My Favourite Game Essay for Students and Children

500+ words essay on my favourite game.

My Favourite game essay-Playing games are very important for a human being. It keeps a man fit. Moreover, it keeps him away from diseases. Having some physical hobby is essential for a person. Most importantly many nutritionist and doctor recommend it. Children play many games. Some of them are cricket , basketball, football. Tennis , badminton, etc. Since in India the famous game is cricket many children are having it as a hobby. But my favorite is football.

My Favourite Game Essay

My Favorite Game – Football

When I was a child I liked cricket too but was never good at it. So I changed my hobby to football . Football was new to me in class 3. I did not play well in the beginning. But I liked the game very much. So I started practicing it. As a result, I began to play it well.

In class 5 I became the captain of my class football team. At that time I was so much excited to become the captain. With time a learned a lot about football.

In Football total 22 players play. Division of players is in two teams. Each team has 11 players. These players have to play with the ball only with legs. They have to kick the ball in the other teams’ goal post. Football is not like cricket. Weather is not an issue in football. Due to which players can play it the whole year.

In addition to football is a game of stamina. The players have to run on the field for the whole game. Also for 90 minutes too. Since 90 minutes is a lot there is a division in time. There are two halves. The first is of 45 minutes. Likewise, the second half is of 45 minutes too.

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Rules in the Game

Like all the other games there are some rules and regulations too. First of all, the ball should not touch the ball by hand. If the ball gets touched by hand the other team gets a free-kick. There is a small area near the goal post. ‘D’ is the name of that area. The boundary of the ‘D’ is at least 10 yards from the goal post. If the player touches the ball there the opposite team gets a penalty.

Moreover, there are other rules. The second important rule is the ‘Off-Side Rule’. In this rule, if the player crosses the defender line it becomes an offside. If you are a true fan of football you must know what are defenders.

In the game, the players are into three subcategories. The first category is Forward. Forward are players who put the ball in the net of the goal post. The second category is a Midfielder. Midfielders are players who pass the ball to the forward player. The third category is the defenders. Defenders stop the other team players to put the ball in the goal post.

In addition to all the players playing on the field, there are other players too. These are substitute players. Football is a harsh game. Because of which many players get injured. When players get injured the substitutes take their place for the rest of the game.

Furthermore, there is a referee on the field. Whenever any place does a foul the referee whistles and stops the game. The referee then gives the penalty or a free-kick to the team foul against.

Moreover, if a player injures and fouls the other team player the referee gives him a Yellow or Red Card. The yellow card is a warning card. The red card is a suspension card. This card suspends the player for the rest of the game.

Questions on My Favorite Game

Q.1 Which is the best team in the world? A.1 The team that wins the FIFA CUP held every 4 years.

Q.2 How many players play on the field? A.2 11 from each team.

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My Favourite Game Essay For Students And Children (100 – 500 Words)

Games are crucial parts of a student’s life. They help students build their physical stamina and develop their social and communication skills. As we start playing different games, we start to like one of them more than the others, making it our favourite game.

What would you write if you were asked to write a paragraph on your favourite game? If you are trying to complete an assignment on my favourite game essay, then I can help.

In this article, I have given examples of an essay on a favourite game. If you are trying to write an essay on this topic, you can use this article as a helpful guide.

My Favourite Game Essay Within 500 Words

My Favourite Game Essay Within 500 Words

Without spending time in different sports and physical activities, we cannot dream of our overall development. Sports help develop our minds and body and keep us healthy from the inside out. Most schools dedicate a specific time or period during the week for sports, and they consist of some of the most popular games.

My school allows us to play the games that we love, and we have different games and sporty activities throughout the weeks. Aside from playing at my school, I also love to play at home after I return from school. When I am with my friends, I love to play my favourite game which is Cricket. Afternoon cricket matches are quite fun; my friends and I have a great time playing cricket.

In Cricket, two teams compete against each other. Each team has 11 players, and they can also keep substitute players in case someone gets injured or tired. Before the match starts, the captains of each of the teams take part in a toss. The winner of the toss gets to decide if they are going to bat or bowl first.

Two batsmen play against the 11 members of the opposite team who bowl and field. The batsman score runs by hitting the balls thrown at them. They can take a single run by run or hit a boundary of four runs or an over boundary of six runs.

The cricket field has a 22-yard long pitch, and all the events happening on the field are overseen and decided by the umpire of the match.

My Favourite Game Cricket

I love to play football, badminton, chess, carrom, and kho-kho. But my favourite game is cricket. Playing games indeed has a good influence on our health. But, some people take their passion for sports to the level of building a profession. My love for cricket grew with my father. I remember him watching cricket almost every day.

As I was more into cricket, I started to admire Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, M.S. Dhoni, Chris Gayle and many other international cricketers. I took their inspiration and started playing cricket with my neighbourhood friends. Since I was really small and people of different ages used to play with us, they only let me field.

I was not too good at the start, but as I grew up, I got better at playing cricket. I was better at bowling than batting. Sometimes we would have small cricket matches with the children from the colony nearby. We agreed upon the prize money that the losing team had to give to the winning team. Most of the time, we used to lose, but every match was worth playing. We had a fun time playing the game.

In conclusion, Cricket gives me a sense of relating to something global or bigger than myself. It is also a great sporting activity to keep my body fit. I prefer playing outdoor games to playing mobile or computer games. These games help us build our stamina and keep our minds and body healthy through physical activities.

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My Favourite Game Essay Within 200 Words

My Favourite Game Essay Within 200 Words

Sport is an integral part of my life. I cannot imagine a day without playing any game. When it comes to favourite games, Football or Soccer is my personal favourite. Not just me; football is a favourite game for millions of people around the world. The game is full of excitement and energy, and it helps me lift my mind, body, and spirit.

Football is a game that knows no gender, race, age, or religion. It brings people closer and helps humans bond with each other. The teamwork, skills, strategies, and stamina required to play football are phenomenal. Spectators always remain on their toes when watching football matches while the players feel like they are having the best time of their lives.

In football, there are two teams, each comprising eleven players. Each team has a goalpost guarded by their goal keepers while the rest of the players play to score a goal against their opponent team. Each of the teams is given two halves of 45 minutes. Whether I am playing or watching Soccer/Football, I love the last minute goals or try breakers.

The amount of emotions, passion, and craze in football is immense, and I cannot help but idolise famous footballers like Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe, and Neymar. Football is a game of heart, body, and soul; it is a game that rejuvenates youth with better mental and physical health while also connecting the game. I cannot think of another sport as dear as football.

My Favourite Game Essay Within 100 Words

My Favourite Game Essay Within 100 Words

Hockey is my favourite game. It is a fast-paced and physically demanding sport that requires skill, speed, and endurance. The adrenaline rush of skating up and down the ice, stickhandling the puck, and making split-second decisions is what draws me to hockey.

Whether it’s the NHL or just a casual pickup game with friends, the excitement of hockey never fades. The feeling of being a part of a team and working together to achieve a common goal is also a huge part of what makes hockey so special to me.

Overall, hockey is a sport that brings excitement, challenge, and a sense of community to my life, which is why it is my favourite game.

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Bottom Line

Each of us loves one game more than the other. Some of us love Football, while some of us are more into cricket or badminton. Either way, whichever game you prefer has both physical and mental health benefits. Games are a great way to relax your mind and body and rejuvenate your entire being.

If you were looking for an essay on my favourite game, the three samples given in this article should help you. I hope you have found the help you were looking for. However, if you have further queries, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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Essay on Teacher in English for Children and Students

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Short Essay on My Favourite Game [100, 200, 400 Words] With PDF

In today’s session, you are going to learn to write short essays on the topic of ‘My Favourite Game’. In this lesson, I will write three generalised essays on three different games within different word limits.

Table of Contents

Short essay on my favourite game (chess) in 100 words, short essay on my favourite game (hide and seek) in 200 words, short essay on my favourite game (cricket) in 400 words.

Feature image of Short Essay on My Favourite Game

Games immune us physically as well as mentally. Games are important for us because they give us the fitness to stay healthy. If we are physically fit then automatically our brain will function better. I have never received any open playground in my childhood.

So I have grown up playing different indoor games with my parents and siblings. My favourite indoor game is chess. I love to play chess, especially with my father who has taught me all the rules and regulations of that game. The best thing about this game is the use of the brain. Even the easiest step can do checkmate. I have often lost to my father but still, I love to play it again and learn it always. 

Playing outdoors under the open sky is great fun and happiness. It means freedom from studies and the tensions in our lives. Every evening playing outside with my friends gives me lots of pleasure and joy. The best game that I like to play is ‘Hide and seek’.

Many people can play together and so it’s my favourite outdoor game. With many friends, it is great fun to hide in different places and make one search for all of us. Hide and seek involves lots of physical exercises and that enables us to stay fit, even without our knowledge. Also, that search is exciting. The sudden finding of one friend and often using that friend to get others to involve lots of mischiefs. The laughter at the end is worth the most to me.

Today due to the lack of any playground we hardly get a chance to play this game. However, it is still an important part of our memory. As we have grown up over the past years, we have realized how important the simple game was. Today we have smartphones and video games but then only this innocent play every evening meant a lot to us. Also running back home all happy and fresh in mind helped us to concentrate better on our studies. Hide and seek still remains to be more fun for me than just any other outdoor game.

Games are an essential part of human life. It is very important to play games as it helps us to remain healthy and fit, both physically and mentally. All sorts of diseases and pains can be reduced if we regularly play games.

Indoor games help us to immune our brains while outdoor games are important to build our own strong immunity and body. From my early childhood, I have loved to play games, especially outdoor games. My parents have always encouraged me to play games to keep a healthy and fit body. The game that I have played the most and also have seen the most is cricket. It is not only my favourite game but also the ideal one for me.

Cricket is generally a game played by men, but nowadays women equally engage in playing cricket. My inspirations in this game are Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, Jhulan Goswami, and also M.S. Dhoni. I have watched them play several matches and every time I have been inspired to play like them. My father taught me the basics of cricket and later on, I was admitted to a club. From there every morning I go and practice cricket. 

Cricket involves lots of exercise and practice. This game originated mainly in England as a colonial sport and later on spread over several countries. It happened when Britain started colonizing all over the world and the game spread all over as part of their culture. But today it is almost a native sport for the country as well. When I play cricket it does not seem that it was once used by a different country, but now it feels like it is my own. 

Cricket is played with a bat, ball, wicket, stumps, and a proper pitch for a smooth throw of the ball. The team contains 11 players and all need to be equally efficient to be a part of the cricket team. The best part of playing cricket is teamwork. I love to see the captain planning everything and then adjusting it with his or her team.

This constant equation between the team member is my favourite part of the game. Cricket has taught me lots of things. It has only made me physically fit. Cricket has taught me how to collaborate and work as a team. It has successfully built the team. It is always a great company to me than any simple outdoor game.

I have adopted a simplistic approach to writing essays on the topic for a better understanding of all kinds of students. If you still have any doubts regarding this context, kindly let me know through the comment section below. Keep browsing our website for more such sessions.

Join us on Telegram to get all the latest updates on our upcoming sessions. Thank you.

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Essay on My Favourite Game in English For Students

Did you know that the global gaming industry is soaring to new heights, with an estimated worth of over $180 billion? Yes, you heard that right! From consoles to PCs, and mobile devices to virtual reality headsets, gaming has become a multi-billion-dollar phenomenon, captivating hearts and minds across the globe. But hold onto your joysticks, because here’s a mind-blowing fact: the average gamer is not who you might expect. Gone are the days when gaming was solely for kids in pyjamas staying up past bedtime. Would you believe that the average age of a gamer is now 34 years old? That’s right – adults are diving headfirst into the digital domain, seeking excitement, relaxation, and social connections through gaming. And it’s not just about playing for fun anymore – gaming has become a competitive sport known as esports, drawing massive audiences and offering lucrative prize pools. The esports industry is projected to surpass $1.6 billion in revenue by 2024, with professional gamers becoming household names and stadiums filling up with cheering fans.

In this article, we will explore an essay about my favourite game.

Table of Content

Understanding Games and Types

10 lines on essay on my favourite game, 800 word essay on my favourite game.

Games are a universal form of entertainment, spanning cultures and generations. At their core, games are structured activities or competitions with rules and objectives, often played for enjoyment or to achieve a specific outcome. They stimulate our minds, foster social interactions, and provide a thrilling escape from reality.

Now, let’s explore the diverse types of games:

  • Board Games: These classics have been bringing families and friends together for centuries. From the strategic manoeuvring of chess to the luck-based fun of Monopoly, board games offer a wide range of experiences.
  • Video Games: With the rise of technology, video games have become a dominant force in the gaming industry. Whether it’s navigating virtual worlds, solving puzzles, or competing in fast-paced action, there’s a video game for every taste and skill level.
  • Card Games: From traditional decks of cards to modern collectible card games, this category includes favorites like Poker, Bridge, and Magic: The Gathering. Card games blend strategy, luck, and skill in exciting ways.
  • Sports Games: For those who prefer to get active, sports games offer a chance to simulate the thrill of competition. Whether on the field, court, or track, sports games allow players to experience the excitement of their favorite athletic pursuits.
  • Puzzle Games: These brain-teasers challenge players to solve problems, complete tasks, or manipulate objects to progress. From Tetris to Sudoku, puzzle games test our cognitive abilities and offer a satisfying sense of accomplishment.
  • Role-Playing Games (RPGs): RPGs transport players to immersive worlds where they can assume the roles of fictional characters and embark on epic quests. These games emphasize storytelling, character development, and exploration.
  • Party Games: Perfect for social gatherings, party games are designed to entertain and engage groups of players. Whether it’s trivia, charades, or cooperative challenges, party games encourage laughter and camaraderie.
  • Mobile Games: With the widespread availability of smartphones and tablets, mobile games have become incredibly popular. These bite-sized experiences range from casual puzzles to intense multiplayer battles, catering to gamers on the go.

Here are 10 lines on my favourite game that can help you write an essay:

1. My favorite game is soccer, a sport that ignites my passion and fills me with excitement.

2. Running across the field, chasing the ball, brings a rush of adrenaline like no other.

3. The thrill of scoring a goal or making a crucial save fuels my competitive spirit.

4. Each match is a test of skill, teamwork, and determination, pushing me to strive for excellence.

5. Soccer isn’t just a game; it’s a way of life, teaching valuable lessons in perseverance and sportsmanship.

6. From practicing drills to strategizing with teammates, every moment spent playing soccer is a journey of growth.

7. The camaraderie forged on the field creates bonds that extend beyond the game, forming lifelong friendships.

8. Whether under the blazing sun or pouring rain, nothing dampens my love for the beautiful game.

9. As the crowd cheers and chants echo across the stadium, I feel a sense of belonging unlike any other.

10. Soccer isn’t just my favorite game; it’s a passion that fuels my dreams and fuels my soul.

Basketball, a sport that cross boundaries and unites people of all ages and backgrounds, holds a special place in the hearts of many enthusiasts around the world. As a fervent admirer of basketball, I am captivated by the dynamic nature of the game, the camaraderie it fosters, and the sheer thrill of competition that accompanies every match.

From the moment I first picked up a basketball and took my first shot, I was hooked on the game. The rhythmic sound of the ball bouncing on the court, the adrenaline rush of making a perfect shot, and the strategic maneuvers required to outsmart opponents all contribute to the allure of basketball. Whether playing alone or with teammates, basketball offers a unique blend of physical activity, mental acuity, and teamwork that keeps me engaged and passionate about the sport.

One of the aspects that make basketball so appealing is its versatility and inclusivity. Whether played professionally on a court or casually in a neighborhood park, basketball brings people together in a spirit of friendly competition and shared enjoyment. The game’s simple rules and universal appeal make it accessible to individuals of all ages and skill levels, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among players.

As I reflect on my journey with basketball, I am reminded of the valuable lessons it has taught me both on and off the court. The sport instills discipline, perseverance, and resilience, qualities that are essential not only in sports but also in life. Through basketball, I have learned the importance of teamwork, communication, and leadership, skills that have helped me navigate challenges and achieve success in various aspects of my life. Moreover, basketball serves as a platform for personal growth and self-expression. Whether dribbling down the court with finesse, executing a flawless jump shot, or making a crucial defensive play, each moment in basketball offers an opportunity to showcase skills, creativity, and passion. The sense of accomplishment that comes from mastering new techniques, improving performance, and contributing to team success is unparalleled.

Beyond its physical and mental benefits, basketball has a profound impact on individuals’ lives by fostering friendships, creating memories, and building lasting connections. The shared experiences on the court – from intense games to post-match celebrations – forge bonds that transcend boundaries and unite players in a common love for the game. The sense of belonging and camaraderie that basketball cultivates is truly special and adds depth to the overall experience of playing the sport.

In conclusion, basketball is not just a game; it is a way of life filled with excitement, challenges, growth, and camaraderie. As I continue my journey with basketball, I cherish the moments spent on the court, the lessons learned through victories and defeats, and the friendships forged through shared passion for this remarkable sport. Basketball will always hold a special place in my heart as more than just a game but as an integral part of who I am.

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Essay on My Favourite Game- FAQs

What is a game.

A game is an activity or contest with rules, structure, and objectives, often played for enjoyment or competition. It can involve physical or mental engagement and typically includes elements of strategy, skill, or chance.

Why do people play games?

People play games for various reasons, including entertainment, relaxation, social interaction, and personal challenge. Games provide a platform for creativity, learning, and self-expression, offering a break from routine and an opportunity for fun.

What are the benefits of playing games?

Playing games can have numerous benefits, such as improving cognitive abilities, enhancing problem-solving skills, fostering social connections, reducing stress, and promoting teamwork and cooperation.

How do you choose the right game to play?

Choosing the right game depends on personal preferences, interests, and the desired experience. Consider factors like gameplay mechanics, genre, difficulty level, and whether you prefer solo or multiplayer experiences.

Are video games harmful?

While excessive gaming can lead to negative consequences, moderate gaming can be beneficial. It’s essential to balance gaming with other activities, maintain healthy habits, and be mindful of potential risks, such as addiction or excessive screen time.

What are the different types of games?

Games encompass a wide range of categories, including board games, video games, card games, sports games, puzzle games, role-playing games (RPGs), and more, each offering unique gameplay experiences.

How do games contribute to society?

Games contribute to society by providing entertainment, promoting creativity and innovation, fostering social connections, encouraging critical thinking, and serving as educational tools. They play a significant role in culture, art, and technology, shaping our collective experiences and interactions.

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Favourite Game Essay

In our lives, games are extremely important. They help people stay fit physically and mentally. Games are crucial for a child's physical and mental development, not just for maintaining one's level of fitness. Here are a few sample essays on Favourite Game.

  • 100 Words Essay on My Favourite Game

Games are the best form of physical and mental exercise. Games make us think about playing, competing, and winning. Our lives would not be the same without games. We come to school to learn a lot and also entertain ourselves by playing games. Each of us has different game preferences. Some of us love playing video games indoors, while others enjoy doing things outside. We can improve our mental and physical health by playing games . My favourite outdoor sport is football. I play football along with my siblings and friends. I also enjoy watching football on TV.

200 Word Essay on Favourite Game

500 words essay on favourite games.

Favourite Game Essay

Games play a huge role in the development of our bodies and minds. Games and studies both aid in a person's overall development. As we can see, school schedules include two or three game periods each week, emphasising the value of playing games in addition to academics. Playing games keeps us healthy and fit.

Games That I Play

I usually play indoor games like Monopoly and chess. My favourite part of the day is spending time playing these games with my siblings. For some of the games, we even include prizes and winnings. Football is my favourite outdoor sport, aside from indoor games. My friends and I enjoy playing it. The rainy season is when we get to enjoy it the most. On days when our schools are closed due to bad weather, we leave for the park in the light rain; the wet fields are the best place to enjoy this sport. I've had a lot of football practice, so I hope one day to be chosen for my school's football team and win trophies for my school. Games are necessary for our mental and physical fitness. When we play outdoor games, they make us fit and exercise our muscles.

It is well known that a person's overall development depends on both their physical and mental well-being, which can be achieved through games. Young children can learn a lot from playing games. Playing games helps them improve their communication, creativity, and critical thinking abilities. Along with that, it promotes personality growth. Many kids are naturally talented players, so they must develop these skills to turn their gifts into a career. Regular gaming is a habit that many people have.

My Favourite Games

I enjoy both indoor and outdoor games. I play games like chess and carrom with my brother and sister; it is my favourite time-pass hobby at home . Video games are also a favourite hobby of ours, and we enjoy competing together at them. I also enjoy outdoor sports such as cricket, football, and badminton.

Out of all these games, football is my favourite outdoor sport . I enjoy playing it with my friends, especially when it rains and our schools have rainy-day leaves. My favourite football players are Sunil Chhetri, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi. Sunil Chhetri is the current captain of our Indian football team and represents our country at the international level. He is also the second-best scorer in the international football rankings.

More about Football

Soccer is another word for football in some countries. Two teams compete, each with 11 players total, including the goalkeeper. The football field is very large; sometimes it even stretches up to 68 metres. The field is divided into two halves, with each team allotted one half. The goalkeeper's job is to stop the ball and prevent a goal from happening, while the other ten players are in charge of scoring a goal by passing the ball through the opposing team's field and then to their goalpost. To score successfully, different teams employ a variety of tactics and player formations. The games last 90 minutes, divided into two 45-minute halves, and the team with the most goals wins.

Lessons through Games

Every sport teaches us beneficial lessons that we can apply in our daily lives. Every action we take in life teaches us something. We learn and develop our skills while playing games. The following is a list of some valuable things we acquire:

It teaches us to learn from our mistakes.

It gives us a sense of healthy competition, which enables us to succeed in school and other areas of our lives.

Help us to recognise the difference between right and wrong.

It teaches us that effort and practice enable us to bounce back from failure.

It encourages teamwork and the advantages of working in harmony as a team with the responsibility of achieving the goal.

Playing games improves one's ability to plan and formulate strategies.

I enjoy playing games because they keep my body and mind in shape. Additionally, I find that playing video games helps me pass the time. We should play outdoor games in addition to video and mobile games because they help us improve our endurance.

Applications for Admissions are open.

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How To Write An Essay On ‘My Favourite Game’ For Lower Primary Classes 

Shaili Contractor

Key Points to Remember When Writing an Essay on ‘My Favourite Game’ for Lower Primary Classes

10 lines on ‘my favourite game is cricket’, essay on ‘my favourite game is kabaddi’, essay on ‘my favourite game is hockey’.

  • Essay On ‘My Favourite is Game is Ludo’

Essay on ‘My Favourite Game is Volleyball’

Short essay on ‘my favourite game is carrom’, essay on ‘my favorite sport is football’, long essay on ‘my favourite game is badminton’, what will your child learn by writing an essay on ‘my favourite game’.

If there’s one thing all children absolutely love, it is playing games. Be it an outdoor sport or an indoor game, children love their playtime. It is the time of day when they take a break from school, homework and other chores at home to have a good time. They get together with their friends and siblings, and enjoy activities that they all like. ‘My Favourite Game’ is an exciting topic for an essay for children of lower primary classes. They will be full of ideas for what to include in the composition. Organising these ideas and presenting them in words will improve their writing skills. When writing about sports, children will be expected to touch upon various aspects of it. Here are some samples which will guide children of classes 1, 2 & 3 to write about some popular sports.

‘My Favourite Game’ is a moderately challenging topic for children. They need to remember certain facts about the game of their choice and express why it is their favourite. Here are some essential tips:

  • When writing about a game, start by talking about the game’s popularity.
  • Write about the different aspects of that game that makes it your personal favourite.
  • Talk about how often you play the game.
  • Mention how it is a part of your school life.
  • Dive into details of the game only in a longer essay.

Cricket is a popular game in India, making it a topic that is easy for a short essay for children. Here is how to write a short 10-line essay on cricket for class 1.

  • Cricket is the most popular and loved sport in the country.
  • I enjoy watching cricket with my family and playing the game with my friends.
  • People in my country are very passionate about cricket and watch the matches with a lot of enthusiasm.
  • I play cricket with my friends at home and at school.
  • I am a good batsman and fielder, and my friends have the same opinion.
  • In cricket, there are 11 players on each team. Each team has a batsman, a bowler, a wicket-keeper and many fielders.
  • At the beginning, there is a coin toss. The winner chooses to bat or bowl.
  • My favourite cricket players are Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni.
  • Everybody is interested in cricket scores during an important match.
  • Seeing cricket on TV is fun but going to a stadium is the most fun you can have as a cricket fan.

Kabaddi is a regional sport that has existed for many generations in India. It is a physically demanding game played by seven players on each team. In the game, two teams stand opposite each other. A player from one team enters the opponent’s court while continuously saying “kabbadi”. If he touches one of the players and returns to his side, his team wins a point. The opposite team tries to stop him from going back till he runs out of breath and stops saying kabaddi. If they manage to stop him, he loses. I am very good at Kabaddi because I can run very fast before anyone can catch me. I am also able to hold my breath for a very long time. Kabaddi is my favourite because it is a challenging game and one has to be very strong and fast to win at it.

Hockey is my favourite game because it is challenging and also a lot of fun at the same time. It is the national game of India and is also played throughout the world. In the game, there are 11 players on each team. The teams have to chase a ball with their hockey sticks and score a goal. Along with playing hockey, I also love watching it on television. Although it is a national sport, hockey is not very common in the country. The popularity needs to increase, and more people should take up the game in schools and colleges.

Essay On ‘My Favourite is Game is Ludo’ 

Ludo is a popular board game among all children. I play it with my family and friends on weekends when we meet. Ludo is my favourite because I can play the game anytime and anywhere. The game is also available on mobile phones, but I like playing it on the gameboard when I am home. It requires at least two players and a maximum of four. In ludo, each player gets four tokens to play. The players roll the dice turn by turn and move ahead on the board accordingly. The first player who takes all his tokens to the finishing point wins. I also have a magnetic board and tokens for playing the game while travelling to a holiday destination. I like playing ludo with new people and making new friends.

I enjoy playing all ball games, but volleyball is my favourite of them all. The game has two teams standing on opposite sides of a court with a net in between. The first team serves the ball, and the opposite team returns it by hitting the ball with their wrist. If the ball reaches out of the court boundary or touches the net, the team that hits the ball loses. The game requires you to stay focused all the time, as even a small lapse of judgment can cost you the winning point. Unlike other games where you can take your eyes off the ball, you cannot do the same in volleyball until you have gained or lost a point. I like volleyball because it is all about strong team coordination. Everybody has to cooperate and work together to win.

Carrom is one of the best board games there is! It is a two-player game, but I love playing it alone too. I enjoy it because it requires strength, accuracy and swiftness while striking every move. The game is fun but challenging because it requires precise moves with an understanding of force and direction of the strike. It took me many months to learn how to shoot the striker properly and hit the tokens on the board. It takes a lot of time to become good at the game as we need a lot of practice to excel in it.

My favourite game is football. It is a popularly played sport throughout the world! The best teams from every country make it to the world cup, and people across the globe watch it with interest. I love football because there is a sense of freedom in playing the game. It is physically demanding as we have to run around the field to score a goal and simultaneously defend our side of the goal post. I play football every day in school with my classmates. I also play football with other children in my neighbourhood. It is a great way to make friends as you learn to play as a team.

Many of us dream of becoming great footballers someday. I always work on my skills because my coach says we can make it to the state or national level championships if we play well. Football is just as much about strategy and teamwork as it is about physical endurance. We also need great discipline and team cohesion to become a great football team.

When writing a long essay, students have to plan what they are about to write. For writing about a sport, they will need to give a few details about the game and why they like it in the rest of the essay. Here is a sample essay on badminton for students of class 3:

Badminton is a popular sport throughout the world. Many people worldwide watch it on TV, and many play it as a leisure sport. My interest in badminton started when I visited the sports centre in our locality. I was hooked on the sport soon after my first game. Unlike many other games that I play, I find that badminton is fun and challenging at the same time. The game requires two players. We need great stamina to move around the court to serve and return the shuttlecock by hitting it with the racket.

Badminton can be played by anyone as long as they love games. There are a few rules for playing the game in a competition or championship. You can choose to relax some of the rules and play just for fun as per your own plan. 

Badminton is a game that gives a full-body workout. You will have to constantly move around the court in the direction of the shuttlecock and hit it using your racket with the required force. Throughout the game, you exercise your legs, torso and upper body.

I am known as the best badminton player in my school because I practise in the evening every day. I have participated in many events at the regional and national levels, and won several championships. In recent years, badminton has also become popular in video games. My love for the sport makes me play that too, however, I prefer to play the sport on an actual court with a real opponent. The thrill of hitting the shuttlecock high into the air and running around to chase it is unmatched in a video game.

When writing an essay on their favourite game, your child will learn how to express themselves coherently in the written word. Writing about sports involves explaining the rules of a game, its unique rules, and several other aspects. Students will gather thorough knowledge about their favourite sport to write this essay. They will also improve their general knowledge while memorising facts like famous players of the sport.

Since playing games is a fun activity for children, they will enjoy writing this essay as they combine their knowledge, feelings and writing skills to compose an excellent essay. 

Essay On Kho Kho Game for Children Cricket Essay for Grade 1, 2 and 3 Kids 10 Lines, Short and Long Essay On Kabaddi for Children

  • Essays for Class 1
  • Essays for Class 2
  • Essays for Class 3

Shaili Contractor

Why Playing Alone Is Recommend For Kids

9 books that celebrate super dads, 9 things kids say that are code for “i’m anxious”, leave a reply cancel reply.

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My Favourite Game Essay | Essay on My Favourite Game for Students and Children in English

February 14, 2024 by Prasanna

My Favourite Game Essay: Playing games are an essential part of education and development. Playing games builds an assertive attitude toward learning. There are different kinds of games played in our country. Games are divided into two classes – outdoor and indoor games. Chess, cards, ludo, and carrom are indoor games. Hockey, football, cricket, basketball, tennis, and badminton are outdoor and foreign games. Kabaddi, hunting, wrestling, horse riding, swimming, and ball fighting are long outdoor games, but they are Indian ones.

In this essay on my favorite game, I am going to talk about the game I love the most. Here, we have broken the essay into paragraphs to help you prepare a speech on both long and short topics on badminton.

You can also find more  Essay Writing articles on events, persons, sports, technology, and many more.

Short Essay on My Favourite Game 150 Words in English

Short Essay on My Favourite Game is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Games are necessary because they help develop and grow the body and the mind, whether in an educational environment or at home. Playing games has always helped me in being active, energetic, and healthy. It is an imperative part of my daily life. I love to play a lot of outdoor as well as indoor games. Badminton is my favorite game as it helps me to stay active the entire day. One requires speed, strength, and precision to play badminton. Playing badminton helps me to be active and energetic. One needs a lot of practice and hard work to become a good player in this game.

My first badminton match was when I was 12 years old. I was taken to the stadium to learn this game, and since then it has become my favorite game. I endeavor to play it rather than go out or playing video games. While playing badminton, we need two rackets and a shuttlecock. The shuttlecock acts like a ball, which is made of feathers appended to a small piece of cork. On the other hand, the badminton rackets are light in weight. Badminton is like tennis; the only difference is that the net is higher and the ball is lighter.

Long Essay on My Favourite Game 800 Words in English

Long Essay on My Favourite Game is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Games are an essential component in every person’s life. Playing a game can directly affect our physical health, weight, height, and also gives us the strength to fight off disease. It also helps us to stay active even when we get older. Encouraging outdoor games will also benefit us to develop a healthy perspective on managing an active lifestyle. The game which I love the most is badminton. It has helped me to be healthy and energetic. Badminton is played with a lightweight racket and a shuttlecock.  The badminton game was derived from Duke of Beaufort’s House in England, where the first game was played.

Here are some insights into my favourite game and the rules and regulations followed globally.

  • The name badminton is obtained from the country estate “the Dukes of Beaufort” in England and was played for the first time in the year 1873. Additionally, the origins of the game are further traced to ancient Greece, China and India.
  • The BWF the acronym for badminton world federation is the administrative organization for the sport worldwide. The governing body was formed in the year 1934.  Furthermore, badminton is very popular in Japan, Indonesia, Denmark, and Malaysia. In 1977 the first championship under BWF was held.
  • Badminton tournaments are held all over the world. Also, there are many national, regional, and zonal tournaments held in various countries. One of the famous badminton tournaments is the All-England championships. Additionally, the international and renowned tournaments include Thomas cup and Uber cup.
  • In 1972 Badminton was prefaced for the first time as a demonstration game in the Olympics. The badminton game in 1992 Olympics was under the full medal category. In the 1996 Olympics, both men and women played the doubles and mixed doubles tournaments.
  • Competitive badminton worldwide is played indoors because despite the lightest of winds can change the shuttlecock direction. However, badminton played for fun can also be played outdoors. The badminton court is rectangular. It is 13.4 meters long and 5.2 meters wide for the singles match and 6.1m wide for the doubles match.
  • The net extends throughout the width of the court from the centre and is 1.5 meters in height. Additionally, there is a precise room of 1.3 meters throughout the court .

Read More: Football Is My Favorite Sport Essay


Playing games is a vital activity for every human being. It keeps a onefit. Moreover, it keeps people away from all the diseases. Having a physical hobby is essential for every person. Most importantly, a lot of nutritionists and doctors suggest it. Some of the interesting games are cricket, basketball, football, tennis, badminton, etc. My personal favourite game is badminton.

My Favorite Game – Badminton 

My favourite hobby is playing badminton, which is a very interesting game, and it always turns my enthusiasm. I started playing badminton when i was 12 and won my first tournament when I was 13. After that, I continued on to win several more matches throughout the years until I was 20 when my career took over. However, I occasionally pick up my racket for informal gatherings with friends.

Although the game was invented because of its integrity, its complexity can never be grasped by even the world’s greatest players. It is the fastest shuttle sport and holds a world record speed at 493km/h, played in a court of 6.1 meters wide and 13.4 meters in height. The time provided to regain a shot hit by a player is down to the milliseconds, and yet, many can regain a shot entirely at the spot the opponent wants the shuttle to go.

As an individual, going through gruesome training for years, the stress one endures when the whole team comes down to winning or losing, is a feeling unimaginable. It has helped me grow remarkably, and I am grateful to my parents for introducing me to this sport. By playing this game, I have learned that losing or failing is not the ultimate goal. It helps me to endure stress psychologically and physically and have a great mindset and a positive perspective.

Badminton Rules

There are some very important rules for playing this game, such as the game starts with a coin toss. Whoever wins the toss gets to choose whether they would receive first or serve first or on what side of the court they want to be. The player cannot touch the net with his racquet or his body during game time. A player should not strike overhead the net to hit the shuttlecock.

The player should not touch any lines of the court, and the shuttlecock should always be struck from below the waist. A point is calculated to a player’s score when the player strikes the shuttlecock, and the opponent misses the hit and falls on the opponent’s side of the court or lands outside the court’s perimeter. The shuttlecock bumping the ceiling is also counted as a fault.

Mental  aspects of the game 

Being a badminton player always helped me to stay mentally fit. Almost every badminton player is qualified in the physical aspect but are not strong enough mentally. A badminton player can possess all the robustness, stamina, dexterity and skills but without the ubiquity of mental toughness, they can be stirred mentally anytime or anywhere.

An established badminton player will never go down without a struggle and should be able to maintain their speed and the sharpness of their shots until the very endpoint in the match no matter how long spun they have performed. This is where mental toughness plays a significant role. It has been demonstrated conclusively that motivation helps to transcend in a big platform, which differentiates champions from others. It is the same as the hare and tortoise story, where the motivation to do consistently well was the sole factor that the tortoise followed to beat the hare.

Similarly, it is imperative for us to understand that playing badminton is not a battle and losing in a game is not a sin. We can always wake up the next morning to perform a better game. Therefore a little motivation and some mental toughness can help us play the game competently.

Badminton in India

Despite losing out to lucrative sports like cricket, badminton in India is a broadly watched sport. It is a very popular sport, and its popularity has grown manifold in the past decade. By winning the All India Open in the year 1980 and becoming the number one ranked player in the world, Prakash Padukone started a rich legacy for Indian badminton. He was followed by Punnela Gopichand when he won the same championship in the year 2001.

The women Athletes led the Indian badminton triumph journey in the 21st century. Saina Nehwal is the first women badminton player from India to ascend to the number one ranking. She also became the first-ever Indian Player to win an Olympic Medal in London Olympics 2012. Saina Nehwal was succeeded by P. V Sindhu who became the first Badminton player in India to feature in the Olympic Final. She also became the first Indian to win the world championship in 2019 Basel. All of this makes me overjoyed and heightens my interest in this beautiful game in which my country has been consistently doing better.

Also Read: My Favourite Game Essay

My Favourite Game Conclusion

The badminton game has always been close to my heart. Many of my friends, family and acquaintances are involved in this game in one way or another. This beautiful game has brought each one of us together. No matter how much life evolves and there is a change in the personal purposes everyone will keep coming back to this game, such as its beauty and exhilaration.

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  • My Favourite Game Essay


My Favourite Game - Badminton

Badminton is one of the most popular games that is played with a lightweight racket and a shuttlecock. In the past, shuttlecock was a tiny cork with a hemisphere having 16 geese - all attached and weighing about 5 grams. But present-day shuttles are made from synthetic materials allowed by the Badminton World Federation (BWF). In the following essay about my favourite game - badminton, the rules and regulations, its origin, etc. are discussed. Badminton is not only played for time-pass but also played to strengthen physical fitness, enhance concentration, and sharpen the reflex.

Origin of Badminton

The origin of the name badminton is from the country Estate for Dukes of Beaufort in England. The game was played there for the first time in 1873. The roots of the game were also found in ancient Greece, China, and India. The game was also closely associated with the children’s game shuttlecock and battledore.

The apex authority of the game of badminton is famously known as Badminton World Federation (BWF). It was formed in 1934. The headquarters of BWF is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Badminton is widely played in Indonesia, Japan, Denmark and Malaysia. The first championship under BWF was played in the year 1977.

The game of badminton is a sport played between two players with a long mallet made from wood, metal or plastic and two shuttlecocks, a small hard ball. These are used to hit the shuttlecock over a net and back. There are many ways that badminton can be played and for me it is a fun game which is great for fitness, concentration and sportsmanship. I love badminton, I play it most days. One of my favourite points of the game are the strokes, there are many kinds of strokes that can be done to hit the shuttlecock over the net and back. In the beginning of the game, a shot that has a high spin will be played, which makes it easier to hit the shuttlecock over the net, for example, the drop shot. The other type of stroke that I like to play is one where the shuttlecock is hit with a side of the racket, for example the topspin or lob or spike, which is very fast but easy to play. It is important that when playing badminton, you concentrate on your shots to be a better player. My favourite point of the game is the backspin shot, this is a type of stroke where the shuttlecock is hit with a backswing before hitting the shuttlecock. It is important to know how to backspin the shuttlecock to hit the shuttlecock over the net and back and it is a very fun part of the game. To end the game the loser has to retire and when playing badminton there are certain rules that must be followed, the first rule is that both players must be equal. If the game is tied then the game is continued and if the game is won, this is the second rule and it states that the winner is the one who has the highest number of points scored. When playing badminton both, players should have a positive mindset, it should be a friendly game of fun. After my game of badminton, I feel satisfied that I have won, it is a great game and it helps me to keep fit.

More About Badminton

Badminton is not only played at the International level; there are various tournaments played at the national, regional, and zonal levels in many countries. One of the prestigious tournaments in badminton is the All-England Championships, played in England. There are also famous international tournaments like Uber Cup and Thomas Cup.

Badminton was played for the first time in the Olympics in 1972 as a demonstration sport. The game was played in full-fledged competitive mode in the year 1992. The game has been played in several categories, like men’s singles and women’s singles ever since. Men’s and women’s doubles and mixed doubles were started from 1996.

Rules of the Game

Competitive badminton is always played indoors because even a slight wind can affect the movement of the shuttlecock. Badminton meant for recreation is played as an outdoor game. The singles match court for badminton is rectangular in shape and 13.4 metres long and 5.2 metres wide. The net is 1.5 metres high and stretches along the width of the court at its centre. Apart from that, a clear space of 1.3 metres around the court is required. The game of badminton consists of hitting and volleying the shuttlecock back and forth across the net. It should be noticed that the touching of the shuttlecock to the ground or floor within the court boundaries will lead to loss of points. Badminton is one of the favourite games of many people. It is a great medium of timepass and recreation. It also provides physical fitness.

Long Essay on My Favourite Game - Badminton

My favourite game is badminton. I used to play every day after school. I found that badminton is a good sport. I played it for many years and always won. Although I have many good friends in the school badminton club, I still prefer to play alone. Sometimes, I feel that I need somebody to play with, but no other. I am a good player. I also played at the state tournament last year. I always thought that I could not win the tournament as I am an ordinary player, but I won the tournament for only my third year in the badminton club. Badminton is a very good sport and I can't stop playing it. I hope that I can improve my skills as much as possible in badminton.

In the past three years, I've made it into a little bit of history. I believe that my games have made me a much better person, someone who you can count on, someone whom you can trust. I believe that my game is my best friend. It is the best friend that does not always agree with me. But at least, it is always there for me. I know I don't play my best, but I try. I know my faults, but I try not to give them a chance. I play because I want to play, because I enjoy it, and for the love of the game. This is my purpose and my reason for playing.

Every time I go on the court, I try to think "why". It helps me understand the fundamentals of playing the game. Before every match, I go back to "why". It clears my head and helps me make sure that I have the right attitude for my game.

I think that everyone should ask themselves that question. We all play for different reasons. Some for money, some to lose weight, some to please their coach, some to impress their friends. And some people play to impress their friends. To be honest, I think that the best friends are the ones who support you in your life's endeavours, and the people who you do not need support from.

What's the story behind the "why"?

What's the reason you play? Is it because your coach asked you to play? Is it to lose weight? Is it because you like the way your opponent looks?

Playing badminton keeps us physically fit and mentally refreshed. Badminton is a very popular game for women also. India has produced several renowned badminton players like Gopichand, Saina Nehwal, P.V. Sindhu, and so on. India’s performance at the international level badminton is very pleasing. Badminton is not an easy game to play. It requires physical fitness along with good eyesight and mental agility. Lack of concentration may lead to defeat in the game.


FAQs on My Favourite Game Essay

1. Is the topic My Favourite Game a proper topic for students?

My Favourite Game is one of the simple and nice topics every student would definitely like to tell you about. By giving such topics, students feel excited, which gives them a scope to participate in writing. At some point in time, students might develop self-doubt and feel under-confident about their creativity. Therefore, a topic like this would improve their thought process and in gaining confidence.

2. Is it important to write essays?

Essay writing is one of the important skills every student should learn because it helps us in improving our sentence framing, use of appropriate words, learning about diverse topics around us, and many more. Therefore, the habit of writing essays should be developed once the basics of writing are taught.

3. Can I copy essays?

No, one should not copy essays, but can always take references from essays already written and available. Students have to understand that plagiarism is strictly prohibited and a serious concern that might make one face consequences as well. Writing essays is all about writing your views on a given topic, which, in simple terms, means igniting your creative thinking.

4. Does writing essays improve English?

Yes, writing essays is one of the important and efficient ways that would definitely help students get a better command over English. This is so because students get to use better words, i.e., synonyms that help them know the meanings of new words as well as the right choice of words. It also helps students understand the concept of sentence framing in a better way.

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My Favorite Game Essay For Students and Childrens

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Table of Contents

Essay on My Favorite Game: Sports are seen as an important aspect of our lives, on both a national and international level. Sports are often considered one of the healthiest activities for staying in shape. When someone participates in an outdoor game, his or her entire body, including the brain, is involved. Sports also teach us innumerable things such as teamwork and planning, which also keep our minds energized. my favorite game. Cricket is my favourite game because there are always new learning strategies, and I can work harder than other sports.

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Target Exam ---

Many games have been played on an international level in this modern era, and many are native to only a few locations, such as cricket, tennis, badminton, hockey, football, and others. These are the sports that are performed on a global scale, whereas rugby, kabaddi, and a few others are regional sports. But among all these sports, my favorite is cricket.

500+ Words Essay on My Favorite Game

The origins of cricket.

Cricket was first played in the 16th century in South East England. In the 18th century, the sport became England’s national sport, and in the 19th and 20th centuries, it was recognized worldwide as a part of the commonwealth experience in the various nations the British occupied. Since 1877, various international matches have been held, and it is now the second most popular sport in the world, after football.

At the international level, cricket is overseen and managed by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The game was originally known as “Creckett” and then began to be known as “Cricket” eventually. It rose to prominence in the 1800s and became well-known.

Essay on My Favorite Game

During the time of the British Raj in India, cricket was introduced as a sport and quickly became popular. Indians picked up the game and have since gone on to become global champions in this sport. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, and many people like it. It is a game that was invented by Prince Edward and has since spread around the world.

Cricket is a bat-and-ball sport in which two teams of eleven players compete against each other. The rules of this game are simple enough that even children can follow and play it. As a result, cricket has become the most popular sport in the Indian subcontinent.

When a test match or a national/international level competition takes place, there is a large number of cricket fans across the world who throng the stadiums to watch the game. People have a favorite cricket team among the many that play as part of these tournaments. The teams have large fan followings and it is always an exciting experience when rival fans cheer for their teams in a filled stadium.

Cricket is not a native Indian sport, although it is enjoyed and played with great fervor in India.

Cricket matches normally last five days, with one day off in between, and feature two teams of eleven players each. The entire test match consists of two innings, the first and second innings. The highest total runs scored by the sides in these two innings determine who wins and who loses in the game. The team with the most runs at the end of the day is proclaimed the victor of the match.

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Why is Cricket my Favourite Game?

Every year, the International Cricket Council (ICC) organizes and approves a number of international matches. The ICC establishes cricket rules and regulations and allows teams to compete.

The Cricket World Cup, which is held every four years amongst high-ranked teams, is hosted by a different country each time and is a high-degree competition. The World Cup is the favorite cricket tournament for many people, including me.

A coin is tossed prior to the commencement of a match to determine which team would bat or bowl first. Whoever wins the toss gets to pick either of the two for their team. However, both teams get an opportunity to bat and bowl alternately.

Winning and losing are two features of the game that make it mysterious and intriguing. When a batsman hits a chauka (four) or a chhakka (six) with the ball, the entire cricket stadium and ground fills with the high-pitched sound of cricket fans, especially when one’s favorite cricket team is batting.

Cricket is one of India’s most popular sports, and it is enjoyed by all. Cricket is my favorite sport and I like watching every match that is played. Indians have grown up watching cricket and have all played gully cricket at some point in their lives, which makes the game that much more closer to our hearts.

Formats of Cricket

Some of the numerous formats of cricket are T-20, One-Day International, Limited Over, National League Systems, and Test Matches.

Test Matches

It is a type of long-form cricket played over a five-day period. The matches are played between two countries, and the ICC selects the teams. The play for each day lasts 6 hours, with at least 90 overs being bowled every day. It is slow-paced compared to other formats but is a very interesting format of cricket to watch, especially at the international level.

National League Systems

Various smaller teams in England, numerous states in Australia, various islands in the West Indies, and even India’s Ranji Trophy are all examples of this format of cricket. These bouts happen between smaller clubs and teams and might last around three to four days.

Limited Over Cricket

Also known as one-day cricket, it is a format where the match is aimed to be finished in a single day. It has various sub-types, from T-20 to 100-ball cricket. Every team is allowed to play by innings, and if the game is hampered by weather, the Duckworth-Lewis Method is used.

One Day International (ODI)

The 50-over One-Day International (ODI) is a match played between two countries. This is the most often used and followed format.

A T-20, or Twenty-20, is contested between two teams and consists of only 20 overs. This game is thrilling to watch, and it’s ideal for individuals who can’t wait a whole day to watch cricket, even if it’s their favorite sport. It is fast-paced and interesting, with matches happening at both domestic and international levels.

In India, cricket is seen as a religious pastime, and many regard the renowned player Sachin Tendulkar as a deity. Indians are extremely enthusiastic about cricket, especially when a match between India and Pakistan is taking place. When the game is between neighboring countries, the entire country comes to a standstill at that point. Cricket is my favorite sport, as it can also be a game that brings the country together and brings harmony to its citizens.

National Game of India

My Favorite Game FAQs

What is my favorite game.

My favorite game is Cricket.

How do I write a favorite game essay?

To write a favorite game essay, start by introducing the game, share why you love it, and describe your experiences playing it.

What is your favorite game paragraph?

My favorite game is basketball. I enjoy the teamwork and the thrill of making a perfect shot.

Why is cricket my favorite game essay?

Cricket is my favorite game because of its rich history, strategy, and the excitement it brings.

Why is cricket my favorite game?

Cricket is my favorite game due to its elegant play, strategic elements, and the camaraderie it fosters.

How do I write about my favorite sport cricket?

When writing about my favorite sport, cricket, I focus on its unique rules, memorable matches, and personal experiences that make it special to me.

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10 Paragraphs: My Favourite Game

Writing a paragraph about your favorite game allows you to share your passion and enthusiasm for a specific game that has brought you countless hours of joy and entertainment. Whether it’s a video game, a board game, or a sport, describing your favorite game in a concise and engaging manner is key. We will explore the essential elements to consider when writing a paragraph about your favorite game, including the game’s title, genre, gameplay features, and the reasons why it holds a special place in your heart.

Table of Contents

Tips On Writing A Paragraph On My Favourite Game

Describe Gameplay Features: Highlight the key gameplay features and mechanics that make your favorite game unique and enjoyable. Discuss elements such as the game’s controls, objectives, gameplay modes, and any distinctive features or mechanics that set it apart from other games in its genre. Focus on explaining why these features contribute to your enjoyment and make the game stand out.

Conclude with a Summary: Wrap up your paragraph by summarizing your thoughts and feelings about the game. Provide a final reflection on why it is your favorite and its lasting impact on you. Consider ending with a statement about how the game continues to bring you joy, inspire your creativity, or provide a sense of escapism. A strong conclusion leaves a lasting impression on the reader.

Paragraph 1

My favorite game is “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” This open-world action-adventure game, developed by Nintendo, offers an immersive and breathtaking experience. From the vast landscapes to the intricate puzzles and engaging combat, the game captures my imagination like no other. The freedom to explore the expansive kingdom of Hyrule, uncover its secrets, and embark on epic quests makes “Breath of the Wild” an unforgettable gaming journey.

Paragraph 2

Paragraph 3.

I find immense joy in playing “Minecraft,” a sandbox game that allows infinite creativity and exploration. The ability to shape and build my own virtual world, gather resources, and engage in survival challenges is incredibly rewarding. With endless possibilities, “Minecraft” sparks my imagination and offers a relaxing and immersive gaming experience.

Paragraph 4

“Red Dead Redemption 2” is my favorite game for its immersive storytelling and richly detailed open world. Set in the Wild West era, the game follows the journey of Arthur Morgan, a member of an outlaw gang. The compelling characters, moral choices, and stunning visuals create a captivating narrative that draws me into the gritty and realistic world of the game.

Paragraph 5

Paragraph 6.

I hold “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” in high regard as my favorite game. This epic role-playing game transports players to a vast and immersive fantasy world filled with captivating quests, memorable characters, and morally complex choices. The game’s rich storytelling, breathtaking visuals, and deep gameplay mechanics make it an unforgettable gaming experience.

Paragraph 7

Paragraph 8.

“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” is a game that has captured my heart. This expansive role-playing game offers a vast and immersive fantasy world to explore, with countless quests, characters, and secrets to discover. The freedom to forge my own path, develop my character, and shape the destiny of the game’s world make “Skyrim” an unforgettable and endlessly replayable experience.

Paragraph 9

I find myself deeply immersed in the enchanting world of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” This life simulation game allows players to create their own island paradise, interact with charming anthropomorphic animal villagers, and engage in various activities such as fishing, bug catching, and fossil hunting. The relaxing gameplay, charming aesthetics, and sense of community make it a delightful and comforting gaming experience.

Paragraph 10

About mr. greg.

How to Write an Essay About Your Favorite Game


Writing an essay is a difficult task, especially if you are writing about your favorite game. Drafting a game essay is not always as easy as you might think. It takes dedication, commitment, and sheer will if you want to pull off the perfect game essay in English. Luckily, we have come up with some best tips.


When it comes to brainstorming, not many people pay attention to this part of writing an essay. Of course, professional writers always start their work with brainstorming, but teen students nowadays often tend to neglect this crucial part. However, there are many reasons why brainstorming is imperative and inevitable if you want to write the perfect favorite game essay. Think about it. If you do not have the content in your mind, how do you suppose to jot it down in the paper? For instance, let us take an example of a situation. Imagine you are a very athletic person, and you have an interest in several games. After a while, you come down to two topic options. However, you are still unable to decide between basketball or football. So, what do you do in such a situation? Yes! You start brainstorming. Start jotting down the points you have in mind about both the topics and choose whichever you find the most suitable. To make it easy for you, below are written some of the steps which will help you in brainstorming,

  • Start jotting down anything that comes up to your mind about basketball and football.
  • Use the technique of mind-mapping to come up with the essay idea.
  • Once you have the list of potential ideas or topics, start further elimination until you find the right one.

So, brainstorming can be much more beneficial than you think. It can help you ace your essay without any inconvenience. So, the myth about brainstorming being a wastage of time is not true. If anything, brainstorming enables you to save time.

Opt The Desired Type Of Essay

One of the second and most essential parts in initiating the essay on my favorite game is choosing the story’s writing style. Yes! Some of you might not be aware, but there are several styles you can conduct writing an essay. It is imperative that you choose the type according to your desired topic; otherwise, your whole work would be irrelevant, consequently getting rejected by your teachers. Students worldwide struggle with this task, as it is challenging to choose a style and start writing on it. It would also help if you did thorough research, which takes up a significant amount of your time. However, worry no more because, luckily, we have come up with some of the most used and universal essay writing styles. After reading the points below, you would easily pick a style for my favorite game essay.

  • Narrative essay – A narrative essay is mainly used for stories that need a background voice to guide their audience. The narrative essay type is primarily used for biographies and autobiographies. To use it in telling about your favorite game would be a smart move.
  • Persuasive essay – A persuasive essay is pretty much self-explanatory. This style of writing is mainly used to convince someone for something or to request someone for something. You may have seen people using this style for writing letters or doing academic work. So, using this writing style in a favorite game essay would be irrelevant as you do not need to convince anyone.
  • Descriptive essay – An essay with many adjectives and words that describe something is a descriptive essay. Using this style for your favorite game paper would be a wise move as it would keep the reader hooked through the description.
  • Argumentative essay – An argumentative essay style is one of the most commonly used by students. Here, you have to use the kind of language which will support your claim. In addition, it means that you have to be defensive about something throughout the essay.

So, in short, out of all these essay types, it would be better if you used the argumentative, narrative, and descriptive essay style. However, if you are new to this type of writing, you can always find argumentative essays for sale on any topic at


‘I want to write about my favorite game essay in English. Will you help me?’ A question we all have been asked by our juniors at least once during student life. However, many fail to help them as they are unaware of the main component of writing a perfect game essay. If you are one of these people, do not worry because we are here with the answer, researching! Yes, when it comes to writing about games, researching helps you a lot, even if you know a lot about the topic.

There are two types of teachers, one who lets you decide your own topic, the other who assigns you one. If your teacher is the latter, you have tough luck, as now you would have to start researching from scratch. On the other hand, if your teacher gives you the option of opting for your own topic, you can easily pick the easiest one, something you remember around the back of your head. In such situations, researching can be disadvantageous. For instance, if you have a little time and already know a lot about the topic, then it is suggested that you go on without researching. This will save you a lot of time and resources. Some of the benefits of researching are,

  • Widens your knowledge base
  • You have the updated information
  • Your content is more credible
  • Your scope gets narrow

Creating an Outline

When it comes to writing an essay about your favorite game, an outline is crucial. An outline may not seem as impactful as you think, but in reality, it is the forty percent reason why your essay is good. The outline of your essay is like a road map to your work. Wherever you get off track, you can always track back from where you drifted off.  That is why it is highly significant that you always draft an outline before starting.

Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading is one of the crucial parts if you want to ace your essay about your favorite game. So, to gain an unbiased opinion of your essay, ask anyone but your friends to proofread your work. A teacher would be better because they would tell you about your mistakes from the point of view of an expert.

Essay writing

Writing an essay will always be a daunting task, especially if it is about your favorite game. However, that does not mean that you stop trying after the first few tries. Remember, nothing is perfected overnight; everything takes time. Apart from that, you can always take help from the points mentioned above.

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an essay on my best game

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Essay on My Favourite Game

an essay on my best game

Hockey is my favorite game. Hockey is played with eleven players on each side. There is one goal-keeper, two fullbacks, three half backs and five forwards. Hockey is played on grassy fields.

The game starts with a bully-off at the center between the center-forwards of the rival teams. Players carry off the ball and then try to pass it through the goalposts of the opposite teams. They hit the ball hard from their side to the side of the rivals. Whichever team scores more goals, wins the match.

There are two referees who conduct the match. If there is foul play, they penalize it. If the ball crosses the boundary line, the game is started again.

I love to play hockey. It provides an excellent exercise to all parts of the body. This game develops team spirit. It amuses and excites. The players feel a sensation of joy. My heart is filled with joy when I play or watch a hockey match.

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My Hobby-Drawing


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Essay on My Favourite Game

Games are the best way of exercising our body and mind. Games bring a thought of playing, winning or competing in us. Games are an important part of our life. We come to learn a lot and also entertain ourselves by playing games. Each of us has different choices in games. Some of us love playing indoor games while some are interested in playing outdoor games. Playing games help us in attaining health and fitness of our body and mind.

Short and Long Essays on My Favourite Game in English

I hope, these essays may help you to get better about your favourite game.

My Favourite Game Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) I mostly like playing outdoor games as they are good for my health.

2) My favorite game that I love playing is cricket.

3) I play cricket every day in the evening with my friends.

4) I also love watching cricket on the television.

5) M.S. Dhoni is my favorite cricketer.

6) I’m good at batting and wicket keeping.

7) Cricket is a team game and I’m a good team player.

8) When we play cricket in the locality, my team always chooses me as a captain.

9) Recently, I also got selected for my school cricket team.

10) Scoring high runs and winning from another team gives me happiness and joy.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – My Favourite Game is Badminton


Games play a very important role in the development of our mind and body. Studies along with games lead towards the overall development of a person. We can see that in schools the time table consists of two or three-game periods during a week, focusing the necessity of games along with studies. Playing games makes us healthy and fit.

Game I Play

I usually played indoor games at my home like carrom, chess and Ludo. Playing these games along with my sisters is my favourite time-pass at home. Sometimes we fixed some gifts or winning price after winning the match.

My Favourite Game is Badminton

My favourite game is badminton among all the games. It was during winter days when my mother used to wake us early in the morning for walking and studying. Since I could not study in the morning therefore I decided to play badminton in the morning. It proved to be a great exercise for me and keeping healthy. I also have the problem of mood swing and this game made me feel relaxed.

Since I had got a good practice of playing badminton, I got selected in my school badminton team. I feel energized after playing badminton. Many of the times I had played from my school side and have received the awards too. I had got a craze for this game and therefore I used to reach to the ground on time for playing with my friends.

Games are necessary for fitness. When we play outdoor games, they make us fit and give exercise to our muscles.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – My Favourite Game is Hockey

It is said that the overall development of a child or a person, requires the mind and body to be fit and healthy. Playing games help us in achieving fitness of body and mind. We have seen that many people have made their career in games. There are many people who have a habit of playing games regularly. Games are also necessary as studies and other works are to us.

My Best – Loved Sport

I play many of the games like chess, carrom, and basketball. But, the game for which I have most liking is hockey. Hockey is a game which keeps us indulged. It requires attention and focuses to play this game. The game is played between two teams. Both teams play to make a goal towards the opponent’s side. I love playing as well as watching hockey matches on television. We have played for many of the matches organized in our streets.

The game of hockey consists of two teams and each team consists of 11 players. The players are playing with the spirit to make a goal. They hit the ball towards the opposite team to make a goal. The game is played on the grassy field. A single team consisting of the 11 players have 10 players and one goalkeeper. The team players have to make the ball to cross the line towards the opposite team to make a score. The players can not touch the ball by hands or legs but only by means of their stick. The goalkeeper can only touch the ball. The decision of the referee is final. The mistakes are penalized.

Hockey – as National Game of India and its Present Status

Hockey is an international game and played throughout the world. It is the national game of India. We have many of the best players in hockey in our country. Our country team has also bagged up many of the Olympic medals and trophies for winning.

It is sad to state that growth and fame of this sport have reduced from many years. Sports hockey is not getting any support over the other games like cricket in India. There is no heed towards the growth of this sport in our country. We do not have good facilities and playgrounds to support and train the aspirants. Since this game had a good history and also is our national game, therefore must be supported by the government.

Games must be a part of our daily routine. I love playing hockey and it helps in getting my mood refreshed. Every year in India, National Sports Day is celebrated in the honour of Major Dhyan Chand, a legendary hockey player.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – My Favourite Game: Cricket

Games are important at each and every level of our life. Small children learn many things from games. They put their imagination and thinking while playing games and also learn to inter things. Playing games for children is important as it helps in the growth and development of the child. It also helps in personality development. Many children are born with talents to play well but the practice is required, for making their talent as a carrier.

Cricket – My Favourite Sport

I play many games such as basketball, carrom, chess, and kho-kho. The game I love playing as well as watching too is none other than cricket. Sachin Tendulkar and Vivian Richards are my favourite cricketers. From my childhood, I used to play cricket in my colony. I was given the task of fielding as I was small. Though I was not very good at playing this game, I found it the most interesting sport to play and watch.

It was a favourite time pass during our summer vacations. We spent most of the time playing or waiting for our chance. There were many fights initiated in this game as people got annoyed by the loud shouting or breaking of window glasses by hitting of the ball.

Most of the people are fond of this sport, when there is a match between India and Pakistan everybody clings to the television till the match ends. When I got admission in the college for completing my higher studies, I started playing with my college team. The team captain was very talented and good at playing cricket. I learnt many things from her. Later I got selected in my college’s women cricket team and played matches with the teams inside the college. I was good at fielding and bowling.

About the Sport

Cricket is a game having two teams, each consists of eleven players. There are additional players too for substitution if some player is unable to play or injured. Before the match starts, there is a toss done by the captions and toss winning team decides what to do first either batting or balling.

The runs are scored by batting team by hitting the balls, bowled towards the wicket. The balling team stops the batting team members from making runs. Other players are involved in fielding. The decision regarding any event on the ground is made by the umpire. The game is played on the pitch which is 22 yards (20 metres) long.

Generally, we observe people and children playing in the street, playground, and stadium. All over the world, people love playing and watching cricket. This reveals the love of cricket in different generations.

Valuable Life Lessons from Cricket

Every sport gives us some valuable lessons that we can implement in our lives. Basically, we learn from each and everything we do in our life. Playing games makes us learn and enhance our qualities. Some valuable things we acquire are enlisted below:

  • Gives a lesson to learn from our failure.
  • Enriches us with the feeling of healthy competition. It will help us to excel in our school, job or other spheres of life.
  • Make us realize the difference between what is right and wrong.
  • Teaches us that practice and hard work helps us in overcoming our failure.
  • Helps in boosting our confidence and speak for what is wrong.
  • Inculcates the spirit of teamwork and benefits of working with unity in a team, with the responsibility to achieve the goal.
  • Playing games enhances planning and strategy making capabilities.

I love playing cricket as it helps me in keeping my body fit. I also find playing games as a means of entertaining myself. We should play outdoor games along with playing video or mobile games, as playing outdoor games helps in building our stamina.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Ans . Game is an activity that helps in reducing our stress and gives us great joy.

Ans . The oldest game in the world is mancala.

Ans . It is necessary to play games because it helps in keeping our mind and body healthy and fit.

Ans . The qualities like discipline, self-confidence, teamwork, and patience are inculcated in us by playing games.

Ans . The most popular game in India is Kabaddi.

Ans . Video games came into existence in the early 1970s.

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Essay on My Favourite Game Hide and Seek

Students are often asked to write an essay on My Favourite Game Hide and Seek in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on My Favourite Game Hide and Seek


Hide and Seek is my favourite game. It’s a classic game that fills me with joy and excitement.

Learning from the Game

Hide and Seek teaches us patience, strategy, and the joy of discovery. It also encourages physical activity and creativity.

In conclusion, Hide and Seek is not just a game to me, but a treasure trove of memories and lessons. It will always be my favourite game.

250 Words Essay on My Favourite Game Hide and Seek

The enthralling charm of hide and seek, the essence of the game.

Hide and Seek is a simple game, yet it encapsulates the complexities of life. A group of players, one ‘seeker’, and the rest ‘hiders’, the game commences with the seeker counting, while the hiders find their perfect spot. The objective is to stay hidden and avoid being caught. The game’s simplicity is deceptive, as it requires strategic thinking, quick decision-making, and an understanding of human psychology.

Life Lessons

Hide and Seek, in its essence, is a metaphor for life. It teaches us about the inevitability of being found, no matter how well we hide. It reminds us that life is a constant cycle of seeking and being sought, hiding and being discovered. It encourages us to embrace change, as the roles of seeker and hider constantly switch, mirroring life’s unpredictable nature.

The Joy of the Game

The thrill of the chase, the anticipation of being discovered, and the satisfaction of outsmarting the seeker make Hide and Seek an exhilarating experience. The game fosters camaraderie, encourages creativity, and cultivates resilience. More than a game, it is an embodiment of the human spirit’s indomitable will to survive and thrive.

In conclusion, Hide and Seek is more than my favourite game. It is a symbol of life’s beauty and complexity, a testament to human ingenuity, and a celebration of the joy of living.

500 Words Essay on My Favourite Game Hide and Seek

The nostalgic allure of hide and seek.

Hide and Seek, a game that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries, has always been my favourite. Its simplistic rules, combined with the thrill and excitement it offers, make it a universally adored pastime. But, its appeal to me goes beyond mere amusement; it is a game that has taught me valuable lessons and evokes a sense of nostalgia.

The Mechanics of the Game

Thrill and excitement.

The thrill of Hide and Seek lies in its unpredictability. The hiders must outsmart the seeker, using their creativity and intuition to find the best hiding spots. The suspense of waiting, the adrenaline rush when the seeker approaches, and the triumph of remaining undetected are what make the game so exciting. On the flip side, the seeker experiences the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of uncovering the well-hidden players.

Life Lessons from Hide and Seek

Despite its simplicity, Hide and Seek can be seen as a metaphor for life. It teaches us the importance of strategy and quick thinking, as well as the benefits of patience and observation. The game also encourages us to step out of our comfort zones, to take risks, and to be resilient when we are discovered and become the seeker. These are all invaluable skills that can be applied to our personal and professional lives.

The Nostalgic Connection

For me, Hide and Seek is not just a game; it’s a connection to my childhood. It evokes memories of carefree afternoons spent with friends, the shared laughter, and the camaraderie. It’s a reminder of a simpler time when our biggest worry was finding the perfect hiding spot. Even as a college student, I find myself yearning for those moments of unadulterated joy and freedom.

The Universality of Hide and Seek

In conclusion, Hide and Seek is more than just a game to me; it’s a symbol of unity, a teacher of life skills, and a link to my past. It’s a game that, despite its simplicity, holds a profound significance. Whether you’re the seeker or the hider, the game offers an exhilarating experience and a host of lessons that stay with you long after the game has ended.

Apart from these, you can look at all the essays by clicking here .

Happy studying!

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an essay on my best game

Essay on Games

Games are an essential part of everyone’s childhood. Games are a fun way to keep kids entertained. They provide an interactive and engaging way to learn something new while considering themselves and others. They give children a break from daily study routines. Playing games improves kids’ immunity and helps them stay strong. BYJU’S essay on games allows the little ones to understand the difference between indoor and outdoor games and the importance of playing games.

Essay on Games

Table of Contents

Indoor games, outdoor games, importance of playing games.

The essay on games is an article that explains why playing indoor games is vital for the development of kids in their early years. Indoor games are essential for kids who spend a lot of time indoors. There are many benefits to playing these games, like improving a child’s vision and developing memory skills. These skills help them in academics. While playing indoor games, kids can have a friendly competition.

The importance of indoor games is something that many people have probably not thought about. Indoor games can teach children how to move a coin, improve coordination, and use their imaginations. Examples of indoor games are carrom board, table tennis, chess, scrabble, charades, paper games, ludo, etc.

Outdoor games are essential to children’s health and development. Children who play outdoors experience nature, which is good for their physical, social, and mental health. Outdoor games are a fun way to get out of the house, meet new people, and take an opportunity to bond with new friends.

The little ones need to engage in physical activities to stay healthy. They help children develop problem-solving, teamwork, communication, cooperation, flexibility, and physical activity skills. Outdoor activities can be more beneficial than indoor activities because they provide more exposure to sunlight. Examples of outdoor games are kabaddi, cricket, football, kho kho , etc.

Playing games is an excellent way for kids to learn about the world and make new friends. Games improve kids’ learning experience and interest in studies, which helps them score better grades. Experts say playing games has cognitive benefits and can help increase social skills.

When playing games, kids’ brains grow stronger and wiser. Games teach children how to interact with others and think strategically while they are still young and learning new things. They also provide a safe place for kids to learn and explore without fear of judgement. You can also use games to teach your child how to communicate using a game board or cards.

To conclude, games are an essential part of early childhood, and an essay on games helps children understand the value of playing games. When kids soak in the sun while playing, they become strong, improving their vitamin D levels. In addition, playing games keep the kids engaged and entertained. For more kid-friendly activities, stories , GK questions and other games visit, BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Essay on Games

What are the benefits of playing indoor games.

Indoor games provide kids with a way to exercise their minds while playing. Solving puzzles or educational games help children learn new skills, strengthen maths skills and improve memory. Research is also being conducted to see how playing indoor board games can improve children’s literacy skills.

Why are outdoor games important for children?

Parents should encourage their children to participate in outdoor games to teach them the importance of teamwork and cooperation. Games like kabaddi, cricket, and hockey are fun ways for children to stay active during the summer. They also help children build their physical strength.

Why is BYJU’S essay on games vital for kids?

BYJU’S essay on games is essential for children because it explains the significance of playing and how games allow them to release stress, have fun, and learn valuable skills.

an essay on my best game

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Home — Essay Samples — Entertainment — Video Games — Narrative about Video Games


Narrative About Video Games

  • Categories: Technology in Business Video Games

About this sample


Words: 438 |

Published: Mar 20, 2024

Words: 438 | Page: 1 | 3 min read

Image of Dr. Charlotte Jacobson

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The world of video gaming has expanded rapidly over the past few decades, with millions of people of all ages engaging in this form of entertainment. While video games can be a source of fun and enjoyment, there is growing [...]

In recent years, video games have become a significant part of popular culture, with millions of people worldwide playing them daily. While some may view gaming as simply a form of entertainment, it is also essential to [...]

Diamond Digger Saga is a captivating puzzle game developed by King, the makers of the wildly popular Candy Crush Saga. Released in 2014, this game quickly garnered a significant following due to its unique gameplay mechanics, [...]

In a world where video games have become a ubiquitous form of entertainment for people of all ages, the debate over whether they should be banned has become increasingly contentious. From concerns about their impact on mental [...]

In the realm of online video games, narrative refers to the story and characters that drive the gameplay. It encompasses the plot, character development, and world-building elements that immerse players in the game's universe. [...]

Video games are considered a leisure activity done in order to relax or have fun alone or with friends. Just as the name suggests it is a game with an electronic set up, that involves manipulation of images electronically and [...]

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an essay on my best game


How To Write an Essay on Video Games in The Best Way?

How To Write an Essay on Video Games in The Best Way?

It is often the case that students have a lot of different hobbies to spend time on during their college or high school period. It is something that circles their youth and represents an inevitable part of it. Through that stage, people usually like to explore more and learn as much as possible new things. One that has particularly been interesting to students in the last decade, especially, is playing video games. Since they started to appear in the world of hundreds of possibilities, the fun, joy, and entertainment they bring to their users have been easily detected. Today, we can witness many video games that are popular and adaptable to multiple platforms like PCs, laptops, mobile phones, Xbox, or Sony PlayStation. With that in mind, it is a call that can’t be neglected for the students who like spending thrilling moments on such activities. As writing essays are commonly part of students’ lives, questions about how to combine it with playing video games frequently come to mind. If you have the same issues, we are here to provide you with the best ways on how you should write essays about this topic.

State Definition of Video Games

If you are planning to write essays on video games, one of the first things you should do is to state a definition of it. According to the Globenewswire , this activity represents one of the most used ways for students to relax and have some fun. As this website offers plenty of useful information about multimedia content, it is often being visited by them. And, if we know that video games belong to multimedia, perhaps you should be writing about that theme first. It would be beneficial if you start researching data about multimedia in general and find out some additional information that can help you in writing your essay. The more you know, the better the outcome will be. So, do your own exploration and don’t hesitate to visit websites that offer such info. Multimedia can sometimes be misunderstood by the students, especially by the ones that are not specifically interested in this field. However, that doesn’t stop them from playing video games, right? After all, what can persuade them not to play some PES, FIFA, or Counter-Strike with their friends?

Collect The Data About Genres of The Games

As the use of technology and its features increases by each day, it usually implies bigger amounts of video games on the market. As every year often comes up with some new game or exciting update of the ones that already exist, something that your essay should cover are the genres of it. Every individual has their own preferences. Some people like to play adventure-based games while others like sports, for example. It is all-natural. But if you want your essay to be top-notch, you must get knowledge about genres of video games. It wouldn’t be necessary to write about every single one of them though. In the sea of genres like RPG (role-playing games), first-person shooter, horror adventures, survivals, and many others, you can select a few of the most popular ones and focus on them. Write about them in general. What is their purpose? What do they bring to the players? How have they been founded? Make sure to provide brief answers to those questions.

Don’t Forget to Mention Games’ History

It is well-known that in the modern world students like to hire professional writers online that will do the job for them. Pre-written essays for sale are becoming more and more wanted. But do you wonder how those writers are able to offer their services with such confidence? Despite their probable education level or experience, they always make sure to dig out all information available about the topic they will write about. If we take video games, for example, something they definitely wouldn’t skip to search is their history. So, you should do exactly the same. Make sure to reach the deepest places on the Internet and sites that are displayed even on the 5th or 6th page in the Google search bar. If the website is not well advertised or shown on the 1st page, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t contain useful data. You can always find valuable info only if you research it in-depth. Don’t forget to mention different eras of video games and how they have developed throughout history. From the beginning of the 2000s and Console Wars, across the Network Games Era in the 2010s, all the way to currently present ESports and VR games in the 2020s.

Use Colorful Examples

Something that is constantly present in today’s world is a sense of fear and doubt in the credibility of things online. As you know, writing services are legal , the same as many well-rated websites on the Internet. So, instead of having doubts about games’ reliability or their publishers, focus on including some colorful examples in your essay. It will make your work much easier to understand and boost its authentication. Providing information through examples is never the wrong way to express your thoughts. Make sure to illustrate interesting parts from the games that need such a presentation. If they don’t need it, it will surely increase the readers’ mood and make them able to see the actual gameplay. What more can they ask for?

Playing video games is an activity that will be present for many future generations. Writing essays about them will not only increase your knowledge about this topic but also provide others with useful data. Just think about how your work can inspire them and allow them to learn something new. Cool feeling, isn’t it?

' src=

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Essays About Video Games: Top 12 Examples and Prompts

Video games have revolutionized the way we have fun today. If you are writing essays about video games, check out our guide to inspire your writing.  

Few can contest the fact that video games have taken over the world. From the basic, almost “primitive” games of the 1970s like Pong to the mind-bending virtual reality games of the 2020s, they have been a source of entertainment for all. Moreover, they have proven quite profitable; countries like Japan and the United States have made tens of billions of dollars solely from the video game market.

Despite their popularity, much has been debated over the potentially harmful side effects that video games may have, particularly on children. One side argues that playing certain video games can lead to people exhibiting violence in the future, while others believe that video games teach players essential life skills. Regardless, they will continue to be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. 

For engaging essays about video games, read the essay examples featured below for inspiration.


1. What electronic games can teach us by Kendall Powell

2. designers are imagining video games without guns by keith stuart, 3. playing video games all summer won’t make you feel worse by nicole wetsman, 4.  violent video games bad by andrea newman.

  • 5. ​​The health effects of too much gaming by Peter Grinspoon

Writing Prompts For Essays About Video Games

1. video games: good or bad, 2. the benefits of video games, 3. what is your favorite video game, 4. do video games cause people to become violent, 5. video games in your life, 6. video games vs. traditional games, 7. is the video game rating system enough.

“In other studies, researchers found that gamers who trained on Tetris were better at mentally rotating two-dimensional shapes than those who played a control game. Students who played two hours of All You Can E.T., an educational game designed to enhance the executive function of switching between tasks, improved their focus-shifting skills compared with students who played a word search game.”

Powell explains a few possibilities of applying video games to education. As it turns out, certain video games can improve players’ skills, depending on the mechanics. Researchers are inspired by this and hope to take advantage of the competitive, motivational nature of gaming to encourage children to learn. New games are designed to help kids improve their focus, coordination, and resilience, and game designers hope they will succeed. 

“Imagine a game where you’re a war reporter seeking to capture the most iconic, representative images in a battle environment: You’d still get the sense of peril that audiences expect from action adventures, but your relationship with the environment would be more profound. It would be Call of Duty from the perspective of a creative participant rather than a violent interloper.”

The graphic nature of some video games is said to make kids violent, so it is only natural that some creators try to change this. Stuart writes that it is possible to maintain the fun that shooter-type games induce without using guns. He gives examples of games where you do not kill your enemy, simply stunning or capturing them instead. He also suggests photography as an alternative to killing in a “shooting” game. Finally, he suggests basing video games around helping others, making friends, and doing more peaceful, creative tasks.

“Any role video games play in skewing well-being that did pop up in the study was too small to have a real-world impact on how people feel, the authors said. People would have to play games for 10 more hours per day than their baseline to notice changes in their well-being, the study found.”

Wetsman counters the widespread belief that video games “destroy your brain.” Research done with a sample of 39,000 players over six weeks has shown that whether one plays video games for long or short periods, their mental health is not impacted much. There are some exceptions; however, there are not enough to conclude that video games are, in fact, harmful.

“Some people believe that the connection between violent games, and real violence is also fairly intuitive. In playing the games kids are likely to become desensitized to gory images;which could make them less disturbing, and perhaps easier to deal with in real life. While video games aren’t about violence their capacity to teach can be a good thing.”

In her essay, Newman writes about the supposed promotion of violence in some video games. However, she believes this violence does not cause people to be more aggressive later. Instead, she believes these games expose children to certain atrocities so they will not be traumatized if they see them in real life. In addition, these games supposedly promote connections and friendships. Finally, Newman believes that these “harmful” can make you a better person.

5. ​​ The health effects of too much gaming by Peter Grinspoon

“Gamers need to be educated on how to protect their thumbs, wrists, and elbows, their waistlines, their emotional state, their sleep, and their eyes. Simple education around taking breaks, stretching, eating healthy snacks, and resting and icing your thumb, wrist, or elbow when it starts hurting can address injuries early, before they become significant. For the eyes, gamers can try the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, try to look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.”

Grinspoon discusses both the benefits and the health risks of gaming. Video games allow people to interact with each other remotely and bond over specific missions or tasks, and some research shows that they have cognitive benefits. However, some gamers may develop vision problems and hand and wrist injuries. Gaming and “staring in front of a screen the whole day” is also associated with obesity. Overall, Grinspoon believes that gaming is best done in moderation.

Looking for more? Check out these essays about hobbies .

Many parents believe that their children’s “bad behavior” is because of video games. Based on your experience and others, decide: are video games good or bad for you? Make sure to read viewpoints from both sides and write an essay based on your position. Would you encourage others to play video games? Discuss these pros and cons for an interesting argumentative essay.

Like anything else, video games have both positive and negative aspects. Explain the good that video games can do for you: the skills they can equip you with, the lessons they can teach, and anything else. Also, include whether you believe their benefits outweigh the disadvantages they may pose. 

For your essay, write about your favorite video game and why you chose it. What is its meaning to you, and how has it affected your life? Describe the gameplay mechanics, characters, storyline, and general impact on the gaming community or society. You can write about any game you want, even if you have not played it; just ensure the content is sufficient.

Many claim that playing violent video games can make you violent in the future. Research this phenomenon and conclude whether it is true or not. Is the evidence sufficient? There are many resources on this topic; support your argument by citing credible sources, such as news articles, statistics, and scientific research.

Video games have been a part of almost all our lives. Recall a treasured experience with video games and explain why it is significant. How old were you? Why do you remember it fondly? How did this experience make you feel? Answer these questions in your own words for an exciting essay.

Essays About Video Games: Video games vs. Traditional games

There are stark differences between video and traditional games, such as board games and card games. For an engaging essay, compare and contrast them and write about which is more entertaining, in your opinion. Be creative; this should be based on your own opinions and ideas.

The video game content rating system is used to classify video games based on their appropriateness for specific ages. However, parents complain that they are not strict enough and allow the display of violent content to children. Explore the criteria behind the rating system, decide whether it needs to be changed or not, and give examples to support your argument.

If you are interested in learning more, check out our essay writing tips !

Tip: If writing an essay sounds like a lot of work, simplify it. Write a simple 5 paragraph essay instead.

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How to Write an Effective Essay on Video Games

CaliMonk's avatar

Writing an effective essay on video games requires a good understanding of the topic, strong writing skills, and the ability to analyze and present your ideas clearly. Whether you're a passionate gamer exploring your favorite titles or a cultural critic examining the industry's impact, a well-crafted essay can offer valuable insights and engage readers. If you need assistance with essay writing services at Ukwritings , they can help. Ukwritings is an essay writing service that provides professional writing assistance to students on various topics, including video games. Their team of experienced writers can help you craft a compelling and well-researched essay. Here are some tips to help you craft a compelling essay on video games. 

Choosing a Focused Topic

The video game industry is vast, covering a wide range of genres, platforms, and themes. Rather than attempting to write about video games in general, narrow your focus to a specific aspect or angle. This will allow you to delve deeper into the topic and provide more meaningful analysis.

For example, you could explore the impact of a particular game or franchise, analyze the representation of certain groups in video games, or examine the evolution of game mechanics over time. A focused topic will help you develop a clear thesis statement and maintain a cohesive structure throughout your essay.

Conducting Thorough Research

Gather information from reliable sources, including books, academic journals, industry reports, and reputable online publications. Look for sources that provide in-depth analysis, historical context, and expert opinions. Avoid relying solely on user reviews or fan sites, as they may lack objectivity or present biased perspectives.

Consult a variety of sources to gain a well-rounded understanding of your topic. Take notes, highlight key points, and organize your research in a way that will help you support your arguments and provide strong evidence.

Developing a Clear Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement should be a concise and focused statement that outlines the main argument or perspective you will explore in your essay. It should be specific, debatable, and supported by evidence from your research. A strong thesis statement will guide the development of your essay and help you maintain focus throughout the writing process. For example, instead of a broad statement like "Video games are influential," you could propose a more specific thesis, such as "The open-world design of the Grand Theft Auto series has significantly influenced the gaming industry's approach to storytelling and player agency." Crafting a clear and compelling thesis is crucial, especially if you're writing the essay for college admissions or scholarship applications, where college essay services can provide valuable guidance to help you stand out. 

A strong thesis statement will guide the development of your essay and help you maintain focus throughout the writing process. For example, instead of a broad statement like "Video games are influential," you could propose a more specific thesis, such as "The open-world design of the Grand Theft Auto series has significantly influenced the gaming industry's approach to storytelling and player agency."

Organizing Your Ideas Effectively

Structure your essay in a logical and coherent manner. Begin with an engaging introduction that captures the reader's attention and provides context for your topic. Use body paragraphs to present your main points, supporting each one with relevant examples, facts, and analysis. Finally, conclude your essay with a strong summary that reinforces your thesis and leaves a lasting impression on the reader.

Consider using subheadings to organize your essay into distinct sections, making it easier for readers to follow your line of thought and navigate the content.

Analyzing and Critiquing

An effective essay should go beyond simply describing or summarizing information. Analyze and critique various aspects of your topic, such as game design, narrative elements, societal impact, or cultural representation. Offer your own insights and opinions, but support them with evidence from your research and careful analysis.

Encourage critical thinking by examining different perspectives, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and exploring the broader implications or consequences of the subject you're discussing.

Considering Multiple Perspectives

Video games can be viewed from various angles, including artistic, cultural, technological, and psychological perspectives. Acknowledging and exploring different viewpoints will add depth and complexity to your essay, demonstrating your understanding of the topic's nuances.

For example, when discussing the representation of women in video games, you could examine the issue from a feminist perspective, exploring how certain games perpetuate harmful stereotypes or objectification. However, you could also consider the perspective of game developers, who may face challenges in creating diverse and authentic female characters while appealing to a broad audience.

Using Examples and Evidence

Strengthen your arguments by providing specific examples and evidence from video games themselves. Describe key scenes, gameplay mechanics, or design choices that support your points. You can also use quotes from developers, critics, or industry experts to bolster your analysis.

Concrete examples and evidence make your essay more engaging and help readers better understand the points you're making. They also lend credibility to your arguments and demonstrate your familiarity with the subject matter.

Maintaining Objectivity

While it's important to express your opinions and insights, aim to maintain objectivity and avoid biased or overly subjective language. Present different viewpoints fairly, and acknowledge potential counter-arguments or limitations to your arguments.

By maintaining a balanced perspective, you demonstrate your ability to think critically and consider multiple sides of an issue. This approach also makes your essay more persuasive and credible, as readers are more likely to trust an objective analysis.

Editing and Proofreading

After completing your initial draft, take the time to review and revise your essay. Check for clarity, coherence, and logical flow. Ensure that your arguments are well-supported and that your writing is free from grammatical errors, typos, and inconsistencies.

Consider having someone else read your essay and provide feedback. A fresh pair of eyes can help identify areas that need improvement or clarification.

By following these tips, you can craft an effective and engaging essay on video games that showcases your knowledge, analytical skills, and writing abilities. Remember, the key is to provide insightful analysis, use concrete examples, and present your ideas in a clear and organized manner. With dedication and attention to detail, you can create a compelling essay that contributes to the ongoing discussion around this influential medium.

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an essay on my best game

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Writing an essay on video games and need some quotes/sources/discussions.

Hello, so I’m writing an essay in college on media, and I chose to cover video games. What I need from you guys is your input. I’m going to ask a couple of questions and if you could answer them down in the comments below that could be great!

Do you believe video games can be considered art? Why or why not?

Do you believe video games can by mind altering? If so, how and in what ways? If not, what makes you believe that?

What are some of your best memories with video games?

Have you ever made a meaningful connection with someone through video games?

Should video game preservation be more emphasized? If so, how?

Is emulation a proper way of playing video games, or is it a substitute due to lack of hardware, or preservation?

Thank you so much and feel free to add anything else to your comment that you think may be relevant!


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    500+ Words Essay on My Favourite Game. My Favourite game essay-Playing games are very important for a human being. It keeps a man fit. Moreover, it keeps him away from diseases. Having some physical hobby is essential for a person. Most importantly many nutritionist and doctor recommend it. Children play many games.

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    My Favourite Game Essay 10 Lines (100 - 150 Words) 1) I mostly like playing outdoor games as they are good for my health. 2) My favorite game that I love playing is cricket. 3) I play cricket every day in the evening with my friends. 4) I also love watching cricket on the television. 5) M.S. Dhoni is my favorite cricketer.

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    More than a game, it is an embodiment of the human spirit's indomitable will to survive and thrive. In conclusion, Hide and Seek is more than my favourite game. It is a symbol of life's beauty and complexity, a testament to human ingenuity, and a celebration of the joy of living. 500 Words Essay on My Favourite Game Hide and Seek

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    The essay on games is an article that explains why playing indoor games is vital for the development of kids in their early years. Indoor games are essential for kids who spend a lot of time indoors. There are many benefits to playing these games, like improving a child's vision and developing memory skills. These skills help them in academics.

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    Get custom essay. In conclusion, video games have played a significant role in shaping my identity and overall well-being. They have provided me with a means of escape, a platform for personal growth, and a space for social interaction. Through my experiences with video games, I have learned valuable lessons about perseverance, problem-solving ...

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    807 Words. 4 Pages. Open Document. Best basketball. The day I played my best. It was in the morning we had to get up to go to are basketball games. Like all morning I was slow and then I played the best game of my life so far. It was a hard game one of the hardest game ever, no it was the hardest game ever. I know what you're thinking,the team ...

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    Some people like to play adventure-based games while others like sports, for example. It is all-natural. But if you want your essay to be top-notch, you must get knowledge about genres of video games.

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    3. Playing video games all summer won't make you feel worse by Nicole Wetsman. "Any role video games play in skewing well-being that did pop up in the study was too small to have a real-world impact on how people feel, the authors said.

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    An effective essay should go beyond simply describing or summarizing information. Analyze and critique various aspects of your topic, such as game design, narrative elements, societal impact, or cultural representation. Offer your own insights and opinions, but support them with evidence from your research and careful analysis.

  23. Writing an essay on video games and need some quotes/sources ...

    5. Preservation is as important as you believe history in general is. I put great emphasis on it. I watch old movies and tv, so by the same vein I believe that people who would be considered "gamers" should very much experience a previous generation of gaming.