemstone to represent them. Jasper for Roland, obsidian for Olivier, garnet for Astolfo, diamond for Charles, etc.
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming : Every Paladin is named after one of the Charlemagne's Twelve Peers.
  • Super Serum : During battle, they inject themselves with a drug that enhances the speed, strength, and stamina of their bodies in order to face off vampires.
  • Vampire Hunter : The main goal of the Chasseurs is to wipe out all vampires that they deem as evil monsters threatening humanity.


  • Anime Hair : His hair looks like feathers.
  • Artificial Limbs : He has two prosthetic legs.
  • Claimed by the Supernatural : He says that a vampire left a mark of possession on his body.
  • The Corrupter : He was the one who sent Astolfo into the path of revenge after the boy had lost his will to live because his family was murdered by vampires. By doing that, he created one of the most murderous and deranged of the Chasseurs.
  • Empty Eyes : His eyes lack pupils and reflection, giving him a somewhat unsettling look.
  • Feather Motif : When he first appears, feathers are falling around him. His hair is feather-like too.
  • Light Is Not Good : He looks like a beautiful angel with blond feather-like hair, but he's committed to the goal of the extermination of all vampires.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy : He has a set of long sidelocks that run down his chest and is called beautiful like an angel.
  • Manipulative Bastard : He deliberately chose Roland as Astolfo's mentor, having predicted their relationship would eventually fall apart when Astolfo's madness became too much for Roland to handle. After things turned out as he expected, he succeeded in turning Astolfo into the perfect killing machine needed to eventually trigger a war.
  • Suicide Is Shameful : He sees Astolfo's suicide attempt as shameful, calling it an insult to God's will, and scolds him for trying to run away from the "trials" God has made for him.
  • White Hair, Black Heart : He has platinum blond hair and his life purpose is to exterminate all vampires, being willing to manipulate anyone to reach that goal.

Roland Fortis

Voiced by: kengo kawanishi (japanese), ricco fajardo (english) note  other languages: thibaut delmotte (french), carlo vázquez (latin american spanish), andré rinaldi (portuguese).


  • Adaptation Dye-Job : Roland's rosary necklace is green in the manga's colored art, but the anime made it silver.
  • All-Loving Hero : Roland has an all-encompassing and endless love for every living being because he believes God's love is given to everyone. He initially thought vampires were evil monsters, but meeting Noé causes him to change his mind and he quickly decides he wants to befriend vampires too.
  • Beware the Nice Ones : Roland is an amazingly kind-hearted and benevolent man. Just don't make him your enemy because he's Paladin who can easily take on vampires on his own.
  • Beware the Silly Ones : He's a very cheerful and flighty man, but he easily tricks Vanitas into getting locked into a cell and disables Noé.
  • Big Brother Mentor : Roland used to be both a mentor and older brother figure to Astolfo. Their relationship strained due to the clash of their ideologies, but Roland cares about Astolfo and regrets not being able to save him from his hatred towards vampires.
  • Broken Pedestal : Astolfo used to worship Roland as his savior and mentor, until Roland berated him for killing innocent vampires and humans during a mission. Astolfo was appalled by Roland believing humans who sympathize with vampires were worthy of salvation.
  • Broken Tears : In the flashback of Mémoire 59, Roland breaks down in tears as he realizes he can't save Astolfo from his own madness.
  • Childhood Friends : With Olivier. They have been close friends since their early teens.
  • Condescending Compassion : He considers Vanitas an "unfortunate child" who needs to be saved from the vampires. Vanitas, a highly independent young man, is less than thrilled.
  • Covered with Scars : He has scars all over his arms. This is a good way to tell that he's an experienced warrior.
  • Cuddle Bug : He loves giving hugs, especially to Noé and Vanitas. Noé is more than happy with Roland hugging him, but Vanitas is only grossed out by Roland being so overly friendly with him.
  • Defeat Means Friendship : Soon after Noé strikes him down and explains why he and Vanitas infiltrated the church, Roland asks that they be friends.
  • Dual Wielding : His weapon Durandal can be split into two blades/spears that he wields in each hand.
  • Establishing Character Moment : His introduction shows him praying devotedly at the church before turning on the waterworks as he declares he must rescue the "poor, miserable" Vanitas from the "evil" vampires that want to use his power.
  • Expository Pronoun : He usually refers to himself as "watashi" to sound more polite due to his respectable position as a captain. He switches to the more casual "ore" when speaking to his longtime friend Olivier.
  • A Friend in Need : Although Vanitas doesn't view Roland as a friend, Roland still can't ignore Vanitas and leave him alone because Vanitas always looks on verge of shattering in pieces.
  • Friend to All Children : Roland is very kind to children. He's the only one who can comfort the usually deranged Astolfo when the latter is having a breakdown. It's said he has younger siblings at home, so his experience with children likely comes from there.
  • Gleeful and Grumpy Pairing : Roland is almost always smiling in good spirits, in contrast to his friend Olivier who is in a constant state of irritation usually because Roland's behavior gives him headaches.
  • Good Is Not Soft : He's the most virtuous and kindest of the Paladins, but he's a terrifying opponent to those he deems evil.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold : His blond hair goes perfectly with his heroic and idealistic disposition.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners : With Olivier. They have known each other for a very long time and are clearly close friends despite Olivier's constant annoyance at Roland. They spend most of their free time drinking coffee together.
  • Hunk : He has a very well-built muscular figure.
  • Large Ham : He gets loud and overdramatic when speaking about the love of God. His reaction to meeting Vanitas in person involves a lot of screaming and enthusiastic declarations about how he will definitely save "the poor boy" from the "evil" vampires, causing a disgusted Vanitas to call him a creep.
  • Luminescent Blush : Frequently, and never from embarrassment.
  • Nice Guy : Roland is a very kindhearted, friendly and compassionate man. He's perfectly willing to change his view on vampires after Noé makes him realize good vampires exist, immediately wanting to be his friend.
  • No Listening Skills : In his introduction, Roland is a terrible listener. When he finds Vanitas and Noé infiltrating the Catacombs, he attacks Noé without letting him explain himself. Even though Vanitas is very blunt about not teaming up with a vampire because he's been forced to, Roland doesn't listen. Noé needs to pummel Roland first for him to finally be willing to listen to their explanation. To their outrage, Roland actually asks them why they didn't say anything before.
  • No Sense of Direction : He runs into Noé and Vanitas after getting lost in the catacombs beneath Paris. This happens to him all the time and his subordinates need to look for him whenever he gets lost.
  • No Sense of Personal Space : One of the things Vanitas hates about Roland is his habit of hugging people.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity : He pretends to be a clueless and silly buffoon to make others underestimate him and lower their guard around him. He also "forgets" to make a report about Vanitas infiltrating the church because he doesn't trust the higher-ups wouldn't try to use the human with the power of the Blue Moon.
  • Oblivious to Hatred : Even though Vanitas shows nothing but annoyance and disgust for him, Roland still treats Vanitas like a friend and worries about his emotional stability. Although, considering he's smarter than he lets on , Roland may not be as oblivious to Vanitas' hatred for him as he seems, but that doesn't change his wish to help Vanitas.
  • Prone to Tears : He's often moved to tears in the form of Inelegant Blubbering when preaching.
  • Real Men Love Jesus : He's both the strongest of the Chasseurs and a devout follower of the Christian God.
  • Rightly Self-Righteous : Olivier states that Roland doesn't believe in God as much as he believes in himself as a follower of God. This is why Olivier worries Roland befriending a vampire could be a problem because Roland is already suspicious of the corruption going on in the church and he has no fear to make himself an enemy of the church that demonizes vampires.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis : Vanitas absolutely hates dealing with him because Roland is precisely the type of person he hates the most: overly enthusiastic zealots who are impossible for him to influence.
  • Smarter Than You Look : He's a lot more intelligent and perceptive than his usual jolly and slightly ditzy behavior would make anyone think.
  • Sudden Name Change : His name was originally translated by Yen Press as Laurent, but has since been changed to Roland.
  • The Victim Must Be Confused : Roland assumes Vanitas is a "pitiful child" whose power of the Blue Moon is being used by vampires against his will. Vanitas, furious at Roland's Condescending Compassion towards him, scratches his face and declares everything he does, including working with a vampire, is all his choice. Roland fails to take a hint and cries while begging Vanitas to "hear the Word of God". Vanitas angrily yells that Roland should hear him first.
  • Whip Sword : His weapon Durandal is a two-sided spear/sword that can separate into two extending chain whips.
  • Zombie Advocate : After his encounter with Noé and Vanitas, Roland comes to see vampires in a whole new light since he has witnessed proof that there's vampires who are good people and can become friends with humans. Afterwards, Roland becomes more interested in understanding vampires instead of hunting them like monsters that threaten humanity like the other Chasseurs do.

Voiced by: Tomoaki Maeno (Japanese), Christopher Wehkamp (English) note  Other languages: Maxime Donnay (French), Daniel del Roble (Latin American Spanish), Celso Henrique (Portuguese)


  • Childhood Friends : With Roland. They have been close friends since their early teens.
  • The Conscience : When Roland tells him about his new-found wish to reach an understanding with vampires, Olivier warns him that if he keeps up that attitude, the church could deem him a threat and not only him, but his family and friends will be in danger. However, Roland doesn't fear to make the church his enemy.
  • Creepy Good : The people he saves end up more terrified of him when they see him brutally butchering the wolves of Chloé's Malnomen.
  • Establishing Character Moment : His first appearance has him angrily punching and scolding Roland because he knows Roland got himself involved in something crazy again. He then gets a headache at hearing Roland gleefully telling him that he made friends with a vampire.
  • Gleeful and Grumpy Pairing : He's the irritable grump to contrast his friend Roland's merry personality.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners : With Roland. They have been close friends for years despite Roland's peculiar personality driving Olivier crazy.
  • Interclass Friendship : Olivier belongs to an aristocratic family and is best friends with Roland, who belongs to the working class.
  • It's All My Fault : He blames himself for the tragedy that killed Astolfo's family because he knew Astolfo had a secret friend, but didn't look too deeply into it because he thought it was good for Astolfo to make a friend and never thought that said "friend" was an evil vampire.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy : He has beautiful silky hair that reaches down his back. Roland even comments on it when he first appears.
  • Mix-and-Match Weapon : His weapon Hauteclaire is a BFS combined with a chainsaw.
  • No Full Name Given : Unlike Roland and Astolfo, Olivier's surname has yet to be revealed.
  • Perpetual Frowner : He always has an irritated expression on his face, especially when dealing with Roland.
  • Proud Beauty : He finds it natural that he's popular with women because he's so handsome. Roland points out his lack of modesty.
  • Smoking Is Glamorous : He's shown smoking in his time off, which combined with his gentleman clothing, creates a very alluring image.
  • Straight Man : Whenever he's together with Roland, Olivier is driven nuts by his overly enthusiastic fellow Chasseur's unconventional behavior and views.
  • Why Won't You Die? : He's annoyed beyond measure when he and Roland fight the wolves in Chloé's Malnomen and these regenerate instantly no matter how many times they get cut in pieces.

Astolfo Granatum

Voiced by: ayumu murase (japanese), brandon mcinnis (english), amber lee connors (english, child) note  other languages: helena coppejans (french), iván bastidas (latin american spanish), lucas almeida (portuguese).


  • Abandonment-Induced Animosity : Roland used to be Astolfo's Big Brother Mentor , but seeing Astolfo brutally slaughter defenseless humans drove Roland to cut ties with him. Feeling abandoned by his idol, Astolfo started hating Roland.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job : Similar to Roland, the anime makes Astolfo's rosary necklace silver even though it's red in the manga's colored art.
  • Agent Peacock : His opponents tend to underestimate him because of he looks like a young girl , but he's the youngest to have become a Paladin for good reason. Even when Noé isn't holding back, Astolfo proves to be a formidable foe.
  • Ax-Crazy : He takes maniacal glee in killing vampires and won't hesitate to kill humans as well if they as much as try to get in his path.
  • To Astolfo, anyone who mistakes him for a girl deserves a painful death.
  • He won't stand for anyone claiming Roland is superior to him.
  • Don't ever claim that vampires can be genuinely good or cordial, because after a vampire killed his entire family, Astolfo cannot fathom the idea that vampires can be anything except pure evil. Because of this, Astolfo will mercilessly kill any human who as much as sympathizes with a vampire, let alone defend one.
  • Beyond Redemption : Astolfo was utterly traumatized and broken by the vampires that murdered his family and tortured him, to the point that his desire to exterminate the entire vampirekind is his sole reason to live. Roland and Noé tried to reach out to him, but they gave up on it once they saw Astolfo is far too Ax-Crazy for them to be able to talk sense into him.
  • Black-and-White Insanity : Ever since his family was killed by vampires, Astolfo clings to the belief that all vampires are purely evil monsters and humans who side with them are heretics that only deserve a brutal death. He can't fathom the concept that vampires and their human allies can be good and deserving of salvation.
  • Blinded by Rage : Vanitas knows Astolfo's biggest Berserk Buttons and he pushes them to the max in order to make Astolfo lose all coordination during their fight.
  • Blood Knight : Noé notes the excited, nearly orgasministic expressions in Astolfo's face during their fight.
  • Bungled Suicide : Right after his family was murdered, Astolfo's Survivor Guilt drove him to stab himself with scissors in an attempt to kill himself. The attempt failed because he was too fragile to even hurt himself and the doctors restrained him to stop him from any further attempts.
  • Claimed by the Supernatural : He was marked by thirteen vampires in the past, although now there are only five marks left because the power of the vampires still lingers inside of him even though his assailants are long dead.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist : Astolfo is the second Paladin that Noé faces and is meant to be the polar opposite of Roland in terms of personality and beliefs. Roland didn't ever question that vampires were pure evil until he met Noé and the latter's kindness convinced him that there's good people among vampires. In contrast, Astolfo initially believed vampires were good, until he was betrayed by a vampire and his family was brutally killed as a result. After what happened to him, Astolfo can't see vampires as anything but cruel and treacherous monsters, which forces Noé to face that Astolfo is an enemy he can't reason with, unlike Roland.
  • Curtains Match the Window : He has pastel pink hair and eyes.
  • Cute and Psycho : He's a girly-looking boy with pink hair and a cute smile, but is also seriously messed up because of his traumatic past and eagerly tries to murder any and every vampire he encounters or just people who touch him without permission.
  • Cynicism Catalyst : There was a time when Astolfo did believe humans and vampires could be friends. But then, his first vampire "friend" betrayed him in the cruelest way and got his entire family killed in front of him. Since then, Astolfo has been convinced all vampires are just treacherous monsters and refuses to believe there's any way to deal with them other than cutting their heads.
  • Dark and Troubled Past : His parents and little sister were brutally murdered by vampires because Astolfo got tricked by a vampire kid he helped. His blood was the meal of a horde of vampires for several days and he came out with thirteen marks of possession in his body.
  • A Day in the Limelight : Mémoire 59 goes into detail about his past not too long after he joins the Chasseurs, how his hatred for vampires informs his current line of thinking, and shows the incident that made Astolfo despise Roland.
  • Defiled Forever : He thinks of himself as "unclean" because of the marks that vampires left in his body when they killed his family.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady : He gets insistently mistaken for a girl by dragoons. Vanitas also makes fun of his girly appearance.
  • Dynamic Entry : His second meeting with Noé starts when Astolfo stabs someone to death in front of him with his lance.
  • Effeminate Voice : Ayumu Murase gives the girly-looking Astolfo a quite feminine-sounding voice.
  • Empty Eyes : The lack of shine in his eyes is the first giveaway that there's something disturbed about him.
  • Evil Stole My Faith : Even though he belongs to the church, Astolfo stopped believing in God when his entire family was killed by vampires. After Roland saved his life, Astolfo came to view him as a god , until Roland broke ties with him after seeing Astolfo is a bloodthirsty psycho beyond help.
  • Faux Affably Evil : He speaks politely to Noé as he calmly explains he just murdered some dragoons because they touched him without permission. Then, he attacks Noé to confirm he's a vampire and starts trying to kill him too.
  • Fragile Speedster : Noé observes that Astolfo's attacks have a very light weight and his defense isn't that great either, but he makes up for it with extremely high speed and agility.
  • Freudian Excuse : When he was kid, he went through a very traumatizing event where a horde of vampires murdered his family and fed on his blood for several days. Because of this, Astolfo is convinced that vampires are all evil monsters that need to be wiped out from the world.
  • Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse : Noé sympathizes with Astolfo's traumatic past, but he makes a point in that the murder of Astolfo's family doesn't justify him trying to brutally murder all vampires he encounters in a vengeful rage , not least because he's so Ax-Crazy that he's got a significant human body count as well.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper : Just the smallest provocation is enough to send him into a violent rage. Vanitas uses this at his advantage and points out how easy it is to set Astolfo off.
  • Hates Being Touched : Noé is shocked to see Astolfo killed the dragoons in the Gévaudan of the past. Astolfo justifies his murderous actions by claiming that the dragoons refused to stop touching him. Therefore, in Astolfo's words, killing them all was a valid act of self-defense. Disproportionate Retribution at its finest.
  • He Who Fights Monsters : His desire for revenge against the bloodthirsty vampires who destroyed his childhood has long since mutated into the exact same indiscriminate, unreasoning lust for violence against anyone and everyone.
  • I Let Gwen Stacy Die : At the times he's at his most emotionally vulnerable, Astolfo blames himself entirely for the death of his family at hands of vampires since it all happened because he naively got deceived by a vampire.
  • Improbable Age : He became the youngest Paladin ever at about fifteen years old.
  • Inconsistent Spelling : The official English translation of the manga and anime subtitles spell his name as Astolfo, but there's side materials spelling it as Astolphe.
  • I Owe You My Life : Roland saved him from the vampires that killed his parents and little sister. Until short time ago, Astolfo worshipped Roland as his savior and although their relationship soured after certain incident, Astolfo still harbors respect and gratitude for Roland even if he doesn't show it openly.
  • Jerkass : Astolfo is an extremely petty, rude, and frustrating young man. He treats vampires and humans with immense cruelty.
  • Like a God to Me : Astolfo used to look up to Roland as if he was a god. Unfortunately, when Roland scolded him for killing innocent humans and vampires, Astolfo became disillusioned with Roland and grew to resent him.
  • Mean Boss : He's prone to hitting his vice-captain Marco to shut him up or simply to take his anger out on him.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished : When he was a child, he helped an injured vampire boy. In return, the vampire got all information about the Granatum family that he could get out of Astolfo and organized a vampire assault on their house to kill Astolfo's parents and little sister.
  • Phlebotinum Overdose : During his third fight against Noé, blood starts pouring from Astolfo's eyes and mouth because he injected himself with too much Super Serum .
  • Propaganda Hero : Charles chose to make Astolfo a Paladin because the massacre of his family at hands of vampires and his intense hatred towards the entire vampire race would make him into the perfect symbol for the populace to support the Chasseurs' extremist faction.
  • Psychological Projection : The real reason why Astolfo is so ready to kill humans who side with vampires is because he believes them to be fools who let themselves be tricked and manipulated by evil monsters, just like how he was fooled and betrayed by the vampire he thought of as a friend.
  • Psycho for Hire : He's in the Chasseurs because it gives him the means and opportunity to kill people, plain and simple. Vampires are, of course, his main targets, but it takes very little to make him start soaking his bloodlust on humans as well.
  • Psycho Pink : Astolfo is a pink-haired and pink-eyed boy who used to be kind and idealistic until his parents and younger sister were murdered by vampires. The trauma caused him to become an Ax-Crazy Psycho for Hire who takes sadistic pleasure out of murdering vampires and humans aren't safe from him either.
  • A Pupil of Mine Until He Turned to Evil : In his early days as a Chasseur, Astolfo was Roland's apprentice. Roland hoped to guide Astolfo to the right path, but he couldn't stop Astolfo from being consumed by his hatred for vampires. After Astolfo brutally killed human civilians for defending a vampire, Roland ended their mentor-apprentice relationship.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning : Red eyed and ready to kill anyone who gets in his way.
  • Red Is Violent : His gemstone is the red garnet and his Chasseur uniform stands out for its red details exclusive to him. Appropriately, he's the most bloodthirsty and murderous of the Chasseurs.
  • Relative Button : After pushing the above-mentioned Berserk Button , Vanitas provokes Astolfo further by insulting Astolfo's father while knowing Astolfo's parents were murdered by vampires.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge : His main motivation for brutally killing vampires is revenge, as his family was killed by them.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie : Subverted . He has dark pink hair and his original personality was very gentle and innocent. After his entire family was killed, Astolfo lost all of his kindness and became obsessed with killing vampires and humans who get in his way.
  • Self-Harm : When the death of his family was still recent, Astolfo gouged at the marks of possession the vampires left in his body.
  • Shadow Archetype : As Noé points out, Vanitas could have become someone very frighteningly similar to Astolfo if Vanitas had become blinded with desire for revenge against all vampires and had never met the Vampire of the Blue Moon.
  • Sissy Villain : He has a pretty feminine appearance. He's also completely off his rocker, being the most amoral and violent of the Chasseurs.
  • Sour Outside, Sad Inside : Underneath that raging and borderline psychotic Vampire Hunter , there's a badly traumatized and suffering boy haunted by guilt and self-loathing because of his family's tragic death.
  • Supernaturally Delicious and Nutritious : Played for horror. It seems vampires liked his blood so much that at least thirteen of them marked him, which left him with a very severe trauma.
  • Survivor Guilt : His parents and younger sister were killed because he trusted a vampire who then betrayed him. After he was left as the Sole Survivor , he was depressed and suicidal, only becoming able to function when Charles persuaded him to devote his life to revenge against vampires.
  • Tautological Templar : Since he insists vampires can be nothing but evil, Astolfo views anything he does to kill vampires as absolute justice. He even kills innocent civilians for the "sin" of sympathizing with vampires.
  • Token Evil Teammate : Despite their institutional Fantastic Racism , most Chasseurs are fairly reasonable people trying to protect humanity. Astolfo, on the other hand, is an Ax-Crazy Psycho for Hire who's entirely in the business for the murder, and represents a threat to everyone around him, human or vampire.
  • Tragic Bigot : He wants to kill all vampires, but it's hard to not sympathize with his hatred when you learn his family was horrifically murdered by vampires that sucked his blood without his consent.
  • Tragic Keepsake : He still keeps the dagger that his deceased father gave him.
  • Trauma Button : Asking him anything related to his reason for hating vampires, particularly his marks of possession, makes him flash back to the death of his family and flip out. When someone of the Charlatan's parade mentions the many vampire marks in his body, Astolfo drops his weapon, curls up on himself, and starts crying before flying into an Unstoppable Rage .
  • Tsundere : He has conflicting feelings towards Roland. On one hand, Astolfo respects Roland for saving his life and training him as a Chasseur, but on the other, he can't forgive him for extending his sympathy to "sinners" and grew to resent him after they drifted apart.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid : In the past, Astolfo was a kind boy who innocently trusted a vampire kid who was being hunted by the Chasseurs. As a result, many vampires brutally murdered his parents, drank his and his little sister's blood until the latter died and thirteen vampires left marks of possession on his body. Astolfo swore to hunt vampires into extinction in revenge and became the Ax-Crazy Blood Knight he's today.
  • Van Helsing Hate Crimes : Even more than anyone in the church, Astolfo hates vampires with passion and wants to exterminate them all indiscriminately. He's even willing to kill humans who get in his way to kill vampires or are allied with vampires.
  • We Used to Be Friends : Astolfo once admired and adored Roland as both his mentor and savior, until Roland disagreed with Astolfo's belief that anyone who is a vampire or supports vampires must die. This shattered Astolfo's godlike image of Roland and he suddenly grew to resent Roland, even becoming well-known as a "Roland hater".
  • Would Hurt a Child : During a mission, some human kids tried to defend their vampire friend, and this angers Astolfo so much that he kills the entire group in a bloody massacre, much to Roland's horror.

Maria and Georges

Maria is voiced by: yume miyamoto (japanese), brittney karbowski (english), georges is voiced by: ryuunosuke watanuki (japanese), marcus d. stimac (english).


  • Boyish Short Hair : Maria's short hair highlights her role as an Action Girl .
  • Enemy Mine : They, along with Roland, wind up working with Vanitas and Noé against Moreau.
  • Eyes Always Shut : Georges only opens his eyes when he's very surprised.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot : Georges fights with a polearm battle axe while Maria's weapons are her bow and arrow.
  • Scars Are Forever : Maria has scars in her forehead that she hides with her hair.
  • Subordinate Excuse : Side materials imply Maria has a crush on her captain Roland.
  • Supreme Chef : According to a chart, Maria is the best cook in the cast.
  • Youthful Freckles : Maria has freckles.

Voiced by: Mitsuru Ogata (Japanese), Barry Yandell (English) note  Other languages: Karim Barras (French), Jorge Roig Jr. (Latin American Spanish), Jonas Falcão (Portuguese)


  • Adaptational Late Appearance : The anime removed his appearances at the start of the Gévaudan arc. Instead, Marco gets introduced when he joins Astolfo on the latter's way to Chloé's castle.
  • Butt-Monkey : His highly unstable captain physically abuses him on regular basis.
  • Eyes Out of Sight : His Opaque Lenses keep his eyes hidden all the time.
  • Freudian Slip : During distressing moments, he calls Astolfo "Young Master" instead of "Captain".
  • Never Bareheaded : He's always seen wearing a top hat.
  • Non-Action Guy : Despite being Astolfo's vice-captain, Marco doesn't have any fighting abilities. His job is just carrying Astolfo's stuff. Justified ; his original job was being a butler and he just joined the Chasseurs to watch over his master Astolfo.
  • Old Retainer : He was originally a butler of the Granatum family. After vampires killed most of the family, he joined the Chasseurs to keep serving Astolfo, the only survivor of his masters.
  • Opaque Lenses : We can't see his eyes because of his glasses.
  • Satellite Character : The only personal detail known about Marco is that he was the Granatum family's butler and his sole motivation for joining the Chasseurs is looking after his master Astolfo.
  • Creepy Shadowed Undereyes : He has distinct undereye shadows that give big warning signs that he's up to no good.
  • Gonk : He's notably ugly when compared to the other characters, having very marked cheekbones and nose, and deep sunken eyes.
  • Jerkass : He delights in insulting people and hit them where it hurts. He even mocked Astolfo for surviving the vampire attack that killed his family.
  • Obviously Evil : From the moment he first appears, anyone can tell he has the face of a bad guy. Him being a member of Charlatan doesn't come as any surprise. Even Astolfo could tell he's a bad guy at first glance.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain : He's a particularly nasty dham racist, using getting information as an excuse to beat up Dante and threaten him and Johann with torture.
  • Villainous Cheekbones : He has visibly sharp cheekbones and is a traitor to the church, working for Charlatan behind the scenes.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing : He puts on a mask of being polite and affable, but his true personality is just as evil and sadistic as Gano.
  • Adapted Out : She doesn't appear in the anime.
  • Messy Hair : Her hair looks very unkempt.
  • Opaque Nerd Glasses : She sports a very thick pair of glasses.
  • The Tease : She enjoys flirting with Olivier and Roland.

Chloé d'Apchier

Voiced by: rie kugimiya (japanese), brina palencia (english) note  other languages: helena coppejans (french), azul valadez (latin american spanish), stephany custodi (portuguese).


  • Age-Gap Romance : Her lover Jean-Jacques is at least 200 years younger than her and she met him as a kid. Since both are ageless vampires, the age gap isn't given much attention.
  • Anger Born of Worry : After Vanitas restores her true name , the first thing Chloé does is hitting and yelling at Jean-Jacques for getting hurt "without her permission" by talking her back to her senses in the middle of her rampage caused by Queen Faustina's Kiss of Death .
  • Babysitter Friendship : Ruthven asked Chloé to babysit Jeanne while he and Jeanne's parents went to an assembly. They became very close during the time they spent together, with Jeanne thinking of Chloé as a big sister figure and Chloé also adored Jeanne for taking her to play outside which let Chloé see how beautiful the world really is.
  • Badly Battered Babysitter : Babysitting the hyperactive little Jeanne was an exhausting job for Chloé. She still adored Jeanne, though.
  • Become a Real Boy : Subverted . Chloé's father spent his whole life looking for a way to undo her transformation into a vampire and Chloé said she wanted that to please him. The truth is Chloé never cared about being a vampire nor wished to become human; what she really wanted was for the d'Apchier family to accept her no matter what she is.
  • Best Served Cold : After swearing to get her revenge, she patiently waited for a century to complete her alteration device and earned her enemy's trust until she finally got her chance to kill Naenia after giving her a physical body. Too bad it all backfired on her since she only made Naenia more powerful by turning her back into Queen Faustina.
  • Broken Bird : A very long life of isolation and losing all her human relatives has left Chloé with no hope for her future. She only lives for the sake of exacting her revenge against Naenia to then die.
  • Cathartic Crying : Chloé swore to herself that she wouldn't cry after she decided to take her revenge against Naenia . She held back her tears for around a century, but after her true name is restored and she gains the will to live on , Chloé can't repress her emotions anymore and breaks down in tears.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl : Not as obvious as Jean-Jacques, but Chloé is quite possessive of him. In an omake, she says she can't stand anyone other than her getting a look at Jean-Jacques' sleeping face.
  • Daddy's Girl : Even centuries after the death of her father, Chloé acts as an obedient daughter who devotedly follows his instructions and teachings.
  • Death Faked for You : After her transformation into a vampire, Chloé's father declared to the public that she had died from an illness so he could hide her away and start the research to find a way to turn Chloé back into human.
  • Death Seeker : Ever since the d'Apchier family was wiped out, Chloé has only wanted to die. This is represented by her Malnomen, which manifests as a Pocket Dimension identical to Gévaudan from the past where the hunters of the Beast of Gévaudan are constantly coming to kill Chloé no matter how many times Jean-Jacques gets rid of them. After her revenge against Naenia fails, Jean-Jacques realizes Chloé was planning to have her own automatons kill her. At the end of the Gévaudan arc, however, Chloé finally finds the will to live thanks to Jean-Jacques and Jeanne showing their love for her.
  • Deep Sleep : After the events of the Gévaudan arc, Chloé falls deeply asleep and doesn't wake up for several days. According to Vanitas, it's an after-effect of Chloé's Malnomen creating a large Pocket Dimension for around a century and she'll need to rest for a long time to fully recover her energy.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita : She dresses in Elegant Gothic Aristocrat style, which makes sense since the d'Apchiers were a family of aristocrats in Gévaudan. Chloé's childlike appearance and Victorian clothing caused Jeanne to mistake Chloé for a doll when they first met.
  • Everyone Has Standards : She hates Naenia enough to want to kill her, but she will never seriously harm, much less kill, humans no matter how badly they treat her.
  • Gadgeteer Genius : After centuries of research, she completed the alteration device that the d'Apchiers' scientists and alchemists created to tamper with the World Formula. She also fabricated automatons made of musical instruments and equipped them with deadly weapons.
  • Gilded Cage : Ever since she can remember, Chloé grew up in the castle of d'Apchier family deep in the forest. Her father gave her strict orders to never leave the castle because the Vampire Hunters could find and kill her. Centuries later, Chloé still refused to leave the castle because it was the only world she ever knew.
  • Hair Intakes : Her hairstyle sports a small pair of intakes that slightly resemble cat ears.
  • Hates Being Alone : As the years passed and she continued to outlive everyone in the castle, Chloé grew increasingly desperate for company. Jean-Jacques alleviated this when he promised to stay with her forever.
  • Hidden Disdain Reveal : She acted like she got along with Naenia, but that was a ruse to make Naenia let her guard down. When Chloé finishes the World Formula-altering device, she uses it to get a chance to kill Naenia in revenge for the latter turning Jean-Jacques into a Curse-Bearer.
  • Hikikomori : By her father's orders, she never stepped out of the castle and spent her entire life shut off from the outside world.
  • Hoist by Her Own Petard : Chloé uses her alteration device to give Naenia a physical body that can be killed. Chloé realizes too late that by giving Naenia a body capable of feeling pain, she caused Naenia to regain her powers as the vampire queen and Chloé receives her Kiss of Death , causing Chloé to lose control over her Malnomen.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl : She's barely the half of Jean-Jacques' height and he's usually carrying her around in his arms.
  • I Just Want to Be Loved : When she's finally honest about her wishes, Chloé admits all she ever wanted was to be accepted and loved by the d'Apchier family even if she wasn't human like them. Chloé can finally be freed of her Malnomen when she realizes Jean-Jacques and Jeanne love her very much and want her to live.
  • I Let Gwen Stacy Die : Chloé blames herself for the death of Herman and his family as she believes they wouldn't have been killed if she kept her mouth shut about the church being behind the massacre of the Beast.
  • Insecure Love Interest : Chloé and Jean-Jacques love each other more than anyone in the world, but Chloé feels she's only making Jean-Jacques suffer by having him protect her all the time. Turns out Chloé was planning to kill herself partially because she believed that would "set Jean-Jacques free". He calls her an idiot because he would never be happy if Chloé dies on him.
  • Interrupted Suicide : When she finally reunited with Jeanne after the latter had become the Hellfire Witch, Chloé only wanted to die. Realizing it was too painful for Jeanne to kill her, Chloé tried to end everything by throwing herself off a cliff with Jean-Jacques in her arms. However, Naenia interfered and Chloé accepted the offer of being turned into a Curse-Bearer to eventually exact her revenge.
  • Lady and Knight : Chloé is a benevolent Bright Lady and Jean-Jacques is her White Knight who loyally protects her.
  • Little Miss Badass : She has the body of an eleven-year-old little girl, but don't underestimate her for her appearance because she's a very powerful vampire.
  • Little Miss Snarker : She displyed a sassy side of herself when she teasingly called Ruthven a "boy" as payback for him calling her a grandma in a little girl's body.
  • Lost Food Grievance : When Noé attacks Naenia and accidentally knocks all the food in the dinner table onto the floor, Chloé gets so pissed that she kicks Noé and tells him how much she hates those who waste food.
  • Ma'am Shock : She got visibly offended when Ruthven switched from "mademoiselle" to "madame" while addressing her because of her actual age .
  • Mage Born of Muggles : Chloé's parents were normal humans. Due to the Babel Incident changing some humans into vampires, Chloé awakened her powers as a vampire when she was a child. Her human family then kept her hidden to protect her from the vampire hunts.
  • Mystical White Hair : She's a 300-year-old vampire with pale gray hair.
  • Mama Bear : When Jean-Jacques was a boy, his father tried to kill him, causing an enraged Chloé to attack him to protect Jean-Jacques.
  • No-Sell : Ruthven tried to put her under a mind-controlling spell to force her to give him her family's research, but she somehow was able to cancel the effect.
  • Onee-sama : Jeanne views Chloé as a gentle and graceful older sister who she adores.
  • Parental Substitute : She took Jean-Jacques under her wing when he was a child due his father's attempt to kill him . Although, after living alone together for over a century, their current relationship seems much closer to that of a romantic couple.
  • Pocket Dimension : Her Malnomen traps her and other people inside an alternate dimension which plays a "Groundhog Day" Loop that eternally repeats the hunt of the Beast of Gévaudan in the 18th century.
  • Really 700 Years Old : Her body stopped aging when she was 11 years old, so she still looks like a little girl despite being around 300 years old.
  • Red Herring : Contrary to initial assumptions, Chloé was never the Beast of Gévaudan. The first murders were work of illegal vampire hunts of the church and the villagers simply blamed it all on Chloé because of the shady research of the d'Apchier family. Jean-Jacques then took the form of the beast from the rumors in order to protect Chloé.
  • Religious Vampire : Due to being raised among humans, Chloé has some religious practices, like praying before meals.
  • Revenge : Her goal is to use a Word Formula-altering device to erase Gévaudan from existence after being treated like a monster by its people. Or that was it seemed like. The true target of Chloé's revenge is not Gévaudan, but Naenia who made Jean-Jacques into a Curse-Bearer.
  • Sent Into Hiding : For over 200 years, Chloé was hidden away by the d'Apchier family and kept locked up in a castle deep in the forest. This was for the sake of protecting her from the vampire hunts.
  • Sheltered Aristocrat : She spent her entire life in the castle of the d'Apchier family and was kept in the dark about the conflicts between humans and vampires. Her friend Ruthven and later Marquis Machina were the only ones who occasionally informed her of the things going on in the outside world.
  • Single-Target Sexuality : Jean-Jacques is the only man she has ever loved. Justified because her isolated upbringing kept her from getting attached to anyone outside of her relatives until she met Jean-Jacques.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man : She loves Jean-Jacques because he comforted her at the hardest time of her life when her human family was killed by the church and he promised he would be by her side forever.
  • Sole Survivor : She's the only surviving member of the d'Apchier noble family, with the bloodline having died out after the church killed most of Chloé's relatives.
  • Super-Strong Child : Her body never aged past eleven years old, but when she gets angry, she can send fully-grown vampires like Noé and Jean-Jacques flying across the room with a single hit.
  • Teacher/Student Romance : She personally educated Jean-Jacques in every academic subject she knew and after growing older, he became her common-law partner in all but name.
  • They Died Because of You : She was blamed for the massacre of the d'Apchier family at hands of the church because they were killed under the suspicions of having a hidden vampire.
  • This Is Unforgivable! : She says this to Naenia for turning Jean-Jacques into a Curse-Bearer .
  • Tragic Ice Character : Chloé became a vampire because of the influence of Babel, outlived her human family generation after generation, spent her entire life confided to a castle to protect her from the vampire hunts, and her human relatives were finally killed by the church after they were suspected of hiding a vampire. Chloé now lives inside a Pocket Dimension where the forest surrounding her castle is always covered by snow, giving her the title of the Witch of the Silver Forest by the townsfolk.
  • Tragic Mistake : One night, Chloé discovered some men from the church killing a woman. She then told her descendant Herman about it, naively hoping that would put an end to the massacre in Gévaudan. The result was Herman, his son and his wife being killed by the church under the suspicion they were hiding a vampire.
  • Trash of the Titans : Despite living alone for over a century, Chloé never learned much about housework. The first time Jean-Jacques saw her bedroom, it was very messy and he has taken care of cleaning the castle ever since.
  • Trauma Conga Line : Chloé spent her 300 years of life locked in a castle where she outlived all of her human relatives until she was alone. She gradually became submerged in completing the World Formula theory to honor her father's memory, but she was really distracting herself from her empty unaging existence. Her closest friend tried to mind control her, her remaining human family was killed by the church because they were suspected of hiding a vampire and Chloé was blamed for it, then she was made into a scapegoat for the attacks of the "beast" that everyone in Gévaudan wanted dead. Finally, the only person who stayed loyal to her became a Curse-Bearer willingly to protect her from the villagers. When Jeanne arrived to kill her, Chloé was more than ready to die.
  • Undying Loyalty : Despite being offered the chance to live freely with other vampires, she refused over and over to abandon the d'Apchier family and desperately continued the research that her father had originally started for her sake.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe : She's shown wearing a wide variety of Victorian dresses in her flashbacks.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom : After catching the vampire hunters from the church, Chloé told Marquis Herman d'Apchier about what she saw in hopes the massacre of Gévaudan would stop. Later, the d'Apchier family was nearly completely massacred by the church under the suspicions they were hiding a vampire.
  • Uptown Girl : Chloé is part of a notable noble family and she's in a relationship with Jean-Jacques, a peasant from a village in her family's domains. Because he wants to protect Chloé, Jean-Jacques serves Chloé as her personal butler.
  • Vampire Lolita Archetype : Chloé is a first-generation red-eyed vampire, making her one of the oldest and most powerful vampires alive in the setting. The disaster of the Tower of Babel turned her into a vampire when she was a child and her body stopped aging at eleven years old. She was born to the noble family d'Apchier from Gévaudan, although she's now the only surviving member after all her human relatives were massacred by the church under the suspicion that they were hiding a vampire. She has silver hair and of course, her wardrobe consists only of Elegant Gothic Lolita dresses.
  • Violently Protective Girlfriend : If you even try to harm Jean-Jacques, Chloé won't let you get away with it. The only human she ever attacked was the father of Jean-Jacques, who was trying to kill his own son to get the reward for killing the Beast of Gévaudan. Later, it's revealed she has been planning for the past century to kill Naenia to take revenge for laying a hand on Jean-Jacques by turning him into a Curse-Bearer .
  • We Used to Be Friends : She used to be good friends with Lord Ruthven and was something of an older sister figure to Jeanne. Her friendship with Lord Ruthven ended when he tried to brainwash her into letting him use her family's research for his own ends. After Chloé supposedly became the Curse-Bearer responsible for more than a hundred murders, Lord Ruthven ordered Jeanne to kill Chloé. After failing once, Jeanne is determined to eliminate Chloé once and for all.
  • Wife Husbandry : She met Jean-Jacques when he was a child and saved him from his father who was trying to kill him after Jean-Jacques took the form of the beast to protect Chloé . She then took him to live with her at her castle and when Jean-Jacques became an adult, they became lovers.
  • Winter Royal Lady : She's a girl of noble blood who is called the Witch of the Silver Forest because the Pocket Dimension of her Malnomen is always covered in snow. Also, her vampire true name is Canorus, She Who Plays Snow Crystals.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds : Subverted . It's made appear that all the tragedy inflicted in Chloé's long life made her hate Gévaudan so much that she would use the World Formula-altering theory of her family to wipe the region out of existence. However, the truth is Chloé could never bring herself to hate or hurt the people of Gévaudan because her father taught her the d'Apchier family had the duty to protect them. The only one Chloé hates is Naenia, the one who turned Jean-Jacques into a Curse-Bearer.

Jean-Jacques Chastel

Voiced by: daiki hamano (japanese), makoto koichi (japanese, child), j. michael tatum (english) emily fajardo (english, child) note  other languages: pierre le bec (french), ferso velázquez (latin american spanish), guilherme conradi (portuguese).


  • Age-Gap Romance : With Chloé. She's at least 200 years older than him, but due to both being ageless vampires, the age difference isn't a big deal to them.
  • Animorphism : His Malnomen gives him the ability to transform into a giant monstrous wolf at will.
  • Battle Butler : He serves as Chloé's personal servant, doing things like cooking dinner for her, cleaning her room and protecting her from those who try to hurt her by transforming into a monstrous wolf.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me : Because of the poor treatment he got from his Abusive Parents , Jean-Jacques is very grateful towards anyone who protects him, no matter the reason. This is the source of his Undying Loyalty towards Chloé and he also saves Noé's life because the latter protected him from Jeanne when Jean-Jacques fought her in his beast form.
  • The Champion : Everything Jean-Jacques does is for the sake of protecting Chloé. He went as far as to willingly become a Curse-Bearer and take the form of the Beast of Gévaudan to keep the vampire hunts away from Chloé. At the end of the Gévaudan arc, however, he realizes he caused Chloé pain by selling his name to Naenia, so he asks Vanitas to heal him since from now on he will protect Chloé with his own power.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy : He can barely hold back the urge to strangle Noé to death after Chloé enjoys drinking his blood a bit too much. He only calms down after Chloé tells him she still likes his blood better than Noé's.
  • Declaration of Protection : He proclaims his wish to protect Chloé from anything that tries to hurt her.
  • Devoted to You : His only purpose in life is to be by Chloé's side and protect her.
  • Extra Eyes : In case his wolf form being the size of a cathedral wasn't unnerving enough, it also has six eyes - three in a row in each socket.
  • Friendless Background : His human parents isolated and abused him for being a vampire. He then spent over a hundred years inside a Pocket Dimension with Chloé as his only company. He takes a liking to Noé for being the first person to treat him like a friend.
  • Healing Factor : In his giant wolf form, his body heals quickly, which (along with his sheer, gigantic bulk) causes normal attacks from weapons like guns to be useless against him.
  • Hiding Behind Your Bangs : His hair covers the upper half of his face, with one of his eyes peeking through sometimes. He's also very timid and socially awkward because of his abusive childhood and being friendless for most of his life.
  • Househusband : Chloé isn't good at looking after the household chores around the castle, so Jean-Jacques has been cleaning and cooking for her ever since he started living with her.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl : He towers over the short Chloé and he often carries her in his arms when she doesn't want to walk.
  • Kaiju : His wolf form is absolutely colossal, towering over the treeline of the forest it hunts in. Given that the protagonists arrived in Gévaudan only expecting to face the local curse-bearer in the form of a 'large, red-furred wolf', they're understandably taken aback when they encounter the real deal.
  • Lady and Knight : He's the White Knight to Chloé's Bright Lady, being very devoted to her and having sworn to protect her at all costs.
  • Lecherous Licking : He tastes Noé's blood by licking it off his face.
  • Living Emotional Crutch : To Chloé. Him promising to always be by her side was the one thing that kept her from completely breaking down after her human relatives were killed by the church. Later on, it's Jean-Jacques begging Chloé to not kill herself and live on with him what makes her gain the will to live.
  • Lonely Together : What originally drew him and Chloé together was their shared loneliness and pain from being isolated by their families because of their status as hidden vampires.
  • Mage Born of Muggles : Like Chloé, Jean-Jacques is a vampire born to human parents who rejected him.
  • Named After Somebody Famous : Jean-Jacques' full name is based on Jean Chastel, a farmer who became famous for supposedly killing the Beast of Gévaudan although there's theories that Jean may have trained the beast himself. In the trivia of the Gévaudan arc from Volume 8, it's confirmed that Jean-Jacques is the son of the in-universe version of Jean Chastel.
  • No Social Skills : He hasn't interacted with other people outside of Chloé for over a century. When Noé offers to shake his hand, Jean-Jacques thought he was asking for food and gets flustered when he understands the meaning of Noé's gesture.
  • Older Than He Looks : Being a vampire gives him an eternally youthful appearance. Jean-Jacques looks like a young man around the 19-year-old Noé's age, but he's around 100 years old.
  • Please, Don't Leave Me : After he finds out Chloé was planning to die after taking revenge for his transformation into a Curse-Bearer , Jean-Jacques makes it clear to Chloé that he can't imagine his life without her and tearfully begs her to never leave him alone.
  • Satellite Love Interest : Being devoted to Chloé for life, his main motivation is his desire to protect her and will support her decisions unless she tries to leave him.
  • Selective Obliviousness : Chloé's Malnomen creates a dimension where everyone tries to kill her and Chloé never talked about what she wanted to do after taking her revenge. Jean-Jacques realizes he should have known Chloé was suicidal, but he was too focused on protecting her without actually thinking about how she felt about him selling out his true name for her sake.
  • Silent Scapegoat : The original attacks of the "beast" that started the panic among the people of Gévaudan were in reality vampire hunts from the church. Since the villagers were going to hunt down Chloé until the beast was killed, Jean-Jacques willingly became a Curse-Bearer to take the form of the beast and protect Chloé.
  • Single-Target Sexuality : Ever since he was a boy, he has loved Chloé and only her.
  • Talking Down the Suicidal : Once he realizes Chloé had been planning to kill herself all along, Jean-Jacques desperately begs her to not do that because he wouldn't stand to live without her. His words get through Chloé and she realizes she does want to live on for the first time.
  • Teacher/Student Romance : He was homeschooled by Chloé and after he became an adult, their relationship became akin to that of a married couple.
  • Undying Loyalty : He declares he would readily follow Chloé anywhere, even to the depths of hell.

Jean Chastel

Voiced by: masuo amada (japanese), john swasey (english) note  other languages: karim barras (french).

  • Abusive Dad : He beat his son up regularly because of his status as a vampire and had no problem hunting him down after learning Jean-Jacques was the Beast of Gévaudan.
  • Alcoholic Parent : The anime shows he was an alcoholic when he demands a drink after beating up his son.
  • Historical Domain Character : A piece of trivia reveals he's the historical Jean Chastel, who became famous for supposedly killing the "real" Beast of Gévaudan. There's also theories that he might have trained the beast in the first place.
  • Offing the Offspring : He hunted down the "Beast of Gévaudan," all while fully aware said beast was his son, and attempted to kill him with a gun to get the reward. He was stopped by Chloé.
  • Posthumous Character : He's long dead when the story takes place and only appears in the flashbacks of Jean-Jacques and Chloé.

Altus, the Vampire World

Queen faustina.

  • God Save Us from the Queen! : As Vanitas suspected, Faustina's Malnomen is Naenia, who steals the names of vampires and turns them into Curse-Bearers.
  • Godiva Hair : When Naenia takes the form of Faustina , she's completely naked with only her long hair covering up her body.
  • Kiss of Death : Her kiss causes vampires to writhe in agony and makes Curse-Bearers go on a rampage.
  • Monster Progenitor : She's the first Vampire of the Red Moon.
  • Of Corpse He's Alive : It's heavily implied she's either already dead or near death, but those in the know like Ruthven pretend the queen is still alive.
  • Rank Scales with Asskicking : Apparently, there's no more powerful vampire than the queen.
  • Vampire Monarch : She's the ruler of the red-eyed vampires with a power far superior than any other of her kind.

Noble Houses

House de sade.

  • Badass Family : Everyone in this family appears to be in the business of ass-kicking.
  • Named After Somebody Famous : The family's name, de Sade, which is based on the historical Marquis de Sade whose erotic works eventually resulted in his name becoming the root for Sadist .

Dominique de Sade

Voiced by: ai kayano (japanese), alexis tipton (english) note  other languages: ludivine deworst (french), karen vallejo (latin-american spanish), marnie aramruck (german), hellen vasconcellos (portuguese).


  • Action Dress Rip : She rips the skirt of her dress when she takes out her sword to help Noé and Vanitas stop the curse-bearers at the bal masqué.
  • Ambiguously Bi : While she has an obvious crush on Noé, she flirts with the maid Nox, blushes at Jeanne being cute, and mentions that she's more popular with women. It's up to debate whether this is a case of bisexuality (or at least If It's You, It's Okay with Noé) or flirting with women is just part of her playful facade.
  • Angsty Surviving Twin : The death of her twin brother Louis affected Dominique just as badly as it did for Noé. Even years later, Dominique hasn't stopped wondering why she couldn't die in Louis' place and believes Noé might have been happier if Louis had been the twin who lived.
  • Auntie Pennybags : Dominique belongs to an aristocratic family and is more than happy to use her vast fortune to get expensive gifts to her friends, like buying a very prized Pimped-Out Dress and accessories for Jeanne who is very thankful.
  • The Bait : Vanitas' brother Misha ordered her to bring Noé to him, but since Dominique won't do it, he's going to use her to lure Noé to him.
  • Beware the Nice Ones : Dominique is a friendly and playful girl, but she can get menacing to those she thinks might hurt Noé.
  • Bifauxnen : She dresses in masculine clothing and looks pretty damn good in them.
  • Broken Bird : Poor Dominique has quite the emotional baggage because of witnessing the tragic death of her brother Louis at hands of their grandfather and believing Noé would have preferred that she had died in Louis' place.
  • Childhood Friend Romance : She's been crushing on her childhood friend Noé for years, but unfortunately for her, he's very dense.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl : Due to her big insecurities, she gets easily jealous when she thinks Noé is interested in someone else. She expresses her jealousy in a playful way like biting Noé's shoulder after he goes on a rant about how fantastic Vanitas's blood smells and taking Jeanne to dance with her when she notices Noé was probably going to ask her to dance with him.
  • Combat Stilettos : Her royal guard uniform has high-heeled boots and it's never an inconvenience for her in battle.
  • Commonality Connection : Although they initially dislike each other, Dominique finds a common ground with Vanitas because they're equally exasperated by Noé's quirks.
  • Compressed Hair : When spying on Jeanne's date with Vanitas, Dominique somehow managed to fit all of her hair under a hat as part of her disguise.
  • Condescending Compassion : Dominique is kind to Jeanne despite of the latter's past as a Bourreau, but after Dominique's low self-esteem issues start surfacing, she realizes Jeanne's insecurity and bad social position gave her a sense of superiority over Jeanne. Once Jeanne gains a newfound self-confidence thanks to her crush on Vanitas, Dominique sees that Jeanne no longer needs her protection and this leads to Dominique feeling worthless again.
  • Cool Big Sis : Towards Jeanne and Luca. She helps nudge the pair in the right direction.
  • Damsel in Distress : Vanitas' little brother Misha uses his Book of Vanitas to hypnotize Dominique by preying on her negative emotions. Misha then uses her to threaten Noé by stating he will force Dominique to kill herself if he doesn't drink Vanitas' blood to check his memories of Luna's death.
  • Dark and Troubled Past : She saw her older brother become a Curse-Bearer and get beheaded by their own grandfather.
  • Date Peepers : She spies on Jeanne's "date" with Vanitas and is endlessly frustrated to see her adorable friend being played like a fiddle by Vanitas.
  • Dramatically Missing the Point : Due a misunderstanding from the time that a feverish Noé mistook her for Louis, Dominique is convinced that Noé must not care about her, at least not as much as he cared about Louis, and is trying to pretend to be someone she isn't just to fill the void that Louis left. She was shocked when Noé merely asked her to grow back her hair, which she had cut to look like Louis. Even then, she doesn't fully understand that Noé does treasure her as much as Louis and would never be happier if she were to die. She finally gets it when she tries to kill herself by jumping off a ferris wheel and Noé's terrified, anguished face makes her realize how much he doesn't want to lose her too.
  • Entertainingly Wrong : When Dante comments on how Vanitas and Jeanne being together could be convenient for her, Dominique takes it as Dante implying Jeanne is a potential love rival for Noé. She doesn't get Dante is actually implying Noé might be becoming too close to Vanitas .
  • Even the Girls Want Her : She mentions that she's very popular among other girls and Jeanne quickly takes a strong liking to her because of her kindness.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change : After Louis died, Domi changed her hairstyle to copy that of Louis. Noé convinced her to tone it down by growing back her hair, but Domi kept Louis' bangs. This is a sign that she still sees herself as her brother's replacement.
  • Expository Pronoun : Domi used female pronouns when she was a child, but she changed her speech patterns to imitate her dead brother Louis, including adopting the boyish first-person pronoun boku that Louis used to refer to himself.
  • The Fashionista : She has a very good taste for fashion, as indicated by the costumes she picked for herself, Noé, and Vanitas at the ball. She also got the luxurious dress and accessories that Jeanne wears for her date with Vanitas.
  • Fire/Ice Duo : Dominique's ice-based abilities contrast Jeanne's fire-related attacks.
  • First Friend : Dominique and her brother Louis were Noé's first friends and Noé treasures her for this.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble : Phlegmatic. Among the four main characters, Dominique is teasing and easygoing, yet is insecure and highly sensitive.
  • Flower Motifs : In Volume 8's cover, Dominique is portrayed with a frame decorated with yellow roses, which represent jealousy.
  • Get A Hold Of Yourself Man : When Noé hugs her in distress after Naenia forces him to remember Louis' death, Dominique reminds him to focus on helping Vanitas deal with the curse-bearers at the bal masqué.
  • Good Angel, Bad Angel : A variation. When she's hypnotized by Misha's Book of Vanitas, Dominique's mind talks to two versions of her younger self; the one dressed like a girl that represents her self-loathing and jealousy, the other is the short-haired version of her that dresses like Louis and helps her face her weaknesses to fully accept her negative feelings.
  • Graceful Ladies Like Purple : She's the daughter of an aristocratic family and wears an elegant purple dress to the bal masqué.
  • Green-Eyed Monster : She sees herself as inferior to Jeanne's loveliness and assumes Noé would likely pick Jeanne over her. At the same time, she's jealous that Vanitas was the one who helped Jeanne regain her self-confidence because she wanted to protect Jeanne. When she's under Misha's mind control, Dominique's jealousy towards and over Jeanne pushes her into fighting Jeanne, with her dark inner self yelling she wants Jeanne to just disappear.
  • Hartman Hips : Although she isn't as busty as Jeanne, Dominique has a narrow waist and nicely wide hips.
  • Her Own Worst Enemy : Dominique hates herself for living while her brother Louis died. This throws a wrench in her personal relationships as she's convinced Noé would be happier if she was dead when it would actually devastate him and her insecurities cause her to grow dangerously jealous of Jeanne's charms. When Dominique is finally able to face her deepest fears and self-loathing, she unleashes a potential to rewrite World Formula that rivals her sister Veronica.
  • Heroic Willpower : Once she's able to accept both the weak and strong sides of herself, Dominique frees herself from the hypnotic effect that Misha's Book of Vanitas placed on her to hold her hostage and refuses his orders to commit suicide.
  • Hey, You! : She calls Vanitas "human" or "you" because she doesn't think much of him and distrusts him.
  • Hidden Buxom : While her usual outfit doesn't show it due to how baggy it is, once Domi is in something like a dress shows that, while not to the same extent as Jeanne, she's got a fairly decent bust size.
  • Hopeless Suitor : She seems to think that Noé won't ever come to see her in a romantic light. Noé does love her a lot, but because of his obliviousness towards romance, he keeps treating her as a friend who as close as family before anything.
  • Hypocrite : She judges Manet and Nox as "old-fashioned and unattractive" for displaying blatant Fantastic Racism towards the Dhampirs . However, Domi is mortified to realize she has also unconsciously displayed racist behavior by merely calling Dante " Dham " until Noé asks her to properly call Dante and his fellow Dhams by name.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Fashionable : When she was a child, one of her favorite hobbies was playing dress up with Noé. In the present, she still takes the chance to dress him up, like when she takes him to the bal masqué with her.
  • An Ice Person : Dominique has the ability to create ice by rewriting the World Formula. She first displays it by turning the rain around her into snowflakes and ice spikes. When she goes all out, her ice can stop the fall of a ferris wheel .
  • Identical Twin Mistake : A very sad example. When Noé was delirious with a fever shortly after Louis died, he mistook Dominique for Louis and hugged her while saying how happy he was that Louis was alive. This was one of the reasons why Dominique believes Noé would be happier if he still had Louis with him instead of her.
  • Imaginary Love Triangle : Because of her insecurities, Dominique seems to think Noé has a thing for Jeanne because she sees Jeanne as a more attractive and confident woman. In reality, Noé doesn't understand romantic love at all and hasn't shown any signs of feeling attracted to Jeanne whatsoever.
  • Important Haircut : In her grief after her brother Louis died, Dominique cut her hair when she decided to become Louis's "replacement" . She grew it back after Noé told her that he likes it better when Dominique is herself instead of trying to replace Louis.
  • In-Series Nickname : Domi, as she's referred to by Noé, Veronica and Louis.
  • In Vino Veritas : In the special chapter where everyone gets drunk, Dominique loses all of her false confidence and becomes a sobbing wreck.
  • Incoming Ham : Her introduction has her being followed by a little automaton that spits out roses for her Shoujo flower backdrops.
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex : Dominique puts on a bravado that gives the impression of a bold and confident young woman, but she secretly thinks of herself as worthless and wishes she had died in Louis's place because she believes Louis would have lived up to everyone's expectations better than her.
  • Innocently Insensitive : When she was a child, she once told Louis that she envied him for living at their grandfather's estate with Noé because the main house is too strict and she never has fun there. She later realized how much it must have hurt Louis to hear her say that when Veronica let her know the de Sade family wanted Louis dead since birth because he was Dominique's twin brother . To make it worse, Louis was already dead by that point, meaning Dominique would never be able to apologize to him.
  • Insecure Love Interest : She has loved Noé for years, but doesn't believe she's the right woman for him because of her many insecurities and massive Survivor Guilt in regards to her brother's death. She goes so far as to make assumptions about Noé's feelings like being sure he's attracted to Jeanne more than her even though Noé never has expressed any interest in Jeanne that can be considered romantic, only because Dominique deems Jeanne a better and more charming woman than herself.
  • Interclass Friendship : Domi is the daughter of a marquis and befriends Jeanne who is an Bourreau-turned-Chevalier.
  • Interrupted Suicide : When she's mind controlled by Misha and sees Noé fighting with Vanitas to save her, Dominique jumps off the Ferris wheel to end her own life so that Noé won't get hurt for her anymore. Thankfully, Jeanne arrives just in time to catch her.
  • Irony : Due to Noé's strong emotional attachment to Louis, Dominique believes that it would have been better if she had died instead of Louis and coped by changing her behavior and appearance to emulate that of her brother, as a way to keep him alive somehow. But tragically, the loss of her original personality has resulted in Noé instead feeling like both of his beloved childhood friends are gone, and not just Louis. While Noé did manage to ask Dominique to scale back her Louis impersonation, he has made statements that indicate he still feels like he lost a part of her.
  • It's All My Fault : She blames herself for Louis' death at hands of their grandfather. Louis became a Curse-Bearer to protect Dominique and Noé from their friend Mina who had also become a Curse-Bearer and Dominique believes Louis wouldn't have needed to do that if she haven't asked Noé to try and save Mina from being executed. Soon after Louis died, Dominique came to blame her very existence for Louis being ostracized by the de Sade family since they did that because Dominique and Louis being twins was a sign of ill omen to vampires .
  • Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique : In the bal masqué, Dominique lures Vanitas into her sister Veronica's torture chamber where she has her assistants chain him to a wooden wheel. Then, she throws knives at him while trying to get answers about why he's so interested in Noé, as she's suspicious about Vanitas planning to take advantage of Noé for his own benefit.
  • Lady of War : Dominique fights with the elegance of a noble lady. When she uses her ice powers, Luca and Jeanne are awestruck by Dominique's beauty and strength at its absolute finest.
  • Magic Knight : Having the job of a royal guard, Dominique is both skilled with her Royal Rapier and has very powerful ice magic.
  • Mirror Character : Dominique has more in common with Vanitas than either of them realizes. Both put up a facade of confidence and cheerfulness to hide their self-loathing and depression. Both feel guilty over the death of a family member (Dominique over her twin brother, Vanitas over his mother) and assumed traits of the opposite gender role to cope. Both are very fond of Noé and Jeanne.
  • Mutual Envy : In the past, Dominique once told Louis she was jealous of him because he lived at their grandfather's castle where he could hang out with Noé every day while she was made study at the main house where everyone compared her to Veronica. In return, Louis was convinced Dominique was simply too young to understand how much she was better off than him, who was cast away from the family for being born with an "illness".
  • My God, What Have I Done? : When Misha forces Noé to fight Vanitas in order to save Dominique, she jumps off a ferris wheel in front of Noé to stop him from hurting himself for her sake. Once she looks at Noé's desperate expression as he sees her jumping, Dominique realizes that her hurting herself would only hurt Noé even more. This allows her to resist Misha's order to kill herself as she won't do anything that brings pain to Noé again.
  • My Sibling Will Live Through Me : After the death of her twin brother Louis, Dominique changed her hairstyle to look like Louis and started wearing his clothes in a tragic attempt to cope with her guilt and grief as well as a misguided way to try and make Noé happy as she believes he cared more about Louis than her. She dropped the most excessive aspects of the Louis impersonation by growing back her hair after Noé told her he likes it better when she's her own person. However, the fact that she keeps using the "boku" pronoun like Louis did indicates that she still hasn't fully stopped trying to copy Louis even years later.
  • Nice Girl : As long as you're not trouble for Noé, Dominique is a very good girl. Her kindness extends to the former Bourreau Jeanne despite thinking Jeanne might become a rival for Noé's affection.
  • Nice to the Waiter : She notices Amelia feels uneasy when doing her hair due to the de Sade's high status in vampire aristocracy and intimidating reputation, prompting Dominique to help her relax by showing herself as approachable.
  • Only Friend : She happily befriends Jeanne, who never had the chance to socialize due to her past as a Bourreau.
  • Only Has Same-Sex Admirers : She only attracts women because her older half-sister Veronica scares away any men that might become interested in her. Because of this, she has no idea how to give romantic advice about guys.
  • Patient Childhood Love Interest : Dominique has been in love with Noé since they were children, not that she has ever been assertive enough about her feelings for him to even notice them. She appears to value taking things slowly with the one she loves, as she freaks out when she hears Jeanne is ready to jump on Vanitas and tells her courtship should start with exchanging letters like she did with Noé.
  • Personality Powers : According to Luca, Dominique's ice powers aren't violent like those of her half-siblings. Instead, the ice she creates is delicate, yet powerful and beautiful, like Dominique herself.
  • Playful Cat Smile : She has a feline smile in her lips when she's acting playful or mischievous.
  • Protectorate : To Noé. After Louis died, Noé swore to himself that he would do anything to protect Dominique, his only living childhood friend, even if it means he has to follow Misha's orders and forcefully bite Vanitas of all people.
  • Pseudo-Romantic Friendship : With Jeanne. Dominique thinks Jeanne is lovely and cute. She also blushes heavily when Jeanne calls her beautiful and tells her she loves her.
  • Psychological Projection : Domi finds Jeanne to be beautiful, charming and adorable, so she expects Noé to see her that way too and convinces herself that Noé has a crush on Jeanne. The truth is Noé has never felt anything more than a passing curiosity about love regarding Jeanne... Because Vanitas claims he's in love with Jeanne and it's Vanitas who Noé is currently interested in the most (although the exact nature of said interest is open to interpretation).
  • Replacement Sibling : Louis believed that his parents gave birth to Dominique to replace him, who was "sick" at birth and basically abandoned to eventually die as a Curse-Bearer. The truth is very different. Dominique and Louis are actually twins, which is viewed as ill omen by vampires. The de Sade were going to kill one of the two, but Teacher insisted to take Louis with him.
  • Royal Rapier : She wields a rapier that suits her position as an aristocrat and royal guard.
  • Self-Proclaimed Love Interest : She introduces herself as Noé's fiancee. Noé then makes clear she's only his childhood friend.
  • Shipping Torpedo : Since she already thinks of Vanitas as a nuisance, she wants him to stop making passes at her friend Jeanne. However, her attempts at it backfire like suggesting Jeanne to go on a date with Vanitas in hopes he loses interest only for Vanitas to completely woo Jeanne. When Jeanne tells her that now she's in love with Vanitas for real, Dominique is appalled and tries convincing Jeanne that she shouldn't fall for a man who treated her so badly, but Jeanne doesn't want to listen.
  • Shrinking Violet : She was very shy as a child and nervously hid behind her brother Louis when introducing herself to Noé. After Noé became their friend, Domi could be more relaxed around him, although she still got flustered easily.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang : With Veronica, her older half-sister. Dominique is a kindhearted and insecure Spoiled Sweet , whereas Veronica is a cruel and arrogant Rich Bitch .
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man : She lists strong, dashing, kind, and lovable as the qualities she finds attractive in Noé.
  • Something about a Rose : In her introduction, Domi is accompanied by her Robot Buddy Kreisler that scatters roses all around her, emphasizing her beautiful noblewoman appeal.
  • Spoiled Sweet : Dominique lacks the snobby traits of the other members of the de Sade House and is generally kind to other people. She treats Jeanne and Amelia very well, not caring at all about their low social status in vampire society as a Bourreau and peasant respectively.
  • Stepford Smiler : On the outside, she's full of confident and playful smiles. When her true thoughts are finally revealed, we see she's tormented by feelings of worthlessness and guilt for simply being alive while Louis is dead.
  • Successful Sibling Syndrome : She suffers from an inferiority complex because her older sister Veronica is a much more powerful vampire and influential noble than she could ever hope to be. Even when she was a child, she hated living at the main de Sade house where everyone criticized her for not being good at what she did like Veronica.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes : She's a vampire of noble birth and has amber eyes.
  • Survivor Guilt : Ever since her brother Louis became a Curse-Bearer and was killed by their grandfather, Dominique has thought she should have been the one who died.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl : Played With between her and Jeanne. Dominique gives the impression of being the tomboy since she's a Bifauxnen with an exuberant behavior, in contrast with the more withdrawn and passive Jeanne. However, Dominique's tomboyish traits are mostly an act she puts up to cope with her insecurities and Jeanne later gains a spirited, outspoken attitude thanks to Character Development .
  • Tomboyish Voice : Dominique speaks with a lower voice as an adult than she did when she was a child in the anime, along with having changed her behavior and speech to appear more masculine in contrast with her girly younger self. This is because she's trying to emulate her dead brother Louis.
  • Tomboyness Upgrade : Deconstructed. When she was a child, Dominique was timid and wore cute dresses. After her brother Louis died, she cut her hair and started dressing like a boy in a sad attempt to replace Louis. Noé managed to convince her to tone it down and grow back her hair, but she still calls herself "boku" , wears her royal guard uniform as an adult and adopted a bold personality to cope with her insecurities.
  • Too Much Alike : Much like Vanitas, Dominique is distrustful, overplays her smugness to hide her insecurities, and doesn't like that Noé hangs out with a stranger. Unsurprisingly, Dominique and Vanitas don't get along from the moment they first meet. Later on, they start to tolerate each other once they can recognize Noé is equally important to them.
  • Tragic Ice Character : Like the other de Sade siblings, Dominique can rewrite the World Formula to create ice. Behind her cheerful and confident front, she's hiding a lot of angst caused by a lifetime of being compared to her more talented older half-siblings and the trauma of watching her twin brother being beheaded after he became a Curse-Bearer.
  • Unbroken Vigil : After Noé passed out with a fever due to the trauma of Louis' death, Dominique sat by his bedside and refused to leave until he woke up.
  • The Un-Favourite : She has it better than Louis in some ways because she's at least acknowledged as a member of the de Sade family, but the way her family, especially her older half-siblings, treat her leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Violently Protective Girlfriend : Dominique isn't officially Noé's girlfriend, but she's very protective of him. When she suspects Noé could be used and potentially hurt, Dominique has Vanitas chained to a giant wooden wheel and interrogates him while throwing knives at him. Vanitas comments it makes sense that Noé turned out so naïve when he has Dominique watching out for him.
  • What Does She See in Him? : She's baffled when she hears Jeanne has fallen in love with Vanitas after the Gévaudan arc, even asking Jeanne if she hit her head because Dominique can't think of any other reason why anyone would find such an annoying man attractive. And considering how much of a jerk Vanitas was at the start, it's understandable as to why Domi would question Jeanne about her newfound feelings for him.
  • White Sheep : Most of the de Sade family members are shady manipulators (Teacher), sly politicians (Antoine) or abusive jerks (Veronica). Dominique is the only de Sade who is a genuinely good and kindhearted person since her brother Louis, who was also very decent, is dead.

Louis de Sade

Voiced by: miyuri shimabukuro (japanese), ciarán strange (english) note  other languages: fabian finkels (french), jared mendoza (latin american spanish), nina witt (german), mariana pozatto (portuguese).


  • Big Brother Instinct : When his little sister Dominique was scared during a stormy night, he let her cuddle with him. He even became a Curse-Bearer to protect Dominique along with Noé from Mina.
  • Black Sheep : As Louis himself puts it, the de Sade family, except for Dominique, thought of Louis as if he was already dead because he was born ill. The truth was that they wanted to kill him right after his birth because he and Dominique are twins, which is viewed as ill omen by vampires . They only allowed Louis to live at his grandfather's estate apart from the main house because his grandfather wished for it.
  • Broken Bird : A male version. He was depressed and bitter due to the knowledge of his cursed status, and envied his naive younger sister for the freedom she enjoyed. However, he didn't take these feelings out on her and Noé.
  • Death by Origin Story : Louis' transformation into a curse-bearer and cruel death are some of Noé's main motivations for helping Vanitas with his mission of saving curse-bearers.
  • Death of a Child : Louis was in his early to mid-teens when he was killed.
  • Death Seeker : After his death, Noé and Dominique find a chest of stakes he intended to give to Noé to potentially kill him with.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette : He has black hair and pale skin, making him look more unsettling whenever he appears in Noé's memories as a ghost of the past that constantly haunts him.
  • Empty Eyes : In his early teenage years, he had cloudy eyes with no shine nor pupils. This was to reflect his severe depression.
  • Family Relationship Switcheroo : Louis was at first believed to be Dominique's older brother by a year, but they are later revealed to be twins.
  • First Friend : He was Noé's first friend and main source of company during the time they shared when living together at Louis' grandfather's castle. Losing Louis in such a tragic way affects Noé to this day.
  • Four Is Death : Louis was depicted in the illustration with the number 4 in the countdown for the days before the anime airing. The illustration also has a line going across his neck to represent his death by decapitation.
  • Identical Twin ID Tag : Young Dominique with short hair and boys' clothes looks near identical to Louis, but she lacks the beauty mark on Louis' chin.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold : When he first met Noé, Louis insulted his deceased adoptive grandparents by mocking Noé about them possibly kidnapping him to eat him later. After he saw that he made Noé cry, Louis realized he took it too far and apologized to Noé. After that, he was able to become good friends with Noé. Even now, Noé remembers Louis as someone who could be very mean, but also very kind.
  • Mercy Kill Arrangement : Subverted. Louis knew he would become a Curse-Bearer sooner or later, so he wanted Noé to kill him when it happened. However, when the time came, Noé couldn't bring himself to kill his best friend. Louis was then beheaded by his grandfather in front of Noé. After Noé was given Louis's chest full of stakes, Noé had a breakdown as he thought how he even failed to give Louis the death he wanted.
  • Mirror Character : Louis serves as a parallel to Vanitas, in terms of their relationships with Noé. Like Vanitas, Louis was a boy with a problematic attitude due to his tragic circumstances. He had a rocky start with Noé, but they quickly became best friends, much like what happens between Noé and Vanitas later. Noé also notices Vanitas occasionally has the same empty, depressed look in his eyes as Louis did. Making the parallels even more prevalent, just like Louis, Vanitas is being transformed into something else against his will and his only wish is dying by Noé's hands before he completely loses himself. Noé failed to fulfill Louis' wish, but his narration says he will kill Vanitas at the end.
  • Off with His Head! : After he was completely consumed by his bloodlust, Louis was beheaded before he could kill Noé.
  • Posthumous Character : He died as a young teen, and his death heavily affects Noé and Dominique to this day.
  • Raised by Grandparents : His parents wanted nothing to do with him because of his "sickness" and he was sent to live at his grandfather's place, although his grandfather was apparently absent often.
  • Shipper on Deck : He supported Dominique's crush on Noé and gave Noé advices about blood drinking to make him grow closer to Dominique.
  • Small Role, Big Impact : He only appears in flashbacks, but Noé's main motivation for saving Curse-Bearers is his regret over not saving Louis when the latter became a Curse-Bearer and was beheaded in front of him. His death is also at the center of Dominique's issues .
  • Stepford Smiler : He acted cheerful in front of Noé and Dominique to hide his depression. He even carved stakes that he wanted Noé to kill him with while smiling and claiming they were presents.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality : Louis had a big soft spot for his only friend Noé and his little sister Dominique, but gave the cold shoulder to everyone else. He was able to genuinely smile only when he was playing with Noé and Dominique.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes : Like his sister, he was a vampire of noble birth and had amber eyes.
  • Surprisingly Sudden Death : Louis became a Curse-Bearer and Noé refused to kill him. Teacher then appeared out of nowhere and beheaded Louis without warning. The anime adds to the suddenness and brutality of the death.
  • The Un-Favourite : His parents and elder half-siblings had zero interaction with him. The only family he appeared to be close to was his younger sister Dominique.
  • When He Smiles : Noé felt happy the first time he saw Louis laughing.

Veronica de Sade

Voiced by: yōko hikasa (japanese), monica rial (english) note  other languages: sophie frison (french), betzabé jara (latin american spanish), caroline werner (german), flávia saddy (portuguese).


  • Aloof Big Sister : She certainly isn't a nice sister to her younger half-siblings. Her treatment of Dominique ranges from emotionally distant to outright cruel and she never acknowledged Louis as her younger brother even after his death.
  • Animal Motifs : She's introduced wearing a kimono with a fox mask and tails. This alludes to the popularity of Asian Fox Spirits in Japanese Mythology as well as her wicked personality.
  • Big Sister Bully : When Dominique tries to prevent her from hurting Noé and Vanitas in the ball, Veronica humiliates her by tying her up and leaving her hanging from the ceiling in a bondage position. Just to be an even worse sister, Veronica plans to encase Vanitas in ice, shatter him into pieces and make Dominique watch. Veronica is also verbally abusive of Dominique during their conversations.
  • Cool Mask : She wears a Kitsune mask as part of her Japanese style outfit to the bal masqué.
  • Dark Action Girl : Being a Beastia means she's a highly powerful vampire and her ice powers show it. She's also very cruel and dangerous.
  • Does Not Like Men : The only thing Veronica hates more than humans is men. Dominique doesn't really know any guys outside of Noé because Veronica scares men off. She seems to get along with Marquis Machina, but that's because Marquis Machina is actually a woman .
  • Elemental Hair Colors : Veronica's hair is white, which is perfect for an ice magic user .
  • Elemental Personalities : She represents the worst aspects of an ice magic user; coldhearted, cruel and merciless.
  • Evil Laugh : She laughs maniacally as she throws chunks of ice at Noé and Vanitas, proclaiming her intention to freeze their bodies and shatter them to pieces.
  • Exotic Eye Designs : Her pupils are shaped like four-pointed stars.
  • Fantastic Racism : She appears disdainful towards humans.
  • Hate Sink : She's a petty, cruel woman who has done nothing nice towards anyone, being extremely abusive towards her half-sister and mocking her half-brother's death.
  • High-Class Fan : Veronica is an aristocratic vampiress and at the bal masqué, she wears a fancy kimono combined with a black fan.
  • Hime Cut : She has blunt bangs, cheek-length sidelocks, and very long straight hair. Her hairstyle represents her status as the daughter of an aristocratic family. Although, she's French instead of Japanese.
  • An Ice Person : She has the ability to produce and control ice, using it to throw blocks of ice and freeze people.
  • Impossibly-Low Neckline : At the bal masqué, Veronica wears her kimono off her shoulders and holds it in place with a belt.
  • Kick the Dog : She mocked Dominique when she was grieving over Louis dying and Noé being traumatized, basically rubbing in her face that Louis had such a miserable life and death because he was Dominique's twin brother .
  • Kimono Fanservice : She shows up at the vampire bal masqué in a beautiful kimono.
  • Ms. Fanservice : She's one of the most beautiful women in the series and also one of the most buxom. In Mémoire 43, she walks around in a robe without support.
  • No Sympathy : After Louis was beheaded by their grandfather, Veronica didn't even feel bad for him because she never thought of him as family.
  • Rich Bitch : Veronica is a rude snob that refuses to comfort her half-sister following the death of Louis and treats just about everyone else with disdain.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang : With Dominique, her younger half-sister. Veronica is a cruel and arrogant Rich Bitch , whereas Dominique is a kindhearted and insecure Spoiled Sweet .
  • Slave to PR : She's infuriated when Dominique wants to ask their father to protect Jeanne from punishment for letting the Beast of Gévaudan escape a second time, as defending the life of a Bourreau would give a bad rap to the de Sade house.
  • Smoking Is Glamorous : Seeing her smoking from a kiseru pipe while wearing a dressing gown makes her look quite sexy and classy.
  • Supernatural Floating Hair : The anime adds the effect of Veronica's hair floating around her as she's rewriting the world formula to create ice.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes : She's a high-ranking vampire and a Beastia with her yellow eyes symbolizing her great power and status.
  • Terms of Endangerment : She calls her younger half-sister "Domi-chwan" ("Little Domi" in English). While this should sound affectionate, she's saying it as a manner of mockery and her tone in the anime makes it obvious.
  • Too Much Information : In the middle of the night, Dominique sees Veronica's dressing gown is splattered with taints of blood. Veronica claims she just had a fling with Marquis Machina and proceeds to give a graphic description of the "encounter" to Dominique, who doesn't want to hear anything about her older sister's sex life.
  • Torture Technician : She owns her own torture chamber at the ball, presumably for recreational purposes . Dominique borrows the chamber when she tries to interrogate Vanitas.
  • White Hair, Black Heart : Veronica is a very callous woman with long white hair, in contrast with the nicer Dominique's long dark hair. She also seems to have a fetish for torture if her torture devices are any indication.

Antoine de Sade

  • Adapted Out : He isn't included in the anime.
  • Aloof Big Brother : To Dominique. He coldly dismisses her whenever she tries to speak to him.
  • Can't Kill You, Still Need You : He convinces Lord Bellator to not have Jeanne executed after once again failing to kill the Beast of Gévaudan. After all, Jeanne is someone very important to both Luca and Lord Ruthven; getting rid of her at that moment would make it harder to manipulate those two later on.
  • An Ice Person : He can create ice, just like his sisters.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy : He's a young man with androgynous qualities and long hair falling down his back.

House Oriflamme

Lucius "luca" oriflamme, voiced by: shino shimoji (japanese), dani chambers (english) note  other languages: cécile florin (french), sergio maya (latin american spanish), malin steffen (german), enzo dannemann (portuguese).


  • Badass and Child Duo : With Jeanne. She's his chevalier who won't let anyone insult or harm him, with Luca even having to remind her she shouldn't kill people anymore. In the attack at the ball, Jeanne carries Luca in her arms as she fights off the assassins that came after Luca.
  • Beware the Nice Ones : Luca is a good and kind boy, but he won't forgive anyone who does his chevalier Jeanne wrong. Jeanne needed to restrain Luca from trying to kill Vanitas after the jerk forced a kiss on Jeanne. The senate threatening to execute Jeanne makes Luca angrily state that he won't let them lay a finger on her.
  • Big Brother Instinct : Inverted. He's searching for the Book of Vanitas to save his older brother.
  • Bodyguard Crush : He has an obvious crush on his Chevalier Jeanne, although the feeling isn't mutual.
  • Boyish Shorts : Luca is a little boy who almost always seen wearing a pair of knee-length shorts.
  • Burning with Anger : His reaction to seeing Vanitas forcing a kiss on Jeanne is creating a massive explosion of flames.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy : He despises Vanitas because he forcibly kissed Jeanne right in front of him.
  • Fiery Stoic : Luca is a very calm and gentle kid who can use formula rewriting to produce fire. Although, he does get fired up when someone, usually Vanitas, pisses him off.
  • Formal Characters Use Keigo : Luca speaks very politely for a boy of his age. It hints at his high-ranking position in vampire royalty, as he's essentially the prince of vampires.
  • Hopeless Suitor : He has a big crush on Jeanne, but she can't see him romantically because he's both her master and a child. To make it worse for him, she later develops a crush on Vanitas who he hates. Luca hopes this can change if he grows older and becomes more attractive than Vanitas.
  • Kid with the Leash : Luca made Jeanne, his uncle's Bourreau, into his Chevalier. Jeanne's first instinct when someone threatens or simply insults Luca is wanting to kill them, so Luca always tells her he doesn't want her to kill people to keep her from getting her hands dirty again.
  • Lady and Knight : Gender-inverted. Luca belongs to the Oriflamme royal family and currently has the most authority in vampire aristocrasy second only to the queen. He's often accompanied by Jeanne, his uncle's Bourreau who Luca made his chevalier. Jeanne protects him and obeys his every command out of loyalty to him.
  • Locked Out of the Loop : He's kept in the dark about Jeanne's "activities" with Vanitas, mainly their secret agreement where he lets her drink his blood when she loses control of her blood cravings. He's obviously shocked when he learns Jeanne went on a date with Vanitas without telling him.
  • Morality Chain : Luca does his best to stop Jeanne from reverting back to her brutal ways as a Bourreau, reminding her that she must protect him without killing anyone. He's not that successful, but Jeanne's loyalty to Luca does restrain her from crossing the line.
  • Morality Pet : After Vanitas slanders the vampire queen, Ruthven only refuses to kill Vanitas due to Luca's insistence.
  • Not So Weak : The members of the senate thought of Luca as the perfect Puppet King who would never say anything against the choices they made. That is until Lord Bellator demands Jeanne to be executed and Luca for the first time ever stands up to the senate to make clear that he won't ever allow any of them to have his chevalier executed.
  • Odd Name, Normal Nickname : "Luca" is the name he commonly uses, but his real name is Lucius which sounds unusual for France in the 19th century.
  • Out of Focus : Although Luca is supposed to be a prominent character, he barely gets any focus or plays an active role for over 50 chapters.
  • Playing with Fire : He creates great gouts of flame when he's upset, but appears to have difficulty controlling this ability.
  • Precocious Crush : He has a big crush on Jeanne who is much older than him. He's aware that he's only a child that must be protected in her eyes and wants to grow up fast so she sees him as a man.
  • Protectorate : As Luca's chevalier, Jeanne's main priority is protecting him. Unfortunately, this makes it easy for Vanitas to blackmail her by taking Luca hostage or threatening to tell Luca about her blood cravings.
  • Puppet King : Luca is basically the current ruler of vampires due to the queen's half-dead state. However, those in the senate only see him as a figurehead and is considered shocking when Luca merely speaks up during a senate meeting.
  • Shipping Torpedo : Luca practically has a panic attack when Jeanne develops a crush on Vanitas after the journey to Gévaudan. While he doesn't like Jeanne having interest in other men because he likes her, it's reasonable that Luca especially doesn't want her falling for a man who threatened to kill him and forced a kiss on her just to make her cry.
  • Token Mini-Moe : The youngest character introduced so far.
  • Young and in Charge : The amount of governmental power he possesses is second only to the queen.

Voiced by: Inori Minase (Japanese), Molly Searcy (English) note  Other languages: Sophia Atman (French), Lourdes Arruti (Latin American Spanish), Runa Pernoda Schaefer (German), Fernanda Barrone (Portuguese)


  • Action Dress Rip : She unwraps her skirt when she brings out her gauntlet, Carpe Diem and chases down her enemies.
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg : When she sees Noé has captured Luca, Jeanne loses all will to fight Vanitas and desperately begs him to not hurt Luca.
  • All of the Other Reindeer : Jeanne is a pariah among the vampire community because of her background as a Bourreau . This is the reason why Jeanne becomes overly attached to anyone who is nice to her.
  • Anywhere but Their Lips : In Mémoire 42, Jeanne gives Vanitas a kiss on the cheek as a thank you for saving Chloé's life .
  • Artificial Human : She was told that she's a "doll" created with the purpose of being used as a tool.
  • The Atoner : She became Lord Ruthven's Bourreau to do penance for her parents' betrayal against him.
  • Badass and Child Duo : The little Luca has assigned her as his chevalier and Jeanne takes her duty of protecting him very seriously, not forgiving anyone who disrespects or threatens Luca.
  • Beautiful Tears : Vanitas gets aroused at first sight of Jeanne's tears because they're proof that she has grown weak and he finds her all the more beautiful for it.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me : Dominique observes that Jeanne is very susceptible to being treated kindly, since her status as a Bourreau means that many people in vampire society treat her cruelly.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension : With Vanitas. Jeanne can't stand Vanitas when he acts like a detestable jerk, but her heart starts racing whenever he plays up his charm in front of her and she can't help to blush at his most honest smiles.
  • Berserk Button : In an omake, Jeanne takes great offense in Vanitas claiming all desserts taste the same to him and demands him to apologize to pastries.
  • Beware the Nice Ones : As long as you're not a threat to Luca, Jeanne is a sweetie pie. If she thinks of you as a danger to her master, she reverts back to her lethal Hellfire Witch ways.
  • Big Damn Heroes : Jeanne is the one who saves the day in Mémoire 53 by rescuing a suicidal Dominique and talking some sense into Noé to stop his fight with a brainwashed Vanitas.
  • Big Eater : She loves eating and leaves her plate clean in a minute.
  • Boyish Short Hair : She keeps her hair short which suits her when she's in her menacing mode for battle. She's an even better example in the High School AU where Jeanne is a Bifauxnen .
  • Broken Bird : Ever since her adoptive parents died, Jeanne has tried to only do as others tell her out of fear that someone she cares about will be killed again if she acts on her own accord.
  • Buxom Beauty Standard : Vanitas lists her big bosom as one of the things he likes about her.
  • Cannot Kill Their Loved Ones : After being turned into a Bourreau, Jeanne never hesitated to kill any vampire until her friend Chloé had seemingly become the Beast of Gévaudan. She considers not killing Chloé was her only failure as a Bourreau.
  • The Champion : She has abandoned her occupation as a Bourreau in favor of serving as Luca's Chevalier.
  • Cheery Pink : In her childhood, the pink-haired Jeanne was a Genki Girl who constantly smiled. In the present, she starts as reserved due to her trauma of the time she spent as a Bourreau, but developing a crush on Vanitas causes her to become lively and full of joy once again.
  • Conditioned to Be Weak : While Jeanne is one of the most powerful vampires to live, she was turned into the Senate's Bourreau from a young age and witnessing her parents' execution conditioned her to believe she had to be a mere tool who only followed orders from her masters. She was too afraid of thinking for herself until Vanitas pushed her to say what she really wants.
  • Covert Pervert : She acts reserved and modest normally, but after she falls head over heels in love with Vanitas, Jeanne talks about how she could lose control of herself upon seeing him and end up having her way with him .
  • Crush Filter : Whenever Vanitas behaves like a gentleman to woo her, Jeanne sees him in Shoujo manga artstyle, complete with Love Bubbles .
  • Cry into Chest : In the middle of a blood drinking session with Vanitas, Jeanne bursts into tears as she realizes she might end up hurting Luca if she loses her sanity. Vanitas promises her to kill her if that ever happens and pulls her to his chest as she sobs her heart out.
  • Dark and Troubled Past : Her parents were executed as traitors after they conspired with humans to ruin the negotiations for peace between humans and vampires. Jeanne saw their decapitated heads and she was forced to become a Bourreau to pay for her family's crime.
  • Death Glare : If she hears someone being disrespectful to her master Luca, Jeanne will throw them a terrifying glare accompanied by a Battle Aura .
  • Delayed Reaction : She gives Vanitas the Intimate Healing treatment to save his life after he got sick from Astolfo's poisoned knife. The next morning, as soon as she sees Vanitas is healthy, the embarrassment of the situation finally settles in and Jeanne starts freaking out over how she cuddled half-naked with a man and kissed him to make him drink water.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen : At first, she acts coldly towards anyone but her master Luca and hates Vanitas because of his obnoxious personality and harassment towards her. Later on, she gradually warms up to him after seeing his kinder, more heroic side and starts falling in love with him. By falling in love, Jeanne is finally allowing herself to be in touch with her emotions and become more open after she spent so long convincing herself that she had to be a mere tool.
  • Desperately Craves Affection : Jeanne is completely affection-deprived because she was orphaned at a young age and treated as a mere tool to kill for years. She clings on to anyone who shows her kindness, including Vanitas who likes to exploit her weakness to affection. This causes Dominique to get worried since Jeanne is willing to overlook a lot of Vanitas' flaws just because he's nice to her sometimes.
  • Determinator : In combat Jeanne will not surrender. She bested one thousand vampires by herself and during her fight with Vanitas powered through poison and a stun spell from the book of Vanitas, something that should be unthinkable. Jeanne would have continued fighting indefinitely, so Vanitas had to use Luca as a hostage to defuse the situation.
  • Deuteragonist : Tritagonist would be more accurate, but Jeanne is the character whose focus is second only to the protagonist duo. Since Vanitas is a Non P.O.V. Protagonist , Jeanne usually serves as the POV character when Noé isn't present in the scene and her ever-changing relationship with Vanitas forms an interesting parallel to the more complicated relationship between Vanitas and Noé at the core of the story.
  • Dork Knight : Jeanne is a powerful warrior who is determined to crush anyone who threatens her master. However, she's surprisingly cute when she's flustered and she can get very passionate about her desire for romance.
  • Elemental Personalities : Jeanne, also known as the Hellfire Witch for incinerating her enemies with her gauntlet's flames, is infamous for her brutality and fierceness in the battlefield. Even though she has significantly softened thanks to Luca and Vanitas, she still has a fiery temper.
  • Endearingly Dorky : Vanitas likes Jeanne because she's beautiful and tough, but also awkward, easily embarrassed, and fun to tease.
  • The Executioner : An Alienated type. Around 100 years ago, Jeanne was a renowned Bourreau, a vampire executioner tasked with killing all vampires who side with humanity or become Curse-Bearers. Becoming a Bourreau is punishment for one's family committing a major crime; in Jeanne's case, her parents betrayed their teacher Ruthven. Jeanne is ostracized by the vampire society for having executed her own kind.
  • Extreme Doormat : Subverted. From the first moment she can remember, Jeanne was told that she's meant to be a tool with no will of her own. Her time as a Bourreau reinforced her mindset that she only must follow orders. The way Vanitas can easily play with her emotions also makes her look like a pushover. However, Jeanne is later revealed to be very strong-willed and assertive when someone she cares about is in danger, to Vanitas' surprise. At the climax of the Gévaudan arc, Vanitas gives her the courage to fight for what she wants even if that goes directly against her superiors' orders.
  • Fiery Sensuality : Jeanne is the infamous Hellfire Witch who carries a gauntlet that fires devastating blasts of flames. Vanitas feels enticed by her power, beauty, big bosom and arousing bites.
  • Fire/Ice Duo : Jeanne's fire-related attacks contrast Dominique's ice-based abilities.
  • Flower Motifs : Her mark of possession is shaped like a rose and her volume cover has lots of flowers in it.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble : Choleric. Among the four main characters, Jeanne stands out for being strong-willed, ferocious and passionate.
  • Friendless Background : Jeanne has spent most of her life isolated and ostracized because of her occupation as a Bourreau, making her an object of fear and hatred to the eyes of vampire society. Luca and Dominique are the only people who don't care about her past and befriend her regardless of it.
  • Friend to All Children : Perhaps due to missing out on her own childhood or her general kindness, Jeanne is show to consistently care for children; Luca is her closest companion who she adores and when a child she doesn't know skins his knee, she rushes to check on him. However, her increasingly out of control addiction to blood nearly causes her to attack the child with a skinned knee, tragedy only being prevented by the quick intervention of Vanitas.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare : She was a lost child who was found by a vampire couple, having no memory of where she came from. She then lived a normal and happy childhood with her adoptive parents and their teacher Ruthven. That only lasted until her parents were executed under the charge of treason and the senate made Jeanne into their Bourreau as "punishment" for her parents' crimes. Jeanne became the most infamous Bourreau to have participated in the war where she killed thousands of traitor vampires.
  • Gender-Concealing Voice : In the High School AU Drama CD, Jeanne lowers her voice several octaves when she's disguised as a male student . She switches to her normal higher voice when talking to Luca.
  • Genki Girl : When she was a kid, Jeanne would run and jump around all day. Lord Ruthven said no normal vampire could take care of her and Chloé ended up exhausted from chasing after the young Jeanne.
  • Girly Bruiser : She's one of the deadliest Bourreau vampires in history, known for being able to incinerate her enemies with her giant Crimson Gauntlet. She's also very feminine, sweet to those kind to her, and a hopeless romantic once she falls in love with Vanitas.
  • Grew a Spine : She becomes much more confident and assertive following the Gévaudan arc.
  • Happily Adopted : She was adopted by a vampire couple that found her when she was a kid. The deaths of her adoptive parents crushed her.
  • Heal the Cutie : She was a lively Cheerful Child before her parents betrayed Lord Ruthven and she was made execute her own kind as punishment for her family's crime. Thanks to helping in Chloé's rescue and falling in love with Vanitas, Jeanne has begun to smile like she did when she was a child.
  • The Heart : After she starts overcoming her past traumas and opens up to her emotions, Jeanne helps maintaining peace in the relationships of the main characters. In the amusement park battle, Jeanne plays a role in stopping Vanitas and Noé from potentially killing each other, as she tells Noé to look at Vanitas properly. This makes Noé realize how scared Vanitas was of him and ultimately leads to their reconciliation.
  • Honey Trap : Lord Ruthven has Jeanne go on a date with Vanitas to keep the latter distracted for a day. Meanwhile, Lord Ruthven places a curse on Noé.
  • Horrible Judge of Character : Jeanne has a bad habit to never doubt nor see the flaws in the people who are kind to her, which has been leading her to be either easily manipulated and/or emotionally devastated by various parties. Additionally, after Vanitas fulfills his promise to save Chloé, Jeanne seems to be all too willing to overidealize his positive traits and ignore his negative ones, to Luca's and Dominique's horror.
  • Horror Hunger : She suffers from frequent cravings for blood, although she claims there's a medicine that helps her keeps it under control. Vanitas wonders if she's a Curse-Bearer, but Jeanne is apparently unable to confirm or deny it.
  • Hunter Of Her Own Kind : One of Jeanne's duties as a Bourreau is to hunt down and kill Curse-Bearing vampires that have lost control over their cravings for blood.
  • I Can Still Fight! : In her fight with Vanitas, Jeanne is inflicted with the poisonous bite of a Curse-Bearer and receives a direct attack from the Book of Vanitas, which should leave any regular vampire paralyzed. To Vanitas' disbelief, Jeanne stands right back up, yelling "I can still fight". Vanitas has to take Luca hostage to make Jeanne surrender.
  • I'm Taking Him Home with Me! : In a special chapter, Jeanne finds Vanitas in his drunken state to be so adorable that she tries to kidnap him.
  • In Love with Love : Post-Gévaudan arc, Jeanne has a sudden change of heart towards Vanitas, but she seems more infatuated with the idea of experiencing romantic love itself than rationally considering the relationship. It's justified ; due to having been treated like a tool for a long time, Jeanne is eager to jump at the first chance of love that has presented itself to her. Luca and Domi try to discourage this behavior to no avail, as it seems Jeanne is completely disregarding the more unsavory aspects of Vanitas's character that had initially made him abhorrent to her.
  • In the Hood : During her introduction, she wears a hood over her head to keep a low profile when accompanying Luca.
  • Interclass Friendship : Even though she's the daughter of a marquis, Dominique doesn't care about Jeanne's low social position as a former Bourreau and they quickly become good friends.
  • With Luca. He's only a kid while Jeanne looks like a young woman and is at least over 100 years old. Although he's officially her master, he treats Jeanne as the dearest person to him and Jeanne returns the sentiment.
  • Also, with Chloé. Even though Chloé's body stopped aging at eleven years old, she was an old woman by the time she befriended Jeanne when the latter was very young. Jeanne says Chloé is like a big sister to her.
  • Intimate Healing : Vanitas shields her from Astolfo, gets poisoned by the attack and nearly freezes to death in the snow. To warm his body up, Jeanne forces him to take his clothes off and cuddles half-naked with him.
  • Knight in Shining Armor : Wishing to leave her past as a Bourreau behind, Jeanne wants to be a heroic knight who rescues those important to her, which she does with Luca, Vanitas, and Dominique at different points.
  • Lady and Knight : Gender-inverted. Jeanne is the chevalier of Luca, the young master of the Oriflamme royal family. She's very loyal to him and protecting him is her main priority, although Luca has to remind her to not slip back into her murderous habits from when she was a Bourreau.
  • Lightning Bruiser : One of the most impressive examples in the series. She can augment her physical performance with formula manipulation just like Noé, but as an elite Bourreau trained to take down small armies of hostile vampires, she's much better at it.
  • Love Epiphany : Jeanne falls in love with Vanitas because of their bonding moments throughout the Gévaudan arc, but it doesn't click with her until Luca points out she's talking about Vanitas as if he is someone she likes. Unlike Vanitas who was freaked out by his newfound feelings, Jeanne is happy to be in love with Vanitas and not even Luca or Dominique can discourage her feelings.
  • Loving a Shadow : While Jeanne is acutely aware of some of the more distasteful aspects of Vanitas's personality, she isn't really privy to the fact much of the Vanitas she's been exposed to is more bluster than genuine. Eventually, Jeanne becomes smitten with Vanitas for his heroism, but she hasn't even gotten close to seeing the full picture of him.
  • Mercy Kill Arrangement : Vanitas has promised Jeanne that if she ever loses control of herself to the point she could harm Luca, he will kill her. Jeanne has affirmed that this would be her wish.
  • They both have Mystical White Hair and mysterious origins. Neither can recall much of their life before being adopted.
  • They were both Happily Adopted , but lost their adoptive parents while still children. They were then put under guardianship by 'mentor' figures that they are fond of, but who secretly seem to have more sinister intentions for them.
  • They both had a dear friend who begged them to end their life, yet they were ultimately unable to do so.
  • They both have a tendency to trust too easily, and can come off as endearingly childish at times.
  • The relationships they have with Vanitas have become significant to him.
  • Dominique has a big soft spot for both of them.
  • They both were imprisoned and treated horrifically after losing their families, and viewed merely as tools or means to an end.
  • They both had adoptive sibling figures that they loved but end up pitted against and feel determined to kill at some point in the story.
  • They both suffer from a deep-seated lack of self-worth.
  • Their powers come from the usage of a tool, and they both have monikers and reputations related to their power.
  • They both have a fear of becoming something monstrous, and desire to be killed by someone emotionally close to them (Vanitas to Jeanne and Noé to Vanitas) before it is allowed to happen.
  • Morality Pet : Ruthven's interactions with Jeanne are the main proof that he isn't heartless. Although he cursed her to stop her from revealing the secret of her blood cravings, Ruthven is genuinely kind to Jeanne and took her in when the rest of the senate wanted to kill her after she failed to kill the Beast of Gévaudan .
  • Mouth To Mouth Force Feeding : When Vanitas is weakened by a fever, Jeanne forces him to drink water via a Forceful Kiss .
  • Ms. Fanservice : Jeanne has one of the biggest chests in the female cast and she strips down to her undergarments during her Intimate Healing scene with Vanitas.
  • Mugging the Monster : In her manga-only introduction, some thugs try to mug her and Luca. Of course, Jeanne is such a powerful vampire that she can crush regular humans with ease. She didn't kill them all only because Luca asked her to.
  • My Greatest Failure : She believes she failed her duty as a Bourreau by being unable to bring herself to assassinate Chloé despite receiving direct orders from Ruthven to eliminate the Curse-Bearer of Gévaudan.
  • My Greatest Second Chance : After she learns that Chloé isn't the Beast of Gévaudan, Jeanne admits with Vanitas' encouragement that she never wanted to kill Chloé and even though she's going against direct orders from Lord Ruthven, she wants to save Chloé to redeem herself for the time she hesitated to stop Chloé's suicide attempt. With the joined effort of everyone, Chloé is saved.
  • Mysterious Past : Jeanne doesn't know much of anything about her life before she was adopted by the people who would become her parents, but brief flashbacks indicate that even in her earliest memories she was treated like a 'doll' who didn't have the free will to do as she wished, although what that exactly means has yet to be revealed.
  • Mystical White Hair : She has white hair with pink shading, making her stand out as one of the most powerful vampires in the series. It's also hint at her mysterious origins.
  • Named After Somebody Famous : Jeanne is the French spelling of the name of the famous saint Joan of Arc .
  • Nerves of Steel : When Jeanne is acting on Luca's orders, nothing makes her flinch. Not even her mind controlled friend Dominique yelling that she hates her makes Jeanne lose her composure.
  • No Listening Skills : When Jeanne sets her mind on something, she tends to not listen to others. In her first meeting with Vanitas, while Luca was trying to peacefully negotiate with him, she attacks him unprovoked since she has no interest in listening to any of his explanations and decides to just steal the Book of Vanitas by force. Later on, after she develops a crush on Vanitas, Luca and Dominique desperately try talking some sense into her to remind her that Vanitas has treated her terribly and isn't a very appealing romantic partner overall, but Jeanne is too lovestruck to pay attention to their valid arguments.
  • Not So Weak : She's kind of a pushover under normal circumstances because of all the scorn she gets due to her past as a Bourreau. If anyone threatens or insults her master Luca, Jeanne will show just how scary she can be.
  • Oblivious to Love : She's clueless to Luca's crush on her.
  • Older Than She Looks : Jeanne looks like a young woman in her twenties, but even without counting the time she spent sleeping, she should be several decades old.
  • One-Woman Army : She's infamous for singlehandedly slaying more than a thousand vampires that sided with humans during the war - at once, no less.
  • Outdoorsy Gal : When she was a child, she loved playing and running in the forest. While babysitting Jeanne, the sheltered Chloé knew the beauty of the outside world thanks to Jeanne taking her to explore outdoors.
  • Parasol of Prettiness : During her "date" with Vanitas, she carries a parasol that Dominique got for her.
  • Pink Is Erotic : She has pale pink hair, pink is her theme color, and is the Ms. Fanservice of the series who has many sexually charged scenes with one of the male leads.
  • Power Fist : Her weapon is a giant gauntlet called Carpe Diem that shoots fire .
  • Pseudo-Romantic Friendship : With Dominique. Jeanne calls her "Babel-class captivating" and tells her she loves her while blushing shyly.
  • Psycho Pink : Zig-Zagged . Pink-haired Jeanne is a former Bourreau who executed thousands of vampires and although Luca has turned her to a new leaf, she's still ruthless in battle. However, she's docile and friendly as long as no one threatens Luca. Unfortunately, she doesn't have control of her vampiric instincts and she attacks defenseless humans at the sight of blood. Jeanne is terrified that she could end up harming Luca if she becomes a bloodthirsty monster.
  • Quizzical Tilt : In the anime, Jeanne tends to tilt one side of her head when she's confused about something involving Vanitas. Most noticeable during her talk with Dominique about how to get Vanitas to hate her and when talking about how to pursue Vanitas now that she loves him.
  • Red Baron : During her days as a Bourreau, people called her the "Hellfire Witch".
  • Rei Ayanami Expy : Jeanne is a vampire with short pale pink hair, yellow eyes, and white skin. She works for a major antagonist, was originally a mere "doll" made to follow orders, and becomes more emotionally open after she develops feelings for the protagonist.
  • Rip Van Winkle : After she had a breakdown at Gévaudan and became useless as a Bourreau, Ruthven put Jeanne in a deep sleep for around 100 years.
  • Romantic Fake–Real Turn : Dominique suggests Jeanne to pretend to love Vanitas back in order to make him lose interest in her since he only pursues her because she keeps rejecting him . After a very enjoyable date with him, however, Jeanne realizes with horror that her act of a girl in love is feeling less and less of an act.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie : Although she hardened after she was made a Bourreau, the pink-haired Jeanne is a good-natured, protective and loving girl who becomes a hopeless romantic after she develops feelings for Vanitas.
  • Samaritan Relationship Starter : Vanitas restoring the true name of Jeanne's older sister figure Chloé makes Jeanne's opinion of him change completely and romantic feelings blossom between the two.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl : An interesting example. Jeanne's past has turned her submissive and oppressed, but her real self is spirited, feisty and affectionate. This is in direct contrast with Vanitas who at first puts up a cheery façade when he's actually jaded, grumpy and deeply depressed. It's best shown at the end of the Gévaudan arc where Jeanne is ecstatic from the group having been able to rescue Chloé, hugs Vanitas and kisses him on the cheek. Meanwhile, Vanitas's mood is much more subdued and contemplative in the aftermath, and even tries to calm her down.
  • Sexy Slit Dress : Her combat outfit is a slit dress showing her right leg, for purposes of mobility and fanservice .
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl : Downplayed. Jeanne is normally very modest, but will discard clothes without hesitation if the situation demands it, like stripping in front of Vanitas and cuddling half-naked with him to give him the Intimate Healing treatment. As soon as Vanitas is in better health, Jeanne blushes like crazy when she thinks she acted like a pervert, but tells herself it was a necessary action to warm up Vanitas' body. Also, in a manga bonus, Jeanne comments she wouldn't mind to fight naked just so her mobility isn't restrained by clothes.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man : Over time, Jeanne realizes Vanitas isn't as much of a terrible person as he makes himself out to be. Before she realizes, she falls for his hidden kind and noble side.
  • Sins of Our Fathers : Her parents betrayed Lord Ruthven and conspired with humans in an attempt to assassinate vampire aristocrats who approved peace between the two races. After her parents were executed, Jeanne was forced to pay for her family's crimes and the senate made her their Bourreau.
  • Sole Survivor : Jeanne is the only one of Ruthven's former students who is still alive.
  • Strong Girl, Smart Guy : Jeanne is a powerful vampire who burns her enemies with a gauntlet that shoots fire blasts and Vanitas is a cunning human who knows how to manipulate people.
  • Super-Toughness : Even by vampire standards, Jeanne can take an impressive amount of damage and keep fighting. Vanitas is shocked to see Jeanne can stand back up after getting hit with a paralyzing spell from the Book of Vanitas, since vampires shouldn't be able to withstand it.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes : Her normal eye color is yellow and they change to red when she uses her power as a vampire.
  • Sweet Polly Oliver : In the High School AU , Jeanne goes to the academy disguised as a boy to keep an eye on Luca.
  • Sweet Tooth : She finishes her dessert faster than anyone in the table and enjoys eating macarons when she goes to have tea with Dominique.
  • Thinks Like a Romance Novel : When reading Sleeping Beauty , Jeanne fantasizes herself as a Knight in Shining Armor who saves Vanitas with a True Love's Kiss . Considering Vanitas has many reservations about others protecting him and showing him affection, it's unlikely that romantic scenario would happen between them as Jeanne expects.
  • Thou Shall Not Kill : At Luca's orders, she won't kill anyone not matter how much she wants to.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl : Played With between her and Dominique. At first glance, Jeanne is the girly girl because she acts more timid and introverted than the bold and flirtatious Bifauxnen Dominique. Eventually, however, Jeanne becomes much more assertive and spunky once she gains more self-confidence. On the other hand, Dominique's tomboyish traits turn out to be mostly a front to conceal her insecurities and she's naturally a meek girl.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak : Jeanne mainly thinks of herself as a warrior and her lifestyle as a Bourreau hasn't allowed her to have time for feminine hobbies. Despite that, she enjoys wearing the girly dresses Luca and Dominique pick for her and has fairy tale-like romantic fantasies about Vanitas (even though she imagines Vanitas as the princess and herself as the prince charming).
  • Tongue-Tied : Lord Ruthven apparently put her under a spell that forbids her from revealing anything related to her mysterious condition that causes her to periodically have an uncontrollable craving for blood.
  • Took a Level in Cheerfulness : After the Gévaudan arc, the formerly cold and reserved Jeanne has become peppy and full of smiles thanks to her newfound feelings for Vanitas
  • Trauma Conga Line : One that lasted for 200 years. From the moment her parents are killed her life was a series of traumatic events. She was forced to see her parents severed heads, chained and enslaved for a crime she never committed, and has been treated with hate and scorn from her own kind because she is a Bourreau. The final straw was being sent to kill her last living friend and the failure to do that and the guilt from being unable stop Chloé’s suicide attempt caused Jeanne to have a breakdown that leads to her being placed in stasis which leaves her asleep for a century. Becoming Luca’s bodyguard under Ruthven’s protection is the first time she’s been happy in centuries.
  • True Blue Femininity : Dominique buys Jeanne a beautiful blue Pimped-Out Dress for her "date" with Vanitas.
  • Tsundere : Sweet type. Jeanne is usually nice and polite, but she's infuriated by Vanitas' arrogance and pushiness. Still, she can't deny that she enjoys biting him for his blood and his occasional acts of kindness slowly make her develop a crush on him.
  • Undying Loyalty : She's unquestionably loyal to Luca and Ruthven.
  • Unskilled, but Strong : Other vampires might have fancier magical tricks, but when it comes to pure speed and strength, almost nobody else is Jeanne's equal.
  • Weakness Turns Her On : The incident where she has to nurse a poisoned Vanitas back to health leads to Jeanne realizing that she's also attracted to him when he's in a vulnerable state , much to her mortification .
  • When She Smiles : At the end of Mémoire 42, Vanitas is dumbfounded when he sees Jeanne's true joyful smile for the first time. Vanitas confesses that seeing that beautiful smile changed the way he sees Jeanne completely.

August Ruthven

Voiced by: toshiyuki morikawa (japanese), jason douglas (english) note  other languages: karim barras (french), dafnis fernández (latin american spanish), tiaggo guimarães (portuguese).


  • Adopted into Royalty : Ruthven was originally a commoner working as a teacher. He got himself adopted into the Oriflamme family so he could become a member of the senate and end the war between humans and vampires.
  • Ambiguously Evil : Working with Charlatan and his assaults on Noé and Chloé brand him as a villain, but there's still a lot of ambiguity on his true moral alignment and goals to know for sure whether he can be called evil.
  • Anti-Villain : Of the sympathetic variety. Although his motives for working with Charlatan are a mystery, Ruthven clearly doesn't enjoy what he's doing and avoids too much cruelty if he can.
  • Big Damn Heroes : Saves Noé and Vanitas from Veronica de Sade.
  • Classy Cane : He's almost always seen with a cane in his hand as a symbol of his noble status.
  • Cynicism Catalyst : Long ago, he was a very friendly and idealistic guy who tried his best to achieve peace between humans and vampires. He changed completely after an incident in which he was betrayed by his own students who were conspiring with humans to kill vampire pacifists. Now, he thinks he was a fool for ever thinking humans and vampires could understand each other.
  • Dark and Troubled Past : He was a very good man who loved both vampires and humans, so he tried to achieve peace between both races. However, just when negotiations for peace were starting, humans and vampires, including Ruthven's own students, colluded to assassinate the pacifist vampire aristocrats. Ruthven was seriously injured and seeing all his efforts ruined, he lost hope on humans and vampires ever coexisting in peace. lava.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything? : To use his curses, Ruthven must drink the persons blood, often by force. If blood drinking is allegorical to sex, Ruthven violently piercing an erogenous zone to forcefully control and dominate someone and steal their agency is a rape allegory. In addition to the obvious allusions to sexual assault, his curses are basically roofy. Noè and Jeanne don’t remember what happen after.
  • Elemental Hair Colors : He has red hair and fittingly, uses world formula rewriting to generate flames.
  • Evil Redhead : He has long red hair and is a major antagonist, although how evil he is remains questionable.
  • Evil Uncle : He plotted to assassinate his own nephew.
  • Exotic Eye Designs : He has yellow irises with a couple of rings around the pupils and golden sclerae.
  • Eyepatch of Power : He wears an eye-patch over the right side of his face.
  • Fallen Hero : Ruthven is known as the hero who was the main responsible for ending the great war between humans and vampires. Flashbacks show he wanted to achieve peace between both races until a terrible incident destroyed his hopes. Nowadays, he's working behind the scenes with Charlatan to accomplish something involving the Curse-Bearers.
  • Femme Fatalons : He has long and sharp nails. You know, just to give a sign of how untrustworthy this guy is.
  • Fiery Stoic : Ruthven has the power to create black flames, but he behaves like a very cordial and collected gentleman.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain : It's unknown what exactly he's up to, but it definitely isn't something good if it involves working with Charlatan.
  • Kick the Morality Pet : Although he's consistently shown caring for Jeanne, in a rage at Vanitas, he allows Jeanne to be caught in the crossfire.
  • Meaningful Name : Lord Ruthven is the name of one of the first vampires in English literature, being the titular character in the 1819 short story " The Vampyre ". Similar to Vanitas 's Ruthven, the one from the short story had the power to make people take an oath with him and if they broke it, they died.
  • Neck Lift : He lifts Vanitas by the neck in Mémoire 13, after Vanitas accuses Lord Ruthven of hiding the vampire queen's death.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome : Happens off-screen, but easily defeats Noé and Jeanne seemingly just from his anger at the vampire Queen being insulted by Vanitas.
  • Only Friend : He was this to Chloé, the hidden vampire of the d'Apchier family. He made her frequent visits between years to make her feel a bit less lonely. Their friendship officially ended when he tried and failed to mind control her.
  • Parental Substitute : He speaks to Luca and Jeanne as a stern father figure. However, due to his work with Naenia and hidden goals, it's impossible to tell just how much he truly cares for them.
  • Pet the Dog : Ruthven's interactions with Jeanne and Luca are proof that some of his former warmth remains; he's repeatedly protected Jeanne from negative consequences and strives to teach Luca how to conduct himself as a leader.
  • Playing with Fire : He has the ability to produce black flames .
  • Really 700 Years Old : While he looks like a man in his early thirties, he has lived for around 300 years.
  • Shadow Archetype : His younger self was a lot like Noé. Ruthven completely changed after a traumatic event convinced him that humans and vampires can't coexist in peace.
  • Stalker without a Crush : A manga bonus shows Ruthven has made a very thorough investigation on Noé's personal life, to the point of knowing almost all of his embarrassing secrets.
  • The Stoic : He often has a detached and melancholic expression on his face.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes : He has yellow eyes and is a very powerful vampire as well as an influential member of the senate.
  • Xanatos Speed Chess : While his goals are uncertain, Ruthven has had to frequently readjust his plans due to the actions of the protagonists and he fellow senators. Charlatan attacked Luca with his knowledge if not by his design, and after the assassination was foiled he continued his ruse of grooming Luca as a Grand Duke. Vanitas and Noé continually interfere with his goal, he maneuvered Vanitas to get alone time with Noé and curse him to have a pawn in the future. He had Jeanne go to Gevuduan on official senate business to cover Gano retrieving Chloé’s research, and frequently has to maneuver around the political games of other senators like Machina and Bellator.

Loki Oriflamme

Voiced by: noriaki sugiyama (japanese), daman mills (english).


  • Exotic Eye Designs : His eyes have black sclerae and blue irises.
  • Slave Collar : He wears a collar with a chain attached to it.
  • Strong Family Resemblance : He looks like his younger brother Luca, but older.

Marquis Machina aka Francis Varney

Voiced by: yoji ueda (japanese), jason marnocha (english).


  • Ambiguously Gay : With the reveal that she's a girl, the nature of her relationship with Veronica is called into question. Veronica claimed they have a sexual relationship, but it's still ambiguous whether she's telling the truth or it's just a bluff so that others don't ask questions regarding why she's often together with Marquis Machina.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer : She's known to be eccentric and a bit childish, but she's highly respected for her knowledge in technology and machinery which vampires are usually unfamiliar with.
  • The Chessmaster : She's directly responsible for the entire Gévaudan arc happening because she was one who replicated the Beast's murders from the late 18th century, all in order to lure Vanitas and Noé to Gévaudan.
  • Demoted to Extra : She's a relevant recurring character in the manga, but almost all of her scenes are removed from the anime adaptation.
  • Everyone Calls Her "Barkeep" : She's mainly known as "Marquis Machina" because of her robot armor and affinity with automatons. Her true name is said to be Francis Varney, but that's probably another alias given that she's actually an Archiviste.
  • Gender-Blender Name : "Francis" is typically a masculine name, adding to the surprise reveal that she's a girl. Then again, it's implied to be an alias.
  • Gender-Concealing Voice : In the anime, Marquis Machina's voice sounds like an old man when talking from within a robotic armor. Then it's revealed she's a young-looking girl.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser : She clearly distrusts the Shapeless One and doesn't want to go along with whatever he's planning, but that doesn't stop her from joining him for a tea party and a tennis match at the Border. She still hates every minute of it, though.
  • Not So Stoic : When she first appears outside her suit, she acts calm and collected. As soon as the Shapeless One asks her to drop the act, she lets out all the rage and annoyance she had been holding back throughout their entire conversation.
  • The Older Immortal : She's one of the oldest vampires in existence.
  • Rage Breaking Point : In Memoire 62.5, after the Shapeless One tells her to quit her calm and formal act, she snaps and starts furiously screaming, already fed up with tolerating his nonsense.
  • Really 700 Years Old : She's at least over 200 years old, but her true appearance resembles a 13-year-old girl.
  • Samus Is a Girl : Memoire 62.5 reveals that underneath the bulky automaton suit, Marquis Machina is actually a young-looking Archiviste girl.
  • Scary Teeth : She gets scary-looking shark-like teeth when she's angry.
  • Significant White Hair, Dark Skin : Her dark skin and white hair are dead giveaways of her being an Archiviste like Noé. This is part of the reason why she wears full body costumes to hide her appearance.
  • There Is Another : She's the first known living Archiviste besides Noé.

Other Factions

Voiced by: kaori nazuka (japanese), tia ballard (english) note  other languages: alexandre crépet (french), rosalinda márquez (latin american spanish), manuela bäcker (german), augusto de souza (portuguese).


  • Brown Note : Her singing voice can turn regular vampires into curse-bearers.
  • Deal with the Devil : In the case of strong vampires, Naenia tempts them to let her steal their name in exchange of giving them the power to achieve what they wish for.
  • For the Evulz : She likes turning vampires into cursebearers to then enjoy herself in seeing them causing bloodshed.
  • The Heavy : She's the one creating the outbreak of Curse-Bearers, but it's been stated that she's apparently under the control of someone else who uses her to steal the names of vampires.
  • Humanoid Abomination : So far, Naenia has appeared as a vaguely humanoid black mist.
  • Kiss of Death : She steals the true names of vampires by kissing them in the lips.
  • Living Shadow : She takes the form of a sentient humanoid shadow. Fighting her is a pain because she's completely intangible.
  • Meaningful Name : Naenia, in Roman mythology, was the goddess of funerary lament. Alternatively, in Latin "naenia" also means "incantation" or "dirge". A perfect name for the Malnomen of the vampire queen.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast : Naenia, She Who Harbors Death. That name alone is enough to know she's bad news.
  • Nightmare Face : Amelia gets a full look at Naenia's face during the 'Parade of Charlatan' and it's something out of anyone's worst nightmare.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname : The other members of Charlatan address her as Naenia, but she herself states that's just how they choose to call her. Naenia is the name of the Malnomen of Vampire Queen Faustina.
  • People Jars : Her true body is being kept inside a container.
  • Really Royalty Reveal : The real identity of the immensely creepy Living Shadow and true name-stealer was the Queen of Vampires the entire time.
  • Shadowed Face, Glowing Eyes : She's a Living Shadow with a jet-black body. The only features to make out her face are two glowing red circles and a creepy grin.
  • Villain Takes an Interest : She takes an interest in Noé, wishing to take his true name very badly.
  • Voice of the Legion : The anime gives her a very creepy voice with an echoing effect.

Monsieur Spider and Plague Doctor

Monsieur spider is voiced by: takuya nakashima (japanese), chris guerrero (english) plague doctor is voiced by: satoshi tsuruoka (japanese), phil parsons (english).


  • Malevolent Masked Men : Their faces are covered by very creepy-looking masks.
  • Wolverine Claws : Monsieur Spider's weapon is large metal claws attached to the back of his hands.

Doctor Moreau

Voiced by: kouzou douzaka (japanese), scott gibbs (english).


  • Affably Evil : He's a Mad Doctor who happily vivisects people to satisfy his scientific curiosity, but he's very cheerful and amicable when Vanitas and co. meet him. He gives Vanitas a warm welcome to his secret lab, expressing how much he missed his favorite test subject and asks him how "No. 71" is doing (obviously not noticing the Heroic BSoD this triggers in Vanitas).
  • Bald of Evil : He doesn't have any hair on top of his head or value for life whatsoever.
  • Childish Tooth Gap : He's missing one tooth. This fits well with his Manchild personality.
  • Evil Is Hammy : He welcomes Vanitas and co. to his secret laboratory by shouting "WELCOME BACK" with a megaphone and throwing confetti in the air like if it was a surprise party. Yeah, a Mad Doctor is bound to be over-the-top.
  • Fashionable Asymmetry : He only wears a glove on his left hand while his right arm is covered by a very long sleeve.
  • For Science! : He vivisects humans and vampires to satisfy his scientific curiosity instead of conscious malice or sadism.
  • Hate Sink : He's a lunatic Mad Doctor who brutally vivisects people and tortured children in his experiments, with Vanitas and Misha being among his traumatized victims. He has no redeeming traits and only exists for the audience to hate him.
  • Hated by All : All the characters who meet him find him disgusting and despicable for how much he enjoys dismembering people to satisfy his curiosity. Even the members of Charlatan hate him and only support his research for the sake of their goals.
  • Labcoat of Science and Medicine : He wears a labcoat as part of his classic Mad Scientist character.
  • Lack of Empathy : He only sees people, humans and vampires alike, as potential test subjects for him to torture and vivisect.
  • Laughably Evil : As much of a despicable human being as he is, his eccentric personality is funny to watch.
  • Mad Doctor : A quite stereotypical one. In the name of science, he kidnaps and vivisects humans and vampires.
  • Meaningful Name : He's named after the titular character of The Island of Doctor Moreau . The Moreau from the book is a Mad Scientist who creates human-like hybrid beings from animals via vivisection. This isn't much different from the character from the manga who vivisects humans and vampire to find a way to transform himself into a vampire.
  • Morally Ambiguous Doctorate : He has the title of doctor, but instead of healing people, he prefers to cut them up for his experiments.
  • Oblivious to Hatred : Vanitas hates this man's guts for using him for his painful experiments. Even when Vanitas drops the fake smiles around him, Moreau doesn't get that Vanitas loathes him and has deluded himself into thinking Vanitas was happy to participate in his experiments even after Vanitas yelled to him that he wanted to kill him.
  • Ocular Gushers : He literally makes a pool of tears when he loses his laboratory. He also nearly cried himself to dehydration when Luna took away Vanitas, who was his favorite test subject.
  • Opaque Nerd Glasses : He always wears a pair of googles that hide his eyes.
  • Playing with Syringes : He experiments on humans, attempting to turn them into vampires.
  • Psychopathic Manchild : He behaves like an excitable kid, treats his test subjects as toys for him to play with (often getting carried away and "breaking" them) and throws childish tantrums when others get in the way of his research.
  • Vampire Vannabe : The main goal of his research is finding a way to turn himself into a vampire because he has seen that they are a much more superior species than humans.
  • Would Hurt a Child : He used young Chasseur trainees as his test subjects. He casually mentions Vanitas nearly died when he used him in his experiments, possibly more than once.
  • Childhood Friends : Dante, Johann and Riche have been together since they were children.
  • Claimed by the Supernatural : Marquis Machina takes Dhams under custody and marks them. This is why vampires and Chasseurs usually leave Dhams alone even though they hate them.
  • Dhampyr : They are the hybrid offspring of a vampire and a human.
  • Familiar : Dhams are almost always accompanied by a bat that appears to serve as a familiar of sorts.
  • Family of Choice : The Dham trio were abandoned by their families and rejected by both human and vampire societies. They stay together out of companionship. Johann outright calls Dante and Riche his family.
  • Half-Breed Angst : Dhams can't feel like they belong with either humans, who fear them, or vampires, who look down on them for their mixed lineage. They only fully trust other Dhams.
  • Half-Breed Discrimination : Because of their status as hybrids, Dhams are rejected by both the human or vampire societies. The only reason why they aren't hunted and killed by vampires and Chasseurs is because of Marquis Machina taking them under custody.
  • Knowledge Broker : They sell the information they collect to the highest bidder.
  • Nice, Mean, and In-Between : Dante is rude, abrasive and ill-tempered due to living in a society that discriminates against dhams. Johann is very caring and loyal to his fellow dhams, but behind his friendly behavior, he resents the dham-oppressing society as much as Dante does and he's willing to kill to protect his fellow dhams. Riche is nice, sweet and polite.
  • Purely Aesthetic Glasses : Dhams usually wear glasses not because they really need them, but because they hide their eyes (which turn golden without warning) and help them blend in with humans.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man : They wear suits that make them look like professionals.
  • Shout-Out Theme Naming : Their names are all references to The Divine Comedy where the poet Dante travels through Hell and Purgatory to reach Beatrice. The first printed edition was published by Johann Numeister.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes : Dhams' eyes turn golden, as opposed to the vampires' red eyes.
  • True Companions : Since they are rejected by both humans and vampires, Dhams view each other as their only allies and work together to make a living as information brokers.
  • Wild Card : According to Dante, Dhams don't care what happens to humans or vampires and will sell information to either of them depending on who pays better.

Voiced by: Taro Kiuchi (Japanese), Ian Sinclair (English) note  Other languages: Fabian Finkels (French), Daniel Lacy (Latin American Spanish), Vincent Fallow (German), Bernardo Berro (Portuguese)


  • The Alcoholic : He's seen drunk in most of his spare time.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me : Sort of, towards Vanitas. Dante hates how both humans and vampires have looked down on him and rejected him his entire life for being a dham. When Vanitas told him that he Hates Everyone Equally , Dante felt at ease with him and seems to appreciate him because of it.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension : With Riche. He fights with her whenever they're together and refuses to admit he finds her cute.
  • Berserk Button : He gets easily offended at any remark that reminds him of his status as a Dham. Noé innocently asking why no one calls Dante and his friends anything but "Dhams" hits a sore spot for Dante.
  • Big Ol' Eyebrows : He has the thickest eyebrows in the cast.
  • Childhood Friend Romance : With Riche. They're childhood friends and have feelings for each other despite their bickering.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy : He gets very jealous when Riche swoons at Noé's handsomeness.
  • Curtains Match the Window : He has orange hair to match his orange eyes.
  • Date Peepers : He joins Dominique in spying on the little date of Vanitas and Jeanne.
  • Embarrassing Nickname : Vanitas calls him "Baldy" to curse him to eventually go bald. Needless to say, Dante hates it.
  • Hypocritical Humor : While he criticizes Vanitas for acting like a Tsundere towards Noé, Dante himself isn't very honest about his own feelings, considering his own Tsundere behavior towards Riche.
  • Insult of Endearment : He calls Vanitas a "Quack" (slang for a fraudulent or medically unqualified doctor), but it's more to tease him than an actual insult.
  • Lovable Coward : He gets scared easily in any dangerous situations, but still tries to help Vanitas.
  • Oral Fixation : He almost always has a lollipop in his mouth.
  • Parental Abandonment : Memoire 61 reveals that his mother abandoned him when he was younger.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend : In a Drama CD, Vanitas asks Dante about his relationship with Riche, only for Dante to deny he would want anything with an "ugly woman".
  • Shipper on Deck : He seems to be convinced VanitasxNoé is a thing, enough to tell Dominique that Vanitas and Jeanne becoming a couple would be "convenient" for her (i.e. Vanitas gets a girlfriend = Domi loses a love rival for Noé). He also teases Vanitas about his fondness for Noé and can notice when Vanitas is trying to hide how much he cares about Noé.
  • Stupid Sexy Flanders : In a manga bonus, Dante has an awkward moment where he must question his heterosexuality because a crossdressing Vanitas makes him blush.
  • Supreme Chef : A character chart states that Dante's cooking skills are tied with Vanitas's who is known to make delicious dishes.
  • Sweet Tooth : Character materials say that Dante often goes shopping at his favorite sweets shops.
  • Tsundere : Towards Riche. He insults her, calling her ugly, and denies having feelings for her even though he does like her. Lampshaded in the second Drama CD.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds : Dante is the closest thing Vanitas has to a friend besides Noé, although their relationship mostly consists of bickering and teasing, such as Dante calling out Vanitas on his unusually close relationship with Noé .
  • Younger Than He Looks : Dante is 18 years old, according to supplementary materials. Noé is shocked to hear Dante is actually younger than him. The author says she thinks she draws him to look his age, though.

Voiced by: Koji Yusa (Japanese), Jessie James Grelle (English) note  Other languages: Pierre Le Bec (French), Gerardo Ortega (Latin American Spanish), Maik Degner (German), Fellipe Defall (Portuguese)


  • Beware the Nice Ones : Johann presents himself as a friendly and polite fellow who loves his dham friends like they were his family. When someone threatens his friends, however, he's willing to kill to protect them.
  • Camp Gay : He has effeminate mannerisms and compliments what cute faces Vanitas and Noé have.
  • Curtains Match the Window : His hair and eyes are both gray.
  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul : He wears glasses and his unhingedness when someone threatens his dham family make clear he isn't anywhere as nice as he makes himself out to be.
  • Mistaken Ethnicity : When Jeanne first meets him, she asks whether he's a human or a vampire. Johann answers he's a dham.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity : He isn't as goofy and easygoing as he makes himself out to be. It's mostly a facade he puts on to make others let their guard down around him.
  • Team Mom : He acts somewhat like an overprotective mom to his fellow dhams, as seen by how he treats Dante like a child he must keep out of trouble, which Dante hates.
  • White Hair, Black Heart : He has gray hair and even though he puts up a mask of friendliness, he only cares about Dante and Riche. He's willing to threaten and hurt anyone who he sees as a threat to his family.

Beatrice "Riche"

Voiced by: riho kuma (japanese), luci christian (english) note  other languages: monserrat mendoza (latin american spanish), annika tenter (german), luana stteger (portuguese).


  • Belligerent Sexual Tension : She has a love-hate relationship with Dante.
  • Bespectacled Cutie : She wears glasses and is an adorably enthusiastic history nerd.
  • Brainy Brunette : She has brown hair and is one of the smartest girls in the cast.
  • Childhood Friend Romance : With Dante. They're childhood friends and they obviously like each other despite their bickering.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome : When she saw a Curse-Bearer being kidnapped by modified humans, Riche jumped in to help the vampire, but her failed attempt only got her and Dante beaten up.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl : She gives a jealous look to Amelia when she sees the latter taking care of Dante after Vanitas punched him to steal his gun .
  • Ms. Exposition : She gives Noé an informative exposition of the Catacombs of Paris like she was a tour guide.
  • Nice Girl : She's very nice and friendly. Unlike Dante and Johann, she doesn't harbor resentment towards other people for discriminating against her kind and greatly appreciates that Noé treats her like a normal person.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname : Her actual name is Beatrice, but everyone calls her Riche for short.
  • Shrinking Violet : Riche turns timid and frightful around vampires who discriminate against Dhams.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses : Her glasses mark her as an intellectual character, which she shows off with her detailed exposition about the catacombs.
  • The Smurfette Principle : She's the only girl in the Dham trio.
  • Tsundere : Sweet type. Riche is a very kind and sweet girl, but she gets into fights with Dante when he's being rude to her.

Blue Moon Clan

Voiced by: romi park (japanese), marissa lenti (english) note  other languages: cécile florin (french), kerygma flores (latin american spanish), marcella almeida (portuguese).


  • Alien Blood : Luna's blood is blue.
  • All of the Other Reindeer : According to the fairy tale, Vampire Vanitas was ostracized and feared by the Red Moon vampires because Vanitas was born during a night of blue moon, which is viewed as an ill omen by vampires.
  • Ambiguous Gender : Luna has a very androgynous appearance that makes it hard to determine the gender. Vanitas and Misha were confused about Luna's gender until they revealed they were genderless.
  • Big Damn Heroes : They adopted Vanitas and Misha after stopping an experiment that would have likely killed them.
  • Corner of Woe : When Vanitas criticized Luna's bad cooking skills and filthy living conditions, Luna went to sulk at a corner while telling the boy to cook and clean himself.
  • Death by Origin Story : Luna's true name was stolen and Vanitas was forced to kill them to stop them from transforming into a murderous monster. After killing Luna, Vanitas inherited the Book of Vanitas and set out on the quest to heal curse-bearers in order to get his revenge on the one who stole Luna's true name .
  • Deceased Parents Are the Best : Luna was the most loving and gentle parent both Vanitas and Misha ever knew because their relationships with their human parents weren't good, particularly in Misha's case. The loss of Luna is still affecting their adopted children very badly and Misha has allied himself with someone who promises to resurrect Luna.
  • Died in Your Arms Tonight : Luna turned into ashes while Vanitas held them in his arms.
  • The Dreaded : Simply seeing Vanitas' mark causes a panic among vampires.
  • Endearingly Dorky : Luna's childlike bubbliness is a big part of what made Misha and Vanitas fond of their vampire adoptive parent.
  • The Exile : According to the fairy tale, the vampire Vanitas was exiled by the Red Moon vampires because they were born on a night of a blue full moon.
  • Facial Markings : They have teardrop-like markings around their eyes.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Vampire : Luna was a kindhearted, benevolent vampire who could get along with humans and adopted two human children who they rescued from human experimentation.
  • Hiding Behind Your Bangs : Luna is one of the most mysterious figures in the story and their long bangs fall over their left eye.
  • Impaled Palm : They used their hand to protect their eyes from Vanitas' knife.
  • In the Hood : All depictions of them are of a mysterious figure wearing a white hood that obscures their face.
  • Interspecies Adoption : After their raid on Moreau's lab, Luna took in the two human orphans who were used as test subjects there and raised them as their own.
  • Intimate Hair Brushing : Misha and Vanitas braided Luna's hair once.
  • Lethal Chef : The breakfast Luna prepared for Vanitas and Misha was a muddy substance they called soup and a black liquid they called milk. From then on, Vanitas took charge of the cooking in the house.
  • Both are Friendly Neighborhood Vampires with Significant White Hair, Dark Skin .
  • Both suck at cooking and keeping things in order.
  • Both could see Vanitas is a good person despite Vanitas himself denying it, and their similarly kindhearted nature makes Vanitas very fond of them.
  • Noé and Luna have a nearly identical reaction to Vanitas trying to stab them: they block the knife with their hands and then smile warmly at Vanitas to calm him down.
  • Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold : The legend of the vampire of the blue moon depicts the vampire Vanitas as a vengeful character who hated all the vampires of the red moon that ostracized them and created the Book of Vanitas to curse them. However, Vanitas's flashbacks show the vampire of the blue moon was a nice and bubbly person who could maintain good relations with humans.
  • Mr. Exposition : In Vanitas' flashbacks, Luna is usually giving him and Misha an explanation related to a Malnomen or the Book of Vanitas.
  • Mystical White Hair : Luna has silvery white hair. This is a sign that Luna is special even among vampires because they bear the power of the blue moon that is said to take away the power of vampires.
  • Non-Human Non-Binary : Luna claimed to be neither male or female since they were a unique existence in the world.
  • Occult Blue Eyes : As the vampire of the blue moon, Luna had bright blue eyes unlike other vampires whose eyes glow red with the power of the red moon. Luna's kin get the same blue eyes as them.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname : When they introduced themself to Vanitas and Misha, they claimed to not have a name to give them and "Vanitas" is a name given to them by others. Vanitas once called them "Luna" and they decided to keep the name.
  • Parental Substitute : Luna rescued Vanitas and Misha from Dr. Moreau's lab and took them in as kin of the Blue Moon clan. Since Vanitas and Misha were orphans, Luna acted as their parental figure during the years they lived together.
  • Permissive Parents : Luna didn't see anything wrong with drinking wine with Vanitas when the latter was still a minor. Poor Vanitas ended up passed out on the table.
  • Plot-Triggering Death : Luna's death was what directly lead to Vanitas becoming a kin of the blue moon and a vampire doctor who heals curse-bearers.
  • Posthumous Character : Luna died at hands of Vanitas a few years before the start of the series. The impact this left in Vanitas and whatever reasons he had for killing Luna are his biggest motivations for curing Curse-Bearers.
  • Queer Establishing Moment : In a flashback in Mémoire 51, Vanitas and Misha argued over whether Luna was a man or a woman. Luna answered they weren't either .
  • Significant White Hair, Dark Skin : Luna is the legendary Vampire of the Blue Moon and claimed to be different from every other living being in the world. Their long white hair and incredibly dark skin gives them a unique look.
  • Stellar Name : Vanitas named them "Luna" which is Latin for "moon".
  • Too Good for This Sinful Earth : Luna was the kindest adult and most loving parent in the series. The fact Luna had to die after their true name was stolen is yet another proof of how tragic this story is.
  • Trash of the Titans : Until they adopted Vanitas and Misha, Luna lived in filth with rats and insects because they never bothered to clean their house. Vanitas had to take care of all the cleaning.
  • Wacky Parent, Serious Child : Flashbacks show Luna had a cheerful and slightly goofy personality while their adopted son, who later became Vanitas, acted grumpy and brooding.

Mikhail "Misha"

Voiced by: mikako komatsu (japanese), bryson baugus (english), steph garrett (english, child) note  other languages: raphaëlle bruneau (french), carlos siller (latin american spanish), marina santana (portuguese).


  • Arc Villain : He's the villain of the amusement park arc where he kidnaps and brainwashes Dominique with his Book of Vanitas to then threaten Noé into trying to bite Vanitas, causing Noé and Vanitas to fight each other.
  • Artificial Limbs : His left hand is a prosthetic.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me : Despite taking Dominique hostage and almost forcing her to commit suicide, Misha genuinely takes a liking to Dominique because she was nice to him.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder : His artificial left arm has a retractable blade.
  • Boyish Shorts : Misha is a young boy wearing a pleated dark coat with dark shorts.
  • Cain and Abel : From the moment Misha shows up again in Vanitas' life, he wants to turn his older brother's life into hell. First, he forces Vanitas and Noé to fight each other so the effect of Vanitas' hypnosis forces him to kill Noé, knowing doing so would break Vanitas. When that doesn't work, Misha tries to directly kill Vanitas more than once.
  • Creepy Blue Eyes : Like his brother, Misha has the bright blue eyes of the Blue Moon clan. He's also wicked and dangerously obsessive about getting his adoptive family back.
  • Creepy Child : He's an innocent-looking kid, but there's something very unsettling about him and the way he smiles.
  • Crocodile Tears : He turns on the waterworks when he's desperate for his brother's attention. Vanitas is aware of this so he doesn't give any sympathy to Misha.
  • Dark and Troubled Past : He was raised by his prostitute mother who beat him and forced him to do "services" for her clients. After his mother was killed by a vampire, he was taken in by the Chasseurs and dragged into Dr. Moreau's lab where he was yet again physically abused for the experiments. He finally had a time of happiness after the Vampire of the Blue Moon took him and Vanitas away from the lab and the three lived together like a family, but that ended in tragedy when Vanitas killed Luna .
  • Dissonant Serenity : He keeps his calm smile even as he attacks and threatens Noé.
  • Enfant Terrible : He's in his early teens and doesn't have qualms about using kidnapping, mind control, and blackmail to get what he wants.
  • Et Tu, Brute? : Vanitas promised Misha he would never leave him, but he still abandoned him after Luna's death, having thought Misha was dead. He still loves Vanitas as his brother, but at the same time doesn't want to forgive him .
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones : Despite how twisted and cruel he is, Misha loves his "Father" very much and the latter's death is one of the biggest reasons why Misha is so messed up. His relationship with his adoptive brother Vanitas is a bit more complicated; Misha still thinks of him as family, but also resents him for killing Luna and wants to break him for that reason.
  • Evil Counterpart : To his brother Vanitas. Like him, Misha is an orphan whose only parent was killed by a vampire. Alongside Vanitas, Misha was also kidnapped and used as a test subject in Moreau's experiments until he was rescued and adopted by Luna. Misha inherited his own Book of Vanitas from Luna, but unlike his brother who uses the book to heal vampires, Misha only uses his book for his own benefit and he has allied himself with the Shapeless One to bring Luna back to life, which Vanitas considers a very bad thing to do.
  • Eye Colour Change : His eye colour was originally gray. It changed to bright blue after he became kin to the Vampire of the Blue Moon.
  • Family of Choice : He thought of Vanitas and Luna as his true family because they were the only people who protected him and treated him nicely. He loved them much more than his abusive birth mother.
  • Faux Affably Evil : He acts all cheerful and full of smiles when talking to Noé while at the same time threatening to kill Dominique if Noé doesn't obey his order to drink Vanitas' blood. He keeps the affable act as he mocks Noé for knowing nothing about Vanitas' past and then forces a very unsettling blood drinking session on him as Noé is left nauseated by everything about Misha's actions.
  • Freudian Excuse : He spent his early childhood being horribly abused by his mother and then Dr. Moreau. His time with Luna and his brother was the only happy period of his entire life. Misha wants that back, no matter the potential consequences of bringing Luna back to life or how he must try and eliminate his brother's bond with Noé since Misha doesn't want anyone in his little family to form other close relationships.
  • Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse : Despite his awful childhood, no one gives him any sympathy, especially not Vanitas. Today, he's abusive towards anyone not associated with his goals.
  • Green-Eyed Monster : He's jealous of Vanitas' bond with Noé and tries to break them apart by threatening Noé into trying to drink Vanitas' blood by force, knowing that Vanitas' self-imposed hypnosis will force him to kill Noé in self-defense. When his plan fails and Noé breaks the hypnosis, Misha goes mad with jealousy at seeing proof that Vanitas now considers Noé the person closest to him.
  • Happily Adopted : He loved Luna for taking him in as their kin and called them his "father". Considering how abusive his birth mother was, Luna was the only caring parental figure Misha knew and was devastated when his adopted brother killed Luna .
  • Harmful to Minors : Misha was directly exposed to an awful lot of sex and violence in his formative years. First off, his mother was a prostitute who would have sex with her customers while Misha was hiding under her bed and forced Misha to prostitute himself as well . After his mother was killed by a vampire right in front of him, Misha was used as a test subject for torturous human experimentation by Doctor Moreau.
  • Hypnotize the Captive : He takes Dominique hostage and uses his Book of Vanitas to put her under some kind of mind control so Noé has no choice but to obey his order to drink Vanitas's blood.
  • I Have Your Wife : To force Noé to drink Vanitas' blood, Mikhail takes his childhood friend Dominique hostage and if Noé refuses or attacks him, Mikhail will use the power of his Book of Vanitas to force Dominique to commit suicide.
  • I Just Want to Be Loved : Due to being raised by an abusive mother, all Misha wants is to be surrounded by people who love him and take good care of him. He had his wish granted when he lived with Luna and Vanitas, but Luna's death made him go back to being alone. He hopes that he'll have a loving family again if Luna is resurrected.
  • I Owe You My Life : He was thankful to Luna for saving him and Vanitas from being used as test subjects at Dr. Moreau's lab.
  • In-Series Nickname : His name is Mikhail, but asks to be called Misha.
  • Kidnapped for Experimentation : Dr. Moreau kidnapped him and Vanitas for the sole purpose of using them for experiments in order to forcibly open the Book of Vanitas.
  • Long-Lost Relative : He's Vanitas' adopted younger brother who was believed to be dead after Luna's death.
  • Muggle in Mage Custody : Like Vanitas, Misha is a human orphan who was taken under the wing of the Vampire of the Blue Moon who bestowed upon him the power of the blue moon and the other Book of Vanitas.
  • Necromantic : Misha is working for the Shapeless One, who told him they can resurrect Luna, Misha's adoptive parent. However, according to Vanitas, Luna can't ever really come back and attempting to force that to happen will only cause a disaster.
  • Occult Blue Eyes : As a member of the Blue Moon clan, Mikhail has the same bright blue eyes as Luna and Vanitas.
  • The Paralyzer : Like Vanitas, Misha can use his Book of Vanitas to paralyze vampires.
  • Parental Title Characterization : He refers to Luna as " Tou-san " which is the most common way of calling one's father in Japanese. Luna was nonbinary, but Misha still considers them his father because he never knew his biological father and his mother was abusive to him.
  • Pet the Dog : At the conclusion of the amusement park arc, Misha honestly doesn't want Dominique to get punished by the authorities, and tells Vanitas and Noé that she never hurt humans when she was under his mind control.
  • Pimping the Offspring : Mikhail is the son of a prostitute and during his early childhood, his mother pimped him out to get more money from her clients.
  • Right-Hand Attack Dog : He has an automaton attack dog.
  • Psychotic Smirk : He sports one when introducing himself to Dominique, which is another thing besides his eye color that make him similar to his brother and hints at an unhinged personality.
  • Raised as the Opposite Gender : A very messed up example. Besides physically abusing him, his prostitute mother dressed him like a girl so she could sell him to her customers.
  • Shared Unusual Trait : The first thing Dominique notes about Mikhail is his Occult Blue Eyes , which are identical to those of Vanitas. It's a symbol of their status as kin of the Blue Moon clan.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang : With Vanitas. Whereas Vanitas is secretive, distrustful and wants to keep caring people at distance, Misha is open to share all information he has, trusts people way too easily and actively seeks out people who treat him kindly.
  • Son of a Whore : His mother was a prostitute who was killed by a vampire.
  • Stepford Smiler : Behind his childish smiles, there's a very twisted and unhinged villain.
  • Stopped Caring : After his plan to make Vanitas kill Noé fails and Vanitas refuses to go back to Misha's side, Misha gives up on Vanitas becoming part of his family again. From then on, his only goal is bringing Luna back to life.
  • Superhuman Transfusion : Like Vanitas, Misha was injected with the blood of the Vampire of the Blue Moon during Moreau's experiment to create an artificial kin of the Blue Moon.
  • There Is Another : Everyone thinks there is only one Book of Vanitas, which is the one Vanitas currently owns, but Misha is revealed to have a second Book of Vanitas.
  • Touched by Vorlons : Like his brother, Misha is a human who was marked by the Vampire of the Blue Moon and inherited the power to use one of their magic books.
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior : He takes Dominique hostage and directly threatens her life to make Noé do what he wants and drink Vanitas' blood. When Noé looks unwilling, Misha undresses in front of him and coerces a horrified Noé into drinking his blood in a scene that's framed as sexual harassment. Made all the more disturbing by the intimacy implications of blood drinking in the setting. And with the knowledge that Misha's prostitute mother "offered" him to her customers, his blood drinking scene with Noé becomes hundreds of times more horrifying.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid : Misha was an innocent and cheerful little boy who only wanted to live happily with his adoptive parent and brother. After his brother killed his "father" and left him due to thinking Misha was also dead, Misha is obsessed with getting his family back and for that he wants to destroy the only positive relationship his brother has built since Luna's death.
  • Villainous Breakdown : The start of Mémoire 54 centers around Misha's breakdown as all his plans fall apart in front of him. Noé managed to break Vanitas's hypnosis and Vanitas crumbles on top of Noé after realizing he can't kill him, all while Misha is forced to watch how his older brother now has someone who is probably closer to him than Misha ever was. Dominique breaks free of Misha's mind control so he can no longer force her to commit suicide. As a last desperate resort, Misha tries using his Book of Vanitas to send an army of mind controlled vampires at a battered Noé and Vanitas. Except he loses control of the book too.
  • Villains Want Mercy : After his Book of Vanitas goes out of control and Dominique traps him in her ice , Misha yells for his brother as he begs for help. Even though Misha just tried to kill him and Noé, Vanitas reaches out to Misha, not standing to see him in so much pain. Instead of taking his brother's hand, Misha tries to stab Vanitas, only for Noé to step in to protect Vanitas and injure Misha's face.
  • We Used to Be Friends : Misha and Vanitas were very tight when both were Dr. Moreau's test subjects, with Vanitas often subjecting himself to a lot of pain to protect Misha, and they become like brothers after Luna adopted them. After Vanitas killed Luna , he thought Misha was dead and Misha felt like he was abandoned. When they meet again, the situation quickly becomes hostile as Vanitas does not share Misha's wish of Luna coming back to life and Misha has set himself to destroy any other personal relationship Vanitas has formed since their separation, mainly Noé. After he realizes he can't separate Vanitas and Noé, Misha gives up on making Vanitas come to his side which officially cuts all familiar ties between them.
  • White Hair, Black Heart : His hair is white, and he has no qualms about taking hostages and endangering lives to accomplish his goals.
  • Yandere : Misha still loves Vanitas as his brother and wants to be a family with him again. Since he doesn't like Vanitas being close to Noé, he takes Dominique hostage and threatens to kill her if Noé doesn't bite Vanitas to look into his memories, fully knowing that'll trigger Vanitas' hypnosis that forces him to kill those who want to steal his memory . Misha believes that if Vanitas kills Noé, he'll fall into despair and will have no place to return but to him.
  • You Are Number 6 : He was No. 71 as one of Dr. Moreau's experiments.
  • You Killed My Father : He believes his brother killed his "father" Blue Moon Vanitas, which caused a serious breach between the brothers. But before taking revenge, Mikhail wants to know why Vanitas did it so he needs Noé's help to see Vanitas' memories.
  • Your Days Are Numbered : Luna stated that Misha and human Vanitas would die young because of the effects of getting injected with blue vampire blood. Luna considered the option of making Misha their kin to save him and Misha happily accepted.

"Teacher" / The Shapeless One / Comte de Saint Germain

Voiced by: akira ishida (japanese), john burgmeier (english) note  other languages: alexandre crépet (french), gerardo garcía (latin american spanish), filipe teófilo (portuguese).


  • Abusive Dad : He's all but officially Noé's adopted father, but he keeps Noé around mostly for fun and sees little to no issue with killing his best friend Louis right in front of him. In his first reunion with Noé at Paris, he admits to orchestrating the Sadistic Choice where Noe had to choose between betraying Vanitas or seeing Dominique jump to her death, completely ignores Noé's presence in the room in favor of Vanitas, and beats him unconscious before leaving.
  • Aristocrats Are Evil : He's one of the aristocrats with highest rank in vampire royalty, having direct ties to the queen. He's also the most Obviously Evil of the vampires in the entire cast.
  • Berserk Button : According to Ruthven, even though it's impossible to keep track of the name he's using at the moment, the Shapeless One will beat the crap out of anyone who calls him by the wrong name.
  • Broken Pedestal : Noé admires and respects him, seeing him as his benefactor and mentor who gave him a home after buying him from the black market. Noé feels utterly shocked and betrayed when it's revealed Teacher enabled Misha to endanger Dominique's life and force Noé to fight Vanitas.
  • Big Bad Ensemble : He and Naenia are the closest things to the main antagonist of the series and torment Vanitas, Noé, and their allies whenever they can.
  • Classy Cane : He carries a cane with him for no reason other than being a nobleman.
  • Constantly Changing Name : He changes names and aliases so often Noé can't keep track of which one he's using at any given time.
  • Dissonant Serenity : One of the things that makes clear there's something seriously sinister about him is the way he could decapitate his own grandson in front of Noé and ask the now traumatized Noé if he was alright with disturbing casualness.
  • Empty Eyes : Beneath his hat, his eyes look lifeless, lacking any light reflection and pupils. This just serves to make him look creepier.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep" : Noé only refers to him as "Teacher". Since he changes his name all the time, everyone else in vampire society calls him "The Shapeless One".
  • Evil Counterpart : To Luna. Both are famous, but very mysterious and feared figures in the vampire world and acted as adoptive parents/mentors to one of the protagonists. While everything shown of Luna portrays them as a truly good-natured person and loving parent, "Teacher" is a Manipulative Bastard who has repeatedly abandoned and endangered Noé as well as Noé's friends.
  • Evil Wears Black : He's always seen wearing a black coat, black pants, and a black top hat. He's also extremely devious, manipulative and insidious. The end of the amusement park arc solidifies his role as a villain.
  • Eye-Obscuring Hat : In Noé's flashbacks, Teacher always wears a top hat that obscures his eyes. His eyes are finally revealed in Mémoire 55.
  • Fangs Are Evil : Whenever he reveals his devilish nature, he makes a creepy smile that shows his vampire fangs in full.
  • Faux Affably Evil : He behaves like a gentleman and always speaks politely. His actions, however, are akin to those of a manipulative demon. Jeanne points out that his kind voice and gentle smiles only make him even more frightening than what Ruthven told her.
  • Gruesome Grandparent : He fueled into his grandson Louis's growing depression and emotional instability by making him think he was already cursed, all for the sake of seeing how Louis would react. When Louis became a Curse-Bearer for real, he beheaded his own grandson with a monstrous smile on his face. While he never abused Domi the same way, it's clear he was a major source of her own problems.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain : He saved Misha, the other kin of the Blue Moon Clan, and is planning to bring the Vampire of the Blue Moon back to life, which is something Vanitas insists must NOT happen. His motivations for any of this remain a mystery.
  • Inhuman Eye Concealers : Turns out there's a good reason why he wears an Eye-Obscuring Hat . It's to hide his blue left eye, which implies he has a connection to the Blue Moon Clan.
  • Knight of Cerebus : If he shows up, expect things to get darker.
  • The Man Behind the Man : The end of the amusement park arc reveals the Arc Villain Misha is a minion/pawn to the Shapeless One.
  • Mark of the Supernatural : His left eye is blue, like the members of the Blue Moon Clan. This just makes him even more of an enigma.
  • Mr. Exposition : He explains to young Noé and therefore, the audience about the incident of Babel that altered the laws in the world and created vampires.
  • Mysterious Backer : He sent Noé to find the Book of Vanitas and "observe the story of the people surrounding it". However, he's an extremely shady figure and whether his motives for arranging Noé to meet with Vanitas are good is highly questionable.
  • Named After Somebody Famous : The name he currently goes by is "The Comte de Saint Germain". In real life, this was the alias of a mysterious gentleman who appeared among the royal families of Europe in the 18th century. His interests included science and alchemy. Nothing was ever known about his true origins, but he would make far-fetched claims, such as being 500 years old.
  • Nightmare Face : He had a very terrifying one after he beheaded his own grandson.
  • Offing the Offspring : Grandchild example. He beheaded Louis, his own grandson, after the latter finally lost himself to his Horror Hunger and tried to kill Noé.
  • Parental Neglect : From it's seen in flashbacks, he spent a lot of time away from his castle to do who knows what. Noé and Louis were mainly cared for by the servants. Even now, he's all too willing to just outright tossing Noé to the side when he has found something more interesting to play around with.
  • Parental Substitute : He's the closest thing to an adoptive father Noé has.
  • Slasher Smile : He can make a terrifying smile that makes him look like a devil rather than a vampire.
  • The Sociopath : He's manipulative and ruthless, showing no remorse no matter how many people get hurt and traumatized because of his plans. Every apparent act of kindness from him has an ulterior motive for the benefit of his curiosity. He's actually compared to a natural disaster because of the way he can destroy without much thought or emotion.
  • Soft-Spoken Sadist : He speaks in a soft polite tone, but everything he does is manipulative and wicked.
  • The Spook : According to Ruthven, the vampire society fear the Shapeless One because no one knows anything about him, not even his real name as he keeps changing aliases. The fact that the audience can never see his face only adds to the walking mystery this man is.
  • Sympathetic Slave Owner : Subverted. He originally bought Noé as a slave at the black market, but he decided to be a teacher for the boy rather than a master and gave him a nice home at his mansion where he let Noé play with his grandchildren. All this makes him wonderful in Noé's eyes, but the truth is his "teacher" isn't a benevolent person at all and doesn't have any qualms with endangering Noé's loved ones with no remorse of how it will hurt Noé.
  • Utopia Justifies the Means : He claims to wish for World Peace and doesn't care how many lives he ruins as he keeps testing paths to achieve his goal.
  • Villain Teleportation : He can appear and disappear from the scene as he pleases, making it a pain for the heroes to catch him after he orchestrates a disaster.
  • The Case Files of Yakushiji Ryoko
  • CharacterSheets/Anime & Manga (A to M)
  • Casshern Sins

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the case study of vanitas girl

The Case Study Of Vanitas Part 2 - What We Know So Far

Vanitas from The Case Study of Vanitas

On Aug. 6, the English-dubbed version of "The Case Study of Vanitas" arrived at Funimation's website , bringing the steampunk-styled supernatural mystery manga series to life for a whole new audience. The vampire -based anime, set in Paris of the 19th century, is very atmospheric, what with its airships, period clothing and blue-moon and crimson vampires. It starts with the young vampire Noé, who is asked by his teacher to go to Paris to look for the titular book. In an incident on the airship, he meets a girl named Amelia — who turns out to be a vampire named Florifel, who just needs her name returned to her — and blue-eyed Vanitas himself. Vanitas enlists his help in changing the "curse-bearing" vampires back to normal using the grimoire in question. 

"The Case Study of Vanitas" has aired 12 episodes of its split-cour season, which is normal for anime shows — but now leaves fans to wonder when Part 2 will happen, and what will happen going forward, since the series hasn't exactly concluded its plot. If you're one of the fans anxiously awaiting news of the second part of the first season, here's what we know so far.

When is the release date for The Case Study of Vanitas Part 2?

The @vanitas_anime Twitter account announced on Sept. 17 that the second cour (or quarter of a year) of "The Case Study of Vanitas" is coming in January 2022. This is good news, as it means fans won't have too long to wait:  Anime News and Facts is reporting that the 12 episodes in the second part of the split-cour series will air between Jan. 8 and March 26, 2022. It should be noted that these dates refer to the Japanese release, not the English one. 

However, English-speaking fans shouldn't experience too much of a delay. The initial Japanese run premiered on various channels starting July 2 ( via Anime News Network ), which means it was subtitled with the first episode dubbed by the time it released on Funimation a little over a month later. Comingsoon.com said that Funimation had released five dubbed episodes by September 17 (a paid subscription is required to access the dubbed versions of newer episodes). 

Hopefully, that means U.S. fans will be streaming at least a subtitled second part of Season 1 by springtime.

Who are the characters in The Case Study of Vanitas Part 2?

The main characters of the series include Noé Archiviste, played in the Japanese by Kaito Ishikawa, and Vanitas (not the original of the book), played by Natsuki Hanae. Supporting characters include Jeanne (Inori Minase), a vampire girl also called the "Hellfire Witch"; Luca (Shino Shimoji), a polite vampire boy ranking just below the queen, who is trying to save his brother; Dominique (Ai Kayano), the aristocratic daughter of the alien lord the Marquis de Sade; Veronica (Yoko Hikasa), Dominique's sister who hates humans; Ruthven (Toshiyuki Morikawa), Luca's uncle and the hero who brokered peace between humans and vampires. 

Others include Dante (Taro Kuichi), Johann (Koji Yusa), and Richie (Riho Kuma), Vanitas' information brokers, and Noé's unnamed teacher (Akira Ishida), the one who sent him to find the book. Vampire Naenia (Kaori Nazuka), vampire hunter Laurent (Kengo Kawanishi), Holy Knight Olivier (Tomoaki Maeno) and Noé's first friend Louis de Sade (Miyuri Shimabukuru) also appear. There's also the cat, Murr (Miyu Komaki). Not all have survived Season 1, though, so they won't necessarily appear in Part 2.

The English dub cast of the series includes Stephen Fu as Noe, Zeo Robinson as Vanitas, Marianne Bray as Murr, Ian Sinclair as Dante, and Hayden Daviau as Amelia. 

What is the plot of The Case Study of Vanitas Part 2?

As the first part of the first season ended, the Beast of Gévaudan has resurfaced, so Noé and Vanitas go to investigate sightings of it. The beast will likely figure largely in the events of the second part of the season, as will Vanitas' relationship with Noé. Viewers may also finally learn the intentions of the secret organization Charlatan because of the big reveal in the end-credits scene. As viewers know, Ruthven figures largely in the plotting that's been going on, and he has hypnotized Noé with Jeanne's unwitting help, which could all blow up in Part 2. Meanwhile, Roland is going through a crisis of faith because he has learned that not all vampires are bad, and the show will no doubt explore the ramifications of that.

"The Case Study of Vanitas" will feature 12 episodes in Season 1 Part 2, making up a total of 24 episodes in the first season. The anime has been rapidly catching up to the manga:  Monsters and Critics predicts that by the 24th episode, the anime will be up to Chapter 43 of the manga. The manga is expected to publish Chapter 61, which means season 2 might be a more difficult sell than the first. 


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The Case Study of Vanitas 10

Artist: Jun Mochizuki

Letterer: Bianca Pistillo

Translated by: Taylor Engel

Mikhail’s machinations have succeeded in turning Noé and Vanitas against each other—and in a desperate attempt to stop Noé, Dominique throws herself offff the Ferris wheel! Locked in a fifierce struggle against a relentless Vanitas, Noé cannot do anything but watch as his childhood friend plummets to her death…Are they doomed to end this sordid affffair exactly as Mikhail intended?

series cover

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 10

the case study of vanitas girl

The Case Study of Vanitas Volumes

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 10

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 9

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 8

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 8

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 7

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 7

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 6

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 6

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 5

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 5

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 4

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 4

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 3

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 3

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 2

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 2

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 1

The Case Study of Vanitas, Vol. 1

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the case study of vanitas girl

Posted Jun 18, 2024 by Callista Gonzalez

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The Case Study of Vanitas Serial

The Case Study of Vanitas Serial


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the case study of vanitas girl

The Case Study of Vanitas

In 19th-century Paris, young vampire Noé meets Vanitas, a human doctor on a quest to “cure” all vampires. While allying with him may be dangerous, Vanitas learns that the Beast of Gévaudan has returned, and Noé is being brought along to investigate. more

In 19th-century Paris, young vampire Noé meets Vanitas, a human d ... More

Starring: Stephen Fu Zeno Robinson

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In 19th-century Paris, young vampire Noé meets Vanitas, a human doctor on a quest to “cure” all vampires. While allying with him may be dangerous, Vanitas learns that the Beast of Gévaudan has returned, and Noé is being brought along to investigate.

the case study of vanitas girl

1 season available (48 episodes)


About this Show

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the case study of vanitas girl

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Apologetic chibi Hime

The Case Study of Vanitas

the case study of vanitas girl

Vanitas no Carte

the case study of vanitas girl


the case study of vanitas girl

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Jun Mochizuki Wiki

  • House de Sade

Louis de Sade

Icon murr transparent

Louis de Sade (ルイ・ド・サド, Rui do Sado ) was a character from Jun Mochizuki 's The Case Study of Vanitas . A Vampire of the Crimson Moon, he was the brother of Dominique de Sade and childhood friend of Noé Archiviste .

Icon murr transparent

Twenty years prior to Noé's trip to Paris , Louis was born to the de Sade aristocracy as one of four siblings alongside Antoine , Veronica , and Dominique, the latter of whom was his twin. However in Vampiric society, twins were believed to be a symbol of bad fortune, and their birth would ruin the de Sades' reputation. And so they chose arbitrarily one to keep, Dominique, and one to "dispose," Louis; only for his grandfather to declare this a "waste" and take Louis in himself. [1] Treated as already dead by the rest of his family, Louis would be raised by the man in Averoigne for the rest of his childhood, which is where he and Dominique first met Noé, who had been taken as a student by their grandfather. The three quickly developed a deep friendship as they grew up together from childhood to adolescence. [2]

Louis and Dominique were raised with the mistaken belief that Louis was one year older, and that the reason for Louis's disownment from the family was due to him being born with a "sickness." Thanks to the ministrations of his grandfather, Louis came to learn of the existence of curse-bearers and believed himself to have been born one. Louis would begin spending much time repeatedly carving wooden stakes in anticipation for what he believed to be his inevitable loss of sanity and death. [2]

This would come to a head when in their teens, Noé and Dominique would attempt to rescue a child inflicted with Malnomen and fail, putting their lives at risk. To save them, Louis succumbed to the corruption of his True Name and became a curse-bearer himself, killing the curse-bearing child and the rest of their friends in a maddened rampage after losing control. His last wish was to have Noé rather than anyone else kill him. Noé could not do it, and Louis was brutally decapitated by his grandfather. [2] Louis's death would go on to haunt Noé and Dominique for years to come, becoming the driving force behind Dominique's self-loathing [1] and Noé's grudge against Naenia . [3]

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  • 5.3 The Teacher
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Appearance [ ]

A full color image of Louis de Sade from the Case Study of Vanitas. Aside from his listed description, it depicts him upside-down, pink bow untied, hand over his chest. He is surrounded by the multicolored outline of many wooden stakes.

A full color image of Louis.

Louis was a tall, thin boy, though, having died in adolescence, still androgynous in build. Like his sister Dominique, he had a small chin, thin eyebrows, upturned, yellow-gold eyes with long eyelashes, and pale skin. His hair was black and straight, falling flat onto his face and cut around to be the length of his face. He had long bangs, parted at the middle, which fell into his eyes.

His outfits varied, though, being raised by a high-ranking vampire, his clothing was usually formal and high quality. In most of his appearances, he wore a white shirt (sometimes with a black vest) a dark bow tie, black shorts, black socks, and black shoes.

When Dominique imagined him as an adult, he looked much the same. His hair cut and clothing choices were similar. She imagined him with a slender frame, slightly shorter than Noé.

Personality [ ]

Louis was snarky, skeptical, blunt, and at times outright cruel. He lacked sensitivity towards others, sometimes to the point of hurting their feelings. While he seemed distressed by others' suffering, he was reluctant to apologize or admit wrongdoing. This aloofness seemed to extend even towards himself, and he projected a cold image regarding his supposed status as a cursebearer and thus, his impending demise. In his first appearance, he cuts his own palm open with a knife, and does not seem to flinch at this. This caused his anguish to manifest in more symbolic ways- in the months preceding his death, he grew more distant, and began to obsessively carve stakes to be given to Noé. He seemed to be somewhat prideful, hoping to be killed by Noé as opposed to his grandfather or a bourreau.

Despite his coldness, Louis cared deeply for his sister and Noé. Knowledge of his condition caused him to distance himself from the two of them. While he was unable to completely hide his emotions around them, he would often bite his tongue for their sake. Naenia remarked that to save Domi and Noé had been the first time he'd wanted something "very badly," enough to willingly hand over his True Name , and thus, his life.

History [ ]

Louis was born either shortly before or his twin sister Dominique. The de Sade family name would be tarnished if it was revealed that the Countess had given birth to twins, so the family decided that one of the twins would live and the other would die. Count de Sade chose to keep Dominique, and Louis was slated to die. The Teacher decided to raise Louis and to tell the child that he was sick.

When Louis was a young child, between five and eight years old, Teacher brought Noé to his castle. Louis and Dominique quickly became friends with Noé, and the three grew up together. Throughout his childhood Louis could frequently be seen watching Noé and Dominique playing in the castle, while he sat and watched from the darkness; reading, or playing with a cat similar in appearance to Murr.

When Dominique realized Noé was an Archiviste, she quickly asked Noé to drink her and Louis’s blood. Louis resisted, but Noé managed to drink his blood and saw Louis, curled up in the darkness. Around the time of this incident the kids met Fred , Gilles , Mina , and Fanny and made a secret base in the woods. Also in this time period, the Shapeless One purposefully left books and studies about cursebearers in his collection room for Louis to read. Louis questions what the Teacher wants him to do, and his grandfather responds that he simply wants to observe what he does with this information.

Soon after this incident, Louis’s emotional stability takes a noticeable turn for the worse. Noé comments that he often saw Louis staring off into the distance, appearing pained around Dominique, and avoiding Teacher. Louis begins carving wooden stakes, hoping that Noé will kill him with them. While he carved his final stake, Noé approached him and asked him what he could do for Louis. Louis began to tell Noé that he was a cursebearer, only to be interrupted by Dominique telling him and Noé that Mina was about to be beheaded as a curse-bearer.

Noé intended to save Mina, but Louis stated that he couldn’t save her. Despite this, Noé and Dominique go to their secret base in the woods, where Mina transforms and begins to murder their friends. In order to protect his sister and his best friend, Louis gives his true name to Naenia and kills Mina, Gilles, and Fanny. He loses control of himself and lunges at Noé, begging Noé to murder him. He begins to drink Noé’s blood, unable to stop, and is beheaded by the Teacher.

Powers and Abilities [ ]

  • Enhanced speed, strength and endurance - Due to his vampire heritage, Louis had enhanced abilities.
  • Cryokinesis - Like the other de Sades, it is possible that Louis possessed the ability to alter formulae slightly to conjure and control ice, although that has not been shown so far.

Relationships [ ]

Noé archiviste [ ].

At first, Louis seemed to look down on Noé, telling the younger vampire that the humans he was raised by were probably just raising him to be eaten. Louis initially saw Noé as a naive, weird kid. He never stopped believing that Noé's view of the world was much too idealistic, trying to stop him from saving Mina from her execution. But as time passed the two of them became quite close. Noé was Louis’s only true friend in the world aside from his sister, and towards the end of his life Louis couldn’t even enjoy spending time around Dominique. Louis never told Noé about his identity as a curse-bearer, but secretly wished that Noé would be the one to kill him when the time came (giving Louis a tiny bit of control over his own inevitable death).

Louis seems to have enjoyed pulling pranks on Noé, from his half- jokes about Noé’s grandparents to pretending to get lost in the woods. Louis enjoyed seeing Noé’s reactions to his tricks— often times these reactions were affirmation that even though Louis’s family had cast him out and his guardian saw him as an experiment, Noé still cared about Louis.

Dominique de Sade [ ]

Louis was affectionate towards his sister, and allowed her to shyly cling to him when they were first meeting Noé. He wanted to protect Dominique, and saw her as a child, not able to understand the pain he was going through or how much better off she was than him. After learning about his status as a curse bearer, Louis began to dislike spending time around Dominique— he loved his sister, but knowing that she was a beloved member of the family while he lived a tortured life as a curse-bearer was painful. It’s unclear as to whether or not Louis knew Domi was his twin or not, but some of his lines in the manga seem to indicate that he knew.

The Teacher [ ]

Not much is known about Louis' relationship with his grandfather, but it seems to have been a negative one. Louis was wary of the Teacher, even as a young child, and told Noé that he must have terrible luck to have been taken in by his grandfather. Louis spent time with the Teacher as a child, but didn’t seem to have a close connection. After learning that the Teacher truly viewed his youngest grandson as an experiment Louis began to avoid him as much as possible. The Teacher ended up being the one to behead Louis after his experiment was complete.

It is suggested that the person who made Louis into a cursebearer was Teacher himself (as, contrary to the De Sade’s statements, he was not actually a cursebearer at birth).

  • “Say, Noé… even if… there was a curse-bearer right in front of you… Could you still think that Blue Moon was beautiful?” [4]
  • “You have no luck. Having my grandfather take a shine to you… You poor thing. ” [2]
  • “As if! As far as the House de Sade is concerned, I’m already dead.” [2]
  • “You really do have awful taste…” [2]
  • “Save her? How? Can you erase the Blue Moon’s curse? You know it’s impossible. We can’t save her, Noé!!” [2]
  • “…Kill… Kill me… Noé…” [2]
  • “Noé… listen… If I… If I’m going to die anyways… I’d really rather you were the one… to kill me!” [2]
  • “…Kill me, Noé. Use those stakes. Drive them right through my heart—!” [5]
  • “Once you’re older and you’ve learned a lot more… I’m sure you’ll understand… just how much—” [6]
  • “ ‘How much better your life is than mine.’ ” [6]
  • “…How much… everyone loves and cherishes you.” [6]
  • “You really do look… just like me.” [1]

Appearances [ ]

  • Mémoire 2: Noé — In the City of Flowers* (First Appearance)
  • Mémoire 5: Archiviste — Fangs That Reveal Blood*
  • Mémoire 6: Altus — Other World*
  • Mémoire 8: Louis — Sinking in a Pool of Blood*
  • Mémoire 9: Réminiscence — Friends*
  • Mémoire 10: Salvatio — Uncertainty*
  • Entracte: Chambre d'enfants — A Dream of the Sound of Rain*
  • Mémoire 19: Serment — Spell-bound*
  • Mémoire 23: Au Pas Camarade — Pace*
  • Mémoire 30: Strascinando — Tremolo*
  • Mémoire 40: Avec Toi — Alone Together*
  • Mémoire 45: Mal d'Amour — The Incurable Illness (Part Two)*
  • Mémoire 46: Un Autre — Scar*
  • Entracte: Jours Bruyants — Tales of Lost Children
  • Mémoire 50: Petrichor — The Thread That Reels in the Past (Mentioned only)
  • Mémoire 52: Sens Unique — Fall*
  • Mémoire 53: Pleuvoir — Rain Which Doesn't Know the Sky*
  • Mémoire 54: La nuit sans lune — Dark Night (Part One)*
  • Mémoire 54.5: La nuit sans lune — Dark Night (Part Two)*
  • Mémoire 62.5: Bourdonnement — Wingbeats of Scattered Thought (Part Two)*
  • Mémoire 2: Noé -In the City of Flowers-*
  • Mémoire 4: Bal masqué -Night of Mocking Masks-*
  • Mémoire 5: Réminiscence -Friends-*
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  • Mémoire 12: Deux Ombres -Point of Departure-*
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  • Mémoire 21: Un Autre -Scars-*
  • Mémoire 23: Pleuvoir -Tears like Rain-*
  • Mémoire 24: Après la pluie -His Wish-*

(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.

  • It is possible that Louis is named after Louis de Pointe du Lac, [8] a character from The Vampire Chronicles [9] series by Anne Rice. Though this is no more than conjecture, Jun Mochizuki has stated to be a fan of Anne Rice's works, to the point of having named her characters after The Vampire Chronicles characters before. [10] This, coupled with the number of parallels between the two characters in question, leads to a strong possibility that this be the origin behind Louis's name.
  • In Mémoire 12: Pause , Dominique says to Jeanne "'Acts of pleasure are the passion to which all others are subordinate.' I'm quoting my father." This is one possible translation of a quote attributed to the real life Marquis de Sade, usually translated as, "Sexual pleasure is, I agree, a passion to which all others are subordinate but in which they all unite." This confirms the fictional head of the de Sade family to be directly based on the Marquis de Sade.

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